Janet goes on a date

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17 Mar. '22

Looking in the mirror showed a slightly overweight woman, with nice breasts, that kind of sagged. Pussy trimmed and always wet. Nice legs, long and shapely. Loved my ass maybe the best asset that I have. Not bad for a forty-year-old woman.

Been divorced for two months and thought it was time to find a man.  It was over two years since I have had sex of any kind except when I pleasure myself. I had been visiting chat rooms and found out I loved the sex chat. I learned a lot about sex that I did not know.

Men love blow jobs and I had never done that before. Watched movies and they did a lot of that in the movies. I wondered what it would be like sucking a cock, wanted to find out. Wanted to explore anal sex, a finger felt really good. There was so much I wanted to do.

There were a couple of men I chatted with a lot who wanted to meet me, and I decided to meet them at a bar. They were black and always together in the chat room, thought they might be brothers. They sent me pictures of them and looked a lot like each other. They both were very handsome.

Spent three hours getting dressed. Decided a mini skirt and a blouse was best. I think all of my clothes were on my bed. I wore a garter belt with black hose. A thong and a bra that was see through. Wore dark red lipstick, eye liner and blush. Was not satisfied but went anyway.

I was supposed to choose which one would take me out to dinner. Was not looking forward to that. Was kind of hoping I would get lucky and take one of them home with me. We had sex chat a few times, so they knew what I was like.

I met them at the bar, knew them right off. We hugged and kissed, and I knew I was in trouble I liked both of them. We took turns dancing, and both held me tight and kissed me. I could feel their cocks, and both were big.

I was getting so wet I knew my thong was soaked. Jim the tallest one asked me which one I liked and said I cannot choose I like both of you. He told me they did not mind sharing, I almost fell. I mumbled ok and we went to their car.

I set between them, and Jim kissed me as his brother drove, they were taking me to their house. He was playing with my breasts, and I put my hand on his thigh.  I felt his cock move so I put my hand on it and rubbed. He told me we had aways to go, we could do anything we wanted.

I took his cock out and stroked him. I wanted to taste his cock, so I took the head into my mouth sucking. I loved it and sucked his cock deeper into my mouth. I felt his brothers hand rubbing my ass while he was driving. I sucked on his cock feeling it swell and he cummed in my mouth. I sucked on him until he finished. I set up and saw his brother had his cock out stroking himself.

I leaned over and took his cock in my mouth sucking on the head. I could not get over how much I enjoyed sucking them. My head was moving up and down sucking him while he drove. Jim had my thong off and fingering my ass.

We got to their house, and they almost carried me into the house undressing me and their selves. Before I knew I was on my knees sucking a cock and having my pussy and ass licked. I sucked his cock deep into my mouth as he cummed filling my mouth. I kept sucking while I was being fucked hard.

I felt my pussy being filled and we took a break to drink some wine. I was looking at their cocks while we set together on the couch. I wanted to suck on their cocks some more. Everything had happened to fast.

I told them what I wanted, and they were all for it. I had dreamed of this for a while and knew what I wanted. We got in their bed, and I had Jim lay down and put his ass on a pillow and spread his legs out. His brother was watching. I got between his legs and took his cock in my hands. I licked the tip and head, slowly sucking them in my mouth. I wanted to enjoy the feel and taste. I lowly sucked his cock deeper into my mouth, holding it there milking his cock. I stroked his cock while sucking and licking the head. I liked the underside of the head while sucking.

I was rubbing my pussy while sucking his cock in and out of my mouth. I licked down to his balls, licking and sucking them. I stroked his cock while sucking on them. I pulled his cock down and sucked some more on the head. I was enjoying sucking him so much. I licked back down to his balls and sucked them some more. I spread his legs out and moved down and rimmed his ass, pushing my tongue in and licking as I stroked his cock, I spread his ass cheeks out and licked him faster.

I licked faster and pushed a finger in slowly. I fucked his ass and moved back to the head of his cock sucking it deep into my mouth. I slowly sucked his cock deep into my mouth, holding it there enjoying the feel in my mouth. He put his hand on my head and stared fucking my mouth. I kept sucking and licking. His cock swelled up and he cummed filling my mouth. I milked his cock getting every drop. I sucked him for a while until he was finished.

His brother took his place, and I sucked his cock into my mouth. He was leaking precum and licked it off the tip, sucking on it to get it all. I slowly sucked him deep. I felt a tongue licking my ass and pussy. His brother was rimming me licking into my ass. It felt so good as I sucked on his brother. I spread his legs and rimmed his brother while he was doing me.

We both used our tongues licking deep. I felt his cock push into my ass as he slowly fucked me. I was sucking hard on his brother’s cock fucking him with my finger. I sucked him hard and deep. I was rubbing my pussy as he fucked me faster. I sucked his cock as he fucked my mouth. I did not want to stop as we kept at it for a while.

They both came about the same time, and we all fell over wore out. I fell asleep waking up later with a cock in my mouth. I just started sucking when they picked me up and we took a shower together. We got back in bed and Jim went down on me licking and sucking my pussy. He turned me over and rimed me. His brother was watching.

After a while I sucked on their cocks to get them really hard, and I set on one of theirs cock and the other one slowly pushed into my ass. They both fucked me for a while, it really felt wonderful, I just needed a cock for my mouth. I came after a while, and they did later. I felt so wonderful, I hated to go home. We made a date for later and they told me it would be three of them.