Amy meets a black man in the chat room

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07 Mar. '22

Amy was upset her friend is going to out of town for a while and she was looking forward to more great sex. She had spent two days with him and wanted more, she did not realize how much she loved sex until she did not have any.

She went back to the chat room where she had met him and opened the chat room, where she had met him. There were several men in there and she started chatting with them. One of them was interesting so they got a private room.

He lived a quite a ways from her but she had a car and so did he. They chatted for a while and exchanged pictures. She had never met a black man before and was curious. His cock was pretty big, bigger than her friend’s. The more she chatted with him the more she wanted to see him.

They both knew it would be bad if they were caught together, so they had to be careful. He invited her to his house. She decided that would be best and set a time. She drove there the next morning, not really knowing what to expect.  He was waiting for her at the door, they hugged and kissed he led her to the living room. They set down on the couch and started making out.

Before she knew it, she was nude, and he was between her legs kissing and licking her pussy. His tongue was long and reached deep in her pussy and she started cumming at once. He was sucking on her clit and licking deep in her. He sucked on her pussy drinking her juices. He moved down and rimmed her pushing his tongue deep into her ass. She went wild gripping his head and pulling tight. New sensations flowed through her body bringing pleasure that almost caused her to pass out. He licked and sucked on her pussy and ass.

He finally stopped leaving her laid out and panting. All she could say was WOW. He held her close kissing her and playing with her nipples. After she recovered, she told him to get on his back and spread is legs. She was going to give him a blow job that he would never forget and then fuck his brains out.  

She took his cock in her hands slowly stroking. She looked him over, long slender cock with a pretty big head. At least ten inches. Balls were big and he did trim the hair around them. Real nice ass and she had him spread out real wide, she wanted everything to be exposed. She was licking her lips.

He was leaking precum and she licked the tip of his cock, cleaning it off. She closed her eyes enjoying the taste of his cock. She sucked on the tip getting all of the precum. She licked his cock up and down. She slowly sucked the head into her mouth enjoying the feel in her mouth. She held his cock in her mouth slowly milking. Her tongue was at work licking the underside of the head.

She was enjoying sucking the head but slowly sucked his cock deep into her throat holding it there sucking. She was rubbing her pussy while she sucked his cock deeper. She licked down to his balls sucking and licking them. She stroked his cock while sucking them into her mouth. She licked them spreading his legs out wider.

She spread his ass cheeks out and pushed her tongue deep into his ass. She kept stroking him while rimming him. She licked him as deep as she could. He put his hand on her head pulling her tighter on his ass. She licked him faster while stroking his cock.

He pulled her back to his cock, and she sucked the head of his cock into her mouth. She sucked his cock deep into her throat holding it there milking. He started fucking her mouth and she licked and sucked while he fucked her. She pushed a finger into his ass fucking him.

She was moving faster as he fucked her mouth. She sucked hard on the cock while he exploded into her mouth. She sucked and licked swallowing his cum. She milked his cock while he finished. She licked the cum that kept coming out. Sucking on the head until he pulled her up to kiss her deeply.

He put a condom on and she sat on his cock pushing down to fill her pussy. She fucked him hard with him pushing up while she was moving fast. He put her on her knees and fucked her hard making her cum. He fucked her everyway he could, wearing her out and him also.

The ended up laid out on the bed resting. The phone rang and his roommate wanted to know if he could come home. He asked her if he could. He told her he had a real nice cock and she said why not.

He came in and they were both still nude laying on the bed. He stripped and she took his cock into her mouth slowly sucking. She sucked him and licked his balls sucking on them. She felt a cock pushing against her ass and she was being fucked in the ass while she was sucking.

It felt good in her ass and her mouth as she sucked hard on the cock taking it all the way in her mouth. The was enjoying herself as they both had their way with her. They changed places taking turns being sucked and fucking her. One of them cummed in her mouth and she sucked him dry until he was hard again, and they took turns fucking her.

When she went home, she was sore but very satisfied. She was turning into a slut, and she was enjoying herself.