Key West Body Party

It was an unusual idea, but Kate was thinking about what Ben had asked her last night.  He had stopped over and invited her to vacation with him and another couple.  It was nothing new to feel surprised with something he said or did.  Since the first night he slipped into her hot tub with her, she was hooked.

Kate is staring at her computer screen, thinking about his invitation.  He has a couple he knows from back home that he says is fun and open-minded.  He wants her to join them on a trip to Key West for Christmas break and New Year’s.  So she sits staring at pictures online of Duval Street, the southern most point and the hotels in Key West.  She loves the fact the temperatures will be warm, because she could deal with hot weather for the holidays.  As she stares at her screen, she hears her phones “sing songy” alert tone.  She grabs her phone and looks at the screen.

Ben sent a text saying, “Thinking about your body.  Mmmm.  Come with us Kate.   You will have fun.”

Kate smiles big, reminiscing about their night in the hot tub and with friends.  She is finding that she is pretty adventurous with him.

Kate responds in her text, “What are their names?”

Ben responds, “Russ and Penelope”.

Kate responds, “Ok. Sounds like fun.  What do I need to do?”

Ben reponds, “NADA.  Got This! XO”

Kate smiles.  The trip is not until next month.  They will leave a couple days after Christmas.  Kate decides she will go to the tanning bed for a few times to prepare for their tropical holiday.

She loves the fact Ben pops over about everyday, and they talk, make dinner and make love.  One time, she got home from the office, and never heard him slip in the door. She was bending over the bags of groceries when she felt his gentle strong hands on her round rump that was pooched up in the air.  He quickly stripped her silk hose and thongs down off her legs.  He set her up on the kitchen counter and ate her right then and there.  She just about died that day under his tongue before he bent her across the kitchen counter and rocked her world.  In the heat of the moment, she had pushed a few plates off the counter while they were making love.  The sound of the crashing plates only highlighted their passion for each other.

Kate shifts sideways in her chair thinking about him orally pleasing her.  Then she thinks about how they have sex in the closet, leaning over the couch, on the kitchen floor, on the washer machine, and on more.  So far, they were enjoying all the wonderful ways they were wasting hours together.  She wonders if a spell had been cast on them by the moon?  Kate does not really care, because she feels alive and satisfied with him.

In the weeks to come, he made all the preparations, Kate got a bikini wax and went to the tanning bed a few times.  Finally, the day arrives and Kate jumps on the plane to Key West with Ben.  After one connecting flight, they touch down in paradise.

Ben pulls out his phone and text Russ to ask where they are in the airport.  Russ quickly responds they are sitting next to baggage claim, and they have a driver waiting to take them to their rooms.  Kate and Ben cross the airport and see them.  Russ has a crew cut and is built like a tank.  He is dressed casual but very stylishly.  Penelope is a gorgeous knockout with tawny brown skin.  They both have bright smiles and make a hot couple.  Russ immediately gives Ben a big bear hug, and Penelope hugs Kate.  After small chit-chat, Russ catches a glimpse of the driver coming their way and alerts Ben and Kate they need to grab their bags so they can slip off to their hotel room.

After a short drive to the beach front hotel, Ben checks them in.  He booked a suite with an ocean view for the four of them.  Ben and Kate decide to stay in the living room on the round hanging bed next to the picture window.  Russ and Penelope want the master bedroom since they are the seasoned married couple and may need the extra privacy.  Ben whispers in Kate’s ear he can not wait to make love to her with the full moon rises over the ocean tonight.  Then he kisses her neck and shoulders with his roving lips.  This makes Kate giggle and moan.  Russ and Penelope have their door open, and he has thrown her across the bed and jumped her.  This just make Kate and Ben laugh and kiss harder.

Tonight Ben has planned for them to go to the parade, but he has a secret appointment for Penelope and Kate.  Russ is winking at Ben and smiling like it is something really huge.  This make Kate and Penelope start asking questions.  Did they make dinner reservations?  Are they riding on a float in the parade?  Are they taking them to a bar?  What?  Russ just slaps Ben’s back, and says, “Man, this is going to be awesome.  I just want to thank you for making these plans.”

Before long, Ben is telling Kate and Penelope to put on their bikinis and sundresses.  The temperature is close to 80, so the warm tropical air feels great on their skin.  They walk together to a small corner shop off Duval street.  The shop is called Key West Body Artist.  Penelope turns to Russ and squeals in excitement.  She gives Russ a big kiss, and then kisses Ben too.  From the way she kisses Ben, Kate knows they have been together before.  Kate lets it sink in, smiles and giggles, feeling a little shy.  But Ben leans in and gives her a long kiss right in the front of the shop.

He tells her, “Don’t be nervous Kate.  You are beautiful.  I loved your body under the moonlight that first night.  Now I want to see your body transformed with body paint.”

The next few minutes are a blur with artists consulting Kate and Penelope about body painting designs and colors they might want to try.  Ben and Russ go off with the other artists to get their bodies done too.  Kate is so torn about what she wants to do, so she looks through the portfolio book for ideas.  Penelope has decided to have a twirling vine of tropical flowers all over her body.  The vine starts on her right leg and twirls around both legs with a big flowers blooming on all her feminine curves.  On her tawny brown skin, she will look as gorgeous as ever.  Kate decides to have “daisy duke” short shorts and an American flag tank top painted around her upper body.  Once the artist is done, the shadows and shading make it look so real.  It looks just like she has clothes on, except her curves are all showing, and she has more wiggle when she walks.

Ben comes over to Kate and lets out a whistle while he looks at her from head to toe; she is wearing nothing but paint and her flip flops.  He is still wearing his real shorts, but has an American flag circling his body, and mechanic tools painted on his left arm.  Kate thinks he looks pretty hot, sporty and tough like a muscle car.  Ben and Kate lightly touch lips to kiss, being careful not to smudge their body paint.  Russ comes strutting over to them, wearing his real shorts; his upper body has everything related to law enforcement and first responders.  He is an artful billboard celebrating his passion in his career.  The blue painted on his body only serves to highlight that mischievous twinkle in his blue eyes.  They look over at Penelope, who still has two artists painting flowers all over her body.  She truly looks like a garden with lush tropical flowers highlighting the pretty curves of her sultry curves.

That night, the parade was a free for all.  Seeing all the beautiful artwork on so many peoples bodies was fun and erotic.  People asked them to stop along the parade route so they could take pictures.  Kate was so into the moment, enjoying the freedom of being covered with paint, but practically naked and free; it felt a little naughty, but it was fun.

All along the parade route, the bars and businesses are passing the participants alcoholic shots and drinks.  They meet a couple who invites them to their private residence for the after party.  They have an outdoor shower for party goers to wash off in before jumping in the party size hot tub.  Ben, Kate, Russ and Penelope jump in the group size outdoor shower with two other couples.  Every one is given bottles of liquid soap to lather each other up and big sponges to scrub each other with.  Ben lets Kate slip his shorts off at the shower door, and show him a little TLC under the shower head.  She loves to stroke his body under the water stream.  It is not like she was not turned on all night, but touching him now makes her body ache.

After Ben is clean, Ben smiles and swings Kate under the showerhead.  He really gets into lathering up all her curves and scrubbing her with the sponge.  He drops the sponge and switches to using both hands, getting a little freaky around her clit.  This only makes Kate moan and squirm.  They can not resist, and end up embracing and kissing in the steaming shower.  The other couples call out for Ben and Kate to come on over to the big hot tub.

As they slip in, they sit beside Penelope and Russ.  Quickly, they are introduced to other couples from all over the country.  One couple is from out west, and they offer them a cigarette made from premium tobacco.  Everyone in the hot tub takes a drag and passes it down.  The taste is smooth, not leaving any bitter flavor behind.  Looking around the bubbling tub, you see a lot of hands underwater; under the darkness of night, the couples are touching each other.  Penelope is sitting next to Kate.  As Kate is stroking Ben’s hard, and Ben is fondling Kate’s breast, Kate feels a small petite hand stroking her lady parts.  She can not see who is touching her, but she knows from the pressure on her left side, Penelope is stroking her clit.  She strokes it a few times and lets Kate know she is thinking about her.  Kate is very turned on by gentleness of her touch.  As quick as a flash, Penelope’s hand is back on Russ.

Ben leans in front of Kate and asks Penelope and Russ if they are ready to go to the hotel.  They say their goodbyes to their newly met friends.  The sweet couple provides them all with bathrobes to wear walking back to their hotel.  When they get there, they all slip out on the balcony together.  Russ darts inside to get drinks for everyone.  Russ quickly shows he is a bit of an exhibitionist, daring everyone to drop their robes.  Everyone drops their robes on the outdoor chairs.  They stand naked in the moonlight, enjoying the view of the moon rising over the ocean.  Russ puts his arm around Penelope and lays his hands on her curves, strokes her body and kisses her, while they lean against the rail.  Ben pulls Kate between his legs so she can feel his hard pushing against her belly.  He turns to gaze up at the moon rising over the ocean while holding his arms around Kate.  As they look out over the ocean and talk about how mesmerizing the view is, Kate feels a small petite body wrapping around her.  The feeling of the embrace and feminine curves lets her know Penelope is pressing up against her.  Kate feels very warm being shielded by Ben on one side and Penelope on the other.

Penelope looks up at Ben and asks if she can steal Kate away?  Ben smiles, and says, “Sure”.  Penelope pulls Kate to the round swinging circle bed inside the room.   The bed is covered in tons of white pillows and a white plush comforter.  Penelope had laid a bottle of massage oil and a few towels on the bed earlier.  She spreads them out and asks Kate to lay face down on the towels.  She climbs on Kate’s back, straddling her and placing her lady parts against her rump.  She starts by drizzling the oil on her back; then she massages her shoulders, arms, and back.  Penelope covers her hands with more oil, and reaches under Kate to grab and heavily strokes her breast.  Then she returns to her backside and massages her lower curves.  Penelope’s touch is mind numbingly sweet and is transporting her to another world.  Penelope backs up a little more and heavily massages each of her legs, from lady parts down to her toes.  The foot massage was especially sweet, especially when she kisses the bottom of her feet.

Penelope asks Kate to roll over.  When she does, she straddles her groin and leans in to kiss each of her breast.  She sweetly takes Kate’s nipples in her mouth and traces them with her tongue.  Kate is frozen in pleasure, and can’t help but moan.  Penelope grinds her clit on Kate’s while continuing to slowly and sweetly kiss her.  After a few minutes, Ben slips in behind Penelope and strokes her back and body.  Russ lays down beside Kate and kisses her neck and nibbles her ear.  Russ is whispering naughty things he wants to do to her and Penelope, and fondling her.  Penelope continues to kiss and stroke Kate’s belly and clit.  Ben talks over Kate’s moaning, and says, “Kate, are you up for swapping with our friends on this big swing bed?”  Kate’s eyes had closed because Penelope was fingering inside her slit and playing with her clit.  But this question makes Kate’s eyes pop open wide.

Kate’s mind is already made up.  She saw the look in Russ’s eyes and heard the things he was whispering in her ear.  She had already gone there in her mind.  Kate let’s out a gasp as Penelope penetrates her pussy hard again.  Through all the moaning, she manages to say, “OK, have fun sexy.”  Ben leans in to whisper, “Don’t worry, I will be enjoying you in a minute too.”  Kate feels Russ mounting her; he slips on top as soon as Penelope moves over to Ben.  Ben lays down next to Kate, and Penelope slids on top of him.  She is using her sensuous touch to stroking his body and teasing him hard.  As she does, Ben looks at Kate, moaning deeply and squeezing her hand.  Ben says, “You look so hot Kate.”  As he is speaking, Russ is powerfully licking and kissing her breast and neck.

Russ pulls Kate up in a sitting position and kisses her lips.  Kate loves the way he kisses her;  it feels like he is unlocking her body heat with his roaming tongue.  Russ leans back on his knees, straddling Kate’s lap.  He asks her what she wants to try as she strokes his cock.  She asks if she can suck his cock.  Russ smiles big and waits for Kate to move around and get on all fours in front of him.  As Russ gets on his knees, Kate takes his hard in her mouth, and stroke slow and steady.  She takes him in her mouth and uses her tongue to stroke and lick him.  She loves to feel him getting hard in her mouth.  As she does, Penelope moves behind Russ and starts massaging his backside.  Ben moves behind Kate, giving her a quick slap on her rump.  He grabs the lube and asks her if she is hot and ready to try it from behind.  She moan’s yes.  And as she does, Ben pushes his finger in her hole.  He is gentle and easy.  As she pushes back on his hand and moans, he pushes his hard cock in her lady garden, while stroking her anal region.  This is making Kate go crazy on Russ’s cock.  Penelope seems extremely talented in the way she handles lovers, and now she is lubing her fingers and sliding them inside Russ.

Kate knows it will not be long before she cums.  She yells out she is going to cum, and so does Russ.  Then Russ instructs the ladies not to stop.  Penelope’s hands are rubbing his balls and are inside him stroking his trigger spot.  He knows he is going to explode.  Kate ends up screaming and pulling off Russ, so Russ pushes Penelope backwards on the bed and explodes on her body, streaming cum all over her beautiful curvy body.  Ben just continues to ride Kate from behind, stroking her clit and playing with her anal area.  She is cumming on his cock as he pushes in really hard.  This time, she floods his hard cock with her juices.  He pulls out and shoots cum all over her back while she is still on all fours.

Without a word spoken, Ben and Kate move over to Penelope to assist Russ in teasing her body into a frenzy.  Kate leans in to kiss one breast and loves it all over with her mouth.  Ben slips around to her other side and kisses her other breast, her lips and her neck.  Russ is stroking her clit, leaning in and sucking her lady parts.  Ben switches places with Russ, and uses those magic hands to tease her clit with one hand while pushing his fingers in with the other hand.  With all three lovers giving Penelope attention, she begins to tremble and scream in pleasure as she cums.  Warm liquid is flooding Ben’s hand.  Russ compliment’s his wife on how beautiful her orgasm is to watch.  He strokes her body and kiss her after she climaxes.

Afterwards, Russ grabs Penelope’s hand and pulls her to their bed, leaving Ben and Kate behind in the swinging bed.  Their bodies glisten with sweat in the moonlight that is streaming in from the tall picture windows facing the ocean.  All the lights had been off except for the moonlight shining down on their four bodies that night.  Another mesmerizing fantasy fulfilled with Ben, just multiplied by his friends this time.  Kate thinks quietly to herself that his friends are very easy to talk with and fun-loving too.  She likes that about them.  Ben leans in to kiss Kate and then stares deeply into her eyes.  He says he loves her with his gaze, but does not speak a word.  Kate wonders what could be next for them.   Whatever it is, she enjoys being with him.  What will the moonlight inspire next?