Work and Pleasure Part 4

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03 Dec. '16

The night went off in a daze. Augustus still couldn’t believe as to what he had agreed to. Even thinking about Bianca as his dominant made a chill run down his spine. This was something seriously new for him but he was ready to tread on dangerous waters.

He couldn’t make his way faster to the office. Even thinking about last night with Bianca gave him a severe hard on. As soon as he saw Bianca entering her office he took a folder as an excuse and went straight away there. Bianca was slightly startled to see Augustus but she kept her cool.

“I can’t stop thinking about yesterday. It’s like all I want to do is to be your slave and satisfy you in every way I can. I just can’t get enough of you ma’am. ” Said Augustus.

Bianca couldn’t help but smirk at her new found submissive. She pulled him by his tie and placed a hard and wet kiss on his lips and smacked his ass.

“Someone is pretty elated?” she grabbed him by his crotch and pulled him closer and undid his fly. Augustus was surprised but he couldn’t object now.

“Already used to being the submissive?” asked Bianca.

“I’ll do anything to satisfy you ma’am.” Replied Augustus.

Bianca went back to her desk and opened the drawer to take something out. Augustus was having an adrenaline rush as he was anticipating as to what might be in store for him.

Bianca took down his trousers and his boxers in swift movements and turned him around. She was enjoying this too. She spanked his ass and ordered him to bend over. Augustus was expecting a bit for spanking but what came made him shout. He felt something pushing up his asshole. The steel made all the hair on his body stand but he couldn’t help but moan.

“It’s a butt plug, and you’re going to wear this shit all day.” Whispered Bianca in his ears.

The butt plug was pushed far up his ass and felt a bit uncomfortable but as soon as he tried to move the steel against his asshole made his dick to twitch badly. It seemed as if he’ll have to move about with a bulging hard-on.

Bianca knelt down and licked his butt cheek which made Augustus moan, then she pulled up his boxers and his trousers. She turned Augustus around and pushed him out of her office. Too much for morning fantasies!

It was one hell of a day for Augustus. Every time he moved around for a while the butt plug had its effect on him and his dick couldn’t help but twitch like crazy but he couldn’t do anything about it.

To his huge relief came the end of the day and he finally could get back home and take that damn thing off his asshole.

He arrived at Bianca’s door on time and was welcomed inside. As he sat down waiting for Bianca, he couldn’t help but wonder what was in store for him that day. Bianca came down the stairs wearing nothing but a sheer robe. She looked so fuckable and it sent Augustus’s hormones on an overdrive.

They drank some champagne and then she took him by the hand and took him upstairs to her bedroom. Bianca sat at the edge of her bed and looked at him like he was some piece of meat she was dying to devour.

“Strip for me.” Barked Bianca.

Augustus had goosebumps as he took of his clothes one by one with Bianca’s eyes on his dick all the time. He was ready as always with an impressive hard-on.

Bianca went back to her dresser and brought an instrument with her. Augustus couldn’t make out what it was. It looked strange, was made up of shiny metal with a loop and a tiny chain attached to it.

Bianca came forward and pulled the loop of the restrainer around his balls. The cold metal made this dick twitch. She then pulled the chain of the restrainer which was attached to a metal head around the head of his dick. That instrument seemed like a barbaric restrainer but the constant stretching and pulling made his dick hurt as he was so utterly hard.

Bianca then leaned in and squeezed his balls which made him whimper in pain. She then handcuffed him and made him bend over. She took off the belt from his trousers discarded on the floor and hit him hard across his ass.

Augustus shouted as the leather bit into his flesh. But apparently his dick had a mind of its own and it oozed with precum. She hit him again and again till hi was withering in pain and his dick was completely wet with precum and it dripped on the floor. As he got harder the puller of the restrainer got more severe which caused him utter pain and pleasure.

Having done this, Bianca pushed Augustus towards the bed and started stroking his dick glistening with precum. She squeezed his balls which made him cry in pain and as he got really close she unlocked the restrainer. It sudden stop of the pull made him cum like he had never before. He growled like an animal as Bianca licked off all his cum.

She then sat on his cock and rode him hard.

“Say you’re my slave.”

“I am you’re slave ma’am.”

She slapped him hard across his face and rode him harder.

He came inside her violently and couldn’t help but want more.