Missy her story.

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03 Mar. '22

Missy was one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. She weighed 85 lbs. and stood 4’9” , long blond hair and perky nipples. Her ass was perfect for her size. Perfectly shaped legs. Hard to describe her face except for the fact she was so beautiful.

She was married to Sir a wonderful man who took me in as his and hers play toy. The best sex that I have ever had has been with them. Sir was gone a lot and me and Missy became really close. Sex with her was wonderful and we slept together sometimes making love most of the night.

When Sir was home, we sometimes were with him together and sometimes apart. We did his bidding. We lived to please him and did everything he asked.

We were laying together one night and I asked Missy how she and Sir met. She told me it was a long story, but she would tell me if I wanted to hear everything. I said we have all night and tomorrow if needed.

She grew up in Memphis and came from a poor family. She was the oldest girl and ended up doing the housework and most of the cooking. Her mom was not able to take care of anything, so she did. Her life was there at home.

At school she had a hard time but was able to graduate. Her date life was nonexistent. Sex well she had neighbors that took care of that, so she was not a virgin. When she turned eighteen, she started looking for a job she really wanted to leave home. Her problem she was so small that no one wanted to hire her. She looked like a twelve-year-old. She had her ID out as soon as she applied for a job.

She was reading the help wanted ads one day and saw a ad that wanted girls to appear in Hip Hop videos. The ad said the pay is good and there were looking for girls to do several videos. She loved Hip Hop and she loved dancing.

She called the number and did a interview on the phone. They asked several questions. How old was she, did she have any stds and would she be willing for a doctor’s exam? Would she be willing to dance in short miniskirts and maybe sometime in bra and panties? She said yes to all, to get the job anything would be ok.

She made a appointment for the next week. She was scared knowing se was so small and had been turned own so many times. She began to think about what she would do to have a chance.

What she wore would be very important. Her makeup and how she acted not like a little girl. She had a dress that was pretty short and worked on it to make it shorter. She never wore bras, and she knew her nipples would show in that dress it was black and pretty shear. She bought it for a date that never happened. She had a thong she would wear and high heels. They were pretty high, and she liked them because they added two inches to her height.


Her makeup would have to be perfect. Dark red lipstick was her favorite. Her eye lashes were long, and she would use eye liner. Some color for her face. She did not want to look like a hooker but thought maybe she should look like one.

She arrived early and met the receptionist, she asked her for her id looking at her and not thinking she would eighteen. She looked at the id and then asked do you have anything else. She took out other id’s she had learned to carry.

They talked some and she helped calm her down. She said she would do great, and the guys would love her. Remember sex sales and you will be fine.

 This black guy finally came and took her to a room. All it had was video setup and a couch. He checked her id also not thinking she was eighteen. She set on the couch with her legs crossed, she could see his eyes looking her over.

He smiled and said you are a beautiful girl, and he was glad she was there. He asked her some of the same questions. He said you know hip hop singers get pretty horny when singing and my run their hands over your body. I told him I have seen some vids and knew that.

He asked her is was up to wearing bra and panties while dancing. She told him she never wears a bra. He looked at her and said he could see that, and they would be ok with that would just have to be careful filming.

He asked her to dance for him, so she got up and danced, twerking for him. Her dress was up over her ass, but she did not care. He was encouraging her to get sexy in her dancing. She did the best she could.

He told her the more she showed the better the guys would like her. She took her dress off and danced with just her thong on. He was telling her that is what he means as she was on her knees on the couch twerking.

He had her stand up and pull her thong tight, that is good. He said go ahead and take her thong off they would really like that. He watched as she took it off. Her pussy was trimmed, and he said nice.

He told her to turn around and bent over and spread her cheeks out.  He asked her if she would be willing to go further to show them, she really wanted this gig. She asked him what she needed to do.

He had her get on her knees in front of him and she knew what he wanted and took his pants down. His cock was big, and she took it into her hand stroking it slow. She played with it and licked the tip. She licked the head sucking it into her mouth. She licked his cock and sucked on the head.

He stopped her and undressed and set on the couch spreading his legs out for her. She got between his legs and licked his cock up and down. She took the head back into her mouth sucking it deep into her mouth. She gaged but kept sucking. His hand was on her head, and he kept her there while she sucked.

He pushed her head down to his balls and she licked and sucked on them while stroking his cock. She took his balls into her mouth licking and sucking them. He spread his legs wider and pushed head down and she rimmed him. He really liked that, and he kept her there licking. She licked deep into his ass while stroking his cock.

He put her on her knees and told her this might hurt some, but he would go slow as he pushed his cock into her pussy. He fucked her slow only pushing his cock in halfway. He hurt some but felt good and she pushed back wanting more. He pushed his cock in deeper picking up speed. He pinched her nipples as he fucked her.

She was so tight on his cock that he was ready to cum. He turned her around so she could suck him while he cummed. She took the head of his cock in her mouth sucking it while he cummed fill her mouth. She swallowed his cum and licked and sucked on the head. He kept her head there as she milked his cock.

He told her they would be calling for sure. He called her the next day and told her they loved the video and wanted her to come to the studio the next day wearing the same dress.

Missy was early for the interview, and they let her in to the recording room. There were four guys there one while and three black. They were nice and said they were doing sound checks. The white guy was on the board and told them to make some noise. I was watching as they did some rap for him.

One of them pulled her up to them and danced with her. His hands were all over her and the next thing she knew was her dress was off and he was pinching her nipples. Another guy stood behind her as he pulled her thong off and went down on her licking her pussy while the one behind her played with her nipples.

They took off their clothes and she got on her knees and was sucking them. They took turns fucking her mouth. She sucked and licked their cocks. They picked her up and set her on one of the cocks filling her pussy. He was fucking her holding her up.

One guy pushed his cock into her ass fucking her. They both were fucking her, holding her between them. They fucked her hard, both cumming about the same time. The third guy took her to a chair and set down and set her on his cock fucking her hard.

One of the guys came and put his cock in her mouth for her suck while being fucked. The guy she was fucking came in her pussy. They had her suck them some more and clean their cocks before fucking her again. They took turns fucking her in her ass and pussy.

They took turns fucking her and she would suck them when they cummed. After a while they finished and left her laying there. She was covered with cum and laid on the floor nude.

The white guy came and picked her up and put her clothes on. Her pussy hurt and her ass. He told her he would take care of her and carried her out to his car. He took her to his house and carried her in.

He took her clothes off and his and put her in the shower and cleaned her washing her hair and body. He carried her to his bed and laid her down. He got some ointment and rubbed it on her pussy and ass. She felt better as he messaged her.

She could help but to look at his cock it was long and had a huge, mushroomed head. She thinks if he fucked her, it was really going to hurt. He didn’t do anything talked nice about her telling her she was so beautiful. He gave her some pills and they both laid on the bed and she went to sleep in his arms feeling safe.

She woke up hours later and looked around not knowing where she was. He was laid out next to her, both of them were still nude. She looked at his cock thinking how beautiful it was. She wanted to touch it but did not want to wake him. She slid out of bed and went to the bathroom.

When she came back, he was awake watching her. He said how are you, just fine she said. He laid down next to him and said thank you.

He told her no problem, he loved taking card of beautiful women. She blushed and looked for something to cover herself with. He said please don’t I love looking at you. She blushed some more but stopped. She was looking at his cock. He asked her if she liked what she saw. She blushed some more and said yes.

They talked some more while eating breakfast. They never put any clothes on, and he told her beauty should not be covered. They talked about the rappers, and he told her he had her money, and it was a lot. He said sex is good for two things, making money and bringing pleasure.  

She thought for a min and said I see that. I enjoyed part of what happened, but it was nice to get paid. He said enjoyed watching. He loved a girl who was free to enjoy her body. He told her he really enjoyed sex of all kinds, he was bi and had no problem exploring his sexuality.

She felt drawn to this man more than anyone she had ever met. He asked her how her pussy and ass was, and she told him a lot better. He wanted to apply more ointment and she laid back to let him. She watched him as he rubbed it into her pussy and ass it felt so good.

She watched his cock grow and he rubbed her. He asked if she liked what she saw. Yes, very much you have a beautiful cock. He told her it was hers to do what she wanted.

She took his cock in her hands slowly stroking. It felt so good in her hands. He was leaking precum and she licked the tip of his cock. She squeezed the tip and licked into the pee hole.  She licked into the slit getting as much as she could. She sucked on the tip getting the rest.

She sucked on the head opening wide to get it all in her mouth. She slowly sucked licking the underside of the head while she sucked. His cock tasted so good as she slowly sucked on the head a stroked him at the same time. She licked around the head and down the sides. He pulled her back to the head and she sucked the head back into her mouth sucking harder. She stroked him faster and felt the head swelling, she was ready when he filled her mouth. She swallowed and licked his cum off his cock. She milked his cock of ever drop. Licking the tip as some cum kept coming out.

She did not want to stop, just wanted to keep sucking. She licked and sucked the head until he started getting hard. She licked down the side to his balls. She licked and sucked them into his mouth. She stroked his cock as she played with his balls. She was enjoying sucking them when he rolled his hips back.

She played with is balls with her hand and licked around his ass. He was shaved smooth, and she was enjoying licking and kissing his ass. She spread his ass cheeks out and licked down the middle. She stroked his cock as she started licking him up and down. She pushed her tongue in deeper and she licked faster.

She pushed her tongue in as far as she could listening to him moan. It made her feel so good bring him pleasure. He put his hand on her head pulling her tighter and she licked faster. He told her to push her finger in and fuck him with her finger. She did and licked back up to the head sucking it into her mouth.

She was glad to get his cock head back into her mouth as she licked and sucked. She held the head in her mouth slowly sucking as she fucked his ass with her finger. She was enjoying the feel of his cock when he started fucking her mouth moving the head a little deeper into her mouth.

He was moaning as he exploded into her mouth filling it with his cum. She licked and sucked while he cummed. She milked his cock of ever drop. She still did not want to stop but he pulled her up to him and kissed her deeply.

They laid there for a while resting for a while. He wanted to fuck her but did not want to hurt her. They fell asleep and when they woke up she felt wonderful and told him she wanted to be fucked by him.

They took a shower and got some breakfast and made plans for the day. She got a call and the wanted her for a video and she asked what should do. He told her the money would be great and the sex good to. She asked if he would be ok with that, he told he would be watching and stroking. She laughed and told them she would be there.

That night she was ready. She sucked on the head of his cock for a while getting him very hard. She set on his cock letting it slide into her pussy as she pushed down slowly.

 She started moving her ass pushing down harder as he started fucking her slow. It felt wonder as they both moved together. She felt his cock in her and cummed hard as he moved faster. He turned her over putting her on her knees and fucked her harder. She was loving this when he cummed filling her pussy.

She loved telling me all this and wanted to tell me more. I said sure we will have to tell all.