Shannon's Desire

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02 Feb. '22

Shannon’s Desire
Ray Dario

Shannon rode her husband’s cock hard, bouncing up and down, drawing a grunt from him with every drop. Long black hair whipped back and forth as her breasts bounced. She could feel her orgasm building, right there, just out of reach. She needed to cum; needed it with every fiber of her being. Driving down, she tried to force her husband’s cock deeper into her sex. Fire burned inside her, flaring up but never quite reaching that elusive explosion she craved. Looking down at her husband she could see the strain on his face. He was holding back his climax, trying to give her what she yearned for.

“Fuck me, Billy. Give me that cock. Fuck me and make me cum,” Shannon hissed, increasing her tempo. “Fuck me so good. Fuck. Me.”

Billy didn’t say anything. Eyebrows furrowed tight, lips drawn, he used his hands on Shannon’s hips, helping her bounce as he thrust his pelvis up, trying to match her breakneck rhythm.

She was so close, but her climax eluded her. Frustration bloomed, fueling her need even more.

“Fuck, I need to fucking cum. Fuck me! Fuck me hard or I’ll find a man who can take me all the way!” She hadn’t meant to say that, it just came out in the heat of the moment.

The words had no more than left her mouth when Billy groaned loud and long, his pelvis thrusting up hard, staying up. Inside her, Shannon felt his cock swell, and then a familiar warmth spread inside her. He was cumming inside her! She grabbed his flowing hair, twining her fingers in it, holding his head as she stared into his wide eyes.

“No!” she screamed in frustration, “No, no, no.” She wanted to cry. She wanted to scream. She wanted to cum!

As her husband finished his orgasm, his last spurt filling her sex, she pulled off of his softening cock. Diving forward she straddled his head, still holding his hair, planting her sodden pussy directly on his face.

“Fucking finish me! I need to cum so bad,” she howled down at him.

Billy lapped at her sex, his tongue diving deep, swirling around. Shannon writhed on his mouth, her orgasm once again building, getting closer, closer. She looked down, between her heaving breasts, past her flat stomach, seeing her husband’s face as he sucked her pussy. White cream dotted his lips and cheeks. He was eating his own spunk, she realized. She hadn’t considered that, or anything other than her need to cum when she jumped on his face, but the thought was just the little push she needed. An explosion of pleasure erupted inside her. Muscles clenched, she ground her pussy down on his face. Mini-contractions hit her and she felt more of her husband's cum being forced out of her sex, flowing into Billy’s open mouth. Intense waves of pleasure undulated through her body. She rode Billy’s face, like a cowboy on a bucking bronco, fingers still entwined in his long blonde hair.

Finally, she slumped forward and then rolled off her panting husband. She felt the cold tile of the entryway on her back. Looking up she realized she hadn’t even let her husband get to the living room before she’d jumped him. She rolled onto her side, facing him. He was laying there, cum and pussy nectar covering his face. Without thinking she reached over, scooping a large dollop of semen from his chin and pushing it into his mouth.

“Missed some,” she laughed.

Billy laughed too, licking her finger.

“Did you like that?” Shannon asked, smiling at him.

“Yes. Was it good for you?” Billy turned to look at her, a soft satisfied smile on his lips.

“Mmm, yes. You always make me cum with your mouth.”

“So did Krista not come over today?” Billy asked, reaching over and stroking her bare arm.

“Yes,” Shannon drew out the word.

“Didn’t she make you cum?”

“She did.” Shannon slapped his arm playfully. “You know she’s almost as good with her mouth as you are, and her pussy tastes divine, but I needed a cock.”

A year ago, she’d met Krista and the two women had both felt a spark. Shannon was open about it to Billy and together they’d agreed that her being with Krista didn’t amount to cheating since Krista was another woman. Since then, Krista had been her lover and now, although Krista’s husband was still unaware, they made love almost every day.

Billy reached down and tucked his flaccid penis back into his boxers and zipped his pants before climbing to his feet. As he buckled his belt, Shannon stood up beside him. She’d met him at the door naked, which she didn’t do often, and literally jumped on him. She watched him head into the living room.

“I’ll start supper while you get dressed,” Billy said as he walked away.

Disappointed, Shannon really needed more, but her husband was done, at least for a while. Without a word, she padded to their bedroom and slipped an oversized t-shirt over her head. Sitting on the bed she thought about what had just happened. She’d made Billy eat his own creampie and he’d enjoyed it. She’d also slipped up and told him she would fuck another man, and instead of being angry, he’d immediately climaxed. She found that interesting. When they fucked later that night, she thought, she was going to experiment with that a little.

Supper was good. Billy was an above-average cook and he’d whipped up a quick chicken dish with a delicious sauce, sauteed asparagus and a light side salad. They talked about Billy’s day at the office, politics, news, and even the weather but all Shannon could think about was her husband eating his own cum. It excited her and she wanted him to do it again. She wanted to see him do it; see him enjoy doing it. She also wanted to see if he responded the same way when she said she wanted to fuck another man. Maybe, just maybe, she could steer him, lead him, to a change in their relationship. She smiled.

“I posted a new video on my web site,” Shannon said when the conversation lulled, referring to her subscription only content delivery web site.

Billy looked up at her, a sly smile on his face. “I got the email alert but I haven’t had a chance to go see it.”

“I used my big vibrator on my pussy.” Shannon always got so excited when she made videos for her fans. “I made sure I got a close up of it going in and out of me. I’m sure the guys will love it.”

“I’m sure they will too. How many subscribers do you have now?” Billy asked, his eyes still locked on her face.

“A little over a thousand.” She tried to sound nonchalant but the truth is she knew the number was one-thousand-forty-one. She kept good track of her web site account. She’d posted a teaser to a social media site trying to build her subscriber following. She wasn’t making the big money that some content delivery models did, yet, but she was working on it.

“How many views does your new video have?” Billy asked.

“Oh, I don’t know.” It wasn’t quite a lie. She’d checked just before Billy got home, just two hours after she’d posted it. Six hundred-twenty-four views in two hours. It would be over seven hundred by now, she thought.

After supper was over and the dishes cleaned and put away, Shannon sat next to Billy on the couch. He still wore the same shirt, tie, and slacks that he wore to work. She was wearing just the t-shirt, nothing underneath. Snuggling up to him, she loosened his tie, working it off, as he surfed channels, finally settling on an amateur MMA fight between two large brutes.

Unbuttoning his shirt, she slipped her hand inside, stroking his chest. Billy was not heavily muscled like the two men beating each other senseless on the television, but he was trim and in decent shape. He also had sensitive nipples. Shannon knew just how to use that to her advantage, dragging her nails over his chest. Sliding her other hand down over his waist, she stroked his cock through his pants, feeling it respond to her touch.

“Mmm, someone is coming back to life,” Shannon purred into Billy’s ear.

He turned his head, smiling, and they kissed. Shannon instantly felt her pussy grow damp. Their tongues touched, danced together. Billy reached around her, pulling her closer, his hand finding her breast. As their kiss ended, Shannon stared up at her husband. She finished unbuttoning his shirt and then pushed it back off his shoulders. Smiling down at her, he pulled his arms out of his shirt, tossing it to the end of the couch. Without taking her eyes from his face, she loosened his belt for the second time that night.

“I’m going to suck your cock, but I don’t want you to cum in my mouth, not this time. I want your cum in my pussy. I want you to fill my pussy with your cream and then I want you to make me cum with your mouth.”

Billy smiled down at her. “You still want more?”

“I do. I need more. Can you do that for me?” she asked looking into his eyes, “or should I call a man who can?” She felt his cock jump at her words.

“Who would you call?”

Shannon didn’t expect the question and she wasn’t prepared. She hadn’t thought about it. Who would she call? She needed a name, fast. Her mind raced for a moment, then she smiled.

“Maybe I’d call Justin. I bet he would be able to fill my pussy.”

Justin was a young man Billy had mentored at work for a while. After Justin’s internship ended, Billy and he had kept in touch, even inviting him to supper a few times. Shannon had fantasized about fucking him more than once.

“He does have a crush on you.”

Shannon hadn’t known that. She smiled at the thought.

“Would you like to see him fuck me?” she asked playfully; smiling down at her husband.

“Would you like to fuck him?”

Shannon tried to read Billy’s face. His eyes were wide, mouth slightly open. His cock was very hard, so he must like the idea.

“Mm, hmm. I would.” Shannon stroked her husband. “Do you really want me to cheat on you?”

“It’s not cheating if I know about it and approve. Then it’s just playing,” Billy said, his voice betraying his lust.

Shannon leaned forward and kissed him on the lips, letting her tongue trace over his teeth. When the kiss broke, she pulled back a little.

“So, I can fuck whoever

I want as long as I tell you about it and it won’t be cheating?” she asked, her voice low.

“Who do you want to fuck? Just Justin? Others?” Billy’s hand was moving on her side, gently stroking her, getting closer and closer to her breast.

“Who knows. Maybe I’ll see someone at the market? Maybe I want to pick up a stranger to fuck me so good and fill me with his cum. Would you like that?”

Billy groaned, his cock was throbbing. Shannon kissed her way down his chest. Unbuttoning his pants she pushed the zipper down and then fished his cock out of his boxers. It stood up, long and thin. She put both hands around his cock, one on top of the other, leaving the knob exposed. Leaning down, she licked his cock head, feeling it jump under her tongue. She looked back up at her husband, her eyes meeting his.

“Would you like to see me suck another man’s cock, baby?”

“Fuck, yes.”

Shannon squeezed Billy’s cock with her lower hand. She didn’t want him to cum yet. She had plans for his cum.

“Would you like to see me take another man’s cock in my pussy?”

“Yes,” Billy hissed.

“Would you like to watch as he fucked me and made me cum on his cock?”


“Would you like to see him cum inside me?” She took his knob inside her mouth and gave it a quick suck.

“Oh shit. Yes, I want to see him fill you up.”

“After he fills me up, do you want to eat my sweet, messy pussy? Lick all his cream out of my hot sticky cunt?” She kept up the pressure on the base of his thin shaft, preventing him from cumming.

“Oh, fuck, yes! Oh Shannon, please fuck me now. I’m so fucking hot for you right now.”

Shannon didn’t waste any time giving her husband what he wanted. She mounted him, right there on the couch, easily sliding his slim cock into her pulsing pussy.

“Do it, baby. Cum in me. Fill me with your love. Then you can lick me clean and give me my cum,” Shannon hissed as she rode him fiercely. “That’s what you want, isn’t it, baby. You want to lick your spunk from my messy cunt.” Bouncing on him in a feverish tempo, she looked down into his strained face. “Or would you rather eat another man’s spunk from me?”

Billy convulsed under her, driving his hips up as his climax erupted. Ropes of ejaculate shot deep into her pussy, drenching her insides with warmth. Below her, his eyes were wide, his mouth open, panting. Finally, his hips dropped and she could feel his cock inside her shrinking.

“That’s what you really want, isn’t it baby?” Shannon cooed into his ear. “You want to taste another man as you eat my messy cunt. You want to suck my pussy, knowing another man just came inside me.” She kept him inside her for as long as she could, but all too quickly his flaccid shaft slipped out of her pussy. “Come, baby. Eat my pussy and make me cum one more time tonight.”

She dropped off his lap, pulling him from the couch, guiding him down to the floor. As soon as he was prone, she squatted over his head, facing his feet, and lowered her dripping pussy to his mouth. Eagerly, he lapped at her, his tongue diving deep between her distended lips, sucking their combined juices. In a euphoric high, Shannon squeezed her kegel muscles, forcing more of her husband’s seed out of her and into his mouth. She thought about what he was doing; what she wanted him to do; what she now knew he wanted to do and her orgasm bloomed within her, growing stronger by the second. She reached down and took his slender rod in her hand. He was soft, but still long enough for her to stroke, so she gently tugged on his thin member.

“That’s it, baby, eat that cum. Suck that cum from my pussy. Oh, fuck! You are amazing! I love you, baby! I love you and I want to make you happy. I want to fuck other men and give you their spunk from my pussy. Fuck, oh fuck, yes, yes, yes.”

Shannon’s climax erupted inside her. Flinging her head back, she cried out, grinding her sodden pussy onto her husband's face. Her whole body shook with the force of her orgasm, leaving her collapsed on top of Billy until she could finally roll off of him.

They lay on the floor, side by side, for several minutes basking in the glow of their coupling. Once her breathing had returned to normal, Shannon looked over at her husband with a smile on her face. She reached over and stroked his cheek. She loved the way he looked; his blue eyes, long blond hair that hung from his head in gentle waves. Even his thin, aristocratic nose, high cheekbones, and thin lips were beautiful to her. He looked at her, his eyes searching.

“Do you really want to fuck other men?” Billy had a hopeful look in his eyes.

“Do you really want me to fuck other men?” Shannon asked in return, watching him carefully for his reaction.

“I think it would be so hot if you did.”

“You wouldn’t be mad, or jealous?” Shannon smiled, still stroking his cheek.

“I’m not the jealous type. I’ve never told you this before, but I’ve fantasized about you fucking others for a long time, since before we were married. I was just too afraid to tell you,” Billy said softly.

Shannon pushed herself up onto her elbow and looked at him. “You kinky devil. I wish I’d known that. Is that why you didn’t object to Krista? Or to me starting my web site account?”

“Yes to both.”

Shannon smiled. “I’ll have to see about making your fantasies come true, you bad boy.” She kissed him, tasting their combined juices on his lips. “Do you want me to film it and put it on my site?” She asked softly, stroking his chest.

“Would you hide his face so that no one knew it wasn’t me?” Billy asked. She’d posted videos of them having sex before.

“No, I want my fans to know. Is that okay? I want to post videos of me fucking lots of different men, maybe more than one at a time.”

Billy’s grin told her that he liked the idea.

“You want that too, don’t you, Billy?”

He turned onto his side, facing her, and nodded. “I think that would be so hot.”

The next morning Krista, as was usual, showed up just after nine. Billy had left for work around seven-thirty which had given Shannon time to clean up after their morning sex so that she would be fresh for her lover. She’d made Billy eat his creampie again and they’d talked more about her fucking other men. The more they talked about it, the wilder Billy had pumped her. He was actually as excited by it as she was.

Sex was different with Krista, tender, loving, quiet. Bodies entwined, gentle caresses touching all the right places, kisses lingering, loving, and fulfilling; culminating in a softly blossoming orgasm that left Shannon warm and happy all over. Krista was beautiful. Short red hair, cut to expose her ears with strands in front and behind but with the top brushed up and lightly spiked. It framed her face, accenting her crystal blue eyes and full red lips. She wasn’t thin, although her breasts were much smaller than Shannon’s heavy globes. Krista’s waist was thick, muscular, and not fat. Her hips were wide and her ass, good lord, Krista had a great ass. Her legs matched the rest of her, short, stocky, but no fat in sight.

In a very real way, Shannon loved Krista more than she could ever love any man. Still, she thought with a smile, Billy gave her things Krista never could. But the same was true for Krista, she gave Shannon things that Billy never could, not because he was a bad lover, but he was different from Krista, and not just because he possessed a cock. He was better at cunnilingus than Krista. He loved eating her pussy, and had on several occasions climaxed just from going down on her. Krista was good at giving oral sex, but she never came from just giving. She did cum from receiving. The thought made Shannon smile.

As they lay together after their coupling Shannon told Krista what had happened the night before. At first, Krista just listened, but the more Shannon told her, the bigger Krista’s grin got.

“He wants you to fuck other men? Girl, that is incredible!” Krista finally exclaimed. “I wish Don wanted me to fuck other men. I’d love to share that with him.”

“Not just that, he wants to eat me afterward,” Shannon giggled.

“And I thought I was a kinky bitch.,” Krista laughed. Her smile grew bigger. “I have a deliciously naughty idea.”

Shannon knew Krista well enough to be intrigued. “So, spit it out.”

“You remember I told you about Greg?”

“The guy from your reader's group that you’ve been banging every week for two months? Yeah, you told me in great detail,” Shannon giggled.

“Why don’t I introduce you to him. He’d love to fuck you,” Krista said with a smile. “I can tell you from experience, he’ll leave you full of his cum. The last time we fucked, I was dripping for two days.”

“When are you meeting him next?” Shannon asked, her eyes wide.

“We are having lunch today, and then he’s taking me to his place. I told Don I was going to a spa.”

“And your husband bought it?” Shannon asked.

“Of course he did. Don trusts me completely.”

Shannon had an inkling that wasn’t as true as Krista thought. Don was one of her subscribers and some of the chats they had made Shannon think that Don was not as naive as Krista thought. She couldn’t share that with Krista, of course, since that would violate her subscriber's confidentiality.

“So what are you thinking, me going to lunch with you and then you two split, what?”

“Actually, Greg has been hinting at wanting a three-way. You could join us at his place.”

“Wow! You really think Greg would be into me?”

“I guarantee it! He is a real tit man and you got the nicest tits besides you are just fucking gorgeous, so yeah, he’ll definitely be into you, girl.”

Shannon thought about it for almost a second. “I’m in, but first I have to let Billy know.”

“You’re going to tell him?”

“Of course. He told me last night that as long as he knew about it, it wasn’t cheating. Besides, I want him thinking about me getting fucked by another man all day so he’ll be hot and bothered and ready to eat my pussy when he gets home.”

“Hmm, half the fun of cheating is that it's cheating, you know?” Krista giggled. “You’re missing out on the naughty bit, but hey, it’s up to you.”

Shannon’s face turned serious for a moment. “Aren’t you at all worried that Don will figure out you’re cheating on him and leave you?”

Krista smiled and patted Shannon’s hand. “Babe, if he did, we’d work it out. He adores me, besides everything in life is a risk. The bigger the risk, the sweeter the reward.” She shrugged and then grinned. “So you up for a three-some today?”

Shannon laughed at her lover. “Let me text Billy.”

“Hey babe, Krista invited me to a 3some with her and Greg. You’ll be eating creampie tonight!” Shannon let Krista see the text and then hit send.

“He is going to flip when he reads that!” Krista laughed as they waited.

They didn’t have to wait long until Shannon’s phone dinged.

“Who is Greg? You and Krista and a guy???”

“One of Krista’s boy toys. Yeah, it’ll be wild.”

“You wouldn’t believe how hard I am just hearing that. Send pictures”

“So, you’re okay with me getting fucked?” Shannon laughed as she sent the text.

“Fuck yeah. Wish I could be there.”

Shannon showed Krista Billy’s last reply.

“Hmm, maybe we’ll have to invite Greg over to your house so that Billy can watch him fuck you. But I might have to fuck Billy if we did.” Krista said raising her eyebrows at Shannon.

“You want to fuck my Billy?” Shannon giggled. “I bet he’d like that. He said you have a great ass.”

“I do have a great ass.”

“Yes, you do, lover!” Shannon playfully grabbed Krista’s leg and squeezed it. “Let’s see what Billy says to your idea.”

“Krista says we should invite Greg to our house sometime. She wants to fuck you while Greg fucks me.” Shannon texted Billy

“Wow! I didn’t know Krista liked me. I’d love to do that.” Billy texted back.

“We’ll see, now back to work but keep thinking of me getting fucked by another man. I want you hard all day.” Shannon sat her phone down.

“Damn, girl. I thought I was a slut,” Krista whistled.

“You are a slut. A beautiful, wonderful, pussy eating slut.” Shannon pulled her lover to her and kissed her on the lips softly.

At just after one Shannon pulled her yellow BMW Z4 into the parking lot of the Citrus bay Bistro. As she and Krista walked to the door, Krista pointed out a black dodge charger sitting in one of the spaces.

“Greg’s already here,” Krista giggled. “He must be eager to meet you.”

“I hope he likes what he sees.” Shannon looked down.

Krista had helped her dress and even though Shannon typically dressed provocatively, today she was showing even more skin than usual. The crop top left her midriff bare and, if she wasn’t careful, exposed a fair amount of underboob when she raised her arms. It had a dipping v-neck collar that showed off more than a hands width of cleavage as well. The short-short skirt just barely came below her ass and it jiggled and flounced with every step. Krista was dressed a little more conservatively, wearing a tight t-shirt that allowed the outline of her nipples to be clearly seen, along with very tight stretch jeans.

“Babe, he is going fall out of his seat when you walk in.” Krista took Shannon’s hand, striding through the front door like they were royalty.

Greg, a tall, ruggedly handsome man in his late thirties, sat at a small white table near the back wall of the restaurant. He wore a blue polo over khaki slacks. His dark brown hair was cut short, in a conservative business cut. As his eyes reached Krista, he smiled, showing off perfect white teeth, and stood. Shannon eyed him appreciatively. He was taller than Billy by a few inches and broader in the shoulders. He obviously worked out as the polo had to work to contain his bulging shoulders and biceps.

“Oh, my, God! He’s gorgeous!” Shannon whispered to Krista, stopping in her tracks.

“You should see his cock!” Krista whispered back, getting a giggle from Shannon.

As they reached the table, Greg stuck out his hand toward Shannon.

“You must be Shannon. Krista didn’t say you were so beautiful,” Greg said; his deep baritone rumbling out of his chest.

“Thank you, very glad to meet you,” Shannon said feeling her face go red at the clumsiness of her words.

Greg took her hand and raised it to his lips, kissing the back of her hand softly. After helping both Shannon and Krista into their seats, he sat opposite them, leaning back, relaxed and confident.

“So, Shannon, Krista tells me that your husband knows what you're doing today, and he’s okay with it?”

Shannon shook herself slightly to jar herself from staring at the hunk across the table.

“Yes. He’s actually excited by it,” she said with a schoolgirl giggle that she instantly wanted back.

Greg smiled. “So, are you just doing this for him, then?”

Shannon finally got control of herself, well a little at least. She was afraid she was making a wet spot on her skirt. She gave Greg the best smile she had.

“Not at all, but I’m glad he’s not the jealous type.”

Greg laughed. “I’m glad Krista here was willing to introduce us. I get the feeling we are going to have a lot of fun together.”

Krista and Shannon both laughed at that. They ate their lunch, getting to know each other and Shannon found that as well as being handsome, Greg was intelligent and well-spoken. He’d graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in English Literature, dabbled as a teacher, but then started a technical writing business that specialized in writing complex user manuals for the technical industry. It was a small niche market, but he was making a good living at it and now had eight employees in his business. He wasn’t married, divorced three years ago when he’d caught his wife in bed with another man. Since then, his views on monogamy had changed dramatically. He admitted that, had he been the man he was today, he would probably still be married, but the divorce had gotten ugly and reconciliation was no longer an option.

For her part, Shannon told Greg about her web site, sending him a link in case he wanted to subscribe. She told him that she and Billy had been married for three years. That he was going to be the first man she’d fucked, other than her husband, since getting engaged. That had earned her a wide smile from Greg.

The service was quick, the food good, and before long they were all ready to go. Greg paid the bill. Standing up, he looked at Krista.

“You know the address. In case anyone is watching …” Greg smiled at her.

“Yes, we’ll wait a few minutes so that no one will tell my husband I left with you. See you in a little while,” Krista cut in giving him a wink. “Don’t start without us.”

Greg laughed as he left. Shannon’s eyes followed him out. As soon as he was out of the door, she turned to Krista, eyes wide!

“He is fucking amazing!”

“And amazing at fucking,” Krista laughed. “Let’s give him two minutes and then get over there and start the party!”

Shannon almost felt drunk, but not from alcohol, from lust. Her pussy was a pulsing inferno, her nipples, standing out as hard as they’d ever been, were the center of electric jolts that shot through her body. In her entire life, she didn’t recall ever being this horny. As she and Krista walked from her car to Greg’s front door she could feel her pussy dripping down her thighs. She’d worn a thong to the restaurant, but at Krista’s insistence, she’d taken it off before getting in her car to go to Greg’s. Krista had fingered her the entire trip as she described Greg’s cock and lovemaking skills.

Krista rang the doorbell and it was only a few seconds before Greg opened the door for them. As soon as the door opened, Krista pushed her way in, grabbing Greg as she did.

“Taste this!” Krista hissed, shoving her fingers, still wet with Shannon’s nectar, into his mouth.

“Mmm, that is delicious. You still have your pants on, so that must be the delectable Shannon,” Greg said once he’d licked Krista’s fingers clean.

“Wait until you taste it from the source,” Shannon said entering the home behind Krista.

Greg’s home was very nice, modest, not a mansion by any means, but it was in a good neighborhood and was large enough to impress without being outlandish. Greg led them to the living room, offering them drinks. Krista accepted a glass of wine, but Shannon didn’t want anything to dim the feeling she was having so she asked for water. She sat on the couch and watched as Krista grabbed Greg again, kissing him deeply. Leading him to a chair, she told him to sit. Sashaying her way over to Shannon, Krista crooked a finger, beckoning her up.

Shannon grinned as she stood, letting Krista pull her into an embrace. Their lips met, tongues twisting together. Shannon felt Krista’s hand cup her breast under her crop top. A thumb grazed her nipple sending an electric jolt through her. Krista’s other hand slid down Shannon’s thigh, before rising under up under her skirt, fingers skimming over her wet, distended lips. Moaning, Shannon allowed her lover to manipulate her, leading her over in front of Greg.

“Get undressed, Greg. It’s time for you to fuck this slut.” Krista’s voice was a low husky growl.

Greg peeled off the polo shirt, then stood up to kick his shoes off. He started to unbuckle his belt, but Shannon stopped him.

“No, I want to do that. Let me unwrap my gift,” Shannon moaned out, shaking her head.

“You heard the slut,” Krista laughed.

Shannon dropped to her knees in front of Greg. She wanted to see him, taste him, devour him. Her hands were shaking as she undid his belt before unbuttoning his slacks. Tugging the zipper down, she freed them enough to let them drop to his ankles. Greg wore black briefs and his excitement was clearly evident in the large bulge pushing them out. Shannon cupped his thickening cock, stroking it before she slipped her fingers under the elastic band. With a swift motion, she tugged the briefs

down past his knees, letting his large cock pop free to bob in front of her face.

Giggling like a schoolgirl, Shannon grabbed Greg’s cock. It wasn’t as long as Billy’s but it was much thicker. She stared at it, mesmerized, then leaned forward and took the bulbous head into her mouth. Above her, Greg groaned in pleasure. She spun her tongue around the head, feeling it, tasting his musk. Feeling his hand on the back of her head, she let him guide her down onto his cock, taking it deep into her mouth. She’d practiced on Billy’s longer, but thinner, cock enough that she knew how to suppress her gag instinct, and she took him deep. Her lips reached the base of his cock before his head made it fully into her throat, and she was a little disappointed, but Greg’s grunt of approval made her proud.

“Fuck, she took it all,” Greg growled.

“She is good, isn’t she?” Krista asked. “Wait until you get into her pussy. Remember all your cum goes into her cunt, don’t waste any.”

“Whatever you say. I wouldn’t want to deprive her husband of his dessert.”

“Babe, are you ready for Greg to fuck you?” Krista asked, kneeling beside Shannon.

Shannon pulled off Greg’s cock, sucking it until it popped from her mouth.

“Yes,” she hissed. “Please Greg, fuck me. Fuck my married pussy and fill me with your cum.”

“Let's go to the bedroom,” Greg said, pulling his pants the rest of the way off.

Krista led Shannon to the bedroom with Greg right behind them. She pushed Shannon up next to the bed and then quickly lifted the crop top over her head. Shannon stepped out of her shoes as Krista unclipped her short skirt, leaving her completely nude.

“Now your turn. I want you with me,” Shannon said, tugging Krista’s top off.

Krista made a show of taking her stretch jeans off, shimmying them down over her wide hips. Greg stood there, stroking his cock, watching the girls strip. As soon as both were bare, Shannon lay back on the bed, spreading her legs lewdly.

“Fuck me, Greg. Get that magnificent cock deep in my pussy! Fill me up, lover,” Shannon said with a wide smile.

Greg stepped up between her spread legs, lifting them over his shoulders while pulling her right to the edge. He stared down at her, his eyes locked on hers.

“First I’m going to eat that beautiful pussy, then I’ll give you the fucking of your life,” he growled.

True to his word, he started by kissing her left ankle, kissing his way down to her knee before coming back up and kissing down her right leg. As he was kissing her legs, Krista climbed on the bed and leaned over Shannon, letting her lips touch Shannon’s in a soft kiss. Shannon returned the kiss with fervor, sucking on Krista’s tongue. Krista’s hand found Shannon’s breast, caressing it lovingly as the two women kissed. Between her legs, Greg was finally getting down to her sodden sex. Still, he teased her, letting his lips brush over her glistening lips.

“Quit fucking teasing me!” Shannon moaned out. “If you’re gonna eat my pussy, then eat my fucking pussy!” She grabbed Greg’s head, shoving it hard into her sex.

Greg took the hint. His mouth latched onto her lips, sucking them as his tongue drove deep into her pussy.

“Fuck, yes!” Shannon hissed.

Krista’s mouth trailed down over Shannon’s breasts, taking a nipple between her lips, biting it gently, her tongue flicking over it.

“Oh my fucking God, that is … Oh fucking fuck fuck!” Shannon wailed as Greg’s mouth shifted to her clit sucking and biting it gently.

The double oral stimulation ignited her climax deep inside her. Her body flailed, threatening to dislodge both of her lovers. Neither Krista nor Greg let up as her orgasm flared higher and higher. Finally, Shannon pushed them both away. Laying there panting hard, she held them away for a second.

“Give me just a minute. Fuck that was intense. You two are amazing,” Shannon laughed. “Okay, now I want your cock inside me. No more teasing. Just fucking fuck me.”

“You want my cock, slut? You want me to fuck you good?” Greg grinned as he stepped up between Shannon’s spread legs.

“Yes, fuck me good, lover,” Shannon sighed.

“You want me to fill your married cunt up with my cum so your husband can eat your creampie?” Greg positioned his cock right at her opening.

“Yes, do it! Do it now!” Shannon’s eyes were wide with lust as she looked at the man between her legs; a man she’d only met an hour or so before.

Greg pressed forward, the head of his cock pushing past Shannon’s sensitive, swollen lips.

“Fuck, Krista, get my phone. Record this for Billy. I want him to see me taking another man’s cock,” Shannon cried out. “Greg, wait. Fuck, wait, please. I want Billy to see you enter me.”

Greg paused and pulled back, leaving the head of his cock just touching Shannon’s sex. Krista grabbed Shannon’s phone and swiped up.

“Shit, what’s your code?”

“Just point it at my face,” Shannon moaned. “Hurry.”

Krista pointed the phone at Shannon until the screen popped up, then quickly selected the camera and turned it to video. Pointing the phone at the two lover’s waists she nodded.

“No, come behind me, get it so that Billy can see my face and Greg’s cock going into me.”

Krista clambered around behind Shannon until she had the desired view.

“Okay, all set. Fuck away, Greg!” Krista laughed

Greg grinned for the camera as he slowly pushed forward, spreading Shannon’s pussy lips as his wide head entered her.

“Oh, fuck, that feels so good,” Shannon said, lust filling her voice.

She looked down between her breasts, watching as Greg slowly pushed his wide cock into her steaming pussy. Inch by inch, Greg entered her, taking his time, until at last he was fully embedded in her sex.

“Now, fuck me, Greg. Fuck me! Make me cum on that beautiful, magnificent cock!” Shannon growled out, her voice thick with her desire.

Greg quickly got into a rhythm, his thick cock pushing all the way into her gushing pussy before pulling back out until only his head remained, just to push back in again. Throwing her head back, Shannon moaned long and low. She looked up at Krista, still videoing, and smiled.

“Can you see him fucking me, Billy? Greg is fucking me so good. His big, thick cock is making my pussy purr, baby. I’m no longer your faithful wife. I’m your fucking slut wife. I’m fucking another man and he is going to fill me with his cum.”

“Wow, that is so hot!” Krista said, smiling from ear to ear.

Shannon looked back down at Greg. His handsome face held a grimace as he concentrated on fucking her. Reaching up, she pulled him down, her lips mashing into his in a deep kiss. She pressed her tongue into his mouth, tasting him, feeling his teeth. His tongue pushed into her mouth and she sucked on it softly. When the kiss ended she craned her head up to look into the camera.

“Oh, Billy, he is such a good lover. He is fucking me so good. You know I’m going to be fucking him a lot,” Shannon said with a mischievous grin.

Greg looked at the camera. “Yeah, buddy, I’m going to be fucking your wife every chance I get. She is such a hot piece of ass.”

Greg’s words made Shannon laugh. Above her, Krista turned off the camera and fiddled with the phone for a minute.

“Okay, I’ve sent the video to Billy. Now I want in on the action,” Krista said, tossing the phone to the foot of the bed.

“Then get up here and let me eat your pussy while Greg fucks me, but I want another video after he fills my pussy up with cum,” Shannon husked out.

“I have a better idea,” Greg spoke up. “Turn over, Shannon, I’m gonna fuck you from behind while you eat Krista. Krista, you take another video, of her eating your pussy while I fuck her. That ought to turn her husband on big time.”

Krista and Shannon both laughed. A few seconds later, Shannon was standing bent over the bed, her face between Krista’s spread legs. Greg moved in behind her, stroking his thick shaft. He waited until Krista signaled she was ready before he slowly eased his cock into Shannon’s quivering slit. Lifting her head, Shannon moaned low and long as she felt Greg’s wide cock ease back into her pussy. God, she loved that full feeling. Why did it take three years for her to learn Billy’s kink?

“Fuck me, Greg. Fill me with that big fucking cock. Fuck that is amazing.” Shannon looked up into the camera. “Oh, Billy, I love fucking other men. I’m going to be fucking a lot of men from here on out. I hope you are hungry when you get home. I’m gonna have so much cum in me!”

“Get your mouth back on my cunt, slut,” Krista ordered with a chuckle, reaching down with her free hand to shove Shannon’s head down between her legs.

Just then Greg drove forward hard, burying his entire length in Shannon’s pussy. With a grunt, Shannon attacked Krista’s pouting labia, sucking her lips into her mouth as her tongue delved deep into her hole.

“Fuck! Yeah, slut, suck my cunt. Fuck that’s good,” Krista panted out, still filming but having some trouble holding the camera steady.

Krista filmed for another minute before she shut the camera off and tossed Shannon’s phone to the side so that she could concentrate on what Shannon was doing to her pussy. Shannon was doing her best, but Greg’s cock pumping in and out of her was a decided distraction. Still, she felt she was doing a passable job, and judging from Krista’s constant moans, she was right.

Shannon imagined what must be going through Billy’s mind right now as he watched the videos of her being a total slut. She imagined him sitting in his office, stroking his long, thin cock while his assistant sat just a few yards away. The picture ignited a fire inside her. The fire settled in her pussy, right at the place where Greg’s cock rubbed so beautifully as he pushed into her. Her climax grew from that fire, radiating out, filling her body with electric heat. Her pussy contracted around Greg’s cock.

“Oh, Fuck! I can’t hold it any longer, I’m gonna cum.”

Shannon jerked her

head up at his words. “Krista, get the camera, I want to record this for Billy!”

“You better hurry!” Greg groaned out.

Krista scrambled off the bed, grabbing Shannon’s phone and switching the camera on. She got behind Greg, reaching the phone down between his legs to get a good shot of his cock stretching Shannon’s pussy wide.

“Do it, Greg! Fill my married pussy with your cum. Fill me up, lover!” Shannon hissed, pushing back on him.

Greg thrust forward, burying his cock as deep into Shannon’s pussy as he could, and then his balls jumped, sending his seed deep into her hole. They both held still as pulse after pulse of his cum shot into her.

“Fuck, look at that, it’s coming out around his cock!” Krista said, her voice low. “I’ve never seen that much cum.”

Finally Greg’s limp cock slipped from Shannon’s pussy with a wet pop.

“Get a good shot of my messy cunt, Krista,” Shannon moaned.

“I got it, slut. God you look a mess,” Krista laughed.

Shannon climbed up on the bed, collapsing onto her back. Krista filmed her laying there, panning from her splayed legs up to her flushed face. Shannon held out her hand and Krista handed her the phone.

“Hey, babe, I’m so fucked and full of cum right now. You should come home early,” Shannon texted and then attached the video.

Looking over at Greg, where he sat in a comfortable chair looking totally spent, Shannon smiled. His hair was mussed up, face flushed, and between his legs his flaccid cock hung limp but still shiny. Krista stood by the bed, hands on her hips, a frown on her lips.

“You guys are just going to leave me hanging? Some friends you are.” Krista held her frown for a second before breaking out in a grin. “The next time we have a threesome, I’m getting fucked first!”

They all laughed. Just then Shannon’s phone dinged.

“You look amazing! I’m on my way home now.” Shannon read her husband’s text.

“Fuck! Krista, we need to go. Sorry to fuck and run, Greg, but my husband is on his way home.” Shannon rolled from the bed, grabbing her skirt and top. “If I send you a consent form, will you sign it so that I can post these videos on my web site?”

Greg nodded, still smiling. “Sure, babe, but you have to promise to make more videos with me.”

“That’s a promise,” Shannon said with a grin.

Krista dressed as quickly as she could. Within a few minutes the two women were in the yellow Z4 and rushing across town to Shannon’s home.

Billy was faster. When Shannon steered her car into the driveway, his pickup was already in the garage. As her car came to a stop, Shannon looked down, her legs were a mess. She lifted her short skirt. Her pussy was a mess as well. Grinning, she looked over at Krista.

“You still want to fuck Billy?”

Krista grinned, “Yeah. What’s the plan?”

“As soon as we get inside, I’m gonna get him on the floor and sit on his face. While I have him down, you get his cock out and do your thing.”

“My thing?” Krista asked, eyebrows raised.

“Yeah, whatever you want to do,” Shannon said with a wide smile.

Krista grinned. “I’m gonna fuck your husband silly.”

The women giggled as they headed into the house. The garage led directly into the kitchen. Billy wasn’t there, so Shannon called out to him and heard him shout from the living room. As they entered, Shannon gasped. There on their big screen TV was the first video Krista had sent to Billy. Shannon had to admit her phone had a great camera. She could easily see how wide Greg’s cock was spreading her pussy. She tore her eyes from the screen. Billy was sitting on the couch. His pants were down around his ankles, cock in his hand stroking. He looked up as the women entered, his eyes going wide when he saw Krista. He tried to hide what he was doing, but Shannon went straight to him, grabbed his shirt without a word, and pulled him off the couch. Once he was on the floor, she smiled at him.

“Eat me, Billy. Eat Greg’s cum from my pussy.” She straddled him, facing his feet, and dropped her sodden sex directly onto his mouth. “Get over here, Krista. He’s ready for you.”

Krista laughed at the scene. Billy’s lapping was clearly audible as he lapped up the copious juices flowing from Shannon’s well fucked pussy. Krista approached, kneeling beside the couple. Tentatively at first, she took Billy’s long, rigid shaft into her hand, stroking him.

“He’s much longer than I imagined,” Krista said, her eyes locked on target.

“Does Greg taste as good as you hoped, Billy?” Shannon asked as she ground her sex down onto her husband's mouth. “Do you like it? Do you like eating another man’s cum from my pussy?” Shannon arched her back, moaning low. “You better! You’re going to be doing this a lot from now on.”

“I’d say he does,” Krista said softly. “His cock is hard as a rock.”

“Fuck him, Krista. Sit on his cock and fuck him good while he eats my lover’s cum from my pussy.”

Krista looked up at Shannon. “I want him, baby. I want to feel his cock inside me. I need to be fucked. You and Greg got me all worked up and I need a cock.”

“So fuck him! He is a good fuck, and if he cums in you, we’ll let him eat his cum from your pussy. He’ll give you the best O you’ve ever had with his mouth. I promise.”

Krista stood up and took her pants and shirt off. Straddling Billy, she squatted, guiding his cock to her gaping pussy.

“I’m gonna fuck your husband, Shannon. I’m gonna fuck him right now and I’m gonna fuck him good and make him cum inside my cheating married pussy.”

Shannon’s eyes were locked on her husband’s cock as her friend lowered herself down onto it. She watched as inch after inch of her husband’s cock disappeared into Krista’s pulsing sex. Between her legs, Billy groaned out and his tongue stopped moving.

“Don’t stop eating my creampie,” Shannon ordered him, reaching down to pinch his nipple.

Rewarded when Billy’s tongue started lapping at her oozing pussy again, Shannon watched with fascinated interest as Krista fucked her husband, rising up until only his knob remained inside her and then plunging down again, taking his entire shaft in. Sweat was beading on Krista’s brow and her chest, making trails down between her pert breasts.

Shannon leaned forward, hooking her hand behind Krista’s head, drawing her forward until their lips met. They kissed, passion building, tongues dancing, lips pressed together. Shannon felt her orgasm flare and build. Krista was panting, still bouncing on Billy’s cock. The fire inside Shannon grew more intense, radiating out from her pussy to consume her whole body. She was cumming. A moan escaped her lips, long and low. She felt her muscles clench, her pussy spasmed. Grabbing Krista’s shoulders, she hung on as her climax racked her body.

In front of her, Krista threw her head back. A long wail erupted from her lips as her body shook. Shannon knew her friend was getting her climax, and the thought thrilled her. She loved that her Billy had given her lover an orgasm with his cock.

“Oh, fuck! He’s cumming in me. I can feel it!” Krista cried out. “Oh my God, he’s filling me up. He cums as much as Greg!”

“That’s it, baby. Fill Krista up so you can get your creampie,” Shannon said in a guttural voice.

As soon as all three of them came down from their mutual orgasm, Shannon rolled off Billy’s face. She spun, leaning over him, smiling as she leaned down and kissed him, tasting the earthy musk of her nectar mixed with the salty tang of Greg’s cum. When the kiss broke, she smiled, her eyes locked with his.

“Get over here, Krista. Billy needs his next load of cum. Billy, you better make her cum again or she might not ever fuck you again,” Shannon said, her eyes never leaving her husband’s face.

Krista wasted no time moving to straddle Billy’s smiling face. Shannon watched her friend lower her dripping slit onto her husband’s mouth. Her pussy clenched when she saw his tongue dart out, taking a white glob from one of her distended lips and sucking it into his mouth.

“That’s it, babe, eat that cum. You love it don’t you?” Shannon hissed, watching as Billy sucked Krista’s labia into his mouth.

She knew how talented that mouth was. Her pussy pulsed with lust at the sight of her husband eating her friend’s pussy. A pussy he’d just shot his load into. Suddenly, she had a thought and grabbed her phone out of her purse. She started videoing the two lovers. Both were so absorbed in their lovemaking that they didn’t notice, but she would tell them later.

She got every lick, every suck, every movement. Looking at Billy’s crotch, she saw that his cock was once again hard, standing up tall and straight. She started to go and take it herself, but then stopped. She wanted to record Krista fucking her husband.

Leaning forward, she let her lips brush over Krista’s parted lips, flicking her tongue out into her lover’s mouth. Krista started at the touch, but then smiled and kissed Shannon back fiercely. Shannon slipped her hand up onto Krista’s rock-hard nipple, tweaking it gently.

“Fuck! I’m cumming again,” Krista moaned out. She reached down and grabbed Billy’s head, her fingers twining in his long locks, holding his head to her pussy. “Don’t fucking stop, Billy. Fuck, your mouth feels so damn fucking good. Oh, shit! Fuck! Yes!” Her voice rose to a roar.

Shannon watched and recorded her friend’s climax. As soon as Krista’s breathing slowed, Shannon turned Krista’s head, kissing her again, soft, gentle, lovingly.

“Fuck him again, lover,” Shannon said. “Fuck him again, I want to record it as you ride his cock.”

Krista looked at Shannon, her eyes were still slightly glazed, and nodded. Moving slowly on unsteady legs, she shuffled down, until she was straddling Billy’s throbbing erection. Shannon moved with her, holding her phone in one hand, recording it all. She took her husband’s cock in her hand, holding it up, pointing it toward Krista’s glistening pussy.

Panning the camera to her husband’s face she saw him watching her with a bemused look on his face, but he didn’t say anything. She panned back to Krista’s face and then down to where she held Billy’s cock ready to penetrate her friend and lover.

“Fuck him, Krista,” She said softly. “Fuck him and make him cum in you again.”

“Are you going to make him eat his cum again?” Krista asked, her voice shaking.

“No, lover, I’m going to eat his cum out of you this time.”

Two hours later the three of them lay together on the floor in the living room, watching the videos over and over again. Billy had a hand on Shannon’s breast, idly stroking her nipple, and his other hand between Krista’s legs, his finger slowly circling her clit. All three were sated, basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking. Shannon felt comfortable, relaxed, for the moment her sexual appetite was satisfied.

“I’d like to put these on my web page. My subscribers would love them,” Shannon said as the video of Krista fucking Billy started.

“Can you mask my face?” Krista asked. “I don’t want Don seeing it by chance.”

“Sure, I’ll have to get Greg’s consent form before I post the others anyway.” Shannon glanced over at Krista.

Krista was absently stroking Billy’s cock. He was still mostly soft. Shannon wondered for a moment if she should tell Krista that Don was one of her subscribers. She felt a little bad keeping it from her, but on the other hand, it would be betraying Don to tell his wife without his explicit permission. She didn’t want to see her friend hurt but something was going to have to give between Krista and Don. Shannon just didn’t know how to arrange it so that they weren’t hurt in the process.