Captive Subject

Captive Subject

Missy has just come home from a hard nights work and just wants to relax and generally have a rest but that is not going to be the case. She doesn’t realise yet but I am in hiding and waiting for her. She hasn’t got the kids so she doesn’t have to worry about anything apart from her own satisfaction. After I am finished with her she won’t have to worry about that any more either.

I creep in to the lounge to find Missy has dozed off on the settee. I giggle to my self as I go through the plan in my head that I have decided to carry out on our unsuspecting lady.

I put my balaclava on and hold out the gun. Waking her up to a pointed gun aimed at her she looks straight at me with a strangely excited but scared look in her eyes. I tell her to take everything off and put her sexy red satin stilettos that she had bought the previous day. This she does as I stand in front of her and watch intensely. When she is ready I place a ball gag in her mouth and tie it tightly around the back of her head. Grabbing each of her hands I tie them tightly around her back.

Making her stand there I walk into the other room and bring back a dining chair and place it in the middle of the room. “Sit down bitch” I tell her. She does it straight away without hesitation. I get down on the floor and tie each ankle tightly to the legs on either side of the chair. I pause to admire her sexy feet in those nice red satin shoes that I have fantasised about since she bought them. I stop myself from drifting off in my own fantasy world to concentrate on the job in hand. She looks up at me with those sexy loving eyes, which make me melt, but this time I slap her round the face and ask what she is looking at. I can see the red mark I have just left but continue with my intentions. I walk round to the back and kneel down just behind her ear. I whisper, “Tell me you’re a fucking slut”. She tries but she is gagged so obviously struggles. I slap her and tell her to say it again. She fails so I do it again. The mark is getting stronger so I try once more and then move on. “That’ll do,” I say. I disappear into the other room again and come back with a bag full of goodies. Missy looks at me as if to say what’s in there. “Looking a bit worried now aint ya bitch!” I say.

I pull out a riding crop from the bag and hold it in front of her. Swinging it around the room I discover it makes a fantastic whistling noise. I start with her tits. Gentle taps to start with then getting a bit harder and harder. She winces and tries to pull away. Trouble is this just tends to encourage me and I do it more and even harder. When they are starting to go a bit red I decide to move on to another part of the body. I walk over to her and bend down on one knee. I untie the rope and I remove her left heel to reveal her sexy foot. This will be good I think to myself. I let go of her foot and tell her to hold it out for me. As she does so I gently hit the sole of her foot with the crop. She instantly pulls away and puts it back down. “Hold it out and if you move it again before I say you can I will just hit it even harder and longer! “Understand slut!!”. She looks at me and I can see instantly she understands. The eyes said it all. She holds her foot up and I start to hit it lightly then get harder and harder. I can feel myself getting harder at the same time. I do enjoy this and I am sure she can see that I do. When I have finished I put her shoe back on and tie her ankle back up to the chair again. I repeat the whole process with the other foot and this time she seems to be a bit more obedient.

I decide to have a break for myself and to come back in a little while so I leave her there for ten minutes or so but probably seemed more like an eternity to her. Shame but there you go. Only what the bitch deserved.

On my return I can see she has a rather expectant look on her face. Not sure why! I untie her ankles and tell her to stand up. She struggles but eventually manages it. I tell her to follow me in to the kitchen, which she does. Just as she enters the door I push her up against the wall and put my hands tightly around her neck. I start shouting abuse at her, inches away from her face. “Bitch”, “Slut”, “You FUCKIN WHORE”. She just looks at me wide eyed. I grab her pussy with my hand. She is starting to get very wet. “You like that don’t cha bitch”, “Don’t cha”. She says nothing so I slap her around the face. Nothing. So I do it again and she mumbles. “Yes, Yes I do”.

I grab her by the hair and push her over towards the dining room table. She stumbles slightly in her heels but manages to recover and straighten up. I love the sound of her heels on the kitchen floor. I watch intently as she walks over to the table. The nice legs with the accentuated muscles, the sexy feet and the highest of heels. What a sight! I turn and get the riding crop and then follow her over to the table. Making her bend over and holding her down I start to whip her arse. She flinches a few times but then seems to get into it. I walk behind her and kick her feet apart opening her legs wider. I stand back at the side again and carry on whipping her arse cheeks till they start to go a nice pinkie red colour. Ready I think to myself. I move to stand behind her. I grab her pussy and can feel just how wet it has got now. I am proud of what I have achieved with this slut I think to myself.

I undo my trousers and get out my by now very hard and aching cock and thrust it into her now very wet pussy. I pump away. She starts to scream or she would if she wasn’t gagged. I continue to pump away until I cum inside her. Gasping for breath she ecstatically cums all over my cock at the same time. I feel happy in my work and my job is done so I untie her hands. She stays there un-able to move so I decide to make a quick exit. To this day I wonder if she knows who it was!!

SAH 18.07.09


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