The Desk

The Desk

The Desk

On returning to work after lunch Missy noticed her computer had stopped working. She went in to see her boss about it in the other office and he decided it would be best to call out an engineer, as it needed doing straight away. She said thank you and went back to her desk to carry on with something else until the engineer arrived.

After about an hour or so Missy’s phone rings and when she picks it up she is told the engineer is on his way up to fix her computer. She carries on with her work the looks up to see a tall, dark and quite handsome man standing in front of her desk. “I presume you are the engineer”, she says. To this he agrees and asks what the problem is. She states that she was working away on the computer and everything went off. “Did you do anything just before it all went off”, he asks. She has a think for a minute then say’s that the only thing she can think of is that she crossed her legs literally just before. The engineer standing in front of her desk bends down slowly and peers just under the desk. He notices that she is wearing some extremely high and sexy black patent stiletto heels. Forgetting what he is meant to be doing for a moment and what feels like a lifetime he hesitates but says that she may have caught a wire with one of her heels.

He stands up straight and realising she is looking straight at him he blushes. He can feel his cock in his overalls starting to get hard at the replay he is playing in his head of her heels over and over again. Conscious of the fact that she might have noticed his hard on he decides to get to work straight away and fix the computer. She carries on with her work and he breathes a silent but heavy sigh of relief to himself.

Bending down in front of her desk once again he checks all the wires are connected correctly and in the right place. This they are so he is just about to mention the problem must be something else and he feels a small tap on the back of his head. “I’m so sorry”, she says. Looking down at him he can see she is blushing but there is also something else about that look she just gave him. Something behind the shyness, something he can’t quite make out! Anyway he passes the pen back to her and she thanks him for doing so giving him a little smile in the process.

He states that he thinks the problem might be something else so can he have a look on her side of the desk. This she agrees to but insists that she can work at the same time as she has a lot of work to do. He says that will be fine. He grabs his toolbox as he stands up and walks round to the other side of the desk. He can see into the adjoining office as he does so and can see who he presumes is her boss sitting at his desk. He continues and bends down beside her and opens up his toolbox.

He looks under the desk and he can see some wires at the back under the tabletop. He gently leans in and as he does so brushes her chair. Cringing to himself he hears a little chuckle just above his head and can only assume the look on her face. If he could only see her actual expression he would have probably felt re-assured in his actions. He continues under the desk to look at the wires. As he does so he can’t help but notice her heels again. If it’s one thing he likes in life it is a woman and her heels. Trying very hard to concentrate and finding it hard to manoeuvre with his huge hard on he carries on regardless. Reaching the wires he notices that one of them has been ripped out and retraces his steps out from under the desk to get the tools that he needs.

With tools in hand he starts to approach the desk and just as his head is under the table top she swings round and places her left shoe in front of his face. Holding it there for a second or two, this seemed a lot longer for him, she suddenly moves her chair back again taking her crossed legs and shoes with her. Ignoring what just happened he carries on towards the back of the desk to fit the wires.

Working away he manages to fix it and tidy up the excess wires out the way so she won’t catch them again. He is just about to come out when he feels what seems like one of her stiletto heels pushing at his groin. He manages to turn his head around just enough to see that it actually is. He hesitates for a second and then places his hand gently on the top of her foot. He can feel her twitch slightly as he did so. Under his hand he can feel the sexy softness of her tights and the warmth of her foot. He starts to run his hand up and down the base of her leg and to his amazement she responds by offering him her other shoe.   This he accepts and grabs it gently with his other hand. Manoeuvring himself round, he continues to rub his hands up and down both of her legs. Feeling himself getting harder and his confidence building up he decides to slip her right shoe off. Will a faint noise of shoe rubbing against her tights he slides it off to reveal her foot. Amazed with the sexy foot he has in his hand and noticing the black nail varnish that she has so carefully put on he lifts it up to his mouth and blows softly on her toes.

Missy can’t believe what is happening to her. Feeling the gentle warm air on her toes sends shivers up her spine and she lets out a faint gasp of sexual energy. Realising what she had just done she looks around to see if anyone in the adjacent offices noticed. It didn’t appear to be the case so she continues on with her work as if nothing had happened. What is he going to do next she thinks to her self?

Holding her toes close to his face he can smell the sweet scent of the shoe leather and starts to kiss each toe in turn. Moving slowly from one to another and licking in-between each one he can’t believe his luck. A fantasy that he had previously thought about was actually happening. He continues to kiss her toes while he slides off the other shoe with his spare hand. He hears it come of in his hand and hit the floor as he places it to one side. Lifting up her other foot he continues to do the same, first blowing, then kissing and licking her toes one by one. After some time he decides he wants to put her toes in his mouth. This he nervously does so and to his amazement he can feel her gently pull away for a second as she realises what he had done and then release her foot back towards his mouth for him to carry on.

Trying to concentrate on her work but not able to in any way Missy is at least trying not to look too suspicious. Holding on to a pen or a bit of paper, tapping aimlessly at her keyboard she tries her hardest to be discreet. This of course is in vain because she is having the most sensual experience of her life and she can’t scream and shout about. She can feel his warm breath and moist lips on her toes. Her stockinged feet are feeling wet at his hand and tingling beyond her wildest dreams. She can feel herself getting wet down below but is not surprised at all.

He picks up her other foot again and places her toes in his mouth. Sucking them hard and moving his tongue in-between her toes he can also feel her stockinged feet getting very wet. Struggling to keep his hard on under control he tries to concentrate on her toes. This he does so but can feel her gently pulling her feet away. Wondering what she is trying to do he reluctantly lets her feet gently lower to the floor and to his amazement she slides open her legs wide to reveal her stocking tops and no panties.

Un-able to resist he slides his hands all the way up her legs towards the now revealed stocking tops. He begins to tease his fingertips along the tops of her stockings reaching as far round as he can. Then, sliding his fingers up her inner thighs towards her pussy, he can feel the heat as well as the juices that have leaked from her.

Leaning and sliding forwards in her chair Missy opens her legs as wide as she can revealing more and more of her pussy to him. Still trying to look inconspicuous she places both her hands on the desk and braces herself for what is inevitably going to happen next. She can feel the rough carpet of the office floor on her now shoe-less feet.

Getting the message he leans forward and starts to probe her pussy with his index finger. He can feel just how wet she is and smell her sweet juices as well. Getting closer he licks along her thighs, past her stocking tops and into her pussy. He can feel her heart racing as he starts to lick away. Looking down for just a second he grabs one of her feet and puts it in his tight cock filled groin. Her toes instantly start to move and tease his cock as he does so. Going back to her pussy he drinks her juice while licking and nibbling at the same time. He can sense she is near to cuming and not really a surprise but so is he. Her other foot is on the floor, tensed and rubbing the office carpet. He grabs it with his hand and squeezes it in a passionate embrace. Instantly he comes in his overalls. As he does so he hears a tiny scream followed by a long exhale of breath and she suddenly goes limp.

Nearly falling out of her chair Missy  is soon sitting upright and looking around the office to see if anyone noticed. Literally at that second her boss appears in front of her and asks if the engineer is still here. “He’s just finished”, she says trying not to blush. With that the engineer gets out from under the desk, picks up his tools and leaves. Nothing else is said apart from a glimpse of a grin as he exits the office door.

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