Looking through help wanted ads were making me feel helpless. I was married when I was in high school. Never worked during my marriage. Very thankful that I never had kids. I am twenty-five and have never worked.

My husband decided to leave and married a much younger girl. I was crushed of course and could not understand. He had told me over and over I was just what he needed. I am tall 5’10” with beautiful long legs, long blond hair. Everybody says I am beautiful. My breasts and are maybe too small, 34A cup. He used to watch me walk around. Our sex life was not good, I never enjoyed sex with him, and he seemed to not care.

Now I was on my own and looking for work. I tried Walmart, and places like that, they were not hiring or maybe not someone who does not have a high school diploma. I was reading help wanted ads and there was one looking for models. Thinking I might like that.

I called the number and talked to a guy; he asked a bunch of questions. How old I was, would I model swimsuits, lingerie, and such as that. He told me they took pictures for playboy, hustler and magazines like that. Would I be interested in something like that? He told that is where the money is, that and movies.

I made an appointment with him for a interview. I did some serious thinking about what he said. I knew what kind of pictures he was talking about. Could I do that. I looked at myself in the mirror and wondered what it would be like posing nude.

I thought I needed so shave my pussy and make sure I looked my best. I never considered myself a sexual woman and wondered why I was even thinking about doing this. Me and my husband very rarely had sex and when we did I did not enjoy myself.

I looked up some porn movies and watched them on the internet. They really opened my eyes and for some reason I was getting really wet and turned on. I watch several and for the first time I masturbated rubbing myself like I saw a woman doing on a movie I watched. I did not know what to think.

 I was getting ready for the interview; I knew I had to look my best. I was broke and hoped that someone hire me soon. I wore my best mini skirt my husband and bought me to wear around the house, it was really short and had a transparent blouse that matched. I had a bra that matched my thong. My makeup was kind of sluty, my husband liked me wearing. Dark red lipstick, eye liner and a lot of blush.

I thought I was ready and had a couple of glasses of wine to help me relax. I got there early, and a girl was at a desk, she checked my identity an had me set down and wait.

A man came out and greeted me and led into his studio. He told me he would be filming everything because his clients would want to see the video’s. He had me set down and asked the same questions he asked on the phone. He asked if I was willing to pose in my panties and bra and also nude. He told me the more I was willing to do gave me a much better chance to get hired. I asked if there any chance to make some money today.

He said that might be possible. He had me stand and turn around. He said you are beautiful, and his clients would love me. He had me strip and I took my clothes off. He had me wait as he took some pictures of me in my panties and bra.

I took them off and he took some more pictures of me in different poses. I bent over for him and touched my pussy for him spreading my pussy lips out. I was starting to get wet I was feeling good.

He told me if I was willing, we could do somethings that would make sure I was hired. He told me to get on my knees and take his pants down.

I pulled them down exposing his cock. It was a lot bigger than my husbands. I had never sucked a cock before, and he wanted me to suck his. I had watched the movies and knew what to do.

I took his cock in my hands and stroked him. It felt good in my hand, and I licked the tip. My pussy was dripping as I sucked on the head of his cock. His cock felt good in my mouth as I sucked him deep into my mouth.

I was enjoying myself as he put his hand on my head and fucked my mouth. I sucked and licked his cock. He leaned back and pushed my head down to suck on his balls. I licked and sucked them; I was enjoying them when he pushed my head down further to lick his ass. He kept me there for a while licking him deep.

He laid me back and pushed his cock into my pussy. He fucked me slow and deep. It felt wonderful as he fucked me for a while making me cum. He put me on my knees and fucked me hard. I never wanted him to stop.

He finally cummed hard filling my pussy. He took some more pictures and told me he was sure I would get a job soon. He gave me a hundred dollars to help me out.

He called me the next day telling me he had someone who wanted to hire me for some film work. The pay would be a thousand dollars a day starting with more if I did good. I was excited I said where and when.

I got a phone call from the producer of the movie the next day. He had some questions for me. How did I feel about having sex with a black man? I told his I had never been with a black man before but did not have a problem.

He asked questions about my willingness to have different types of sex. Oral, anal, threesome, girl girl and gang bangs. He told me the more I was willing to do the higher the pay. He asked me to come in for an interview.

When I got there, I was kind of nervous I did not have any experience in the things he had asked. He was nice and made me feel at ease. He was tall and very black. He hugged me and kissed me lightly.

He told me I would be paid for today and everything would be filmed. Mostly they wanted to see what I would be willing to do and if I would take direction. He told me I was beautiful and just what they were looking for.

I had me stand and strip for him. I took off my clothes and did as he told me. Turning around and bending over. He looked me over having my spread my ass cheeks. I turned around and he felt my breasts and fingered my pussy.

He stripped and took me to the bed. He wanted me to make love to his cock. I got between his legs and took his cock in my hand, it was huge.

I licked and kissed his cock all over. I stroked and licked the tip, sucking it slowly into my mouth. I sucked his cock as deep as I could into my mouth, gagging some but kept sucking. I licked the head sucking it in and out of my mouth.

I held his cock in my mouth slowly sucking it deeper. He pushed me down and I licked his cock down to his balls sucking them into my mouth. I sucked and played with them with my tongue. I was stroking his cock as I sucked on them.

He spread his legs out wider and I licked his ass as deep as I could. I spread his ass cheeks out and licked him deep as I could.

He pulled me up and kissed me and turned me over and slowly pushed his cock into my pussy. I think I was going to be split apart as he pushed in deeper slowly fucking me.

He was kissing me as we fucked. He turned me over the fuck me doggie. He fucked me faster and harder. After a while he got some lube and put it on his cock and slowly pushed his cock into my ass.

I did not think he would be able to get it in but he slowly fucked me and after a while he had most of his cock in my ass. He picked up speed and cummed hard filling my ass.

He had me clean his cock, licking and sucking the last of his cum.

Another man came in and was nude. He pushed his cock into my mouth and let me suck him. The other man watched as I sucked him.

He fucked me hard and fast cumming in me. They told me I had the job and told me where to meet them. There would be two weeks of filming and there would be several men and women in the movie.