Sexy Girl On The Bed

Info mysteria27
04 Dec. '16

She lay on her bed in her bra
Her panties on her ass
He looked at her with open jaw
He loved her manner and her sass

Her body spread on the sheets
Looking at him with her eyes
His girl was awfully sweet
He loved being her guy

He'd buy her beautiful lingerie
He loved how gorgeous she looked
They made love most days
He liked her bra better unhooked

Her breasts consumed him
He loved to hold them in his hands
Her body was rather trim
She had a nice set of cans

She was bigger than the rest
He loved when her breasts jiggled
He loved her breasts best
He loved when they wiggled

He'd lick and kiss her tits
She'd moan and want more
He'd finger her shaved slit
Sex is what she'd ask for

He removed her panties
And licked her pussy bump
Her pussy tasted like candy
His girl wanted to hump

He licked and sucked her lips
Tongue fucked her pussy hole
He made her pussy drip
She was on birth control

He made his girl come
Over and over she came
She loved the oral fun
She loved the oral game

He climbed on top of his lady
Slid his cock deep inside
He fucked her very steady
Her pussy was opened wide

Deep thrusts into her box
Her breasts shook fast
His girl loved his cock
Fucking her was a blast

Her pussy was so wet
The strokes were so deep
The couple begin to sweat
They'd fuck and then sleep

They moved together like one
Their bodies were entwined
She held onto his buns
Both their bodies felt fine

She released her pussy cream
He exploded in her cunt
His cum flowed like a stream
Lots of screams and grunts

Her pussy was filled up
He pulled out to take a taste
He tasted her sweet buttercup
He licked her pussy with no waste

She screamed out his name
He enjoyed her sweet nectar
Their sex was never the same
He licked at her center

She begged him to stop
After orgasmic bliss
His girl was so hot
They ended with a kiss