Janet finds freedom

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12 Mar. '22

Freedom, something I never thought I would have again. Forty years old, married for over 23 years and maybe afraid for the first time in years.

Looking in the mirror, I see a slightly overweight woman, with small breasts but still pretty firm. Legs pretty long and still shapely. Pussy needs to be trimmed or maybe shaved. Long hair, dish water blond, might go to the hairdresser to make me more of a blond.

Have been told I am pretty but not sure. Haven’t wore makeup in a long time.

Touching myself and feeling wet. Been so long since I have had sex with a man. I masturbate a lot thinking about men, lots of them, even women. We never had children, doctor said I would never be able.

The only sex I have had has been get on cum and get off. I have been watching porn and know there is a lot I have been missing. I have never given a guy a blow job and wonder how a cock would feel in my mouth. Never had anal and wondered about that also. I really wanted to be fucked hard over and over.

I am going out tonight looking for a man. I know a bar where there are plenty of men, maybe I can meet one, or two LOL.

I bought a dress for tonight; it is short and low cut. I am not going to wear a bra, have a thong. High heels that I have been wearing a few days getting used to them. Makeup, trying to look sexy and maybe like a slut. Dard red lipstick, eye liner and some blush. I touch myself and fine that I am very wet.

Building up my courage I walk into the bar. There are mostly black men and very little women. There are women dancing and stripping. Most of the men are watching them. I set down at a table and watch them also.

A couple of men set down with me wanting to buy me a drink. I accept and they buy me some wine. They are both tall and very black. We talk for a while when the music stopped. They asked me if I was going to strip and said I am not a dancer.

One of them said it is to loud in here and would I like to go some where we can talk. I agreed it was loud here. They told me they had a room at the motel, and we could go there. I wanted to and said OK.

The room had two king sized beds and was really nice. I was nervous but this is what I wanted. One of them took me in his arms and kissed me. I melted in his arms; it had been so long since I had been kissed like this.

I felt him take my clothes off and they both undressed. Their cocks were long and thick, and I was staring. We laid on the bed and one of them spread my legs and started licking my pussy. I had never experienced this and was cumming at once.

The other guy put his cock in my mouth, and I started sucking on the head. I licked and sucked liking the taste and feel in my mouth. I felt a cock push into my pussy, it felt wonderful. I sucked harder as he fucked me. I was floating it felt so good. They moved me to my hand and knees and one of them fucked me I sucked the other one.

I sucked him deep into my mouth enjoying the feel in my mouth. I was being fucked hard, his cock filling my pussy. They treaded places I tasted my juices on the cock I was sucking.

He had me to suck his balls and I sucked them into my mouth. I was licking and sucking them when he spread his legs wide and pushed my head down so I could rim him. I licked deep into him, licking hard.

I was cumming and enjoying everything. I moved back to the cock head and he cummed in my mouth. I swallowed it all milking his cock. I kept sucking while being fuck harder. I was enjoying sucking this cock and did not want to stop. He was getting hard when the other guy cummed filling my pussy.

I took turns sucking them getting them hard. I sucked on both cocks for a while as they laid back and enjoyed. I sucked their balls and rimed them both before they fucked me again.

I set on one of their cocks and felt a tongue enter my ass. It felt so good as I push down hard on the cock filling my pussy.

I felt a cock push slowly into my ass and was being fucked in my ass and pussy. I had never felt anything like this. They fucked me hard. They changed over letting me suck one while being fucked.

I did not want to ever stop but they finally finished. We laid there for a little while. One of them let me suck on his cock as we laid there. It felt so good in my mouth. They took my number and we promised to meet again.