Janet's first day at work

I knew I was going to love working at the club. June went and got some clothes for me to try on. The club had outfits for us to wear and dresses to strip in and we went to my house to try them on and get cleaned up. I had some cum in my hair.

We got to my house and June got in the shower with me and washed me off. Her hands felt great going over my body. She washed my pussy and ass really good, rubbing my clit some. I returned the favor washing her and we kissed rubbing our bodies together.

I went to my knees licking her pussy, kisses the lips and pushing my tongue into her pussy. She started cumming when I found her clit licking and sucking. She pulled me up kissing me deeply. We got out and headed for the bed drying each other off.

I was on my knees while she licked my pussy and ass. Her fingers were rubbing my pussy and her fingers fucking me. Her tongue was pushing into my ass. I was cumming and moaning as she licked me deep while fucking me with several fingers.

We moved and did a 69 licking and kissing each other's pussy. We stayed that way for a while. I loved her taste and sucked the juices out of her pussy. I fingered her ass while licking her pussy and she kept cumming.

We stopped to rest, and I tried on the clothes she brought. One was a see-through dress I would wear as a hostess. It was super short and had a very small thong to match. She told me guys would cop a feel every chance they got.

The stripper dress was long with a slit up the front. I was to wear a thong with it and she showed me how to dance exposing my thong. I would end up nude and sometimes let men put money into my pussy.

She told me the guards one let me if a cop showed up which was very rare and when they came they usually wanted a blow job. She said she hoped I like sucking cocks because I would be doing a lot of that. I said no problem I love cocks.

We got to the club pretty late, she told this is the busy time. I had my dress on and she told me just walk around and talk to the guys and let them buy you drinks and cop a feel. She told me if I wanted too I could rub their cocks.

The two black guys were there, and she told me they would keep me safe. The one who took me in the back smiled really big and told me his friend had some thing to show me. He was excited leading me to a room in the back.

I knew what he wanted and was willing. We got to the room, and he took his pants off and set in the chair. His cock was bigger and longer. I got on my knees and took his cock into my mouth slowly sucking the head. I licked his cock up and down, kissing it all over. I sucked the head in deep while stroking him. I sucked his cock deep into my throat holding it there sucking slowly. His cock really felt good in my mouth and I sucked him slow. He pushed my head down to his balls and I sucked them into my mouth. I moved down and rimmed him, licking him deep as he moaned. I was stroking his cock while licking him.

I moved back to his cock sucking it deep into my mouth. I sucked him into my throat holding his cock there as I slowly sucked. I pushed a finger into his ass while sucking. He started fucking my mouth and picking up speed filled my mouth with cum. I slowly sucked him dry.  

We walked back to the front; it was time to go to work. I moved around the room, flirting with the guys letting them cop a feel. They kept pulling my thong down and rubbing my pussy or ass. I just laughed and moved on. One of them bought me a drink and I set at his table watching the stripper with him.

He had his cock out so I stroked him while we watched. He wanted a lap dance, so we went to a room. I took off my dress and danced for him.  He was a regular so anything he wanted. I set on his lap moving my pussy over his cock. He had pulled his pants off. He was kissing and sucking my nipple as I rubbed my pussy on his cock.

I got on my knees and sucked his cock into my mouth. He was leaking precum and licked and sucked it out of the tip of his cock. I sucked on the head and was able to suck his cock into my throat easy. I sucked him and played with his balls. His hand was on my head as he cummed filling my mouth. I slowly milked his cock until he was finished. He gave me a huge tip. I put my dress and thong back on and went back to the floor.

Was not long before I was back to the room dancing nude for a guy. He wanted to watch me dance up close. I let him look at my pussy spreading the lips out and bent over so he could see my ass and pussy. He was jacking off while I put on a show for him. He cummed all over my ass. Got a good tip.

I had a exciting first day on the job. As I was fixing to leave the boss took me into his office telling me I was great and wanted a blow job. I got on my knees and took the head of his cock into my mouth slowly sucking and licking the head. He put his hand on my head and started fucking my mouth. I sucked and licked while he pushed his cock in and out of my mouth. I had my hand on his balls when he cummed filling my mouth. I swallowed and sucking him until he finished.