Newlywed Fun - 4

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02 Dec. '16

The weekend passed with Janet staying alert for any suspicious behavior by Mark or Laura. She tried to avoid Bob on both Saturday and Sunday, afraid that a telling blush would give her away, and she made a real effort to appear normal and casual with Mark.

The weekend also brought fleeting incidents of guilt, which Janet handled rationally. She couldn't deny the excitement and pleasure she felt over what she had allowed to happen Friday night between herself and Bob. Sucking him off had even become something she fantasized about in her private moments, and not once did the thoughts fail to turn her on.

Her confused emotions couldn't stop her from wondering what kind of fuck Bob would be. She shocked herself by admitting secretly that she longed to have his cock almost forcefully stuffed into her hot, ready pussy. The notion made her practically shudder in sweet anticipation.

To soothe the guilt feelings that accompanied her wanton fantasies, Janet made a real effort to be especially hot and wild with Mark. Both Saturday night, and for two hours on Sunday afternoon, she treated her husband to prolonged cock sucking delights. It was as if she were anxious to make up to Mark for her brief fling with Bob.

She had no doubt that her love for her husband remained as strong as ever. Her feelings for Mark and her marriage hadn't altered a bit since the strange and illicit scene Friday night with Bob. If she had to justify her feelings and desires, she managed quite well by telling herself that she was just now beginning to sow her wild oats and experience the worldly adventures her somewhat sheltered young adulthood had restricted. "You didn't hear a word I said," Mark said, his voice cutting into her rambling thoughts. Janet snapped her head towards her husband across the dinette. Her attention immediately riveted on him as her heart raced. It was Monday morning, and Mark's breakfast had been quickly eaten while Janet merely picked at hers, daydreaming about Bob. "I'm sorry, honey," she said quickly, fighting the panic that knifed through her. "I guess I've just got the Monday blues. It'll be better when I find a job." Her husband smiled at her, filling her with love for him and a sense of shame as well. "I was saying," he began, "that Thursday is the day we scheduled for the crew to come out and lay the new carpet, and I was reminding you not to be moving any of the heavy furniture. I'll send someone out Tuesday or Wednesday to do that." She nodded eagerly. "Okay. More toast?" He shook his head and pushed away from the table. "Gotta run," he said as he stepped towards her and leaned down to kiss her lips. He gave her big tits a gentle caress and squeezed a hand through the loose folds of her gown and winked. "See you tonight. Just the two of us, right?" "Right," she replied with a smile. "I'll accept no invitations and make no plans." "Good girl." She sat at the table, finishing her coffee as she heard his car leave the driveway. She sighed and then poured herself another cup.

Less than five minutes later, she heard a knock at the back door, and then Laura entered the kitchen. The blonde helped herself to a cup of coffee and sat down across from Janet. "Saw that hunky stud of yours leaving," Laura said, grinning lewdly at Janet. "You two have a little morning delight?" she asked, boldly staring at Janet's ripe tit melons pushing through the loose opening of her gown. Janet giggled as she shook her head. "We used the weekend for that." She took a sip of her own coffee, and then blurted, "How about you and Bob?" "Are you kidding?" Laura waved her hand as if dismissing the question as utterly ridiculous. "Bob is pissed at me right now. He's been horny as hell all weekend, but I'm holding him off until the end of the week. That's when things should be right for me to try and get pregnant, and I don't want him wasting good cum before that." "Well, I can understand his frustration." "Yeah, well, we both agreed to try for a kid this year, and this is just a part of the plan," Laura said. "Of course, Bob's mad because he feels as if I'm using him for stud service." The blonde chuckled throatily. "Fuck, honey, what guy wouldn't like that kind of job?"

"Well, I'll bet my Mark wouldn't complain!" Janet replied with a laugh. "I'm not sure, though. I don't know if I could hold out on him if he wanted to make love." "Well, maybe, but I'll tell you something," Laura said after finishing off her coffee and helping herself to another cup. "Sugar, it ain't only the guy that gets buggy waiting around for the right time. Shit, I've finger-fucked my poor pussy more in the past week than I did in a whole month back before I was married."

Janet belched a shocked laugh and felt her face blush. It was still possible for the blonde to embarrass her, but Janet didn't really mind. Actually, she found she was enjoying Laura's company. She was over the initial nervousness of being around the wife of the man she had sucked off. She could well imagine a time in the near future when she might even tell Laura about the mouthful of cum she had sucked out of Bob's over-filled balls. The notion that Laura may not be getting all she expects from Bob in the coming weekend amused Janet, but Laura didn't ask her to explain her grin. Instead, the two women chatted through another cup of coffee.

Gradually, their conversation became more and more intimate and personal, with a strange uneasiness settling over Janet. She couldn't explain it at first, but then she realized that the older woman was eyeing her, especially her partially exposed tit, in a leering, almost mannish way. "You're a beautiful girl, Janet," Laura said during a lull in their conversation. "I'm sure Mark knows what a lucky man he is." Now Janet was blushing, but not like before. Suddenly, Laura reached a hand across the small dinette and covered Janet's left hand with her own. Janet froze, her eyes locked on the blonde's direct, steady gaze. Janet tried a weak giggle as she pulled her hand free. "I guess I'd better do these dishes, or they'll be sitting here when Mark gets home."

She stood and began clearing away the dishes, trying not to act as awkward as she suddenly felt. She turned away and carried the plates and silverware to the sink. Just as she bent to open the dishwasher, she felt Laura's arms circle her waist. Janet trembled and then dropped the plates and silverware into the sink. A plate shattered, but the sound was a distant thud to her. She held her breath as the older woman's hands crept towards her full, heavy tits. Then the blonde's fingers closed around her plump melons and Janet stiffened and gasped. "Laura..." "No," Laura whispered, her lips moving towards Janet's ears, her breath hot. "Don't say anything." "Please, Laura," she protested, but still was too shocked to move. "I've... I've never done anything like this before, and..."

The blonde kissed Janet's ear as she kept tightening her hold on Janet's tits. Then the blonde pressed her body against Janet's, rubbing against Janet's back and ass. Quickly and steadily, Laura dotted the side of Janet's neck with soft kisses while continuing to expertly knead and massage the young housewife's tits. Janet's knees trembled, then panic and dismay battled over her nerves.
She shivered, as if caught in a chilling wind that wouldn't die. She tried to speak, but her voice stayed in her throat.

"Relax," Laura urged, her voice husky and low, her lips nibbling the younger woman's smooth flesh. "Never, never turn down an opportunity for pleasure, Janet. Let yourself go. Stop resisting, honey. Five minutes from now you'll beg me not to stop."

The blonde's words droned on hypnotically, plucking on Janet's nerves and seeping into her consciousness. The raspy words and hushed promises, and the delicious manipulations of her tits melted Janet's will. The young housewife felt herself giving in, actually swaying in the blonde's erotic embrace.

An intoxicating rush of raw lust and desire began as a flickering spark and, much like what had happened with Bob, Janet was slowly being engulfed in the intense energy of sexual need. She couldn't stop and sort it out. Things were happening much too fast. The shock of the moment drifted away, leaving in its place a steady drumbeat of passion and craving. Her young body was now pulsing with desire. It no longer mattered that she was in the arms of another woman. It didn't even matter that she had never even fantasized about this kind of sex. All that mattered was that her nipples were like sensitive rubber darts, burning and stinging under the exquisite touch of the experienced older woman. She tried telling herself that it was perverted, unnatural, but she felt helpless to stop it, and, even more shocking, she didn't want to stop it. Laura had been right! Janet wanted to experience more!
Laura effortlessly turned Janet around to face her. Smoldering eyes locked. Then Laura's lips covered Janet's and the women kissed passionately.

The blonde's tongue darted into the hot corners of Janet's mouth. Janet whimpered and shook, but received the blonde's tongue and sucked on it while wrapping her arms around Laura's waist. Then she clung to the older woman, as if for support. The blonde broke off the kiss and stepped back. "Come with me," she whispered, taking Janet by the hand and leading her from the kitchen.

Janet followed trance-like through her house till they reached the master bedroom. Her expression was almost blank as her dazed senses recorded everything in soft focus. Every glowing, wanton detail branded itself in her mind. The blonde stretched Janet across her own bed. Laura then unknotted the housewife's gown and peeled back the folds, exposing the young woman's lush nudity. Laura's eyes travelled the length of the younger woman's body, and Janet trembled with passion. "I'm going to make you cum," Laura rasped, tracing her fingers along Janet's inner thighs. "I don't want to tease you, honey, I want to give you real pleasure!" Obediently, Janet opened her legs wider and smiled as Laura eased herself onto the bed. She rubbed Janet's thighs and then teased her dark cunt bush with her fingers. The sensual, delicate action made Janet moan and squirm. Then the blonde started to probe the younger woman's cunt, fluttering her fingers over the hairy, puffed pussy lips until Janet nearly screamed. Seconds later, the blonde slipped two fingers into Janet's pussy and began to piston them in and out while she used her thumb on Janet's stiff clit. The blonde's fingers felt to Janet like a small cock sliding in and out of her burning hole. Instinctively, she began to hump against the sawing fingers, moving her hips and ass up and down, just as if a man were fucking her cunt with his hard cock.

"You're taking right to this," Laura beamed, but not taking her eyes off the steaming cunt. "I knew you would, honey, and I know you're almost ready to cum."

"Oh, don't stop, Laura!" she croaked, finally finding her voice. "Oh, yes, yes, finger-fuck me! Make me cum!" Janet rammed her pussy at Laura's fingers. Her big tits flopped and heaved up and down as her gyrations became frenzied. She squealed and shrieked as her thunderous climax approached, then lost all sense of time and awareness. Janet came suddenly and hard, the explosion rippling through her cunt, jarring the delicate, creamy tissues of her most secret place. A hot river of cum washed over her cunt lips. Her breathing became heavy and her burning pussy gripped Laura's fingers, trapping them in her vibrating cunt. Slowly, the waves of her mighty orgasm lessened and became decreasing tides of pleasure. Laura prolonged the sweet process by gradually softening the strokes of her invading fingers. When the orgasm finally tapered off completely, Laura leaned down and kissed Janet's lips. She tenderly patted the younger woman's cheek, then gave one of her tits a playful squeeze. "You are even more beautiful when you cum," Laura whispered. "But what gets me is that you claim to be so sheltered and inexperienced. A girl with your passion makes that hard to believe." Janet chuckled a little self-consciously. "Well, it's true. Mark is only the third man in my life, and I've never done anything like this before. I can't believe this happened! It will probably blow my mind later when I stop to think about it!" Laura smiled patiently and stood beside the bed. She began unbuttoning her blouse while looking at Janet's flushed face. "An older cousin taught me about the pleasures one woman can give to another," she said, "but that was years ago -- I was only twelve. I've tried it several times since then, sort of as a nice change of pace from men. It's a fine diversion, but don't get me wrong, it will never ever replace men and their nice hard cocks. But men and cocks are not always handy, or practical, if you know what I mean?" "I think I'm starting to," Janet answered. Laura cocked her head and laughed uproariously. She tugged off her blouse and dropped it on the floor at the side of the bed. Her over-sized tits bounced into view, and Janet felt an arousal nipping at her clit. The blonde's tits were as large, or larger, than her own and Janet had a sudden desire to suck them. She watched as Laura unzipped her slacks and yanked them down over her hips. She saw a glimpse of blonde fringe as Laura quickly removed her bikini panties and stepped out of them. Then Laura climbed onto the bed and reached for Janet's tits. "Honey," Laura rasped, teasing one of the younger woman's nipples. "You may think you've started learning some wild things, but I'm about to show you just how sheltered you really have been! Think you're ready for it?" Janet didn't bother to answer. Her eager look said it all. She knew she was about to embark on an erotic adventure that would perhaps change her whole outlook on life. She worried about the prospect of finding out secret facets of herself. But the concern didn't compete with the raw excitement of having lesbian sex.

She eagerly embraced the older, more experienced woman and cuddled against Laura's curvaceous body. Her arousal and delight soared as she realized that the ecstasy she was experiencing was almost equal to that she felt with Mark. "I know you're curious," Laura said in a quiet, voice that tickled the cords of Janet's nerves. "Don't be bashful. Touch me."

Laura felt Janet's tits as Janet ran her hands over Laura's flat stomach. Then Janet's fingers dipped lower and lower until they nudged the outline of the blonde's honey-colored muff. Scorching tingles nipped at her fingertips. To be touching another woman so intimately left Janet feeling wicked. The young housewife once again fluttered her fingers through the blonde's pussy hair, feeling a dampness. She felt puffy cunt lips beneath the dense furry covering and her own senses were pricked. She grinned and moaned, her eyes meeting the smoldering gaze of her partner. "Take a better look," Laura encouraged softly. Janet's pulse quickened as she slowly slid down on the bed. Her cheeks flushed as she stared right at Laura's cunt. She had never dreamed of this, not able to believe that the sight of a pussy would turn her on so much. "Touch me again," Laura coaxed, her fingers now playing over Janet's shoulders and back. "Touch my pussy just like your man touches yours. A strange shyness crept over Janet. Reluctance gripped her as she tentatively fingered Laura's swollen labia. She pried apart the creamy, pink cunt folds and stared at the spread lips. She could sniff the sweet aroma of the older woman's musk, and it was intoxicating.

Janet dabbed a finger around the hot, moist pussy lips, letting her other fingers slide along the slick inner flesh. When Laura uttered a soft groan in pleasure, Janet glanced toward her face and asked, "Am I doing all right?" "You know you are," Laura replied, spreading her long shapely legs further apart. "But whatever you do, don't stop now. I love your soft touch." She ringed the blonde cunt folds with her fingertips, using massaging motions till she reached the central core of the older woman's fuck tunnel. The movement was a teasing manoeuvre such as the one she had used on herself whenever she masturbated. She was pleased to see it also stimulated Laura. Gathering confidence, Janet glided her fingertips over Laura's exposed, swollen clit. The tiny bud seemed to beckon her attention. She stroked the clit carefully, lightly at first, then harder. "Oh, god," Laura gasped, practically sitting up on the bed, her large tits heaving as she breathed heavily. "Yes, yes, yesss!"

As Janet continued to massage the clit, Laura's body quivered and contorted as the waves of her orgasm overtook her. Janet's fingers were quickly drenched in syrupy pussy juices, and she wasted no time in redoubling her efforts. She held the very sensitive button between two fingers, and used a third fingertip to delicately rub it. This jolted Laura into another fit of ecstasy. Before the vibrations stilled, Janet sent her into a howling, ass-humping series of gyrations by stabbing two fingers into her juicy cunt, working them deep into her pussy and burying them to the hilt inside. She wiggled them around, massaging the inner pussy pulp.

Laura wailed as another orgasm suddenly ripped through her. Her body actually bounced up and down on the bed, even as she squeezed her thighs together, trapping Janet's hand and wrist. "Use more than your fingers!" Laura begged between groans and sighs. "I know you want to! Oh, do it! Do it now!" Janet's ears reddened, registering her excitement, and the sudden surge of anticipation caused her heart to beat wildly. She knew automatically what her friend wanted her to do, because the same thought was in her own mind already. She was aroused by the notion of actually licking and sucking the other woman's cunt.

She crouched between Laura's legs, spreading them as wide as possible for easier access. Keeping two fingers securely inside her cunt, Janet brought her face closer and closer to Laura's pussy. The heavy cunt aroma startled her senses and added to her growing excitement. The act was outrageous and thrilling at the same time.

Slowly and deliberately, the young housewife flicked her tongue over Laura's clit and tasted the wet, slick cunt. Laura humped wildly and cried out passionately. Then, on pure instinct, Janet's tongue whipped Laura's exposed clit while she increased the pace of her finger-fucking. She drilled her fingers in and out and the result was wonderful. Laura shrieked and her cunt juice gushed out, soaking Janet's lips and chin and fingers. The blonde's turgid clit became blood engorged and Laura's cunt spasmed violently. For Janet, the whole experience was super. She couldn't believe she was causing Laura to shudder and groan in such explosive ecstasy. She was extremely proud of her accomplishments.

Laura continued to sway her hips and pump her ass. She fucked up as Janet drilled her fingers down, continuing to howl joyfully. Her orgasms seemed to intensify as they merged together.

Finally, Janet lifted her cum drenched face and looked at her sexy neighbor. Laura's face was contorted in a lust-crazed expression. Her long legs were splayed open and her big tits flopped about. Laura was massaging her own tits and whimpering in the aftermath of her climaxes. Then, Laura's gaze focused on Janet and she returned her smile and reached down to gently caress her face. "I am going to love living next door to you, young lady," she said softly. "Now, do something special for me." "What?" Janet asked, turning crimson. "Masturbate for me," Laura whispered breathlessly, her eyes wide. "Sit up here, your back against the headboard. Draw your knees up and finger-fuck that pretty pussy of yours. I want to watch you do it."

Janet giggled. "You sound like Mark," she said. "He always likes to watch me jerk off."

Laura flashed a bright smile as she shrugged. "So we both know what turns us on," she said. "Come on, do it. I promise you'll enjoy it," she added with a wink.

Janet crawled up the bed and positioned herself as Laura had suggested. She leaned back against the headboard, then slowly drew her knees up till they touched her pointy, hard nipples. She glanced shyly at Laura. "Okay?" she asked softly. "Yes, do it, Janet," Laura told her. "Finger your pussy. Play with yourself. Do it just like Mark enjoys it." At first, Janet felt terribly awkward as she lowered her hand to her own cunt. She tried to ignore Laura's presence as the blonde scooted down on the bed for a better view.

Meanwhile, Janet edged her puffy pussy lips apart with a fingertip. She glanced away from Laura and looked toward the bedroom window. Displaying herself so lewdly to another woman still made her feel awkward, but she couldn't deny the mounting arousal that compelled her. Her cunt flexed and then her whole pussy throbbed.

She leaned her head against the headboard and closed her eyes as she touched her clit with her thumb. She moaned softly, unable to suppress the desire whipping her senses. Her hot pussy was responding to her fondling.

She licked her lips and enjoyed the taste of Laura's cum on them. At the same time, she fucked two fingers into her pussy and sighed as she brought herself off. Her climax ended her shyness once and for all. Now the horny housewife was consumed by her own needs. It no longer mattered that Laura was watching her every move with a wicked gleam in her eyes. Just as when she performed for her husband, Janet found herself caught up in her own pleasure and forgot she had an audience. She dipped her fingers in and out of her cunt, penetrating the slippery opening to the hot moist walls of her cunt, making lewd sounds. She rocked her head from side to side, her panting intensifying. Then more cunt juice spewed from deep inside her pussy. She humped her ass rapidly, fucking her fingers, using them as if they were a cock.

At the precise moment, as yet another orgasm ripped through her, Janet felt a strange sensation she could not identify. Confused, she blinked open her eyes and gasped in surprise to see Laura's blonde head between her legs. In the next instant, she knew the strange, marvelous sensation of a woman's tongue licking along the crack of her ass. The realization caused much pleasure. The young bride continued to finger-fuck her cunt while the older woman tongued her ass. Janet welcomed the blonde's tongue against her asshole.

Screaming, Janet trembled from head to foot, as Laura's tongue penetrated her tight asshole. Automatically, Janet's anus gripped the invading oral organ, and it went deeper and deeper into her rectal channel. Janet had never felt anything so electrifying. Every nerve in her body tingled as the sexual pleasure overwhelmed her. Her pussy spasmed as another intense orgasm was triggered. Meanwhile, Laura had gripped her young lover's ass cheeks and held them wide apart. She kept fucking her tongue into the soft, tight depth of Janet's ass.

"Oh, ohhh, fuck, I can't stop cumming!" Janet howled. "Ahh, yesssss, yessss!"

Her ecstasy forced her body to writhe out of control, and her wild bucking forced the tongue deeper still. Janet's position shifted until she was sprawled across the head of the bed, crushing the pillows.

She couldn't remember ever being so hot or wet. Her pussy seemed to leak cunt juice continually and her orgasms seemed to last forever. She whimpered as her arms and legs twitched and the wild spasms inside her pussy went on. But, eventually, the echoing of her massive climaxes gradually faded out. She didn't know how much time had passed when she regained her senses and felt the tender, soothing touch of Laura's hands once again roaming over her ass and legs. She purred as her body responded. Lifting her round, shapely ass, gently thrusting it up, she felt Laura's hot breath on her ass cheeks and her fingers grazing her cunt from behind.

The blonde was teasing Janet's cunt lips and Janet began humping her ass up and down in lewd motions. She was becoming more excited and begged Laura to either finger or tongue her exposed, vulnerable pussy. "You can't get enough, can you?" Laura asked. "I like that. I've always wanted a close girlfriend who had a pussy as hot as mine. Looks like I've finally found one." Janet didn't respond. She was too consumed with passion. Her pussy was beginning to churn and convulse again and her inner thighs were sopping with her cunt cream. A few seconds later, she let out a shrill cry of pure pleasure as Laura finally fucked a finger into her upturned pussy, then quickly entered a finger into her ass. Instinctively, Janet rotated her hips and humped back, impaling her twin holes on the blonde's penetrating fingers. She continued to whimper as the fingers sank deeper and deeper into both her ass and pussy.

The intensity of the pleasure made Janet climb to her knees and begin to rock back and forth, meeting the double stroking. Her stiff pink nipples grazed across the bed as her huge tits jiggled and swayed. An orgasm raged through her. Both her pussy and her asshole clenched as her whole body trembled and quaked. She collapsed on the bed, only vaguely aware of Laura laying down next to her, turning her over on her back to lightly kiss her lips. She wrapped her arms around the blonde's neck and opened her mouth to the kiss, letting her tongue entwine with Laura's.

"So beautiful and so hot," Laura whispered when she broke the kiss. "I think things are going to work out just beautifully." "Oh, yes, they are," Janet answered softly, feeling a sense of warmth and appreciation toward the older woman for showing her there were many sexual pleasures to experience.

Laura kissed her forehead as Janet closed her eyes and let her arms slip from around Laura's neck. She wasn't aware of Laura getting off the bed, for she quickly drifted off to sleep.