My husband left me for a man, telling me I was worthless. I have a 16-year-old daughter who is a lot like her father.

  I know I am overweight and not very pretty. I had always tried to please him and take care of his needs.

  He is a cross dresser and I helped him pick out clothes and teach him how-to put-on makeup. Plenty times I went with him to meet men and we shared them.

   We had our arguments, just like all couples. Our daughter always took his side and she blamed me for everything.

  He met this man on one of our trips to the coast. We spent a lot of time with him and shared our bed with him. Jim loved him and when we had sex, they mostly had sex with each other with me watching.

  After we got back home, Jim was always talking to his new friend on the telephone. Then one day he came to me and told me it was all over. He was going to be with his new lover.

   I was broken and laid around the house, not even going to work. My daughter was always telling me it was all my fault that he left.

   My daughter told me to go out and find another man to take care of us.

   I thought about what she said, thinking what man would want me, I am fat and ugly.

   I decided to go to a bar and maybe get drunk, who knows maybe some man might want me.

    I got dressed in a short dress and high heels and went to a bar me and Jim had gone to several times. I set at the bar drinking, feeling sorry for myself.

   A black man came up and asked me to dance. I was taken back but let him lead me to the dance floor. There was a nice song playing and we danced with him holding me close.

  It really felt good in his arms, and I moved closer to him. After the song ended, he invited me to his table where his friend was.

 He introduced his friend, Jeff and we set down and he bought me another drink. Bob was really nice, and we talked and danced for a while. They took turns dancing with me, and I was having a really good time.

   Me and Bob were dancing, and he held me close, and he kissed me. He asked me really quick if it was ok. I kissed him back holding him tighter.

   I could feel his excitement as we kissed. His hand moved down and pulled me tighter to him and could feel his cock grow and it was really big.

    We sat back down, and I could see the bulge in his pants. His friend said it was his time to dance and led me back to the floor.

   He held me tight and could feel his cock also. He kissed me deeply pulling me closer to him. His hand was on my ass pulling me tighter to him. I could feel his hardness.

   He whispered and said we need to leave here before we are kicked out. I said OK and they took me to their car.

   Bob got in the back seat with me while Jeff drove. Bob kissed me and his hand was on my breast. He took my hand and put it on his cock as we drove through town.

   He had my dress open, and his hand went under my bra. It felt go good as he played with my nipple. I was rubbing his cock and he took it out so I could stroke him while he kissed me and moved his hand under my dress and rubbing my pussy through my panties.

   I leaned over and took the head of his cock in mouth, sucking slowly. I sucked and licked the head tasting his precum. His hand was on my head as I sucked his cock deeper.

    I sucked his cock in and out of my mouth and he cummed filling my mouth. He kept his hand on my head as I milked his cock.

   We got to their house, and we went in. Jeff led me to the couch and took off my clothes and his. Bob watched and stripped his clothes off.

   Jeff sat down and I got between his legs and took his cock into my mouth. Bob set down beside us and watched as I sucked his cock in and out of his mouth.

   I licked the head and sucked him slowly. His hand was on my head guiding me. I licked down to his balls sucking them into my mouth. He leaned back so I could rim him as I stroked his cock. He held my head there as I licked him deep. I was stroking him as I licked faster. He pulled me up to his cock head and I sucked the head into my mouth. I slowly sucked his cock deeper gagging a little as it got in my throat. He kept me there while I got used to his cock being there as I slowly sucked.     

His cock swelled and he cummed filling my mouth. I swallowed and sucked on his cock head as he finished. I milked his cock and licked the head as he finished, they took me to a bedroom and Bob was hard and he put me on my knees and pushed his cock deep into my pussy slowly fucking me.

He fucked for a while and Jeff wanted me to suck him while Bob fucked me.    They moved me so I could suck on Jeff’s cock while Bob fucked me. Jeff was not hard, so I sucked on his cock and felt it grow in my mouth.

   They changed places and I sucked on Bob’s cock while Jeff fucked me. Bob spread his legs out wide and rolled his hips back so I could rim him.
   I licked him slowly and licked his balls and sucked them too. Jeff was fucking me pretty hard as I rimmed Bob, licking as deep as I could.
After a while Jeff filled my pussy with his cum. They traded places again so I could clean Jeff’s cock and balls.
 Bob wanted to fuck my ass, so he got some lube and put it on his cock and slowly pushed his cock into my ass as I sucked Jeff. He slowly fucked my ass pushing his cock into me slow.

   Bob fucked me hard and fast pushing his cock into my ass deep. I was sucking Jeff as Bob filled my ass with his cum.

   All three of us laid back to catch our breath. After a while we got dressed and they took me back to my car. We made a date to meet again.

   For the first time I felt good and was so glad I went to the bar. I was able to make two men happy. My daughter could see there was something different and I told her I met someone, and we had a wonderful time.



My daughter, who is a female version of my ex-husband, was giving me a hard time about my night out. She wanted to know who I had been with.

Pam had just turned eighteen and thought she was so hot. She had two boyfriends who did her bidding and expected me to everything she asked. I cooked for her and kept our house clean.

She fancies herself as a mistress and treated me as her sub. She was not a lesbian, but she liked to make me serve her nude. Sometimes when her boyfriends were over, she would have me give them blow jobs while she watched.

Bob, one of the guys I had been with called the house and she answered the phone. She talked to him and found out I was him and a friend. He wanted me to meet him for a date and she told him I would be there, but he had to have some of his friend there also. He agreed.

I went to his house and knocked on the door. He let me in and there were six other guys there. He led me into the living room and told me my daughter told him I belonged to him for the night.

All the men were black, and they all were ready for me. They were nude and setting around the room stroking their cocks.

Bob had me strip and put a collar on me and a leash. He led me around the room showing me off. The men would touch me and pinch my nipples and ass.

He had me get on my knees and crawl to one of the men. He spread his legs out so I could get between them to suck his cock.

His cock was long and skinny and I took the head into my mouth licking and sucking the head. His hand was on my head and pushed my head down so I could lick and suck his balls. I sucked them and stroked his cock.

Bob then led me to another man so I could suck him. I sucked the head into my mouth. I could taste the precum and licked and sucked the tip. I sucked him deep into my mouth, milking his cock. He pushed me down so I could suck his balls.

He led me to the next guy who was on his knees so I could rim him. Licked his ass and reached and stroked his cock. I licked him deep pushing my tongue into his ass. Bob pushed my head down so I could lick his balls. I pulled his cock back and sucked the head of his cock.

The next guy was laying back with his ass and balls exposed. I rimmed his and stroked his cock. His hand was on my head, and he pulled me tight against him to lick him deeper. I licked and sucked his balls before sucking his cock.

The next guy was huge, his cock had to be 12 inches. His cock was leaking precum and I licked the tip and squeezed the head and licked into the slit. His cock head was huge and I was able to push the tip of my tongue into the slit. I sucked on the tip and head stroking his cock. His hand was on my head and made me keep sucking until he cummed filling my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could. I milked his cock until he finished.

The last guy was stroking his cock when I got to him. He pushed his cock into mouth holding my head while he fucked my mouth. I sucked his cock deep into my mouth, sucking hard as he cummed hard. I milked his cock until he finished.

Bob had me suck his cock fucking my mouth. I licked his cock and sucked his balls. I rimmed him and he wanted me to fuck his ass with my finger. I sucked on his cock slowly while fucking his ass. His hand was on my head while I was sucking him. He cummed and I milked him.

He led me to the middle of the floor and put me on my knees. One guy got behind me and fucked me doggie. Another was laying down in front of me so I could suck his cock. They took turns fucking me, filling my pussy and ass. They cummed all over my face and breasts.

The big guy with the huge cock was last. He had me all to himself. He had me suck on his cock for a while licking and sucking. I licked and sucked on his balls; they were huge. He rolled his hips back so I could rim him while stroking his cock. I had two hands on his cock stroking him.

He set me on his cock, and I thought he was going to split me in half. I was well lubed with cum, and I slowly pushed down on his cock. He stretched my pussy as he filled me. I could feel his cock open me up deep inside of my pussy. I started moving up and down on his cock, feeling it go deeper every time I pushed down.

His hands were on my hips and e was pulling me down as I pushed. I was moving fast when he exploded filling my pussy with his seed. He pushed me down so I could clean his cock and balls from the cum that covered them.