Sexy Summer Visitors (part two)

After Jennifer came for her visit I was missing the loving we had made. I was still at home from college after my junior year. Being twenty-one I was always horny. Jen had really given me something to dream about and think of while I jerked my boner in the guest room. I found myself thinking more and more of Marge sleeping downstairs in the master bedroom. It's hard to say what might have happened if Pauline, or Polly, hadn't decided to come and visit us too. She was also a younger sister to Marge.

This was my hometown. I was staying with Margaret O'Kelly because my parents, retired, were on a fossil finding trip to South America. We no longer had a home here in town. Marge's parents lived across town. It was not unusual for all of the girls, Jennifer, Pauline, and Olivia, Jen's daughter, to come for visits. Especially since the old folks could no longer travel. Their father had been getting more and more senile. So Marge's mother had to stay home with him all the time, but the girls all visited them often. Marge went over at least once a week.

Anyway, it was easier for visitors to stay at Marge's house so as not to be a burden on her mother. And Polly had now put in her appearance. She was going to spend a few days in the same bedroom that Jen had used just a couple of weeks earlier. Polly had the small breasts that ran in their family, and had long dark brown hair. All the ladies had brown hair, just different shades, and they all liked to keep it long.

Polly was an academic. She was an associate professor at a women's college. The whole family thought she was a lesbian. She had never married. She shared her home with various women over the years. She had always said it was to keep down expenses since she didn't make that much at a small college, but we all knew she was into women. We really believed that, but never spoke of it to her. Besides, I think her personality made her naturally reticent about personal things.

Upon arriving one afternoon, while Marge was still at work, I greeted her at the door with a hug. They had always been an affectionate family. Polly hugged me back and immediately, after we had taken her things up to her room, began to give me the third degree about how I was doing in school, what subjects I liked, whether I needed any help and so on. A true teacher through and through.

Then she started in about my love life. I told her about my girlfriend who lived some thousands of miles away and she commiserated with me.

"You must miss her terribly. I know young people well. I have taught them all of my life. You are missing her both mentally and physically. I am aware of the needs you young people have. How do you handle the lack of close physical contact Bill? I know at your age you must be sexually active. I also know you are bright enough to be using safe sex techniques. You are, are you not?"

"Of course I am Polly," I said blushing bright red. "I use condoms with everyone I have sex with. It would be easier if I were a lesbian, I suppose. I wouldn't need rubbers."

I have no idea why I said that. It just slipped out. I was just so disconcerted by her questions.

"Wait a minute Billy. Two questions immediately come to mind from that statement. First, who are you having sex with besides your girlfriend, and second, what do you know about lesbians?"

"Oh, Polly, I really didn't mean to say that. I'm sorry. We don't mind that you're a lesbian. I think it's cool myself."

"Billy, you silly boy. I'm not a lesbian. Look, you're old enough to understand a few things. I am bi-sexual. Do you understand. I like men and women. But I am not promiscuous. I take great care in selecting my sexual partners, as should you young man. But go on. Tell me for whom else are you needing condoms?"

"This is really embarrassing. Promise you won't tell Marge? Please. I'm not even sure I should tell. I might be telling something I shouldn't. I don't know."

"Go ahead my boy. I have many secrets in my life. One more will not be hard to keep. Tell me. You know you want too." And she grinned the family grin. That was her first smile of the day. It melted me.

"Well, you know Jen visited a couple of weeks ago. This is embarrassing and I don't know if she will be upset or not, but she and I had lots of fun together."

"Oh, for goodness sakes you naughty boy. Jen has been a silly little slut all her life. I knew when you came of age she would be on you like white on rice. A hunk like you Billy is going to be too tempting for a woman like Jen. This is no surprise to me. But I would love to hear all about what you two did. Tell me about it Billy. Your friend Polly keeps secrets quite well." And again she grinned and then even cackled a little the way the women in their family did.

"Well, the first thing we did was she masturbated me in the shower one night and I ejaculated on the shower wall."

"You mean she jerked you off and you shot your come. Is that closer to what happened?" And she cackled again.

This talk of sex had been working upon my prick. It had become hard and was leaking pre-cum. I decided to go all the way. I stood up, dropped my trousers, fished out my cock and presented it to her. Polly, sitting upon the couch, reached out, grabbed my prick, spit on it and began stroking it hard and fast. Oh damn, it was so good I had to come in about a minute.

She scrambled forward when she knew I was going to shoot and caught all of my spunk with her mouth, She relished it as she swallowed it all. She licked my prick clean then she grinned up at me.

"Good semen young man. I can see how Jen had lots of fun with you. I even had an orgasm myself. Good job Billy."

At that point we heard a key in the front door lock and Marge came in. I was quick to get my prick back into my pants. She saw her sister and skipped over to give her a big hug. Their family was very close. That was becoming more clear every day.

We spent a pleasant evening, but as we ate supper Polly was playing footsie with me under the table. It was clear she was not on duty anymore. She was letting the girl come out while she was here in her old hometown. And she was letting it come out with me. She was even cackling a little now and then as she ran her shoeless foot up my calf. I was red as a beet.

"What are you laughing about Polly? You seem in an awfully good mood. It's nice to see."

"I am in a good mood, Marge. Can't say why. Just am!" And she grinned at me.

I had a good feeling about this visit. I had a real good feeling. I was right. After I took my evening shower I went down the hall to my room with a towel wrapped about me and when I got to my room I let it drop and just gloried in being nude. I stood in front of my wall mirror, patted my stomach and watched my cock start to rise. I loved my cock. I couldn't imagine not being able to fuck. God, I loved fucking. I gave it a few strokes and then turned out the lights and went to bed. I liked sleeping in the nude.

Awakening early in the morning I felt the warmth of a body next to mine. I reached out and touched bare flesh. I sleep with the windows open and the curtains drawn back, so there was the glow of dawn coming through the windows. It must have been about 5:30 in the morning. I wasn't up this early as a rule, but I was fully awake now. I sat up slowly and drew the covers down so I could see who was in my bed.

It was Polly of course. She was sleeping with one hand on her pussy and the other with a thumb in her mouth. That was so fucking endearing. A thirty-eight year old professor slept with her thumb in her mouth. I laughed out loud and her eyes slowly opened. Then she grinned and stretched her arms out to me.

What a great way to start the day. I embraced her and we wrapped our arms and legs all around each other. I could feel the heat of her body and her taut little tits with their hard nipples pressed into my chest. Our mouths were dueling with tongues as we sucked face and made out. I caressed her long hair and she ran her hand through my unruly mop pressing my head hard against her mouth, urgently wanting more and more.

I was slowly humping my growing prick against any bare flesh I could. Finally, Polly reached down, grabbed my pecker, slipped a rubber on it, and guided it to her wet and hairy pussy. Aunt Polly was conservative in this way it seemed. I didn't care. Pussy was pussy. I slid into her greasy crevice and it sucked my cock in enthusiastically. I began fucking slowly, relishing the feeling of wetness and slick slimy pussy juice. God, I loved fucking. Especially pretty women of a certain age. They were special.

She rolled herself up on top of me and began fucking me back, rising up and slowly cramming my cock back up into her cooze. She started slowly. Then she increased the pace. Up and down and faster and faster she fucked my long cock into her cunt. Fucking faster and deeper and harder, moaning and groaning and giving me a fucking to remember.

Squeezing her tits as hard as I could I made her squeal with pain and lust and passion. Then she leaned down and kissed me again. I loved her kisses. But they tasted a little strange. I would have to think about it. Not now. Not while my cock was getting ready to fill that condom with my spunk.

I could feel the juices flowing down around my cock and balls and into my ass hole. Polly was leaking her own come more and more. I knew she had pleased herself impaled upon my prick. I could tell that easily. I had loved fucking her. Now I wanted to fill her cunt with my sperm. I groaned and started coming and coming and she whimpered with lust as she felt me ramming her with my cock. I gave her all I had.

Polly slowly rose from my dick and flopped down beside me. She slipped my rubber off, threw it in on the nightstand, and began licking my cock up and down. It was still semi-hard and she was eating it like a lollipop. God, she was as good a slut as Jen. I liked them both. Then she bit my cock-head, making me moan loudly, and she cackled with glee.

Like a young woman, she skipped out of the room, twiddling her fingers back at me and grinning like a loon. I was left to think about her and what had happened this summer. Life was good.

Going to the bathroom I found Polly was showering, but the door was not locked. I went in. We had no secrets now. I pissed long and hard, all the while with Polly watching me from the shower and cackling. I had to keep it together to not get hard again. I needed to stay soft so I could piss into the bowl. Then I washed up with a cloth and finished with brushing my teeth. I was still naked. I liked being naked with Polly.

Marge went to work and Polly and I went over to visit her parents. We spent the day just chatting and enjoying each other's company. Her father even remembered who everyone was for once. It was a good day.

For the next few days Polly visited with family and and friends, as Jen had before her. Both had lots of old friends in town. When she wasn't around I would spend the day looking at porn on the net and jacking off. I was young enough to want to come every day if I could. So I did. She would come home each evening, we would all dine together, and then she would come to my room, after we had all ended the evening downstairs, and tell me about her day.

Sometimes she would tell me about encounters with old boyfriends or girlfriends and what had happened. I had never realized what sluts these women had been, and still were. She told me about fucking old boyfriends to give them a thrill their poor dull lives had lost. Then she would tell be about sucking pussy with old girlfriends. She loved eating pussy. So did I.

The night before she was due to leave she at last came to my room once more. I had so wanted to have a last good session of sex play with Polly.

"Okay, Billy lad. This is your chance. Want to eat some pussy? I'm already creaming for you Billy boy."

Standing there naked in my room, as usual, my cock sprang up.

"Fuck, Polly, I could eat your cunt all night long. I've really been waiting to eat that pussy. I thought I'd never get it again."

"Well, lad, you are going to do a good job on my sweet pussy and I am going to suck the life out of that luscious prick of yours. Let's do some 69 kid!"

She threw off the robe she was wearing. She was naked underneath, with her nipples like little gems. Her hairy cunt was glistening in the light from the juices she was already leaking. Her labia were swollen in anticipation just as my cock was twitching waiting for her ruby red lips to wrap around it.

We ran at each other, I grabbed her, tossed her onto the bed, jumped on top of her and, with my wang hanging down in her face I started working on her pussy under my mouth. I went to the clit first and sucked it so hard she squealed out with pleasure. I waited and she started working my cock with both hands, stroking up and down with the head in her mouth, nibbling on the tip and licking off the pre-cum. My tongue was still tickling her clit and I could smell the juices she was leaking out of her cunt for me to lick later.

As I sucked hard on her clit, she was moaning around my cock. Still stroking it, she began yanking on my balls, and I was moaning now. I started fucking her face and I was trying to ram it into her throat, as deep as I could go. She was taking it all. What a great cock sucker. I fucked her and started biting her labia. Then with my fingers I spread them apart and rammed a long hard tongue into a juicy cunt. I fucked her cunt with my tongue and I fucked her face with my cock. I loved fucking MILFs.

She surprised the hell out of me by ramming a finger into my ass hole. I almost shot my wad right then and there. She started fucking my ass with her finger as she continued taking my whole prick down her throat, occasionally gagging but never stopping. Then she surprised me again. I was sucking pussy and it squirted into my face. Damn, that was tasty pussy, and Polly was a squirter.

She had a hand wrapped around the base of my cock, holding it like a cock ring, and keeping me from coming too soon. And she kept ramming that finger up my bung hole. I was fucking her face and needing to come soon. Her squirting stopped but her coming didn't. I was licking up all she gave me.

"Holy fuck Polly. I have to come. My fucking balls are going to burst. Let me come!"

She loosened her grip, rammed two fingers up my ass and I squirted like a fucking racehorse. So much come shot out that she choked and almost lost it, but she was a trooper. She held on and took all I could give. And I rammed my fingers into her cunt and found her G-spot for her. She kept coming as I filled her mouth with spunk.

As she was swallowing all of my come I turned about on the bed and kissed her. I wanted to taste myself on her lips. She wrapped her arms about me, tightened her grip and scraped her fingernails down my back, leaving tracks I was sure, but I didn't mind in the least. I made out with Polly. And I now remembered what that taste had been the night I had made out with her and then fucked her. When she kissed me her lips tasted of pussy.

Polly must have been having fun with another lady that same day. That was sexy to think about. I had tasted another woman's pussy without even knowing who she was.

That gave me something to think about after Polly left the next day.