Nobody Planned It

Chapter One - Christmas Party

The problem with a Christmas Party for a company that works deep in the defence industry is that there are few personal contacts between employees in different parts of the organisation.  It is clearly illegal to discuss one’s work with anyone not assigned to your particular project, so each Section tends to socialise as a group and don’t really get to know people from other sections.

This was very evident in the groupings when David Ransome arrived at the smallish hotel hosting their Christmas Party on the last Friday in November.  All the trimmings were up, festive music was playing in one corner of the ‘ballroom’, the free bar was open in the opposite corner, but still the four sections were in different places, one at each side of the dance floor and one in each unoccupied corner.

The most annoying feature of this from David’s point of view was that a recent recruit to the company, Phoebe Bryant, quite pretty, but only half his age, had clearly decided that the route to quick promotion was to make herself very friendly with, possibly even available to, the head of her Section, the man who had hired her, her boss's boss.  She had spent the evening following him round like a faithful spaniel, and had tried to join in every conversation.

Suddenly there was a commotion in one of the other sections some twenty feet away, where it appeared that someone had collapsed.  Then David saw that it was a young man having an epileptic fit, but that nobody appeared to know what to do.  They were all frozen watching the patient twitching.

Chapter Two - First Aid

Since nobody moved, David tried to remember what he had been told on the one occasion he had attended a talk on first aid.  It had been given to the local rugby referees’ society and during the questions afterwards someone had apparently had a fit among the spectators at a local match and the referee had not known what to do.  David had decided that if he had been the referee he would simply have carried on with the game.

Basically, he thought he remembered that the advice was simply to restrain the thrashing about to protect the unfortunate victim from damaging himself and any bystanders.  Then when he quietened down if he was still unconscious to put the patient into the recovery position and make sure the airways were clear, and especially that the patient had not swallowed his own tongue.

Moving quickly to the scene he told two of the younger members of Section 4 to hold the patient’s legs so nobody got kicked.  Turning to the barman he said, “Get your first aider here, now.”

The barman fled only to bump into the hotel manager coming into the room.

David repeated his order for the first aider to the manager, who looked very worried and admitted, “We don’t have one, not a qualified one.  We just call an ambulance if someone is ill.”

“Then call one now.  Tell them it is an epileptic fit.”

“Is that really necessary?” asked the manager, “There is always unwanted publicity.”

David turned to one of Section 4’s team and said, “Ring for an ambulance.  Tell them it is an epileptic fit,” and then he turned to the hotel manager and said, “I’ll deal with you later.”

By this time the seizure had subsided, but David said, “Hang on to those legs while we turn him on his side.”  He then proceeded to open the patient’s mouth as he appeared to be choking.  As he could not see any sign of his tongue, David put two fingers in the patient’s mouth and pulled the tongue forward and clear of the throat, getting a small amount of vomit over his hand as a reward.

A young and quite pretty girl was very close and asked, “Will he be alright?”

“Yes, I certainly hope so,” David replied, “And who are you?”

“I’m his wife, Gillian,” she said.

“Sorry, I don’t know your husband.  He doesn’t work in my Section.  What is his name?”

The girl looked shocked but soon recovered to say, “He is Chris Harris.  He hasn’t worked there for very long.”

”Well I suggest you collect your bag and both your coats as I assume you will want to go with him in the ambulance,” said David.  Seeing she made no move to collect their belongings he snapped, “Get your bag and coats, now.”

The girl looked at him for a second and then said, “Yes sir,” very submissively and moved off.

Then David realised that Phoebe was hovering close by.  “Is there anything I can do to help?” she asked.

David ignored her as one of Chris’s colleagues who had been with the firm for some time and had worked for David on a past project then said, “A bit fierce with Chris’s wife weren’t you Mr. Ransome?”

“She’s in shock and it woke her up a bit, but why aren’t I David like the old days, John?”

“I didn’t know if you would remember me.  And I don’t work in your Section any more, so I was just playing it safe.”

“How long has he been with us?  Chris I mean,” asked David.

“A couple of months, I think.  I hardly know him, but I bet he will be more popular now the gang have seen that wife of …” he broke off as she returned.

Just then the ambulance arrived and after a brief word with David they scooped up the unfortunate Chris and his wife and were gone.

David said to John, “We may well meet again over this business, but now I’m going to have that hotel manager’s guts for garters.”

As he walked away John thought, And David can disembowel you with a very few words.  I’m very glad I’m not that hotel manager.

Phoebe then asked John how well he knew David, and was surprised when John said, “He’s the best boss I ever worked for.  I was sorry when I was promoted out of his Section, but it was one of our shuffles which happen when a project ends and a new one starts, and it was a promotion.  How do you find him to work for?”

“He seems a bit distant, almost stand-offish,” she said, “as though I am too junior to take any notice of,” and they continued chatting for some minutes as John was not immune to the fact that this was an attractive girl whom he had not previously met and who was willing to talk to him.


Finding the hotel manager in the office behind reception by the simple process of walking past the sign which said STRICTLY STAFF ONLY David glared at him.

“You’re not allowed in here,” the manager protested.

“Shut up,” was David’s immediate response, “What do you mean by failing to have any first aid staff available when you have over a hundred and fifty guests partying in the big barn?”

“That’s our ballroom, not a barn.  It’s licensed for weddings to be held there,” said the manager.

“When the heath and safety authorities hear of this matter this hovel won’t have any licenses, drink, entertainment, weddings, or anything else.  Of course that won’t be your problem;  you will have been fired, probably before lunch tomorrow.  Now I need a room to clean up my hand and arm where the most unfortunate of tonight’s guests threw up over me as I tried to save his life,” and with that he turned on his heel and went out into reception.

“Of course you may have a room to clean up in,” the manager said ingratiatingly following him into reception, “We are very grateful to you for saving the guest’s life.”

“I expect you are.  The charge would have been manslaughter by negligence if he had died because you had no trained staff on,” said David accepting the proffered key, “Now it will only be attempted manslaughter by utter negligence.”

Chapter Three - Thank You

On the Monday of the week after the party, Chris appeared at the door to Section 2 and asked to visit David.  Security refused to allow him in to the building because he was not cleared to know what was done there.  “I can telephone him from here and tell him you are here,” said the guard on duty, “but I’ll only do that because I know what happened last weekend.”  Then he picked up the desk ’phone and pressed one button.  When he got an answer he said, “Sorry to trouble you sir, but I have Mr. Harris from Section 4 asking to see you.”

“He’s the young man who had the problem at the party, sir.”

Putting the ’phone down the guard said, “He’s coming through.  You can wait over there.”

Not long after that the inner door opened and David came through.  “You wanted to see me?” he asked.

“Yes, sir,” Chris said nervously, “I wanted to thank you personally for your prompt help last Friday.  The medics said you may well have saved my life.”

“Nonsense,” came the reply, “I just put you in the recovery position.”

“A little more than that, they told me.  They said you stopped me swallowing my own tongue, which could have killed me in a matter of seconds.”

“Minutes, at the fastest, and it rarely happens, I was told.  If you Google it you will see the figures.”

“In any case, my wife and I would like to take you out for a meal to thank you.  What is your favourite restaurant?” Chris asked.

“Well it’s the Lisboa, but it is rather expensive …”

Chris interrupted him, “That doesn’t matter.  And please bring your wife.”

“Oh, you don’t know?  My wife died a year and a half ago of breast cancer and I have not remarried, nor do I have a real girlfriend.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, I didn’t know about your wife.  Would Wednesday be suitable?” Chris blundered on.

David sighed, “Yes, I suppose so, but if you want to get a decent table at short notice I suggest you book it in my name.  They get very busy.”


Chris discovered how busy when he rang the restaurant that evening and was told no vacancies for two weeks.  However when he said they were entertaining Mr. David Ransome suddenly a table vacancy appeared as if by magic.  When they asked for how many he had a brainwave and remembered the pretty young programmer from Section 2 who had been trailing round after David at the Christmas Party and said, “Four please.”

It wasn’t difficult to find the girl’s name the next day when he was in the office and an internal ’phone call to Phoebe confirmed that she would be delighted to make up the foursome for dinner the following day.

Chapter Four - Dinner For Four

David had carefully formulated a plan for the dinner at the Lisboa restaurant.  He would eat well, and encourage the young couple to do the same;  then when the bill, which he estimated at about a hundred pounds plus tip, arrived he would put it on his own account.  The couple’s reaction to that would determine his actions from there on.  If it seemed that they, and especially Gillian, were submissive, whether to him or to his job being much senior to Chris’s then he would leave an opening for further progress.  If they were not then he would at least have had the pleasure of not eating dinner alone for once.

As with all the best laid plans, it went wrong the moment he arrived at the restaurant, some five minutes before the appointed time, just as Chris and Gillian arrived, only to be shown to a table where Phoebe was already sitting.  His response to her presence was to sit on the opposite side of the table, and to gesture to Chris to sit beside Phoebe which left him next to Gillian.

Menus were handed to each of them, and drink orders were invited.  David took control experimentally at this point, saying, “We’ll order the wine when we have decided what each of us is eating, thank you.”  Nobody contradicted him, and the three youngsters started to read the menus in some detail.

“The specialities of the restaurant are espetadas and fish,” David explained.

“Pardon my ignorance, but what are espetatos?” mispronounced Gillian.

David started to turn the pages in her menu until he reached the page where they were listed.  Then taking her hand, to which she offered no resistance, he pointed out the hooks above their table, and over a table some distance away where a diner was enjoying this Portuguese special kebab dish which hung over the middle of the tables.

Phoebe broke in at this point and said, “Did you say that they do good fish dishes here?”

“Yes,” David replied, “I can recommend the Caldeirada especially.”  Actually he had never had it, but was curious to see one.  I don’t care how she butted in but as she’s here I’ll use her as an experimental animal to try it.

“What is that?” Phoebe wondered.

“Portuguese fish stew.  I can tell you it’s delicious,” he lied, but knowing that everything in the Lisboa was of the highest quality it seemed a safe bet.  Whether it would be to her personal taste remained to be seen.

Some minutes later it was all decided and the orders passed to the waiter.  Wine was also ordered, a bottle of David’s favourite Dao red and to quote “Something comparable in a fairly dry white.  I don’t really know the white wines of the region.”  Chris explained that he was driving so he  would stick to Coke.

When the ladies excused themselves David took the opportunity of asking Chris, “Do you mind me asking why Phoebe is here?  Is she a friend of Gillian’s?”

“No.  We thought, or actually Gillian thought, she was your partner at the Christmas Party.  Were we wrong?”

“If you needed someone to make up a four you could not have picked a worse young lady from work.  She’s been hanging around me like a love sick leech.  Anyway, it’s done now so we’ll just have to make the best of it.”

During the meal everyone ate and drank with obvious pleasure, though Chris found that he had taken on rather a lot of food, as the grilled spare ribs for a starter were plentiful and the fourteen ounce rib eye steak he had ordered for the main course had him struggling to finish it.

David had a good idea of the portion sizes in this restaurant so confined himself to some garlic bread with cheese as a starter and then had an eight ounce fillet steak cooked recheada style.

The ladies shared the bottle of white wine, with Gillian obviously taking it slowly, so Phoebe became a little louder and more enthusiastic as time progressed.  Gillian stuck to dishes she understood, melon for a starter followed by plain grilled salmon.  Phoebe had what she seemed to think was the sophisticated option, prawn cocktail starter and was surprised by the size and quantity of prawns.  That she followed, as recommended, with the Portuguese fish soup.

Next they were offered a sweet course and David was amused that the younger ones were too full to consider it, so he abstained also.  Coffee was served to all four of them.

When the bill arrived it was given to David as the booking was noted down in his name.  He simply signed it and it was taken away to be charged to his account.

Chris immediately protested that it was their treat.

David was having none of that, pointing out that he could afford a two hundred pound bill much easier than they could.  He noted that both Chris and Gillian quickly submitted to his insistence on paying.  Now was that because they feel that they owe me a duty because I ‘saved’ Chris, or are they as submissive as they look? he wondered,It might be fun finding out, at least whether she is.  She certainly looked it at the party , and tonight.

Chapter Five - Take Me Home

While Chris was fetching their car David took the opportunity to say, “Thank you, Gillian, for arranging the dinner and it was considerable pleasure to meet you in happier circumstances than last time.  We must do this again, soon.  Ring me,” he said, thinking, There, she can ring me if she is as available to an alpha male as I think she is.

As their car drove away and David’s taxi appeared, Phoebe took the opportunity to ask him if she could share his taxi.  David was far too much of a gentleman to refuse, especially as she was clearly a little drunk.

During the journey Phoebe tried to move closer to David and to lean on him, but he pointedly looked out of the window and not as her.

When they arrived at her block of flats she turned to David and asked, “Would you like to come up for another little drink?  Or a cup of coffee at least?”

“It’s getting late,” was his diplomatic answer, “and we both have work in the morning.  I’d better be getting home.”

Phoebe then leant close to him and tried to kiss him, which David managed almost to avoid, though her lips brushed the hair just above his collar behind his ear.  “Go on, now.  It’s late as I said,” David reiterated and she reluctantly got out of the taxi.  David quickly said “Drive on now,” and made his escape.

She’d better not try to discuss this at work or worse, make anything of it.  The last thing I want is a romance with one of my own Section.  Gillian, on the other hand … David mused as they drove along.

Chapter Six - ’Phone Call And A Meeting For Lunch

Sure enough, early the next morning Gillian rang him at work to apologise for inviting Phoebe and to protest at him paying for what was supposed to be their treat.  “Meet me for lunch and we can discuss it,” he offered, thinking, Every opportunity to fall into my web.

“Not today,” she answered, “but Chris is off on a site visit all next week, so perhaps Monday?”

Got you, David thought as he agreed to meet her at a well known pub some distance from the office.  As there were no particular hours of work for staff of his seniority, they merely worked all the hours necessary to complete the task in hand, he let his team leaders know that he was taking the following Monday afternoon off.


When David arrived at The Queen’s Arms just before their arranged time of noon Gillian was already there.  The first discussion was food and each settled on a fairly light lunch and they shared a bottle of uninspired house red wine.  David noticed that Gillian seemed to be drinking quite fast, so he simply speeded up so she didn’t have too much.

“I’m sorry we asked that girl to our little dinner,” said Gillian, “But we thought she had been your partner to the Christmas Party and she didn’t deny it.”

“No matter,” said David, “but I must make it clear that she wasn’t my partner at the Christmas Party, or on any other occasion.  She’s just a new employee who is trying to impress me, or maybe has a school girl type crush on me.  Either way it’s unimportant because it won’t work.”

The discussion moved on to trivial small talk such as the stupidity and incompetence of politicians.

After the meal was over and the wine finished, David set his trap.  “I would suggest coffee, but it is cheap and nasty here.  Normally I go home and make my own, but I don’t suppose …”

“I’d love to join you,” said Gillian, much to his pleasure.

Happily settled in David’s sitting room with cups of coffee he had quickly made, the conversation turned to more domestic affairs with Gillian expressing surprise that it was so neat and tidy for a bachelor residence.  David explained that although he was a widower that he really did like to keep the place spick and span.  “I even make the bed each morning,” he commented.

“I find that hard to believe.  In fact I’d need to see that with my own eyes,” said Gillian with a glance towards the stairs, “I don’t imagine either my father or my husband has ever made a bed in their lives.”

Chapter Seven - Offer

David decided to find out if he was reading the signals right.  “You know Chris is a very lucky man to have such a beautiful wife,” he said and continued, “If you were my wife I would not let you go to another man’s house alone, even at lunch time,” and he let his hand rest on her arm.

She put her hand over his, not trying to move it but rather holding it there.  “I’m sure nothing will happen that I don’t approve of,” she said.

David moved his hand from under hers and cupped one breast with it.  Yes or no? he thought.

She lifted her face up and close to his, clearly ready for a kiss as her eyes closed.

He kissed her very gently and then whispered, “There are more comfortable places than this sofa.”

“For example that made bed?” she asked, and made no objection as he stood up and led her by the elbow to the stairs, upwards and into the bedroom.

“Please,” she said, “I hate to break the moment but I do need …”

“In the en suite,” he pointed.

She was gone for several minutes and David sat on the edge of the bed, still fully dressed, and deliberately well away from the bedroom door to allow her to escape if she had changed her mind.

The bathroom door opened and she came in to the bedroom wearing David’s own bathrobe and clearly very little else.

David stood up and took her into his arms and kissed her.  As she responded enthusiastically, their tongues met in a mutual caress and one of his hands went up and inside the bathrobe to luxuriate on a wonderfully smooth warm breast.  When he touched her breast she flinched.  “Sorry,” he said.

“Carry on, just cold fingers,” she said.

Chapter Eight - And On Her

Turning her very gently, and slipping the bathrobe off her shoulders, David contrived to grasp both of her breasts as he pulled her gently back to lean on his chest.

After a few moments of companionable closeness she turned and started to undress him, slipping his jacket off, then undoing his tie and then unbuttoning his shirt.

At this point David started to assert his control over proceedings by gently suggesting, “You might want to unmake the bed a little, especially if you would like to lie on it.”

As she moved away he was pleased to see that she stripped the duvet completely off the bed, and did not just lie down under it.  That means she wants us to fuck openly, and not just under the covers hidden away.  Good, she really is ready to start an affair and submissive as she is it will be for as long as I like.  The only problem might be the husband.

As soon as he had undressed David joined her on the bed and without wasting any more time he climbed on to her in the missionary position.  Then he felt gently between her legs and they flew apart making him immediately conscious of her considerable wetness.  Positioning himself at her entrance, he pressed steadily, but firmly into her until he was fully seated on the first stroke.  Giving her a moment to adjust to his invasion, he started to stroke firmly in and out.  I’d forgotten how good this feels, he thought.

It is different having a strange man in me, she mused, I suppose it is his style of lovemaking, because he isn’t any longer than my husband, just a bit thicker.

Then David speeded up the strokes and soon they were both away in a world which held only the other one’s body and the effect it was having on them.

Gillian had several small orgasms, while David was doing his best to hold off for as long as he could.  Ultimately he lost the fight to hold off and came gloriously, sparking a maxi-orgasm for Gillian.

They rolled apart and lay temporarily exhausted and replete.  As they lay panting Gillian gently stroked his shrivelling prick and whispered, “Will he come back again this afternoon?”

“That depends on you.  Do you want him to?”

“In a word, yes please,” she said enthusiastically.

“That is two words,” David objected, as he very gently pressed on the back of her head bending her down the bed.

Gillian at once took the hint and slithered down the bed, leant over him and took the temporarily useless prick into her mouth.  As she bathed it expertly with her tongue it soon swelled to a useable size and rigidity so she hoisted herself over him, held it in position and lowered herself on to it.  When it was firmly seated she remarked, “That was a quick recovery.  Are you usually that quick?”

“I was surprised also.  It is so long ago I don’t remember whether I was or not.”

“Why so long?” she asked.

“Well you know my wife died eighteen months ago?” he asked and  she nodded, “Well it must be three years since we last had any sort of sex life.  She took a long time to succumb thanks to chemo and radio therapy but she wasn’t interested and I didn’t want to add to her stress.”

They lay with her on top and moving slowly up and down as he played with her breasts for some time.  Then he lifted her off and put her into position on all fours with her knees at the edge of the bed.  Standing behind her he managed even deeper penetration in a doggy fuck which he started slowly but eventually speeded up.

Gillian was enjoying the slow pleasures but when David speeded up he also reached under her and tweaked her clitoris.  This produced an instant orgasm which just did not seem to stop.  She writhed and shook as David ploughed into her faster and faster until eventually he could hold off no longer and he sprayed a second load deep within her.

“What about your husband?” David asked after they recovered and as they lay together in the afterglow of over an hour’s intense sexual activity.

She claimed, “I don’t think Chris would object.  He is absolutely convinced he owes you his life, and I’m on the pill, so there is no risk to letting you take your pleasure as a reward.  He knows I’ve no intention of leaving him, but he knew we were meeting today.  I think he would like to watch someone else have me, at least that’s one of the games we play.”

“And do you like that idea?” David asked, then added, “Or have you already?”

“Yours is only the second thingy ever to penetrate me,” she said, “But we came close at my birthday party.  A neighbour was stroking my breast inside my bra as I gave him a hand job.   Chris was watching, but I got cold feet and told the neighbour to stop it or I would tell his wife.”

Later, as they were leaving the house for David to drive her home he asked, “Was that my reward, or might there be more?”

“Do you want more?” she asked.

“To quote from a slightly ungrammatical lady earlier today ‘In a word, yes please’,” he said.

“Then you shall, but not until I’ve checked with Chris,” was the startling answer, “Oh don’t worry, I can get him to say yes.  Would you mind if he watched?”

“I honestly don’t know,” David replied, “I’ll think about it and let you know when we arrange something.”

Chapter Nine - Discovered By Chris

For the following Sunday Gillian invited David over to her place, saying. “Chris spends the whole morning organising football training for the little ones.”

“When does that start?” he asked.

“Ten.  He leaves at about half past nine.  We could have a couple of hours before he gets back, then I’ll cook lunch, then Chris would like to watch you make love to me if you don’t mind?”

“I won’t come to make love to you, but I’d enjoy fucking you again,” David said to make his attitude completely clear.

“But can Chris watch?  He’s trying to make it a condition but I want you anyway.  We just don’t have to tell him when or where if you don’t want an audience.”

“I’ve thought about that and I don’t really mind being watched, but do you?”

Gillian thought carefully and then said, “We have played at this so often, Chris and I, and I’ve told him all about our lunch, and the afternoon, which got him very excited.  It would be worth while being watched if I get as much pleasure as last time and Chris gets his kicks also, so I’ll go along with it.”


So it was that at about ten o’clock the following Sunday David arrived at Chris and Gillian’s house to be let in by Gillian apparently still wearing only her dressing gown.  They sat down in the lounge on the settee and David started to stroke her breasts outside the dressing gown while she unfastened his zip and extracted his nearly hard prick.

Just then Chris came in and spotted them in the lounge.  “Please don’t mind me,” he said, “just carry on as though I wasn’t here.”

Gillian seemed very put out at this turn of events and started to berate her husband.  “You weren’t supposed to be back before twelve at the earliest,” she said.

Chris responded, “It isn’t my fault, love.  The football practice was called off because the pitches were all waterlogged.  Where was I supposed to go, especially since I knew what was planned for today?”

David stepped in then and asked, “Chris are you quite sure you want to go through with this?  I really don’t want to do anything which would cause trouble between you two.  I can just go away now and never come back if that’s what you want.  Just say the word.”

“Yes, I want to watch,” said Chris, “but I always dreamed it would be hugely hung black bulls who would give Gillian her first outing, Sir.  She is the one who didn’t want that scenario.”

“I don’t mind the ‘black’ bit of that scenario,” interposed Gillian by way of explanation to David, “but it is the ‘huge thingy’ that I am afraid of.  I don’t want to be torn apart, and I really don’t think I could face six men having me in one session like they do in the stories Chris shows me on the internet.  But if we are going to do it this morning let’s go upstairs now.  I need to start the lunch in at most an hour and a half.”

“Just like my wife was,” said David, “Ever thinking about the kitchen timetable.”

“Oh don’t get me wrong,” said Gillian, “We can have another session in the afternoon, if that’s what you want David.”

“Yes,” chimed in Chris, “We are entirely at your disposal Sir, for as long as you want to stay, and with whoever doing whatever you want.”

They do sound like a real pair of submissives.  I swear I could hear a capital S on the Sir a couple of times, David thought as he stood up without bothering to do up his zip.

Chapter Ten - Master David

In the bedroom the two men quickly undressed.  David sat on the bed while Chris sat on a handy chair.  Gillian looked to first one and then the other to see what was required of her.  David considered giving no orders at all, but quickly realised that both of them were waiting for him to take the lead.  More evidence that they are natural submissives.  “Gillian,” he started, “aren’t you a little overdressed for this, especially compared to us?”

“Oh, sorry, sorry,” she offered as she slipped out of her dressing gown to reveal what David had not noticed before, that she was wearing a sexy bra and a pair of matching lacy knickers, a garter belt, stockings and high heel shoes.

Now what do I do? he wondered, I don’t really go for sexy underwear at all.  It just gets in the way.  He solved the problem by saying, “Oh a strip tease could come this afternoon when we have more time to savour it.  What do you think Chris?”

Chris, of course, said, “Yes, you are quite right Sir.  Get ’em off and show the boys their treats, Gillian.”

“If you think so, Sir?” she said, obviously giving David the choice.

“I think one thing.  You don’t need to keep calling me ‘Sir’;  it sounds as if we are at work.  I think “Master” is more appropriate in a session like this, don’t you?”

“Yes Master,” said Chris, closely followed by Gillian’s offering, “Yes my Master.”

“Good.  Now do as Chris suggested and get ’em off.”

Gillian quickly and carefully removed all the clothes and laid them on the dressing table, presumably for later use.  Then she came over to the bed where David was sitting, and knelt on the carpet.

David looked her over and then said to her husband, “Chris, I want you to know that your safeword is ‘crocodile’.”

“I know what a safeword is, but why do I need one, master?”

“If you use it I will immediately stop anything I am doing to either of you, dress and go home.  Mainly it is so that you can change your mind about this whole episode at any moment,” David explained, “I haven’t given one to Gillian because as I understand it she has agreed to do anything we want, without limits, trusting us not to harm her.  Right?”

Gillian didn’t hesitate but nodded her head vigorously and said, “Yes master, that’s right.”

“Fine, now Gillian, kiss me,” David said lying back in the middle of the bed.

She bent over him and they kissed wildly until David broke it off saying, “Slowly kiss me downwards until you find something that needs sucking.”

Gillian started with his chin then his upper chest, then kissed and sucked his nipples.  This was exciting for David, knowing where she was heading but not how soon she would get there.  Then he noticed that Chris was getting more and more aroused by the same effect of mild suspense.

As she eventually arrived at his penis, not forgetting his navel on the way, David realised that he would be cumming very quickly when she started to fellate him.  Moreover Chris might not even last that long, wanking as he was like an express train.

In fact as her mouth closed over his prick, David knew he would blow in a matter of seconds.  Then an idea struck him.  “Gillian,” he said, “I’m going to cum in your mouth very soon.  Don’t swallow it, but keep it in your mouth, take it over to your husband and share it with him in a long tongue kiss.”  He was pleased that no safeword appeared, but that Chris exploded in his arousal with his cum going all over the carpet and the nearer part of the bed.

Gillian continued to suck and tongue the prick in her mouth until David could hold it no longer.  Then she stood up and did exactly as her master had ordered, transferring most of David’s cum to her husband’s mouth.

“Now both of you, swallow,” their master ordered, and they did.

“Gillian, perhaps it’s time for you to start lunch?” was the next command, and she did so without question and, much to David’s surprise, without dressing first.  When he had dressed and went into the kitchen she was indeed preparing lunch, but wearing only a large apron to protect her tender skin from accidents.

Chapter Eleven - Total Submission

After lunch David simply said, “Leave the dishes,” and led Gillian, still wearing only her apron, to the stairs where he stood aside and motioned her to go up ahead of him.  Another test, he thought, reaching out and groping her buttocks as she went up the stairs in front of him.  Looking back he called, “Chris, are you coming to watch?”

“Yes master, if it is allowed?” came the reply.

“Of course.  Whenever I use your wife you can watch if you are free, and if you want to do so.  I expect that will happen several times a week provided we are all three happy with it.”

Chris came bounding up the stairs and followed David into the bedroom where Gillian had already discarded the apron.

“Do you want me to undress you, master?” she asked.

“No need,” David answered, “I expect I would be quicker than you,” as he took off his belt and let his trousers drop to the floor.

“Yes, but I might be more interesting,” Gillian countered as she rubbed her breasts on his shirt while her hands were busy inside his underpants.

“And there I thought you were a shy little good girl.”

“I’m not shy with people I know … intimately,” she responded, “and I thought ‘good’ had disappeared at your house last Monday.”

They coupled in the missionary position and surprisingly quickly Gillian was overtaken by a continuous stream of small climaxes.

Christopher was clearly very excited by what he was witnessing and had a very solid erection which he was obviously trying to resist touching.

David having already cum in her mouth earlier lasted almost half an hour before letting a torrent loose inside her womb.

As he pulled out Chris also finally came in a spray that reached the edge of the bed without any help from his hand.  He asked, “Do you want to fuck her arse?  She won’t let me but she might let you.”

“If I want her to take it up her bum she will, won’t you Gillian?” David responded.

“I … I don’t …” Gillian’s voice trailed off.

Gillian,” David cautioned.

“Yes, master.  I will let you do anything you want,” she admitted, and rolled on to her stomach.

“Spread your buttocks,” David insisted and when she reached behind her and did so he said to Chris, “See?  She knows who is the master.  As it happens that isn’t something I want to do just now.  What I want next is for you to clean my prick.  It’s all wet with her and my juices.”

“But I’m not gay,” Chris protested.

“Nor am I.  You presumably already know what your wife tastes like, and this morning you discovered what my cum tastes like, so what’s the problem?”

Chris reluctantly came over to the bed where David was sitting on the edge.  At a gesture he knelt where Gillian had knelt earlier to give her master a blow job and took David’s slimy prick in his mouth.

“You see?” David said when Chris had finished the allotted task, “It doesn’t matter what size of penis I have, within reason.  It matters what I do with it, and don’t forget the most potent sex organ is the brain.  On the other hand there is, I think, some truth in those internet stories.  Once a woman has got used to a huge rod, be it real or a dildo, then she won’t be happy with a small one, so I wouldn’t let a gang of big tooled men have her, if I were you.”

Chris sat back on his heels and thought about this for a moment or two.  “You may well be right, master.”

“Changing the subject, what are your plans for the future?  Are you hoping to start a family?”

The young couple looked at each other and said, almost in unison, “Yes, but not yet.”

“Well when you decide to do that you will need to move a good many miles from here,” David insisted, “Because I’m going to be visiting Gillian two or three times a week and I don’t like condoms.  Incidentally, Gillian, you aren’t allowed to have any sort of sex with anyone else unless I say you can, no matter what Chris dreams up.  I want to be sure you are clean.”

“Yes master,” she said, casting a sad look in Chris’s direction.

Catching her look David hastened to add, “Of course Chris can have you whenever he wants.”

Both of them looked much relieved at this pronouncement.

“In fact, Chris, I would quite enjoy watching you take sloppy seconds now, if you are up to it?” and he moved off the bed and sat on the chair Chris had been using, adding, “You’ll need to get him hard again Gillian.”

Chris climbed on to the bed and lay on his back as Gillian seized his less than rigid tool.  It grew quickly in her mouth and then she climbed on him, lowering herself slowly on to him, making sure that David could see this activity clearly.

David noticed that there was some of his cum leaking out of her and running down Chris’s prick as she did so.  He was surprised that he felt his own penis stiffening at the spectacle.  I didn’t think I had another go in me, he thought, Better not.  I don’t want to wear it out.  Perhaps tomorrow evening?

As the young couple reached a very satisfying mutual orgasm, rather to the surprise of both of them, they suddenly realised that David had gone down stairs, leaving them to their pleasures.


David became a frequent visitor to their house and Gillian visited his quite often.  All in all they managed to meet for ‘flagrant delights’ three or four times a week, often with Chris in attendance, and almost always with him taking sloppy seconds.

The question of Gillian possibly allowing David to bugger her did not come up again, much to her relief, and somewhat to Chris’s disappointment    .

Chapter Twelve - Phoebe Comes Down To Earth

David was rather surprised to get a ’phone call from Gillian a couple of weeks later to say that Phoebe had just rung her and hinted that another dinner date with David and herself making up the foursome would be very welcome.

“What did you say to her?” he asked.

“I didn’t know what to say, so I told her I’d think about it.  I didn’t tell her we were meeting several times each week in case you wanted her as well as having me, master.”

“Ring her back and tell her you don’t know how you would arrange a meal as you don’t have my number.  Explain that Chris works in a different building from me so he can’t just ask me in passing.  Can you do that?”

“Of course master.”

Then David added, “Oh, and by the way I have no desire for Phoebe’s company or her body.  That would be true even if I didn’t have yours.”

“You have mine any time and anywhere, master, just say.”


At the office that Friday morning Phoebe received an internal memo setting up a meeting with David which read:

An appointment has been made for you to attend a meeting with Mr. Ransome at 10am on Monday next, or immediately after the Monday Meeting whichever is the later.

As had been intended, this worried her so she went along to his office and said, “You wanted to see me?”

David’s reply was short and to the point, “Monday at ten o’clock,” and he went back to reading the papers on his desk.

“But …” was all Phoebe managed before he said, “Out!”

Naturally Phoebe worried all weekend what this meeting was about.  Does he want to sack me?   Is it promotion?  Am I being moved to some other job?  She found it increasingly difficult to concentrate on anything, or even to sleep, which was precisely the effect David had been aiming for by the timing.

Monday came and the regular Monday Meeting where any problems were aired and the previous week’s progress reviewed, leading to any necessary plan changes for the coming week.  This week there was nothing out of the ordinary and so the meeting ended at twenty past nine.

Phoebe went straight to David’s office there and then as he hadn’t asked anyone in for a chat, only to be told, “Ten o’clock!”

Half an hour later she timidly knocked on his door and he waved her in.

“What do you know of the history of the company?” David asked her.

“Not much,” she said, “I know you were one of the original founders of it, and everything it does is an official secret, but beyond that very little.”

“Good.   At least security is tight.  Yes, I helped to found this company specifically to do one particular project for the Navy about the time you were born.  It was called Melisma and the content is still highly classified.  The three of us were successful in that case and from that the company has grown to nearly a hundred technical staff plus the necessary paper pushers in Section 1.  One thing we agreed on from the start was free coffee.”

Phoebe wondered why he mentioned that detail, but did not have long to wait.

“A team member who wants a cup of coffee just gets one from the machine.  Since then a habit has developed that when they go to the machine they offer to bring one for any of their immediate neighbours, and this means fetching perhaps three or four cups and saves those neighbours the time and effort of getting their own.  That is all well and good, but you have made it a habit to offer to fetch me one as well, although you sit much nearer to the coffee machine than to my office.  At first I wondered if you were spying on the papers on my desk, but you never came nearer that the doorway to make the offer and I almost always refused your offer, so I can hide anything really sensitive by the time you were back on the odd occasions I accept your offer.  In any case you don’t try to read any of the papers on my desk, the CCTV shows that.”

David paused to let it sink in to Phoebe that she had been seriously considered a possible security risk, though that had never been anything he worried to much about.

“I concluded that you were trying to get into my good books.  We call that sucking up to the boss.  Following me about at the Christmas Party was a similar symptom.  So you now have a choice, stop bringing me coffee unless you want to be my slave openly.”

“What would that involve?” she asked, hopefully.

“It means you do everything I want you to without question.  For example, to start with strip here and now.”

“Strip?”  You mean undress?”

“Yes, strip means remove all of your clothes, every stitch,” he confirmed.  God, I hope to heaven she doesn’t.  I’d never live that down.

“But everyone could see that?” she pointed out as the walls of his office were mostly glass.

David felt very relieved and said, “That’s the idea.  As my slave I would demand that you were always nude at work to make your status clear to your fellow workers.”

“That’s outrageous,” she protested.

“No more outrageous than inviting yourself to dinner with the Harrises.”

“They invited me,” she protested.

“I meant when you telephoned Gillian this week,” David said, “And in any case that first time you didn’t correct the impression they had that you had been my partner at the Christmas Party, and then you got drunk and made sexual advances to me.  That’s why I thought you might want to be my slave.”

They both sat in silence for some moments until Phoebe could stand it no longer, “Do I have to leave the company if I refuse?”

David was relieved to hear this and commented, “No.  We are actually pleased with your work so far.  Just please stop chasing me.  Your progress in the company will entirely depend on your team leader’s assessments of you and she thinks you’re one of our better recruits.  I wouldn’t dream of over-riding her judgement.”


David was surprised to get a ’phone call from John a week later saying, “The main reason I rang was to check if there has been any fall out from the events at the Christmas Party?”

“No.  You would have heard if there were,” David replied.

He was even more surprised when the next question was, “Oh and by the way, would you mind if I asked Phoebe out?”

“Why would I mind?” David asked, “Has she been saying anything?  There is not, and never has been, any possible relationship other than professional between us.  She just tried to get well in with the boss, and you know me well enough to know that won’t work.  I grant you she is pretty, and quite clever, but even after eighteen months I’m still getting over the loss of my wife, so I don’t want anyone in my life yet.”

“Great,” said John.

Chapter Thirteen - Chris And Gillian Move

As David was about to leave after a quicky session one evening Gillian said, “Have you got a moment?”

“Yes, of course.  Is this to do with Chris moving to London and taking a job with the Ministry of Defence?”

Gillian sat down suddenly, as she had not realised that David knew of the proposed move.  “Did he tell you?” she asked.

“No.  The Ministry’s security people came asking questions.”

“Oh.  What questions?”

“Well their main concern was whether you would be going with him or staying here with me,” David replied honestly, “But I have not told you that.  You aren’t supposed to know officially that you have been vetted.  On the other hand it is fairly obvious that anyone with the level of clearance needed to work on our projects would have their family and closest friends looked at.”

“So they know about us?” she asked.

“I notified them of our first private meeting when you rang me after our first dinner willing to have lunch.”

“And what did you say?  That you intended to seduce me?” she was angry now.

“It was implied, but not stated as such,” David replied, “And there is no reason to get angry.  If I hadn’t reported it before it happened then I, and more particularly Chris could have lost our clearances and our jobs.  Face it, your life is closely connected to your husband’s and as he works in a very sensitive area they have to assess everyone who might influence him.  That’s why so many who work in the defence world are married to other people in same world.”

The room went quiet while Gillian sat assimilating this, and she soon realised the truth of what he had said.

“I assume you know whether you are going with him, or staying here?” David half asked.

“Do you care?” she countered.

“Yes.  Believe it or not, I want you to be happy, and I rather think you are planning to discard your once-upon-a-time master in favour of your husband.”

Her silence said it all.

David went out of the door saying, “I wish the both of you all the luck in the world and as my father used to say, ‘May the bluebird of happiness fly up your nose’, and I mean that most sincerely.”

Chapter Fourteen - Epilogue

Phoebe accepted John’s invitation to dinner, and it seemed that they progressed well from there.  At any rate an engagement followed six months later.

David was relieved that the Harrises had moved to London – he mused that he had had some fun with Gillian but she was in danger of becoming boring, but suddenly she was leaving town, and now he was well rid of Phoebe’s clinging adoration.

It was also purest chance that Chris’s fit started the chain of events that led to Chris’s wife bouncing so delightfully on his prick.  That’s pure fate, he thought, Nobody planned it.