My bag is packed and I am ready to go. It is nearly eleven in the evening and the pub will soon be closing so I need to be there before it does. I have arranged a meeting of sorts although she doesn’t know what exactly is going to happen. She works in the pub and I have decided to give her a surprise. Whether it is good or bad we will just have to see.

I arrive at the front door of the pub and take a deep breath before I walk in. Instantly I spot her working behind the bar. I walk up and order a pint of lager. I place my bag on the ground, take a seat next to the bar and watch as she beavers away doing her job.

We had made plans to meet in the pub for a drink but I had re-arranged the arrangements slightly, including the night so she won’t be expecting me. I have been playing around with my own ideas, which I am hoping she will like. Looking around the pub I notice the sort of regular people you get, as well as a few strange ones sitting to the sides and to the corners, all in all a fairly quiet night in a normal village pub.

I consume my drink and bide my time while people start to finish their drinks and leave. Trying not to look out of place I order a couple more during this waiting period. Never as good as the first pint I finish my third just as she calls time at the bar. I am one of two people left and he is getting his coat on so I get up and head for the toilet. I grab my bag and hold it down by my side so as not to be seen. She sees me walking towards the toilets but cannot see the bag over the bar. I just say that I wont be a minute so she carries on locking up the pub. Clearing the last of the glasses, putting the chairs up on the tables and turning the main lights off.

In the toilet I open my bag and giggle to myself. Removing a smaller bag I return to the bar and walk over to her. She is busy putting the glasses on the bar and wiping down. I stand close and tell her who I am and the look on her face was of complete shock and surprise.

“But we are not meeting till tomorrow!” she says.

“ I know, but I changed my mind” I say.

With that I hand her the smaller bag, place my other bag on the floor and sit down at the bar to watch. She opens the bag and sees it contains part of an outfit. She looks up at me and I tell her to put it on now. She hesitates for a second but then does what I have told her. Signs of obedience I think to myself as she does so. Not a bad start.

She picks out the items one by one and places them on the side of the pool table. She has to strip off before getting started as it is a complete change of clothing or at least sort of. She probably wondering where I got them but that is the least of her worries. She starts to put them on I watch intently. I can feel my groin twitching already and we haven’t even started yet. She starts with the black suspender belt with red piping detail and stockings. They are barely black in colour, which are my favourite. You can feel the sexy softness of the material but still see all the muscles and the skin movements underneath. Placing her sexy feet on the carpet for a moment she pulls out a pair of red patent stiletto heeled platform pumps. In total they have a heel of about 7 inches and so are really high. Lets see how you walk in them I think to myself as she slips one on each foot. Placing her feet back on the floor I can see her rise up on the heels. She looks a hell of a lot taller than before. The next item she pulls out seems to confuse her a bit. It’s a collar I say and she gives me a funny look. I go over and help her to put it on dangling the lead around and down the middle of her back. I stay to help again with the rest of the items in the bag. I pull out a mask which I put over her eyes next as I don’t want her to see the last couple of items coming. She lets me do so and can hear something jingle as I pull it out of the bag. I can tell she is curious but the gag is  in her mouth before she can say anything and buckled up. Last but not least I bring out a pair of metal hang cuffs. I place them around her wrists and tighten them up but not so far as to pinch her. I can feel her heart beating and notice some beads of sweat on her brow. Whether this is excitement or fear I couldn’t tell. Didn’t really give her a chance to say but anyway we are ready for the fun to start!

I make her stand up straight while I go to my bag to get some rope out and a plug. I loop the rope around her waist, making sure the excess rope is around the back I bring it down her cheeks and through her legs. I then place the rope between her lips and back up her front to her waist. I tie it off and check that it is all secure. I can hear her breathing heavy now but I am not sure if it is pain or enjoyment but it doesn’t really matter anyway. I make her turn around and bend over the side of the pool table revealing her arse to me. Kicking her legs so they spread out for me I reach into my bag and find the tube of lubricant. Moving the rope to either side for a moment I open the tube. Squirting a bit around her arse I can see her twitch as she feels the cold slimy gel. Realising what is just about to happen she moves uncomfortably but I reassure her that it is ok. Holding the plug in one hand and opening her arse cheeks with the other I slowly push the plug into the hole until it is inside except for the external disc. I then move the rope back over the disc to hold the plug in place. I help her to stand up right and tell her to turn round and face me, which she does. Reaching in to my bag again I get my nipple clamps and weights out. Grabbing her nipple in one hand and clipping on the clamp on the other I then place a small steel weight on to the loop. Instantly she lets out a muffled groan as the weight is released and pulls the nipple south. I repeat the process and the groan re-appears again. I can see she is getting turned on and struggling with all her amendments. I stand back to admire my work and prepare to move on to the next stage of my plan.

Grabbing the lead from behind I now can manoeuvre it round to the front. I give it a small yank and she leans towards me so I give her a reassuring kiss on the cheek. I start to lead her around the pub watching her every step in those extremely sexy high heels. Slowly she manages to get used to walking in this state of dress. A very obedient slave I think to myself. I walk over to the cellar door with my slave in tow. I can hear her heels clinking on the floor, the jangle of the cuffs and the clamps as well as her moans and groans. I can feel my cock getting hard enough to burst but I must keep my self-focused on the task in hand as I haven’t finished with her yet.

Opening the cellar door I turn round to help her down the stairs one by one. At the bottom I make her stand still while I find the keg straps. Once found I strap her legs open wide and bend her over a large bench. She silently waits for me to do whatever I am going to do next. I turn round to go up the stairs, as I need my bag of tools. I can hear her starting to panic behind me thinking I am going to leave her there. I hesitated to say something reassuring but then I decided not to bother. Will do her good to be a bit worried I think to myself so I carry on up the stairs to fetch my bag from the pool table. A bit cruel you might think but that is all part of the game!

I return to the muffled sound of panic so I walk up to her and start to touch her all over. Running my fingers around her cheeks and up her back then down both her legs getting a glimpse of the plug as I do so. Settling down she starts to relax a bit, as much as she can anyway! I reach into my bag and bring out a cat ‘o’ nine tails whip. Starting to swing it around I can hear the wind it is creating. This seems to unsettle her again until the first hit then she obviously realises what it is rather than what it could have been.

I whip her arse cheeks until they start to come up a nice rosy red colour. Then changing my angle of approach slightly I am able to swing it up between her legs and start to whip her by now very wet pussy. Wincing every time I hit her she starts to breathe very heavy and make more and more noises. Muffled noises obviously! I can see the plug moving slightly in her arse so I know she is enjoying what I am doing.

Starting to feel un-comfortable as my cock couldn’t get any harder I decide it is time to enter her so I undo my trousers and let them drop to the floor around my ankles. I am not wearing any underwear so my cock instantly points in the intended direction I want to go. Chuckling to myself and thinking he wants it as much as I do, I move the ropes to either side of her pussy and thrust him in. She instantly recoils in sexual excitement and lets out a massive groan, which even with the gag in is quite loud. I start to pump away as hard as I can. Each time I do so I can feel me pushing in the plug, which keeps popping out, to its original position. I can see the sweat on her back and her hands trying to grab at me but I am just out of her reach. Realising how frustrating she is feeling I release the cuffs so her hands are free to use. She throws them forward and grabs the other side of the bench. Her arms tense up as her grip tightens. She is getting louder now and I can tell she is getting ready to cum so I continue to pump as hard as I can.

Having to hold myself back until she is ready I concentrate on her body language. I can see that her legs are tense and her feet are trying to move around in her shoes and restraints. I look back towards her head, she arches it back and just as she does so she lets out an almighty scream, which seems to last forever and then relaxes back on to the bench. I let myself go and slump forward on her back stretching my arms out towards hers. We grab each other’s hands and hold them tight as we catch our breath and come to grips with what had just happened.

It was probably only a few moments but seemed forever as we lean on each other. Sweat pouring off the both of us and clutching each other in a warm embrace.

I stand up, pull up my trousers and set about releasing her from her bonds. Releasing her legs first she stands to face me so I remove her gag and mask to reveal a wry grin and a smile. The look in her face said it all to me!

SAH 21.07.09


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