Amy was looking out the window, she lived on a farm and her job was to make sure all the gates were shut and the chickens taking care of. She was finishing the twelve grade this year and looking forward to a dull summer.

Her parents were farmers and worked sunup to sundown. She had a week left at school and her best friend just texted her that she was not ready for the finals. They had been studying so much her head hurt. They both were straight A students, and she was sure Janet would ace the tests.

She had to get supper ready for her parents who would be coming home soon, it was getting dark. She heard a truck pull up and looked out, it was a UPS truck with a package. She took in it the house, it was big and had three parts. She had no idea what it was.

She got supper ready just as they drove up. After they ate her dad got the packages and they carried them upstairs. There was a empty room and they took them in there. We got them unpacked and set up. Dad told me all the farm details will be on here. I was to take care of entering and taking care of the farms expenses and running the farm.

I had taken some classes in school, and he knew I could do all of what they needed. I was glad to do everything, wow I have a pc I was thinking. I man was to come out tomorrow and set everything up.

She could not wait to tell Jan and they both were excited. She could not wait to get home. She ran upstairs as soon as she got home. It was all set up with the program. She looked it all over and set up email for her and her parents. She sent one to Jan and one other girl at school. Joyce was a older girl that she and Jan hung out with.

Her school was small, and the town was small also. After her parents went to bed she started to explore. The girls had three things they talked about, boys, sex and boys in that order. Joyce had the most experience and Jan and her were virgins who had never been on a date.

The first thing she did was to go Bing search and put in cock. She had never seen one and she wanted to see one bad. They talked about them, and Joyce had seen one and had experienced sex. Most of the high school girl had sex early. The sad thing almost half were pregnant before twelve grade.

She had made up her mind that was not going to be her. She wanted sex just like all of them, but she was going to be careful. The girls talked about it a lot.

Cocks came up but only with clothes on, she had to find the off button and click on it and then the page was full of cocks.

She stared at them. All sizes and colors, big and some small. She looked at them all wondering how they would feel in her hands and pussy. She clicked on videos and movies came up, sex movies. She felt her self-getting wetter as she looked at a movie of a guy and a girl having sex.

She was doing everything she had heard about. She was sucking his cock and he fucked her. She was rubbing her pussy; she had done this before but this time she had an organism that shook her. She had never felt anything that good.

She watched movies of girls together and two men and a girl all kinds of movies until midnight. She rubbed her pussy until she was sore.

She went to bed thinking about all she had seen. She so wanted to do them and made up her mind she would someday.

The next day was Saturday, and she explored the internet for more sex sites. She got a email from Joyce and there was a invite to join a chat room. She joined and met Joyce there. They chatted some and she introduced me to some guys she was chatting with. They were all in a room chatting.

They were talking about sex and even showing pictures. Joyce told her she came here often to meet guys. It was wild some of the guys lived close to her and she recognized them. She got in a private room with this guy who lived close to her. He was married but told her his wife did not mind him coming in here.

They chatted for a while, and he showed her a picture of his cock. It was pretty big and she liked looking at it. They agreed to meet again the next night after everybody was asleep.

They met the next night and he introduced her to his wife. She was nice and put her at ease tell her she did not mind him chatting with her. She was very pretty and sent her a picture of both of them. She recognized her from town. An older lady who worked at the lady’s boutique in town.

She was very pretty and nice. They chatted together for a while and then she left, and her husband stayed to chat. He told they had a open marriage and were swingers. He showed her more pictures and she sent him one of her pussy.

They masturbated together. She cummed hard really enjoying herself. She next day her and Joyce got together and shared everything. Joyce told her she had been seeing a guy she met there. They were having sex quite often. She said older guys are the best.

She wanted to meet with her friend and experience sex for the first time. That night they talked about meeting and set a date. She was going to his house while his wife was at work.  

She wore a dress and dark red lipstick. She wished she had some sex clothes. When she got there an hour early and knocked on the door. He answered and let her in. He had a bath robe on and had just got out of the shower. She told him she was sorry but just had to come before she changed her mind.

He said it was ok and led her to the living room. He asked if she wanted some wine, and she took a glass hoping it would calm her down. They set on the couch and talked a little while. She calmed down and he leaned over and kissed her, he kissed him back her mouth parting and felt his tongue.

She had never been kissed this way and it really felt good as he pulled her to him. His robe fell open and he was nude under it. His cock was hard, and she stared. He told her she could touch it and she took it in her hand. It was hard and soft to the touch. She remembered the movies she had watched and wanted to do all of what she had seen.

He led her to the bedroom and undressed her. Her breasts were small, and she had very little hair on her pussy as he looked her over. She liked him looking as he had her bend over and he touched her ass and pussy. He told her she was beautiful and so sexy.

He took his robe off and laid down pulling her down with him. He went down on her licking and kissing her pussy lips. All she could do was to grip his head and hold on as he licked into her pussy.  She was cumming as he licked and sucked her clit. He did not stop until she almost passed out. She could not believe anything felt this good.

He moved up and kissed her letting her taste her juices. She caught her breath and said I want to taste you.

She got between his legs and took his cock in her hands. She remembered what she had saw in the movies and was going to do those things to him. She licked his cock-up ad down. She held it in her hand stroking while licking the tip. He tasted so good, and she sucked on the tip letting the precum fill her mouth. She licked and sucked the head into mouth, slowly sucking. She sucked him deeper into her mouth until it entered her throat, she gaged a little but kept sucking.

She sucked his cock in and out of her mouth, licking as she sucked. She licked down to his balls, licking and sucking them while stroking his cock. His hand was on her head as she sucked them into her mouth. She moved lower to rim him, and he rolled his hips back so she could lick him.

She licked deep into his ass licking and kissing. She spread his ass cheeks out and licked deeper. His hand was on her head as he kept her there licking. He finally pulled her back to his cock and she sucked the head back into her mouth. She pushed a finger into his ass while she sucked on the head.

He liked what she was doing and encouraged her to fuck his ass. She sucked his cock deep into her mouth slowly sucking. His cock felt so good in her mouth. She fucked his ass faster and stroked his cock while licking and sucking the head of his cock. She sucked him deep and slow getting used to his cock deep into her throat.

He was moaning and she sucked harder on the head. She wanted to suck him all day loving the taste and feel of his cock in her mouth. She could feel his cock swell and was ready when he filled her mouth with cum. She was licking and sucking trying to swallow it all. She kept milking his cock while cum kept coming out. She liked licking cum out of the slit as it came out little at a time. She sucked on the tip until he finished.  

She laid in his arms until he recovered. He asked her where she learned how to do all of that. She you porn her favorite site. He said keep watching. He wanted to fuck her but could not find a condom. She told him he could fuck her ass.

He put her on her knees and rimmed her ass. It felt wonderful as he pushed his tongue in deep. She was ready and he put some lube on his cock and slowly pushed it into her ass. He fucked her slow slowly pushing in deeper. It bothered her at first but started to feel good as he picked up speed.

He fucked her for a while with her moaning after a while. He finally cummed and she could feel the cum filling her ass.

He licked her pussy again making her cum. She did not want to leave she wanted to do everything again. She had to go home she had work to do. They planned on meeting in the chat room later.