Wedding Night Bliss

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26 Jan. '22

Wedding Night Bliss

By Ray Dario ©

Mary stood in her wedding dress, posing for the camera. She could feel the cum dripping down her inner thighs, and she was sure she could smell sex wafting up through the air from her abused pussy. She looked over at her new husband. Greg looked so handsome in his black tuxedo, and a small pang of guilt washed through her. She knew from the soreness that was already settling between her legs that she would not be able to give him the wedding night that he deserved and wanted from her. She should have been satisfied with just fucking his father, just a quick release before the ceremony. It would have been enough to satisfy Greg's love for her slutty side, and she would still have been able to give her new husband the fucking of his life on their wedding night.

Instead she had allowed herself to get sucked into an all out gang bang; fucking one man after another, with a couple of women taking their place in line as well. Becky had said it was fourteen men, but more had shown up and most had taken seconds with her. Now her well-used pussy and ass were sore, and she was tired to the bone. She smiled as the flash bulb blinded her again and at the same time a similar bulb went off in her head. She would still give Greg a wedding night he would never forget, and now she knew exactly how.

She leaned over and whispered into her new husband's ear. "I love you Greg."

"I love you too! Come on, let's get out of here." Greg grinned at her. He could smell the sex, and had seen the look on the minister's face, and saw the bulge grow in his pants as he performed the ceremony. He knew Mary well enough to know she had been doing something very naughty before the ceremony, and he knew she would tell him all about it as he happily lapped at her messy pussy later that night.

"Not just yet, I have to talk to Becky and Paula."

"Ahh, okay." He knew that her two best friends were probably partners in crime with whatever she had done earlier, and he wondered why she needed to talk to them. He was certainly not the jealous kind, but still he was eager to make love to his beautiful slut wife.

Mary saw the disappointment in his face and gently punched his arm. "Don't worry, babe, you'll enjoy tonight. I promise you that." She grinned at his expression and then hurried over to where Becky and Paula were flirting with one of the hunkier wedding guests.

"Hey guys, can I talk to you a sec?" Mary asked.

"Sure. We'll be right back hon. Don't go away." Becky said giving the man a wink.

Paula leaned over and kissed him full on the lips, and then whispered something into his ear that caused his face to flush crimson. She laughed, a high fluttery laugh like a small pixie doll, and then quickly followed Mary and Becky away from the table.

"Guys I need a favor from you tonight."

"Sure Mary, what's up?" Becky looked at her friend curiously.

"Well, after this morning I'm a little sore. Actually I'm a whole lot sore, but I don't want Greg to have to be satisfied with just eating me and getting a blow job tonight. So I want you two to help me give Greg a night he'll never forget."

Paula giggled. "Your getting old Mary, four years ago you would have taken on twice that many guys and been ready to do it again in an hour."

"Oh shut up!" Mary gave Paula a fake frown. "So will you help me out?"

Becky made a show of looking back at the hunk they had left at the table and then over at Greg. "Okay," she finally said very slowly, "I guess I can do this for you."

Mary playfully pouted at her. "Well if you would rather not help out a friend in need." She said and then stuck out her bottom lip.

"No, no, I'll do it!"

"You are such a bitch, Becky. You know you've been dying to fuck Greg since I introduced him to you."

"And you know you have been awfully stingy with him too." Becky shot back.

"Well tonight is your night." Mary turned to look at her other friend. "How about you Paula? Will you help me out tonight?"

"Of course. You know I'd never turn down a good fuck, and if Greg is half as good as you say then he will probably be the best I've had in a week or more."

"Great! Thanks guys, you are the best." Mary said. "Be at the Palace Hotel downtown tonight about 9 o'clock 'kay?"

"You'll be in the bridal suite right?" Paula asked with her eyes shining bright.

"Yeah. I'll have Greg all warmed up and ready to go. Then you knock and we'll get the party going."

Mary made her way back to her new husband, and smiled as a few more pictures were taken. When the pictures were finally through they all went to the church's social room for the throwing of the bouquet. Mary tried hard to get the bouquet to Paula, but a chubby woman with large teeth and bad skin pushed her friend aside roughly and snatched the flowers from the air with the grace of an NFL lineman. Everyone laughed and the cake was served, but since the church frowned on dancing there wasn't much else to do; besides it was almost seven and Mary and Greg were both eager to get on their way. They finally were able to say goodbye to all their friends and family and then out the door they ran in a shower of rice, straight to their limousine waiting to take them to the hotel.

As the driver wheeled the car away from the church, Mary looked over at Greg and grinned. "Well Mr. Stevens, how do you like being married so far?"

"So far, it has been wonderful, but I am really looking forward getting you alone tonight."

"Hmm, alone huh? You sure you don't want some company tonight? Maybe watch a little T.V., eat a few snacks and then go to bed early so that we can make an early start tomorrow?"

Greg laughed at her and shook his head. "Well I like the part about getting into bed early anyway. Remember, our plane doesn't leave until four, tomorrow afternoon. That means we don't have to be at the airport until two."

"Mmm, good that means that we can have a lot of fun tonight." Mary said leaning over onto him and slowly letting her hand trail down his chest and onto his crotch.

Greg's eyes closed and a soft moan escaped his lips as her hand rubbed his cock through the tuxedo trousers.

"Do you want me to tell you what I did this morning? I was a very naughty girl you know?"

"Mmm, yeah, tell me how naughty you were."

"Well, Becky was helping me get dressed. I was already in my wedding dress and we sent my mother off on an errand."

"Wise move if you were planning on being naughty."

"Yes, well your father came to check on me and we invited him in."

"Yeah, I sent him to make sure you were alright."

"I was more than alright. I gave him a great flash of my panties and he got a raging hard on right there in my dressing room."

Greg leaned back more, pushing his own hardening cock up higher and letting Mary rub it easier.

"One thing led to another and pretty soon he had his mouth plastered on my pussy, eating me so wonderfully that I came just from his tongue."

"Did you let him fuck you? Did you let him cum in your pussy?"

Mary smiled and eased the zipper on Greg's trousers down so that she could slip her hand inside his pants. "Yes, baby, I let your father fuck me. Does that turn you on? Knowing that your father put his big thick cock into my hot pussy and pumped me full of his cum?"

"God, you know it does baby, I can't wait to lick his cum from your pussy."

"Well, his cum might not be there anymore. You see, I was actually a little naughtier than that."

"You did more? While you were wearing your wedding dress? Oh God, tell me all about it babe!"

Mary eased Greg's cock out his fly and leaned down to give it a little lick. She was satisfied with his groan and smiled as she continued her story. "While your father was fucking me... Did I tell you how good a fucker he is? Mmm, he was fantastic. He didn't have the biggest cock I've ever fucked, but it was big enough. I know I came at least twice while he fucked me like the little slut I am. Anyway, while I fucked him, Becky went and rounded up the minister and a couple of the caterers and even a few of the guests who had arrived early. She found your sister and another woman too. She brought them all up to me. When your father finished fucking me she started them in, one after another."

"The minister fucked you? God, Mary, you are so hot!"

"He fucked me third, right after one of the caterers. I didn't know it was him until I saw him at the alter. Now that I know what a great lay he is I'll have to go to church a little more often." Mary grinned and slid her mouth down over Greg's throbbing cock.

"Oh fuck, Mary. You pulled a train in your wedding dress? Damn that is so fucking sexy!"

Mary pulled up and smiled at her new husband. "Yeah, I am such a dirty slut, baby. I fucked all those men wearing my wedding dress. I'm sure there's some of their cum still on it, and I can feel their jism running down my thighs right now. I could feel it all through our wedding."

"God, Mary, you are the sexiest woman in the world." Greg groaned.

"I love you Greg." Mary once again lowered her mouth down over Greg's straining shaft.

He leaned back farther, pressing his shoulders into the soft leather seat of the limousine and groaned softly as she gently sucked his cock. She continued to please him for several minutes, using her tongue and her teeth to tease his cock until she felt his balls begin to tighten. She pulled off his cock and gave his shaft a tight squeeze.

"Not yet lover, not yet. Did I tell you that your sister licked my pussy? She was the first to eat all that cum from me. God, can your sis eat snatch! She made me cum like a freight train. Mmm, I can almost feel her tongue between my legs right now." Mary watched Greg's expression as she told him her story. She knew he was at the point that he needed to cum and needed it bad. She dipped her head down and licked his cock head again, tasting the sweet pre-cum that had managed to bubble out of his hard dick.

"I bet she would love to lick my pussy right after we fucked. I'll have to invite her over sometime and ask her. Would you like that? Would you like to watch your sister suck my pussy? Maybe you'd like to fuck your sister and watch me eat your cum from her pussy." Mary lowered her head and took his cock into her mouth once more, sliding down on it and feeling the thick velvety knob press against her throat. She was still squeezing the base of his shaft, holding it tight to prevent his ejaculation.

"God babe, let me cum in your mouth. God, I need to cum right now." Greg couldn't help himself, he nearly yelled the words and as he sat there he realized that the driver was now looking back with a look of complete shock on his face. The shock dissipated into a sly grin and the driver pulled off the road so that he could watch without endangering them all. Greg grinned at the driver and reached over to hit the button to lower the glass window between them.

"She is the best cock sucker in the world. Would you like her to suck your cock?"

"Oh damn, are you jerking me man? You want your wife to suck a stranger's cock on your wedding day?"

"She has already fucked a bunch of men, just before we got married. What would one more cock be to her?"

Mary heard her husband talking to the driver and pulled up from her fellatio. "Baby, you know I would do this for you any other day, but not today, okay? I am so tired and I do want to take care of you tonight."

"Oh sure. Sorry hon. Maybe some other time okay man? Why don't you give me your phone number and I'll have her call you."

"Fuck man, sure." The driver turned to get one of his business cards and Mary went back to teasing Greg's cock.

It only took a few minutes for Mary to bring Greg back up to the point of no return and then she released her hand from the base of his cock and felt his cum shoot out and into her mouth. She tried to swallow it all while the driver and Greg offered encouraging words, but some of his jism still leaked from her mouth and dribbled down her chin. Finally Greg's cock quit spurting and Mary pulled off of him reluctantly. She looked up at him, and then sat up and kissed him deeply on the lips, letting him lick his own fluids from her chin and neck.

"Will that hold you 'till we get to the hotel, babe?"

"Yeah, I think I'll make it." Greg smiled at his wife and the driver turned around took them back out onto the road.

It only took a few minutes more before they were watching their luggage being unloaded by the pimply-faced bellboys that raced out to greet them as soon as they saw the long stretch limousine. Greg told them to take the bags to the bridal suite and then he and Mary went ahead to meet the concierge, an older man dressed in a well-fitted tuxedo. The concierge led them to their room and then went through the obligatory mini-tour. By the time he had shown them the room their bags had arrived, and Greg had them delivered into the small living area and then tipped the old man and boys generously.

Finally they were left alone and Mary pressed up against Greg and kissed him passionately. "Dearest, I am so sorry that I was so very naughty today."

"Don't be sorry, lover. You know how much I love you being a slut."

"Mmm, yes, but now I am sore and my pussy is all raw and tender and I can't fuck you properly."

"You mean you are too sore to make love to me? Even to sore to let me eat you?"

Mary giggled a little at Greg's forlorn look. "Not too sore for your mouth and tongue, but too sore for your cock, dearest." Greg's face brightened a little, but he still looked a little unhappy. "But I've got something planned to make it up to you."

Greg looked up at her. "Is that why you had to go talk to Becky and Paula?"

"Oh, now you've spoiled my surprise. Well, we've got about thirty minutes before they show up. Do you want to take my dress off and maybe lick my pussy for me?"

Greg grinned and nodded as he reached around her and slowly unzipped her white dress. He took his time, lowering it slowly while he gently kissed her lips, and then let his mouth trail along her neck and down over her chest. As he pulled her dress down he licked and kissed her soft skin behind it, slowly covering her body with gentle wet caresses as he went. When at last her dress fell below her, now heaving, breasts he allowed his tongue to taste her puckered nipples, first one then the other. He sucked a nipple into his mouth and gently bit it, holding it between his teeth and letting his tongue flick over it rapidly.

Greg continued to lower his wife's wedding dress, now kissing down her flat belly, over her navel and around her soft hips. Finally the dress dropped to the floor and Mary stepped from it and led her new husband into the bedroom and over to the bed where she laid down and spread her legs wide for him.

Mary's golden hair fanned out around her head, creating a halo effect that made her look almost angelic. Her full, firm breasts only barely dipped to the sides as she lay there with her dark brown nipples puckered up and pointing toward the ceiling proudly. Her trim flat stomach angled down to her wide soft hips. Between her legs her pussy was a mess. Swollen and red, it was covered with dried cum and saliva. To Greg it was the most beautiful pussy he had ever seen. She was freshly shaven, without even a wisp of hair to cover her sweet pussy or ass, and her lips were distended and gaping open with large globs of wet cum clinging to them. Without hesitating he knelt between her legs and kissed his way up her cum soaked thighs until his tongue dipped into her gaping hole and tasted the fruits of sluttish behavior. He groaned in near ecstasy and slurped the sticky mess from her. Mary felt her orgasm begin to build as soon as Greg's soothing tongue touched her slit. Her eyes welled up with loving tears and her breathing quickened. He continued to lap and suck at her burning sex, cleaning the mess from her with loving relish as her climax neared. She held his head in her hands, forcing him down tighter onto her pussy and she squeezed her legs together over his shoulders as her body began to quake.

"Oh, oh, oh fuck, fuck, fuck. Oh baby, suck my pussy, lick me so good!" She said as Greg sucked her burning clit, and her orgasm peaked and wracked her body with strong convulsions.

Greg sucked her swollen lips into his mouth, and drank the mixture of sperm and nectar as it poured from her. There was too much for him to swallow and it spilled from his mouth and dribbled down his chin. Finally he was forced to breath, and he sat up as Mary slowly came down from her climax.

"Oh baby, that was so nice. You are such a great pussy licker. Did you enjoy it? Did you enjoy eating my messy pussy?"

"Mmm, you are so delicious. Your sweet little pussy tastes so wonderful. I love eating you."

A knock on the door, followed by the soft sounds of giggling interrupted them and Mary smiled. "Becky and Paula are here. Why don't you lay down on the bed and get comfortable, while I go let them in."

Greg nodded and climbed onto the large soft bed, kicking off his shoes and socks once he was settled. Mary stood up and danced into the living area of the suite and then to the door. Out of habit more than modesty, she looked through the small peephole in the door and laughed. Becky and Paula were waiting in the hallway completely nude, just standing there posing and laughing with each other. Becky was taller than Paula, and her figure was fuller. Her breasts were large but firm with beautiful dark nipples that contrasted beautifully with her fair skin. Her hips were wide and full, but there was no hint of fat. Her belly was toned and flat and her legs were long and muscled. She had long blonde hair that matched the thin line of soft down that rode above her pussy.

Paula was only a little shorter than Becky, but thinner. Her breasts were small, but very perky with long nipples that stood up and pointed out beautifully. Her areolas were a light pink and almost invisible against her tanned skin. Her face was thin and long and she wore her black hair short in a style that made her look almost elfish. Her legs looked longer than Becky's because they were so much thinner, like a marathon runners, and she kept her pussy completely shaven.

Mary stood there laughing at her friends outrageousness for several seconds and then opened the door. She didn't immediately let her two friends in, trying to prolong the joke a little and hoping someone would happen by. "Hi guys. What's up?" She asked coyly.

"Not much. Just came to see how the two newlyweds were getting along." Becky said laughing.

"Yeah, we just wanted to see if you needed any help." Paula said, "Maybe you have a big cock in there you need some help fucking? As you can see, we dressed for the occasion."

"So, did you guys go through the lobby like that?" Mary giggled, imagining her two friends streaking through the lobby of the nicest motel in town.

"No, Paula wouldn't do it. I wanted to." Becky complained, "We stripped in the elevator. We left our clothes in there too!"

"Imagine the look on the next old geezer's face when he and his wrinkled old hag get in the elevator and see our clothes piled there with our panties right on top. Bet he will have a heart attack!" Paula giggled, "So are you going to let us in or what?"

"What? Oh, sorry guys. It was just too funny seeing you out there like that." Mary backed up a little, letting her two friends slip into the room.

"Well we actually were hoping that Greg would answer the door. Where is he anyway?" Becky asked looking farther into the room.

"In the bedroom waiting for you. I'm not sneaky enough and he guessed you were coming over."

"Well take us to him baby. I'm ready to suck cock!" Paula grinned.

"Paula, you are always ready to suck cock." Becky laughed.

"Or pussy!" Mary added.

"You guys are just jealous 'cause I'm better at it than you." Paula pouted.

"Hey that's an idea." Mary said, "Let's make Greg judge who is the best cock sucker among us."

"No fair, he'll pick you 'cause you just married him."

"No. We'll blindfold him so he won't know who is who. Come on, let's see if he is willing to do it." Mary led them into the bedroom.

Greg sat up quickly when the three nude women entered the bedroom. They made quite the trio with Mary bridging the gap in looks between Paula and Becky. He had been around Mary and her friends enough to not be too shocked; so he just whistled and grinned at them. "This is going to be a great night! I can tell already."

Mary skipped over to the bed and bounded onto it beside him. "Hey baby, we want to have a little contest. We want you to judge who is the best cock sucker."

"Sure! Okay." Greg grabbed his wife. "You go first."

"No, wait. To be fair you have to be blindfolded so that you don't know who is giving you head. Then when we are all done you have to tell us one, two, or three. Okay?" Mary said, turning serious for just a second. "And the rules are that each girl only gets five minutes. I sucked him off on the way over here; so him cumming again shouldn't be a problem. You do think you can hold out and not cum don't you?"

"But why?" Greg asked with a confused look on his face.

"'Cause if you came for the first one or the second you wouldn't be able to for the third and it wouldn't be fair."

"Oh," Greg nodded thoughtfully, "sure that's not a problem."

"Great!" Mary bent down and kissed her new husband wetly and then turned to Becky. "We'll use his cummerbund to blindfold him."

Becky removed the cummerbund from Greg's waist and quickly made sure he could not see while Mary and Paula worked together to get his tuxedo pants and shirt off. They soon had Greg naked and blindfolded, lying on the bed. Then they moved off and talked quietly among themselves. They finally decided that Paula should go first, then Mary and then Becky.

Paula moved over to Greg, while Mary and Becky watched. She took his already stiffening cock into her hands and began to gently pull and rub it. She worked his cock for a few more seconds, squeezing his balls gently as she did, and then she dipped down and began to lick the tip of his cock. Her hot tongue brought a small moan from him as she licked up and down the shaft of his rigid cock. She moved lower, letting her lips trail across his balls, and then she sucked one ball into her mouth and gently squeezed it with her lips. Greg raised his arms up, crossing his hands under his head and relaxed, obviously enjoying Paula's fellatio.

She slid her mouth up the shaft of his cock and over the head, taking it between her lips and letting her tongue flick and dodge over its velvety surface. Then she slowly began to lower her mouth down over his dick, taking inch after inch into her mouth until the head of his cock pressed against the back of her throat. Two more inches remained outside her mouth and she didn't stop, but pressed down harder, forcing his cock down her throat and bringing a gasp of pleasure from him. She pushed down, taking it all into her mouth and throat and stopped, letting her mouth and tongue massage his cock as she held it. Then she began to pull up, drawing Greg's thick cock from her mouth until only the head remained between her lips. She went down, again taking the entire length of his cock into her mouth and again she held it there for several long seconds before pulling back. She reached down and began to caress his balls as she repeated the up and down motion slowly. Greg groaned and squirmed as she pleasured him, trying hard to keep from cumming, but despite the fact that he had already ejaculated once he found himself struggling to maintain control. Whoever was sucking his cock was very good at it.

Just then Mary, who had been timing Paula, reached forward and gently patted her on the shoulder. Paula moaned softly from frustration, but moved off of Greg's cock. Mary gave Greg a few seconds to regain his control then she climbed onto the bed between his legs. She started by licking his balls, letting her tongue lave all around them, tasting them and weighing them, then she licked up his shaft and over the head of his cock. Where Paula had moved slowly, taking her time, Mary moved more quickly, giving more energy to her fellatio. She quickly took his entire cock into her mouth, squeezing his balls and pulling them roughly as she swallowed again and again, using her throat to stimulate his cock. Greg groaned loudly, and moved his hips up and down in an erotic rhythm. Mary pulled back, and then drove forward quickly, letting her teeth scrape lightly over the length of his shaft as she fucked his cock with her mouth. She moved energetically, never stopping, always shifting the point of greatest stimulation until she almost drove Greg mad with desire. He fought to maintain control; thrashing his head back and forth and grunting with the exertion of will power it was taking for him not to explode. Finally Mary's time was up and he was once again left alone for a few seconds.

Becky waited longer than Mary had before she took her place between Greg's spread legs. She started by blowing softly onto the head of his cock and then gently rubbing it from the head down to the base and then letting her fingers brush lightly down over his balls and farther down almost touching the tight puckered ring of his ass. He gasped as her fingers brushed there and Becky smiled to herself, but moved her fingers back up toward his balls, still only lightly touching him. She kissed his cock lovingly as her fingers gently circled his shaft, and began to pump his cock slowly. She lowered her lips down around the head of his cock letting her tongue circle his knob inside her mouth as her hand continued to pump his cock. Every movement she made was focused on his cock, loving it gently, as she pleased him and she felt his balls begin to swell.

Greg had been stimulated too long and he knew he couldn't hold back for much longer. He grunted as her mouth slid down lower over his cock, pressing his knob into the back of her throat and then pushing it beyond. As his cock slipped into her throat, she pushed a single finger into his tight asshole, sliding it in up past the first knuckle. He blew his load with an intensity that he had never felt before. His cock leapt inside Becky's mouth and his balls contracted, exploding jism down her throat. She swallowed quickly, taking his cum easily for the first several spurts, and then she pulled back letting his cock fill her mouth with his cum as she continued to fuck her finger into his ass, forcing it deeper and deeper as she did.

Finally his orgasm was over and his body relaxed. Becky slid her finger from his ass and then crawled up to give him a deep kiss with her mouth still full of his cum. Greg felt her heavy breasts graze his chest and then her lips touched his and parted. He tasted the familiar salty taste of his own seed on her tongue as she slid it into his mouth. Then she was gone, and Mary pulled the makeshift blindfold from his eyes.

"Okay, lover, who was the best, one, two, or three?" She asked.

Greg made a show of thinking but then shook his head. "I have to say three. When she shoved her finger into my ass, I came like a freight train."

Becky clapped and cheered. "I'm the best. I'm the best."

"But all three were fantastic!" Greg quickly said.

Mary leaned down, and kissed him deeply on the lips. "So my love, now what do you want to do? You have three beautiful women, willing to do anything you ask. What will it be?"

Greg smiled at his new wife, and then looked down at his flaccid cock lying against his stomach. He knew there was no chance of him getting hard again right away, but wasn't about to miss this opportunity. "I want to watch Paula eat your pussy while Becky sucks my cock back to life."

Paula and Becky both grinned. Mary squealed with delight, and then pulled Greg from the bed. "Okay, you sit over there so that you have a good view," she said pointing to one of the nearby chairs, "and Paula you lay on the bed so that I can sit on your face."

Greg moved to the chair. Becky quickly knelt in front of him, and began once again to lick and tease his cock. Paula positioned herself on the bed, purposefully pointing her body straight at Greg, spreading her legs wide so that he would be able to see her gaping hole. Mary knelt over her, and then slowly pressed her dripping snatch down onto her friends face. Paula shoved her mouth upward and pushed her tongue deep into Mary's spread pussy. She wiggled her tongue inside Mary's slit and then slid it up over her clit, flicking it rapidly for just a second before running her tongue back down all the way to Mary's puckered asshole. She gave Mary a swift double lick across her ass and then sucked her lips into her mouth and pulled them gently as her tongue once again darted inside her pussy.

"Oh God, yes!" That feels so great Paula, you are such a good little pussy licker." Mary gasped out as a burning fire started between her legs in response to Paula's tongue.

Greg's cock surprised him and began to stiffen almost immediately as Becky worked her magic mouth on him. He reached down and wound his fingers in Becky's long blonde hair, forcing her mouth a little farther down on his cock. Becky responded to his urgings, taking more of his cock into her mouth and reaching up to slide one hand under the cheeks of his ass until one finger pressed against his hole. Greg moaned and slid a little farther forward on his chair, forcing Becky's finger to slide into his ass just a little and causing a little jump in his cock.

In front of him, Mary was really grinding her pussy down onto Paula's face, smearing her juice from her chin to up above her nose. Greg looked between Paula's spread legs and saw that she her pussy was gaping beautifully, and her juices were dripping down over her rounded ass cheeks. He pulled Becky up from his cock and kissed her firmly on the lips and then he whispered into her ear.

"I'm going to fuck Paula while she eats Mary. I want you to suck on Mary's tits while I do."

"Mmm, are you sure you wouldn't rather I lick your ass? I could fuck your ass good with my fingers while I give you the best rim job you've ever had."

"Oh, shit!" Greg sighed, "yes, yes, yes."

"Mmm, I thought so." Becky licked her lips and then moved to allow him to get up.

Greg positioned himself between Paula's legs and kissed Mary on the lips. Her eyes fluttered open, and she saw what Greg intended. She leaned forward and returned his kiss passionately, shoving her tongue into his mouth and sucking greedily on his lips. As they kissed, Greg pressed forward, pushing his cock between Paula's gaping velvet lips and deep into her slit.

Between Mary's legs, Paula gasped as she felt Greg's cock enter her, and then she renewed her vigorous attack on Mary's pussy. Behind him Becky waited for him to get into a rhythm, and then, when he pulled back, she used his motion to drive one finger deep into his ass as she leaned forward and dipped her tongue down to taste his asshole. Greg grunted into Mary's mouth as Becky's finger entered him, and Mary pulled back to see what was happening.

She saw what Becky was doing and growled, "yeah, babe, fuck his ass good. Later I'll let him fuck your ass that way. You want my husbands big dick in your ass, Beck?"

Mary grabbed Greg's face and held it so that she could stare into his eyes. "Mmm, yeah baby. You want to fuck Becky's ass? Drive your big cock up her ass and fuck her silly?. Would you like that, lover?"

Mary's words set him off and he felt himself cumming for the third time that day. Paula felt him ejaculate into her and the sensation of his cum shooting deep into her pussy set her own orgasm off. She screamed into Mary's cunt and pulled her friend's pussy down harder onto her face as she came. Behind him Becky shoved a second finger into his ass and began to pump it into him mercilessly.

"Oh, yeah, fuck my ass. Fuck my ass good!" Greg grunted out and let Becky's fingers dictate his rhythm as he continued to fuck Paula.

Soon his cock became too soft to continue fucking and he pulled out of Paula's slick hole. Becky withdrew her fingers from his ass but continued to lick him for a few more seconds, letting her tongue dart over and around his dark hole. Mary surprised Greg by grabbing Becky's hand and pulling her fingers to her mouth to taste him. Mary licked each finger, sucking it into her mouth and cleaning it with her tongue then she reluctantly climbed off of Paula's exhausted mouth.

All four of them lay down on the bed with Greg between Mary and Becky and Paula on the other side of Mary. They all rested and cuddled while they caught their breath, but soon Becky reached down and began to play with Greg's cock. She had not cum yet and was not ready for the play to stop. Mary noticed and leaned down to gently bite his nipple, forcing a low moan from him. When he moaned Paula rose up to watch what was going on, and she reached around to gently cup Mary's breasts and pull on her erect nipples. Mary turned and kissed Paula gently on the lips, and then she smiled to her friend.

"You should sit on Greg's face. He loves to eat a freshly fucked pussy and we need to get him up one more time so that Becky can get fucked!"

Paula nodded and crawled around Mary on the bed. She knelt down over Greg's eager mouth and lowered her pussy to his lips. He pushed his tongue deep into her messy snatch, slurping their combined cum from her and drinking it down with enthusiasm. His cock responded to the stimulation, and quickly it began to grow stiff again. Becky continued to play with his dick until it was fully hard and then she sat up and straddled his waist. Mary reached between Becky's legs and held his cock steady as Becky slowly lowered herself down onto his stiff shaft. Inch after inch of Greg's cock disappeared into Becky's steaming hot pussy until she had finally taken his entire thick prick. She sat still for a minute, just letting the sensation of Greg's cock filling her pussy build inside her, and then she started to rock slowly, pulling up only a little before pressing back down, squeezing his cock with her inner muscles and sending shock waves of pleasure through his shaft. Greg continued to eat Paula's well-fucked pussy as Becky fucked him with a sensuous, easy motion.

Mary sat and watched her two friends fucking her husband; then she leaned forward and kissed first Paula and then Becky, bringing the two of them together until their lips touched. The three of them kissed together, their lips pressing together and their tongues exploring each other's. Paula's hands slid up Becky's waist and onto her heavy breasts. She cupped them and fondled them lovingly, letting her thumb slid over Becky's stiff nipples. Mary trailed her hand down Becky's back, gently touching the silky softness of her skin, until her hand slipped down over her rounded buttocks and into her crease. She let her finger find Becky's dark hole and gently began to rub it, sending shivers of delight through her friend's body.

"Mmm, you like that? You'll love this. I'll be right back." Mary whispered into Becky's ear and then slipped off the bed and over to one of the suitcases that was still in the main room. She quickly retrieved the toy she wanted and a small bottle of oil and then rejoined the group on the bed.

Becky was still riding Greg's cock as Paula rode his face, both grinding down onto him in unison as they kissed and fondled each other's breasts. Mary sat and watched them for a few seconds before she used the oil to lubricate the thin, eight-inch long, purple vibrator. Once it was oily and slick she turned it on it's low setting and touched it to the small of Becky's back. Becky moaned and slowed her tempo for a few strokes, but then picked her rhythm back up. Mary made small circles on her skin, widening the area slowly until the vibrator finally touched the top of Becky's ass. She let the vibrator move down Becky's crease, lower and lower until it touched her pink bud. Becky gasped and Mary pushed the tip of the vibrator into her ass slowly. Becky moaned deeply into Paula's mouth as she felt the toy penetrate her dark hole. She stopped moving to make it easier for Mary. Mary pushed it in farther, and Becky forced herself to relax, taking it deeper.

Greg felt Becky stop moving and then felt the vibrator slide into her. The sensation was unbelievable and he moaned into Paula's pussy as the vibrations stimulated his cock. Paula realized that something new was happening and she pulled back just a little from Becky's intense kisses and looked over at Mary. Mary grinned at her and pointed down with her free hand; so Paula leaned forward peer over Becky's shoulder.

"She put a vibrator in my ass and it's driving me wild!" Becky said as her hips began to gyrate slowly, forcing the vibrator deeper.

Paula grinned and then took Becky's face between her hands and kissed her on the lips again, this time forcing her tongue deep into Becky's mouth. Mary started to fuck Becky's ass with the thin toy, moving slowly at first and then with more vigor. Greg felt what Mary was doing and he began to thrust his hips up, trying to match his wife stroke for stroke. Soon they found their rhythm and Paula got into it, rubbing her pussy on Greg's face in time with his thrusts.

A fire started deep inside Becky and she felt herself being swept along by her growing orgasm. She started to moan, low at first and then louder. The moan turned into grunts, and the grunts became a high-pitched whine as her climax built. Finally Becky was swept over the edge and her orgasm took her. She screamed in ecstatic abandon and forced herself down onto Greg's pulsing cock, squeezing it tightly with her pussy as she came. Becky's orgasm lasted for nearly five minutes, wracking her body, mind, and spirit. When it finally ended she collapsed and rolled off of Greg as Mary slid the vibrator from her ass with a soft plop. Becky lay there exhausted and satisfied with a soft smile and half-closed eyelids.

Paula was almost to orgasm herself, and she leaned down over Greg and took his cock into her mouth, licking Becky's juice from his pulsing shaft. Mary carefully licked the vibrator clean, savoring the pungent flavor of the oil mixed with Becky's scent. Once the vibrator was clean she turned it on high and slid it along Greg's scrotum under Paula's sucking lips. Greg fought to postpone his climax, but the taste of Paula's pussy, her mouth on his cock and the vibrator working on his balls was too much for him to handle. He felt his balls clench and then explode, and he shot his cum deep into Paula's eager mouth. Paula took his cum, swallowing as much as she could, and letting the rest dribble down her chin and over his throbbing cock. His cum tasted wonderful, just a little salty and with a fine texture and she savored it even as she felt her own climax begin to build between her legs. Greg never let up his licking and sucking, working first on her swollen lips and then taking her clit into his mouth and biting it gently. As his cock began to soften, Paula sat up once more, and Mary leaned forward to kiss her, tasting her husband's cum on her friend's lips and tongue. The fire between Paula's legs exploded inside her, and she gave a series of short, sharp, squeaks as her pussy pumped copious fluids into Greg's waiting mouth. He tried hard to drink her juice, but there was just too much of it, and it flowed down over his cheeks and chin and onto the bed. Paula sat rigid, pressing her pouring slit onto Greg's mouth until her orgasm finally subsided leaving her weak but satisfied, and then she rolled off of him, laying next to him opposite of Becky. The three of them snuggled together, savoring their post-coital bliss.

Mary sat at the foot of the bed smiling at her husband and two friends as they lay together. She was not upset or hurt by the beautiful moment they were sharing. Her heart swelled with love for all three of them and she knew that their adventures together were only beginning. She slipped from the bed and into the bathroom to take a quick shower; then she returned to the bedroom. They were all asleep, holding each other tenderly. Mary smiled, feeling tears of love boil up in her eyes, and she sat watching them until finally Greg woke up. He sat up slowly, trying hard not to disturb Paula or Becky and smiled over at his wife, sitting, still nude, across the room.

"Well, my husband, did you have fun? Did I give you a wedding night you'll never forget?"

He nodded, and then whispered, "I hope it's not over yet." He looked down meaningfully at his cock. It was already starting to get hard again.

Mary laughed and shook her head. “Let them rest for a few more minutes, and then we'll start round two!”