I don’t know why and I probably never will but I have always had a thing for sexy women’s feet. I love to touch them, lick them and kiss them. It is not a subject that I will ever bring up in conversation as most people turn their nose up and look down on you. Maybe I am hanging around with the wrong people but in my experience that has been the case. However that is me and I assume will always be the case.

In later life I have found out that I have even more of a thing for sexy stiletto shoes as well if not more so. I like to see women walking round in their heels just for me so I can watch their shapely legs and stare at their feet.

Anyway this is a fantasy I have about feet and shoes so if you are not interested look away now!

Thank You

I stop what I am doing as I hear a knock at the door. Walking over, I wonder to myself who it is. On opening the door I can see it is a very attractive woman in a smart suit with very high and sexy stiletto heels. Instantly attracted I say hello and wait for an answer. She says she is from a local company and they are doing a survey regarding the local amenities of the area, could she come in and ask me a few questions. Much to my better judgement I say yes and hold open the door for her and she steps inside. As she does so I find myself looking down at her shoes and feet. I look up and into her eyes and I am sure she noticed me. A bit embarrassed, probably blushing I leave the front room and say to follow me in to the lounge.

We enter the lounge and I tell her to take a seat and would she like a cup of coffee and tea. She decides to accept as she has been walking around a lot this morning and is quite thirsty. She decides on a cup of tea, white with one sugar so I leave the room to go in to the kitchen and make it. As the kettle is boiling I can’t help but get excited to myself. I have a sexy woman in the house, with nice heels on and what look like very sexy feet. I couldn’t believe my luck mind you confidence is not my thing so imagination was running riot but my heart was pounding so much I thought it was going to stop.

I carried on making the drinks and out of the corner of my eye I could see her take off one of her shoes and start massaging her foot. I couldn’t believe it. I was so turned on and I could feel my cock getting harder and harder in my now ever so tight jeans. I tried to concentrate on the drinks and when they were ready I picked them up and started walking in to the lounge. I was struggling a bit not to make is too obvious that I had a massive hard on in my pants. She quickly replaced her shoe and put her foot on the floor. I placed her cup of tea on the small table next to her and she smiled at me. I am not sure if it was for the tea or she could see what I was hiding!

I sit in a chair opposite her and we start to talk. I try my best to hide my hard on and concentrate on what she is talking about. She talks about certain situations and occurrences and I answer them as best as I can but every now and then, probably every second or two, I can’t stop myself from looking at her feet. After about twenty minutes or so of this I am starting to think she may have noticed. She keeps looking at me with a sweet comforting smile but I have to avert my eyes as in reality I am actually quite shy. She continues but I am getting to a point where I am not really hearing a word she is saying. She has just crossed her legs and she is letting one shoe dangle gently from the end of her toes on one foot. Talk about being hypnotised. She must have noticed now as she is just teasing me. I stand up and ask if she wants another cup of tea. She smiles at me again and says yes but I think it was more the hard on in my jeans that I couldn’t hide anymore!

I leave the room and enter the kitchen to make the drinks. I open the back door and stand in the doorway to get some fresh air. I want to swear at my cock to behave but I am afraid she might hear me. Sometimes in life our little members are just not meant to be controlled in any way. I wait for the kettle to boil and then I pour the drinks, pick them up and walk in to the other room again. She is still sitting there with her legs crossed and toying with her shoe on her toes. She watches me come in and looks at me the whole time. She is making me nervous I think to myself. I place the drinks on the table again and move over towards my seat. I sit down and look across to her and she is grinning from ear to ear. I ask if she is ok and she says shyly “I am fine, and you?” I agree that I am fine too and ask what is the next question. She asks me if I find her feet sexy. Completely out of the blue and making me panic for a second I reply that I do. She smiles and says to pull my chair closer in front of her so I do. Not too quickly as I don’t want to seem to keen but not too distant either.

Sitting there opposite each other she just looks straight in to my eyes and lifts her left shoe up on to my lap. I can feel myself getting hard again as she does so. I can’t believe what is happening. I look down at her shoe. It’s a very nice and sexy black patent pump with a stiletto heel, which is at least 4 inches high. I study it for a second and she insists I take it off for her, which I do. I place it gently on the floor next to my chair and I grab her foot gently within the palms of my hands. She twitches and moves slightly on the sofa as I do so. I can feel the warmth of her foot from wearing her shoes all day. She has black painted toenails, which have been well looked after just like her foot, which feels sexily soft within my hands.

I start by running my finger along the top of her foot towards her toes. She twitches again as I do so. I hold her foot up in front of me for a second as I admire her ankle. There is something so very sexy about ankles, I can’t quite put my finger on it, but luckily in this case I can! I continue to stroke her foot before I start to massage the ball. She keeps staring at me with fascination. I don’t think she can quite believe what is happening either but it is mutual for both parties so I enthusiastically carry on. I keep massaging the ball and along the sole of the foot with my fingers. She slumps down in the sofa as I do so. It obviously agrees with her, as she looks quite turned on now. She says to me that I have very strong hands and I am very good at what I am doing. “It comes from a love of feet”, I say.

While I am concentrating on what I am doing I can see her staring at my groin. I know it must be visible as my cock is so hard now it is almost to bursting point. She lifts up her other foot, kicks off her shoe and places it in my groin. I can feel the heat through my trousers and accidentally let out a little groan. She looks straight up at me and I obviously looked a bit embarrassed as she giggles then smiles again. She continues to wriggle her toes into my crotch making me lose concentration for a second or two.

I lift up her foot again and place it to my lips and give it a passionate kiss. She groans a little and looks straight at me. I place her big toe in my mouth and start to suck it with a passion. She is moving a bit more rigorously now. She moves her hand down to her crotch and starts to play with herself through her skirt. I continue to suck her toes making sure I pay attention to each one in turn massaging the rest of the foot as I go. I am having trouble concentrating as she is really going to town on my groin with her other foot. Pushing, rubbing and grabbing with her toes I reach down with one hand, open my flies and release my painfully hard cock. She instantly goes to grab it with her toes. She manages to get it in between her big toe and her second toe. She moves her toes up and down my cock with expert precision. I can’t help thinking to myself she must have done this before as it feels so good it cant be her first time.

I stop sucking for a moment and put her foot in my lap then I pick up her other foot and start the process all over again. She immediately continues what she was doing with her other foot. I am not sure how much more I can take of this before I am going to cum. I look over to her and to my amazement and added excitement it looks like she is having the same problem. We continue to suck and play faster and faster until we both let out a huge groan. Realising we had both cum we relax and begin concentrating on getting our breath back. She places both her feet on my lap and we just stare at each other for a second or two. Seemed like ages but it probably wasn’t.

SAH 21.07.09


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