Mutual Gifts

"Come on, let's see those two lines, you stupid test," I mumbled, holding it.

I eyeballed and just waited for the results.

"I know it takes a minute, but it still feels like an eternity. Just give me the results already," I whined as I noticed the door opening. "Hey, I'm in here, Gerald."

From one second to the next, I saw him, and he saw me. "Oh, I'm sorry, Presley," he apologized, before shutting the door. "I thought you were gone, I swear."

"Shit, he saw me half-naked," I muttered. "No, just your dad is gone; I decided not to go to the party tonight."

"Okay, I'm so sorry, it won't happen again."

"And it's negative, so I'm used to bad news," I murmured, before tossing it. "It's okay, Gerald. I should've locked the door."

"Okay, I'm sorry again."

Then I heard footsteps, pulled up my shorts and panties, and sat down on the toilet. "Damn it, they didn't work for Ross Gellar, but now that I don't want them to work in real life, they do," I giggled. "I just want to get pregnant, but Matt doesn't want to get me pregnant. He just wants to fuck with condoms and makes damn sure to pull out before he can possibly shoot too. What a crock of shit; I just want to be a mom."

I stayed in there for a few minutes and tried to get myself together, so I didn't set off Gerald's alarms. I wiped my eyes and did my best not to shed any more tears. It wasn't easy, but I managed to do it.

I walked out of the bathroom. "I guess I should talk to Gerald and let him know it's no big deal," I muttered before I strolled to his room.

I knocked. "May I come in, Gerald?"

"Yeah, sure."

I took a deep breath and came in there with him. "I just wanted to let you know I'm not upset, dude," I assured him, walking to him.

"I know, but were you taking a pregnancy test, Presley?"

I looked away, but still sat next to him. "Yes, I guess I should've pulled up my shorts, though."

"Are you pregnant, Presley? Am I gonna get a sibling?"

"I'm afraid not, Gerald, but you'd be happy if I were pregnant?" I pondered, feeling his leg.

"Well, if you were happy, yes. I wouldn't be happy if it made you unhappy. You're still my step-mom, and I'd like you to be happy, you know what I mean?"

"Yes, thank you," I added, before hugging him and pecking his cheek. "I love you."

He backed his torso away, but hugged me back. "I love you too. So, I'm guessing you were hoping you'd be with child, though?" he asked, backing away.

"Yes, you could say that. Your father isn't so into the idea, though. I'm not on birth control, but he's still pretty insistent about not getting pregnant. I take a test every so often and cross my fingers."

"So, no luck then?"

"None, but you never know, right? I think I still have plenty of babymaking years ahead of me."

"I think so, but my dad is just dead set against it?"

"Well, as I said, I'm not on the pill, but he's still making sure not to, well, you know how that works."

"Yes, I'm nineteen and been through health class too."

"Well, you can fill in the blank, but there are no guarantees his methods are perfect. So, like you said, I took the test and crossed my fingers. I guess I just prefer not to have my wonderful step-son walk in on me, though."

"Oh, I'm sorry about that again."

"It's alright, dude, I still love you," I made clear, before pecking his cheek. "Um, I know this goes without saying, but this doesn't make me love you any less; I just really want to be a mom."

"I understand."

We both stayed quiet, but I felt his leg. I innocently rubbed it and felt him vibrate somewhat. I wasn't sure what that was about, but I didn't question it. However, he also couldn't look at me then.

"I love you, Gerald; you're still the best step-son I could ask for, I swear."

"You're welcome, I guess," he said, getting up on his feet. "Is there anything else you wanted to talk about, though?" he wondered, glancing at me.

I couldn't help but see his crotch. "Are you okay, dude? You seem uneasy. Was it because you saw me half-naked?"

"Um, I guess," he responded, failing to make eye contact.

I peeked down at myself for a few seconds. "May I ask you something personal, Gerald?" I inquired, getting up with him.

"What, Presley?"

"Did you like what you saw? Even though I wasn't in the sexiest pose, did you like it even in just a couple of seconds?"

He rubbed his face for a few seconds and stayed silent. I couldn't help but realize that he was a very handsome young man. I was roughly double his age, but at that moment, I felt to be a horny young woman his age, as I knew he might just have a thing for me.

"It's okay, you can tell me, Gerald," I made clear, pulling his hands down. "As far as I know, you've never seen me naked until today, but is it fair to say that you might want to get into my panties? Even just the slightest chance? I can tell those two emotions are colliding."

"I don't think we should discuss this, Presley. You're my step-mom, and me walking in on you was an innocent mistake, but anything past that would be on the line at best, meaning stop now."

"I know, but your dad isn't here and probably be too smashed to drive home. So, we're going to be alone tonight. We can have some real step-mom/son time if you'd like, that is," I offered, taking his hands in mine.

"So, what, Presley?" he questioned, backing away. "Are you just trying to get me to admit that I might want to have sex with you?"

"If you really want to, that is, Gerald," I answered, taking his hands back in mine. "If you want to have sex, I might make it happen for you. I just ask one thing from you, though. Just one thing, and we can call it mutual gifts if you'd like. I swear none of this will leave this room, though. We can take it to our graves."

He sighed. "And I'm not confirming that I want to bone you, Presley, but what did you want me to do?"

I calmly transported his hands to my stomach and brought my face close to his. "I just want to say that you're a wonderful step-son, and I don't think I'd get a better one in a million years. There's just something I desire so much; I'm even asking you this one thing. I can't tell you how much I want it, and I think you might be the only one that can or will give it to me at this point. I just want you to at least keep an open mind and know I'll never stop loving you in any capacity."

"So, what is it, Pressley?

"I love you with all my heart and soul, I swear, and I want you to give me a baby bump, Gerald."

"What, no way," he protested, backing away. "I'm not doing it with you, and I'm certainly not gonna knock you up either; you're my step-mom."

"I know," I sobbed, coming to him. "I think the answer was right in front of me the whole time: you. I love you, and you love me," I reminded him, taking his hands in mine. "You think I'm a pretty blonde and got a glimpse of me. Your dad doesn't want to get me pregnant, but both of us want me to be with child. So, you can have sex with me and just cum inside me so I can get knocked up, that's all. I swear, I'd be eternally grateful to you. You don't have a girlfriend, do you?"

"No, I don't, but, I'm sorry, you'd just be willing to overlook that the baby would be my son or daughter, not a sibling. That's just too bizarre. I'm losing my breath just talking about this."

"It might be weird, yes, but words would not be able to express how much I'd appreciate it, though, Gerald. Me asking does express how much I love you, though, doesn't it? I think it would cement your dad and I being together forever. We'd have our baby, and then there'd be no way we'd ever separate or divorce."

"Well, unless my dad somehow got a DNA test on the baby, though. That's a never-ending window for him to climb through, don't you think?"

"Yes, but again, I think it just proves how much I love you, Gerald. I've been your step-mom for six years now, and I've never questioned myself for loving you once. I'm just asking you to make sweet love to me and let your baby juice inside me. If it doesn't work, then it doesn't."

"And I'm supposed to believe if it doesn't matter that you won't ask me this favor again?"

"I guess, if that's the deal you want to make, I'll take it. I'll do anything you want, I swear. Even if I did go to a sperm bank, the baby wouldn't look like your dad or you. I just want to be a mom, and I think you're really my only chance to make it happen."

"No, I'm not making a deal; we're just talking."

"Okay, is there anything I can do to grease the wheels? I do mean anything because I just really want to be a mom, and I mean to disrespect you. You might be my step-son, but you're my son. I'm practically giving you a blank check."

"Yeah, no kidding, Presley," he chuckled.

Without permission, I calmly transported them to my tits. I covered them with mine and kept my eyes on Gerald as he reacted. His mouth opened, and he jiggled too, but didn't utter a word.

He couldn't look away from my bosoms, and I smirked too. I let my body do the talking, and in due time, I knew I won him over, but I didn't gloat. I waited for him to make the next move. I shook a bit myself, so we kept each other aroused.

"Oh, may I kiss you, Presley?"

I nodded, and he calmly moved his face to mine.

He barely pressed his lips on mine, but did kiss me. "And literally no one ever finds out about this?"

"Not tonight, tomorrow, or ever, I swear. The only thing I ask is that when you need to shoot, you get it into my womb."

"May I strip you?"

"Yes," I answered, bringing my arms up above my head.

He took off my top, and I took off my bra too.

I stole his hands too and placed them on my jugs. "Of course, I'd let you feel them once I get pregnant too. I'm not a monster."

"I didn't say you were, but thanks, I guess. May I kiss you again?"

"You may do anything you want with me, dude."

He leaned to me and kissed me again, but it lasted much longer that time. I felt his lower back as his palms remained on my boobs. I certainly felt my brain fighting itself, but of course, I already knew what side would win.

Even just after a minute, we pressed our lips together even harder and enjoyed the chemistry that much more. Needless to say, he got into it a lot when he had me lay down on my back without parting lips.

He clutched my melons a bit, but not enough to make me uncomfortable. I certainly felt his crotch getting tighter, too, even through my shorts and underwear. I had to grin as much as I could because it seemed it was going to happen.

We were looking past the taboo aspect of it and going with it then. Nevertheless, I still didn't get pushy and let him lead. I was more than alright kissing him like he was his dad and just working up to him giving me that baby bump.

For the time being, we worked each other up and got somewhat sweaty, just making out like lovers. After five minutes, he finally let our lips drift. Then he checked out my hooters again, and a moment after that, he brought his hands to my shorts.

He made sure to peek at me first, and I nodded for his approval. Then he calmly undid my shorts and took them off me. He kept my panties on for the moment, and then he blindly grabbed onto his shorts.

Although, then I stopped him. "Let me undress you."

He nodded, and I undid his shorts. I didn't wait to push down his shorts and boxers. Although I couldn't get them off him completely, it probably had something to do with his pecker hanging out there.

I couldn't take my eyes off it, and once he got completely naked, he glanced at me again and leaned to me. I got to feel his body with his schlong on my pussy, but I still had my panties on, though. I still felt it rather well and nearly felt that he was fucking me.

After another moment, he got off the couch. He grabbed my underwear and tugged them off me. Once I was completely nude, too, he tossed them and grabbed his rod.

I watched him stroke it for a few seconds. "Again, I could not possibly love you more for this, Gerald."

"Well, to be clear, I never planned on telling you I even had the slightest desire to have sex with you. It was like two steps away wanting to have sex with Adriana Chechik, as in it's next to impossible to happen."

"At least with me, all you have to do is bring your cock to my pussy and stick it in there."

"And we never tell the baby either, correct?"

"Yes, Gerald, the two of us will literally be only two that will know. Just give me that baby bump, and I swear, you'll forever be off my shit list. I'll be forever in your debt."

"Okay, Presley, but we're gonna have sex, and my dad won't be here, so can we do other stuff?"

"Like what?"

"I want to play with your boobs a little more, and I'd like you to..."

"Give you a blow job?"


"I can do that, but remember..."

"I have to cum inside you?"

"Yes, I'd appreciate all the helpings you're willing to give."

He leaned to me to kiss me. "I'll do anything for you, step-mommy," he moaned, prior to sticking his rod in my slit. "Wow, Pressley, you just got like ten times hotter, I swear," he let out, grabbing my thighs.

"Right back at you, dude."

He swallowed and began thrusting his dick. I immediately felt it vibrating and him attacking me with his breath. He had a small gap between our faces and just made sweet love to me. I grabbed his shoulders and held them for leverage.

Not that I needed it right then, but I prepped myself. Right away, I also felt the great connections and dealt with them the best I could. It was an uphill battle, but one I was willing to fight, though. Within seconds, he made me feel way more than loved, like I was dreaming.

We kept eye contact and enjoyed each other's companies in a way we shouldn't, but we did anyway. My bosoms rubbed against his chest as well, so I knew he was pleasured in more ways than one. However, we didn't talk and just let the sex speak for itself.

I had no idea how long he'd last, but whether it was two minutes or two hours, I was going to get his baby milk. I just took the thrills the best I could and waited for him to need to shoot. Little did I know that I got more than I bargained for because the emotions did build quite a bit. I couldn't help but shed a few tears.

Once he saw them, he leaned down to kiss me again. "I'll never forget this either."

"Good," I added, increasing my grip.

I took his pecker the best I could, but again, I underestimated him and the size of his member. I couldn't measure it, but it still felt rather big in my twat. Even at his slow speed, I felt a slight toll coming upon it, but I still loved it.

He already had to jerk around a bit, but there was no clear sign that he came. He closed his eyes from time to time, but I had nothing concrete to go off of, though. It didn't matter as I knew we had all night, but I was still quite anxious.

Not enough to push him, but he could certainly tell with the lusty look I shot him. I felt him thrusting somewhat marginally then, but as time went on, he made sure to let a little more of his wood in there, so he got the sexy results from it too.

I also closed my eyes and kept jiggling, but we both used one another to hold ourselves together. It seemed we both signed up for something bigger than we could chew, or at least that was the impression he gave me.

He was still the perfect lover to me and kissed me from time to time. He also knew the rule of pushing me a bit, but not too much too. However, he was still fucking me for the first time, so all bets were off how the sex would go.

"Holy shit, I love you, Pressley," he moaned, tightening his grip. "My johnson has never felt so good before in my life. Wow, your pussy is slick as ice and making my member feel so damn good too. Every time I get it out, I nearly feel like exploding. I don't want to do it too quickly, though; I still want to please you and not just cum inside you. You're still a woman that deserves intimacy and be taken care of too."

"Oh, aren't you sweet?"

"I try to be; you can thank my mom for that."

"I wish I could because I've never loved you more than I do right now. Just cum so much that you flood my womb."

"I can't promise that, but I'll do my best."

"Will you please kiss me again?"

He automatically leaned to me and kissed me like a lover again. We made out for twenty seconds or so, and I indeed felt him vibrate, but he didn't shoot just yet. Nevertheless, we certainly felt the intimacy, though.

'Oh, what am I doing? Something so wrong, yet so right too. Gerald loves me and is only doing this because he loves me. Maybe he did have a sexual attraction to me, but for him to be making sweet love to me like this? Then he has to love me a whole lot.'

He suddenly yanked his lips off mine. "Oh, I'm about to cum now, step-mommy," he moaned, angling his head back.

"I believe you because I feel it," I let out, pushing my body back.

We both held our grips on each other, and I got the gift known as cum. I just got it where his dad obviously didn't want it. I felt him swarm my insides, and it indeed got me to jolt as I got struck by lightning.

Needless to say, the emotional spike was so powerful, he made me feel invincible physically. Again, I wasn't sure how long he'd last, but as he kept going, I continued to feel the woo. He went on for twenty seconds or so, but of course, I couldn't see it.

After he was done, he dropped to me with his head landing on my shoulder. "Holy shit, that was something, Pressly."

"I agree," I added, encasing my arms around him.

We stayed close for a moment and enjoyed each other's company some more. I didn't even know what to say other than 'Thank you.' several hundred times. Even after he spit out his seed, his pecker didn't go limp.

After five calming minutes, he slowly leaned up off me on his knees and pulled his johnson out too. "Wow, you're a SMILF, that's for sure."

"A step-mom you'd like to fuck?"

"Yes, should we do it again now?"

"If you're up for it, stud," I replied, rising with him. "Obviously, there's no way to tell if you did get me pregnant, so we should do it again, but only if you're okay with it," I made clear, taking his member in both hands. "You did say you wanted a blow job from me, didn't you?"


"If I suck on it for you, are you certain you can warn me in time? Not that I'll rip your head off if shoot in my mouth, but you know where I need it."

"I'll control myself, Pressly. I stand corrected: you're one-hundred times hotter now."

I kissed him once and leaned down on his cock. "So, you'll have easy access to my slit, I'll just turn around, and you stick it in there for me," I told him, stroking it.

"I got the memo, step-mom, but thank you."

"I love you, Gerald," I stated, prior to kissing him and going to his schlong again.

I slowly took it into my mouth and began blowing him.

"And I motherfucking love you too, Pressly," he let out, plopping his hands on my head. "Yes, suck my cock and make me build up another huge load. I'll make sure it gets to the right destination, mark my words," he moaned, caressing it.

I had my hands at the base of his pecker and sucked it ever so slowly. My back was already hurting a bit being in that position, but I loved giving him oral pleasure. The results of it were ironclad as well, so there was no downside, it seemed.

It felt even bigger in my mouth too, but I still didn't try to deep throat him just yet. I wanted to build up to it to make it sexier. He wasn't as big as his dad, but he still had a good to suck, though.

He didn't say much, but he didn't need to then. She just took the gratification the best he could as well, and we were just gonna see how long he could last, especially after his last orgasm. I pressed my lips on his wang too, but not too hard to force him to cum too soon.

It seemed like we were on the same wavelength, so we pushed each other a bit, but not too much. I looked up at Gerald for the most part, but he certainly couldn't lock eyes on me. He certainly needed to break eye contact several times to deal with the pleasure.

Nevertheless, he didn't let his hands off my head, though. He used it for leverage actually, and that helped him stay upright. Once again, I didn't have a prick, so I couldn't be sure exactly how he felt, but I had plenty of incitement with his dad.

So, I used knowledge to both please him and push him as well. I saw the signs of him needing to jolt a bit, but no real one said that he needed to shoot. Until he told me, I was more willing to keep going and make him feel like the best step-son in the world.

"Holy shit, Pressly, this is so wrong, but shit, this feels so damn good. If you were my wife, I'd get you pregnant if you wish, I swear. Given how soft and wet those lips are, how can my dad possibly resist you?"

I released his cock. "I have no idea, but you mean that? You'd be willing to marry me and knock me up too?"

"I'm not hitting on you, but yes, I guess. You're just an amazing woman; that's my point."

I rose with him without letting go of his member. "Don't worry, I get you, hunk," I giggled, before kissing him. "I know we're both horny, but if you'd fancy doing it again down the road, I'd be willing you do it again."

"You're evil too."

I kissed him again while cheering. "It's part of my charm, but just to be clear, Gerald, I swear, I do not intend on ever being your ex step-mom. Unless your dad passes before me, I don't desire it to happen. I'm just asking you not to judge me, I guess. I just really want to be a mom, and as much as I love being your step-mom, I didn't get to hold you in my arms or anything like that."

"Okay, Pressly, I understand."

"If you take nothing from me, dude, take this: you mean everything to me. I can't tell how many times I have actually thought about you. It's true, but it was not my place to ask you something like that. You were more than in your right to turn me down, but I love you so much more for doing for me. I'm sorry you lost your mom, it's never easy to lose a family member, but I've been your mom. Even if I'm just your step-mom, I still love you," I ranted, before kissing him and calmly dropping down to my knees. "I know this might sound weird after that speech, but I am loving sucking your dick," I confessed, before taking it into my mouth.

"It's okay, step-mommy, I can put it in proper context," he let out, feeling my head. "Trust me; I'll build up a load so big, I'll flood your womb."

I laughed a bit, but kept going on him again. As he needed to angle his head back, I closed my eyes, focused myself the best I could, and sucked the life out of his wood. I even felt it stiffen somewhat in my mouth, which only made me want to suck harder.

However, I still made sure not to push him too hard because I knew he could still lose control of his cum. So, I worked with him and trusted him to be still able to warn me when he needed to shoot. Until then, we certainly enjoyed each other and let the love grow.

He moved his hands on my head somewhat and pulled my hair too. So, he was showing that I was making him feel good, but that was it then. He also had trouble staying upright, but we were still on the shaky bed too, so I had to stay on my toes too.

I increased the size of my thrusts too so I could continue to push him, but I still walked that fine line not to shove him, so to speak. I felt him vibrate a whole lot and moan even more, but he still had the will to accept my not-so-step-motherly love.

"Oh, my, shit, I wanted to last longer, but I don't think I'm gonna last too much longer," he moaned, prior to me having to glance at him. "Keep going just for a few more seconds. Wow, you're one five-million, Pressly. You are just... perfect."

He still failed to give me the real sign, but it was the sweetest eye candy I could get as I saw him jiggling around and feeling him caress my head too. I smirked as much as I could and kept going too, but sure enough, I kept myself ready to yank my face away if need be.

He couldn't look back at me, but was definitely enjoying himself as I had never witnessed him before in my life. I sucked harder and made my lips hurt a bit, but still, he managed not to let his seed out so soon.

I had no idea how long he'd be able to last, but we both knew it was just a waiting game. One I was still willing to play because even if the end was still the same, playing it was still to die for, though. I couldn't deny it, none whatsoever; even if I didn't get pregnant, Gerald and I would be closer than ever.

"Oh, here it comes, Pressly," he panted, looking back at me.

I plucked my mouth away and turned around quickly. "Stick it in the woman that loves you most," I implored him, pushing my butt towards him.

He made sure to insert it and got it in there just in time. As his first stream erupted, he pushed his schlong in all the way and gave me the best gift he could, or at least the chance at it. I closed my eyes and twitched right along with him, but both because he did and the thrills.

I kept my eyes closed the whole time and grabbed the blanket as hard as possible with both hands. I nearly felt like I had my own orgasm because of it and relished every second of him cumming inside me. He also couldn't help, but grasp my butt cheeks as well.

I wasn't sure how much he shot, but it still felt like a full cup's worth. Even if not, I still felt more than confident that at least one would get past the goalie. Even after he was done, he still kept his pecker inside me and cooled down for a moment.

I stayed down as well for that minute, but then he grabbed my arms and gently brought me up with him. "Holy shit, you are one smoking hot SMILF," he praised me, feeling my hooters. "And I'd love to feel these after you get pregnant too. I'm sure they'll get as big as watermelons, and they might hurt your back, but shit, they'll make you as sexy as hell, I swear."

"Thank you," I added, turning my head to his and kissing him. "Did you still want to play with my tits? I'm just your hot to trot step-mom, you can tell me."

"I'd love to play with those two moneymakers, step-mommy."

I kissed him again and turned around too.

I placed my hands on his face and kissed unlike a step-mom again. "Lay down, horndog."

He followed my order, and then I got over him. I snatched his wood and guided it to my slit.

Then I snagged his hands and yanked him up with me. "Feel your step-mommy's hooters, young man. It's not a crime," I stated, setting his hands on them. "It might be frowned upon and immoral, but it's not a crime. Go ahead, feel them with your face or your tongue; I don't mind."

"I will... in a minute, your pussy feels a whole lot better in this position too."

"A SMILF twat can be both a charm and a curse depending on how you look at it, so take your time. I'm throwing my jugs and muff at you now, so it's a lot to deal with, so don't fret; I love you anyway," I added, covering his hands with mine. "Do you feel that pussy on your pecker too? It's two massive feelings colliding, right?"

"You could say that, step-mom."

I watched him react to the luxury the best he could, but that time, gravity worked for me, so more of my cherry got on his schlong. I wasn't sure, but I thought a lot of my juice flowed onto his scrotum, which certainly explained him jolting even more.

He couldn't make eye contact with me to save his life; he just needed to move himself around like he was having a small seizure. I couldn't resist, but to cheese as much as possible. I was his SMILF, and seeing him take the pleasure was mindblowing.

I still took it easy on him and didn't bounce off him too hard. I did it slightly, but yet, he was still going through the motions and getting used to fucking his step-mom. Once again, I wasn't sure how long he could last, but I was determined to find out, though.

He managed to stay upright then and keep grabbing my tits, but I saw the signs of him losing it, though. I kept my hands on his, despite him jiggling around and trying to move them out of the way.

I moved my torso around somewhat and let his johnson move all over right along with my pussy. As I knew he loved me and sex so much, I couldn't help, but cherish every second of it. I convinced him to do it with me to shoot his seed inside me, but it came with a grand side effect.

After a few minutes, he finally leaned to my boobs and grabbed the sides of them. "Out of all the melons I've seen, yours are the sexiest," he moaned, before pushing his face on them.

"Well, that's saying something considering all the cantaloupe you were eating a few weekends ago. I'm glad the ones hanging off my chest are better. Yes, rub your face all over them and get the best feel for them that you can, you stud," I moaned, caressing his head. "A woman's mushy melons can be the best thing for any man or woman to feel, and if they could only cure cancer, then the human race would be saved. I know my knockers are extra special to you, though, but still, what's not to love to about two giant, but soft bosoms?"

"Nothing, step-mom."

"Lick those nipples too; I want to feel that tongue on them. Titillate me, step-son, and electrify your load so it'll full an electric field on my womb, so it either gets to my egg or dies."

"Okay," he laughed.

"I can be funny too."

He began licking my left nipple, and my mouth opened up widely. I instantly fell for the sex appeal of it and attacked him with my breath. As he stared right back at me, he proved that nothing else mattered.

Not me cheating on his dad or anything else. It was just him and me there with his member buried deep in my slit. He licked my nipple ever so slowly and not too hard either. I had no idea if he had any nipple licking experience, but I couldn't care less right then.

That time, he made me move around and not woo his rod with my pussy. I surely knew the taboo would do a lot of heavy lifting, but it certainly did more than that. It made me just flat-out nearly fall for him.

"Holy shit, you're on your way to making me regret my words now, Gerald; I think I might want to leave your dad now. Damn, you have some tongue, and you know how to use it too. Get my other nipple too."

"Okay, bossy," he replied, switching.

He managed to keep his eyes on mine and thrill me beyond my wildest dreams. I couldn't help it, but it was happening, and tears came with that as well. I felt his pecker vibrating, too, so once again, he was on his way to giving me more cum.

"Whether you give me another spoonful or a quart, I'll take whatever seed you'll spare for me. So, work up that load as you feel my drenched snatch and those sensitive nipples too. There's nothing like the soothing feeling of a slick tongue on them, and even my cunt is hurting a bit because of your massive dick. Now I'm flattering you."

He failed to take his mouth off my nipple and indeed proved himself to be the perfect step-son as he kept constant eye contact. He showed me that he certainly had some superb nipple licking skills, but I kept in mind that the taboo hotness made it all so much better.

I felt his tongue all over my nipples, just letting it go all over, but with pressure to make it as pleasurable as possible. I made sure to eyeball him right back, but he made it more difficult to lock eyes with each passing second.

"Oh, yes, that's sexy, you stud. I know we're doing it for your cum, but you're certainly making me feel pretty damn good both physically and emotionally."

He nodded and moved his hands over to my butt. He grabbed both of those cheeks hard and even took my nipple into his mouth. So, I needed to move us back and forth numerous times and try not to scream.

My heart was falling for him whether I liked it or not, and even though I certainly didn't plan on divorcing his dad. Although, I just didn't know how to process it all, of course, I still had him at my disposal.

So, I used him, but still didn't force him to do a damn thing. I could tell he wanted to have sex with me regardless of why; I made a deal with him and didn't look back. I just clenched up my pussy a bit and milked him all I could, even as he kept his mouth on my nipples.

I pushed him again, but not too much. I wanted that seed, but I steered clear of shoving him into shooting territory. I found myself still loving the sex and evidently wanting to do it again even if it wasn't baby-related.

I looked into his eyes like he was his dad and certainly felt the same love, but maybe a better version of it. I still couldn't comprehend it too well, but of course, it was still worth it indeed. Perhaps I cheated, but it still came with two great prizes.

I knew it wasn't guaranteed he'd get me pregnant, I still felt confident, and I found myself loving him more than life itself by then. I never sexually viewed him, but the light came that day and shined brighter than the sun.

"I love you, I love you, and I love you some more, Gerald," I moaned, scrubbing his head. "I feel that dick vibrating. Are you getting a load so huge for step-mommy?" I asked, before a gap. "You're nodding, so are you locked and loaded?"

"Yes," he moaned, angling his head back.

I had to do the same and feel him explode. I couldn't see his cock, but he painted the sexiest picture possible. I got to feel both him shaking, but his hot and sticky cum deep inside me. I knew he got his jollies and indeed gave me the cream of the crop, so to speak, so I knew he must've gotten one past the goalie considering his launch.

He pressed himself on me a whole lot, and I got to feel him in more ways than one. I nearly felt like we both took off like rockets, metaphorically speaking. So, even after he was done, we stayed together for another couple of minutes and said nothing.

I indeed had no idea what to think, but to love him and the whole situation. It was too far wrong, but oh, so right in the context that I loved him for more than life itself, and he was giving me the best gift that I could imagine too.

A minute later, our eyes finally met, and we kissed. "So, do you think I got you pregnant?"

"I hope so, but we won't know for some time. We'll see, though. I promise I'll tell you first."

"Okay, step-mommy. So, can we do it again?"

I smiled and lied down on my back again. "We can go all night long if you're up for it."

"I am, just for you, step-mommy," he made clear, prior to making sweet love to me again.