Janet gets a job

I enjoy my time out so much I decided to go back to the club. I was wet thinking about what happened. Those guys were living out of town and it might be weeks before I saw them again. I dressed up like a slut, at least I thought I looked like. Very short mini skirt, blouse you could see through and high heels. Dark red lipstick, eyeliner and blush set off my look. No bra and a thong.

I got there in the evening and set at a table to watch the dancers. They were so sexy. I man came up and said the manger wanted to talk to me and asked me to go with him. I followed him to an office in the back. I was nervous wondering what he wanted. He asked me to set down and said that they don’t allow hookers in the club.

I told him I was not a hooker; I just liked his club. He said ok are you a dancer?  I said not, not a good dancer and too old anyway. He said you are not too old; in fact you are very sexy.  That made me feel good but said I really cannot dance.

He told me to stand up, I did, and he said move around kind of sexy. I tried and he said that is good. Do I have any problem taking my clothes off in front of people? I told him I don’t think so. He came around and stood in front of the desk and asked me to strip.

I was feeling hot and took my clothes off as he watched. He looked me over and said wow you are really sexy. I just smiled and he told me that I would turn all the men on in this place. He said you have me turned on. He was a white man and was pretty tall. I could see his cock growing in his pants. He said maybe we could work something out and took his pants off revealing a huge cock.

I could not help myself and got in my knees and took his cock in my hands and licked the tip. Licked and sucked the cock head into my mouth slowly sucking He tasted wonderful, and I was sucking him deeper into my mouth. I licked his cock up and down, kissing and licking.

I sucked on the head stroking his cock. I was getting so turned on I was rubbing my pussy as I sucked. I sucked his cock as deep as I could rubbing his balls. I moved down to his balls sucking and licking them while stroking his cock. He spread his legs leaning back and I rimmed him, pushing my tongue in deep.

He was moaning and I moved back to his cock head sucking it into mouth. I sucked hard on the head while stroking his cock. I was rubbing my clit hard while sucking him. He cummed hard filling my mouth. I swallowed and licked the cum off his cock. I milked his cock unto he was finished.

He took me and laid me on the desk and licked my pussy until I cummed. He was hard again and fucked me hard. His cock filled my pussy going it deep. I was coming and crying out it was so good. He turned me over and fucked me doggie. He fucked me hard and fast until he cummed.

I was (wow) setting down in the chair. He said I was great and really wanted me to work at his club. He told me I would make good money and get all the sex I wanted. I asked him if I could use his cock. He told me I could suck him anytime.

I went to work as a hostess, and he had a woman to teach me the things I needed to know. June was a beautiful girl and knew everything I needed to know. I spent a lot of time with her, and she showed me how to do a lap dance. She said this is where we make our money.

There are two kinds of lap dances, one for the general public and one for private customers who have been approved. They paid the most and expected everything they wanted. I liked that idea. She said sometimes they want a show to put on for them. Girl-girl, girl masturbating, girl giving blow jobs and other things they come up with.

Sounding exciting to me. I met several girls who worked there, and they all were younger but really nice. A couple of men asked for lap dance, and she let me watch.  She told me the key was to make them cum in their pants. I was really getting turned on watching her.

I met some of the men who worked there, all hot and black. One of them said let me show you the back rooms. He led me back to the rooms. There were several he said that were used for private parties. He was standing right be hind me and I could feel his cock against my ass.

I said show me what you mean reaching for his cock. There was a chair in the room, and he pulled his pants off and set down. I got between his legs and took his cock in my mouth sucking on the head. He tasted so good as I slowly sucked and licked the head of his cock. I sucked him deeper in my mouth playing with his balls as I sucked. I was really getting into sucking him when he pushed my head down so I could suck his balls which I loved doing. I stroked his cock as I sucked them into mouth playing with them with my tongue.

He leaned back and I rimmed him pushing my tongue deep into his ass. He pulled me head to him as I licked faster. I stood up and took my clothes off and set on his cock letting him fill my pussy. We fucked hard and fast making me cum hard.

He told me he was close, and I moved down and sucked on the head of his cock. I sucked his cock deep into mouth holding it my throat milking his cock. I played with his balls and pushed a finger into his ass fucking him. I sucked hard on the head until he cummed filling my mouth. I swallowed and licked the cum off of his cock. I sucked the head until he finished. I sucked on him a little while and he took me back up front.

I was looking forward to working there. I planed on stripping also wanting to dance nude. June told me I was going to be great, and she wanted me to be her partner when they needed shows. She kissed me hard, and I kissed her back.

To be continued