Juggling Both Isabella And Lana

"So, babe, do you have the 14C form for Mr. Wilson?" Lana asked, coming to me and kissing me.

"Yes, it's right here," I answered, digging into the bottom drawer. "I've faxed it to him three times now, but I'll do it again."

"No, if you did that, then fuck him, Elexis. He's not taking advantage of my hot girlfriend," she stated, before kissing me. "You're not just my assistant now, but my junior partner. I might have a higher title at Senior Partner, but I still love you."

"I love you too, Lana."

She smiled at me and calmly pulled me up with her. "We're in the same office, and it feels a lot better to do it in my house too, doesn't it?"

"Yes, Lana."

"And considering Isabella stopped calling too, I don't need her. I might've gotten back together with her sooner or later, but I had my sexy assistant to fuck, and it's not like you're getting the short end of the stick. You're getting sexually pleased and paid extra for it."

"Are you calling me a prostitute?"

"No, smart-ass," she branded me, before kissing me. "So, do you have any plans tonight? I could come over so we could chill without the phone ringing. I know you said you weren't comfortable moving in with me yet, and I'm not trying to be pushy, but let's just say I like you, and I'm not looking to bone anyone else. Are you looking, though?"

I bit down on my bottom lip again, but kissed her. "No, your pussy is the only one I want to eat, other than Riley Reid's or maybe Sofi Ryan's."

"Good choice, but allow me to lick your twat now," she said, before gently pushing me onto my chair.

She got down on her knees and stripped me of my sandals and panties. She went down on me and made me feel good once again. I felt her head and licked my lips, too, just like all the other times.

'Well, how can I ever pick one; they're both awesome. Lana proved that she could be a wonderful woman, but I had to peel away all the 'bitch' layers. Now that you think of me as your girlfriend, and you treat me a lot better. At the same, I've been seeing Isabella for the last two months. Somehow, both of you have never compared notes, but I guess neither of you has had reasons to talk. I can't believe I'm juggling them. I guess I'm the mean cunt in this picture, but both of you have been more than persistent. I went to see Isabella that first night after we hooked up, and it's not like it was hell; it was pure paradise. Now I have both of them wanting to see me as much as possible, so it's like I'm having two affairs because neither of them knows about the other. So, it's so hot that way.'

All I could do was deal with it in the best way possible. Considering they were both pussy-licking masters, what could I do?

Then I heard my cellphone vibrate and picked it up to see a text. 'Oh, there's my other girlfriend. You want me to come to your place tonight, and there's a picture of your bare melons too. Damn, you're still just as alluring as Lana. It's like comparing Die Hard to Lethal Weapon, so it's impossible to choose. You both know what you're doing even with your eyes closed. So, I know I'm not the victim here, but shit, I can't possibly choose,' I thought, before I texted her back. 'I'll see you after work, hot stuff, don't masturbate too much.'

A few seconds later, she texted back. 'And there's your pussy with your hand on it with the message 'Make me, but I love you.', oh, how thrilling?'

"What are you looking at, Elexis?" Lana asked, coming up towards me.

I quickly exed the text out. "Nothing important, chicky."

"If you say so," she added, before kissing me. "So, may I see you tonight?"

"Um," I muttered, breaking eye contact.

"Okay, I read you loud and clear; I don't want you to get sick of me as you did before, so don't worry, you won't hurt my feelings," she added, before kissing me. "I love you."

"I love you too, Lana."

That night, I went to Isabella's house like she requested. Like Lana, they both knew to treat me like their hot young girlfriend they wanted to hang onto indeed. As soon as I got there, she yanked me in there with her and fucked my brains out.

Then we ordered pizza and found ourselves on the couch with her arms around me. So, I definitely found myself in deep relationships with those beautiful older women. I surely knew it was terrible, but as I felt such intimacy and love with both of them, I couldn't stop it.

Then we heard a knock at the door. "Oh, that must be the pizza. Could you get it? I don't even have normal clothes out here."

"Okay, sweet lady," I replied, getting up and putting mine back on myself.

I blew her a kiss and made my way to the door. "How can I pick one? It's not possible, but maybe pizza will help," I theorized, prior to opening the door. "Lana, what are you doing here?"

"What am I doing here? What are you doing here, Elexis?" Lana questioned, leaning back with her hands out. "You said you had plans, but you're here with..." she muttered, before breaking eye contact. "No, there's no way you could be..."

"What's the holdup? I'm hungry," Isabella said, walking towards us. "Lana, what are you doing here. You're not our pizza delivery."

"And you're wearing that long t-shirt I bought you a year ago that goes down to your knees," Lana whined, stomping her feet and shaking a bit too. "What the hell, Elexis?"

Isabella sighed and got in front of me. "Hey, Elexis has every right to me if she wants. We didn't want you to find out this way, but you're not about to make her feel guilty. You made it pretty clear that you didn't have any interest in getting back together with me. I gave Elexis countless messages here, and you also blocked me on your cellphone. So, don't act all high and mighty because you're not. I wanted to get back together, but jealousy looks extra bad on you, so why don't you just turn around and let me live my life."

"Wait a fucking minute, Isabella. I've been fucking Elexis for two months now, and you're telling me to just be cool with this?"

My heart began beating so hard; I thought it might die.

"Two months?" Isabella asked, before turning to me. "You've been doing it with Lana for two months?"

I took a deep breath. "Yes, I guess."

"You guess, Elexis?" Lana asked, coming to me and taking my hands. "I've been treating you like a queen, giving you more money, taking you out on dates, and making sure you were loved, and you guess you've been seeing me?"

I couldn't help, but cry. I couldn't get myself to drop a word, and I wasn't sure how to make this right because I wasn't sure I could. Even though I knew this was coming, I still couldn't deal with it so well.

"So, wait a minute, you wouldn't return my calls or unblock me because you were seeing Elexis this whole time, Lana?" Isabella asked, turning to her. "You didn't want to get back together because you had her, but... you're a stupid tart. I asked you a thousand times if you wanted to have a threesome with Elexis because she clearly liked both of us, and after I broke up with you, then you finally decided to take Elexis's panties off, huh? That's not stupid, and you, Elexis," she whined, turning back to me. "So, when I asked you who she was seeing, you lied right to my face. You knew damn well who she was doing it with because it was you."

"Yes, technically, but at the time, she didn't see me as her girlfriend. She was just fucking me at her leisure to get over you. That was it at the time, but oddly enough, after we had sex for a while, she likely saw the light. She wanted me to be more, so she made me her girlfriend, and yes, I've just been juggling you two ever since," I explained, getting in between them. "Both of you have given me barely any breathing room, but you're both drop-dead gorgeous, and you know how to treat a woman. Face it, in the end, you both used me, but Lana was on that bus first. Now I'm making another desperate plea, don't let this be a bad thing. I think you both want each other, and if anything, I'm standing in the way of you two. So, just be together because even though I love both of you, and don't want either of you to get hurt."

"Well, you kind of already hurt us, Elexis," Lana whined, pushing me.

"Hey, don't push her, she obviously got herself into a bad situation, that's all. I know how good I am, and how good you are too, but still, you just flat out refused to even consider a threeway with Elexis, but you used her to get over me? What sense does that make? You must've thought you were pretty freaking wrong if you've been doing it with her for two months now."

"Maybe I did, Isabella; she is something special, and you were right. So, what do you propose, we just share her?"

"What, no, Lana," I corrected her, turning to her. "Face it; you're not so pissed off that she's with me, but that she found someone else too. It's understandable, but shit, you both want each other. Like I said, you both just used me to get over the other one, nothing more, nothing less. If you both just want to tear me to shreds, then do it. Just know that I didn't mean either of you any harm, and both of you needed to tell the other that you were seeing me at some point. It's not like either of you would be able to hide it from each other forever. So, Lana, what are you doing here if you had no idea I was here?"

"I was gonna tell Isabella that I've been a royal bitch for not being transparent with her and apologize. No, I wasn't planning on telling her I was eating you out, but I was going to make it clear I was sorry. On the other hand, I was also sure that the topic of her not calling anymore would come up too. So, it's been here since you stopped calling?"

"Yes, Lana, but what do you think, though?" Isabella pondered, closing the gap. "I don't think either of us has stopped loving each other, and none of us are really gonna be happy we both pursue her, don't you think?"

Neither of them spoke for a moment, but I had to continue to shed tears. The pizza guy showed up as they stared, and I silently paid him. I wasn't about to sneak a piece even though I was hungry, so I waited for them to say or do something.

"Well, would you at least like to share our pizza while you think about it? I mean, it's not like either of us were cheating, and you can't really blame Elexis either; she did get to do it with two hot older ladies. You're not upset with her, are you?"

Lana peeked at me and smiled as much as I could too. "No, I'm not, but that was still uncool, Elexis," she made clear, coming to me. "So, you're willing just to let go of both of us?"

"If it makes you happy, yes, Lana. Are you gonna fire me?"

"No, should I?"

"No, you shouldn't," Isabella made clear, coming behind me. "She's too hot to fire. So, sit down with us, and share a pizza."

We did just that, but I was in the middle of them. I could never stop shedding tears, but I did my best. They set it up as an uphill battle, but of course, they both admitted they loved me. Obviously, the pizza wasn't enough for all three of us, but it seemed to do the trick.

They smiled at each other several times and even took hands on my lap. So, I felt good, but of course, all bets were off indeed. Nevertheless, once the pizza was gone, they did lean to each other by my face and kissed each other.

Lana leaned back. "Elexis here is a hot piece of ass and did distract me, but that's still no excuse not to call me back, Isabella."

"That's true, Lana, but there's a way you can make it up to me," Isabella mentioned, before feeling my tit. "Give me that threesome I never got."

"I suppose I should've seen that coming. Is this the last time we have sex with her, though?"

"Elexis already told us she loves us both, so she can choose if she wants to get involved with both of us again. We technically never cheated, but obviously, she's a hot young chick and can't be trusted. So, no one-on-one sex, got it?" Isabella pondered, before kissing her again.

"Yes," Lana replied, before pasting her lips to mine.

Isabella made her way down on the floor, and I felt her grab my shorts. She yanked them off me and then my panties as well. She wasted no time going down on me, and Lana couldn't help but check her handiwork.

"Oh, yes, that's how you eat a pussy, Isabella. That's how I fell in love with you."

"But I was a dealbreaker, Lana?" I inquired, turning her head to mine.

"It won't happen again," Lana made clear, before stripping me out of my shirt and then my bra too.

She went to town on my nipple as Isabella fucked the shit out of my twat. From one minute to the next, I went from feeling like the biggest bitch in the world to the horniest, but the sweetest one too.

I got an extra awesome double dose of pleasure, and I immediately felt like I died and went to heaven. I didn't know how to deal with two different ladies fucking me, but yet, I had to deal with it right in that moment.

Isabella placed her hands on my thighs and pushed her tongue in there as deep as she could instantly. Lana helped herself to sucking the life out of my nipples too, so I had to cover my face with both hands.

I did my best to fight against the thrills, but they gave me an uphill battle to fight again. I began crying again, even after just a moment. They both knew what they were doing, and I had major emotional ties to them, so either of them could pounce on me easily.

As I had both of them pleasing me, I knew I was all, but finished already. I still wasn't about to go down without a fight, but they were coming at me like lions feasting on a zebra. Lana went between my nipples several times and went back and forth between licking and sucking on them.

All the while, Isabella just tongued my pussy like mad, but even more so than she had been before that night. She allowed it all over those lips at a fast rate, which only meant her face was gonna be drenched within minutes.

After a few minutes, I felt like they both stuck me with needles and caused me to have a seizure. That only meant that it was that good, and Lana had to pull my hands down and look at me while she got me good.

"I fucking love you, Lana."

"I love you too, Elexis," she made clear, before kissing me. "If you were cheating on me with any other woman, I might slap you, but you chose her. It's still not cool, but I love you. You're still a fantastic woman, and I will adore you forever," she told me, before licking my nipples again.

I nodded and felt both of their heads with one hand each. I looked at both of them several times to feed them as much intimacy as possible. Even though I had nothing to prove, I still wanted to anyway.

Even though feeling Lana's head meant more love, she took my hand and put it on her tit. So, I got an extra jolt and had to break eye contact. I felt the urge to scream, but I did my best to hold back. Needless to say, the pizza didn't slow us down at all.

"Oh, hell yes, you're both to die for, I swear."

"We know," Isabella added, coming up with us. "Let me see you eat her out now, Lana."

"Sure, hun," Lana added, before kissing Isabella. "I love you."

"I love you too, but get down there."

Lana helped herself to taste my cherry again, and Isabella stripped herself. I had to turn my head between them several times. Once Isabella was completely naked, she calmly set her hands on my head and pushed my face on them.

Then I began slathering her nipple all over and titillating her like mad, and she felt my head with both hands. "Oh, I can't believe that you were on your knees under her desk."

"You knew I was seeing someone?" Lana asked.

"Yes, but keep eating her out; she might be a bad woman, but deserves some pleasure," Isabella responded, before licking my nipples.

It took a few seconds before Lana began licking my twat again, but she did. So, I got to feel both of them on those sensitive parts of my body. I dealt with it the best I could, but again, it was an uphill battle.

They both proved again they were dynamite in the sack, and there was no stopping them even if I wanted to then. They both attacked my slit and nipples frequently and made me feel on top of the world.

"So, you know how to please her with your mouth too, huh, Lana?"

"Yes, smart-ass, and I'm not about to apologize if I've ever kept her late. I didn't know I was taking her away from your pussy-eating time, but still, don't hold your breath," Lana replied, taking a break.

"Don't fight, ladies; you still have to get back together."

"We know," they both added.

"Well, if we didn't love you, Elexis, we wouldn't give a crap about what you had to say. Obviously, you're special to us," Isabella mentioned.

I felt Isabella go easier on me than Lana, but that was okay; I needed a slight break at least. I tried to keep my eyes on both of them as much as possible again, but they didn't care in the end. They just wanted to please me, and all the evidence was that they were doing it despite the circumstances.

I didn't know what to say, but maybe there was nothing to say. Whatever their real reasons were other than wanting a threesome with me, I took the pleasure and didn't look back. I noticed that Isabella felt Lana's head, so they were reconnecting.

Anyway, I wasn't about to dance in the endzone yet, but I braced myself for a possible long night. I wasn't sure how long we'd take, but of course, all bets were off indeed. Lana still wanted to show up, Isabella, it seemed as she shoved her tongue into my slit.

Isabella surely noticed, but failed to say a word. Once again, I gathered that she wanted to be with Lana whatever the cost other than sacrificing me. So, they both worked together with the best they could and made me feel beyond wonderful with every passing second.

I couldn't help but shed a few tears. I knew they both noticed, but neither of them uttered a word. They were too busy pleasing me, and I loved that. I relished that just an hour before, they were broken up, but after the drama, they both teamed up on me.

So, my tears were justified, but after a few more minutes, Lana rose to Isabella and yanked her arms. I saw them wrap their arms around each other and make out for a moment as I played with my snatch.

"So, you two obviously never let go of the passion or stopped loving one another."

"Yes, smart-ass," they both replied.

"I want to see you naked now, Lana," Isabella moaned, before stripping her as well.

They both stood up, and Isabella got the job done in less than a minute. Lana was wearing normal clothes, but Isabella was highly motivated then. Once Lana was nude, too, Isabella felt Lana's knockers and smiled too.

"She's right; I never did stop loving you, Lana."

"Don't get all mushy gushy on me now, Isabella."

"Shut the fuck up, now let's prove to Elexis that we still love her," Isabella suggested, before she went to her bedroom.

I had no idea what she was going after, but Lana sat on the couch. "If you were so sure about me hooking up with Isabella again, you could've told me that."

"No, I couldn't; you were hypnotized. I was surprised you gave me the night off, in fact," I made clear, coming to her.

"If you say so, now get my cunt again, beautiful woman," she implored me, setting her hands on my head.

Then I began going down on her ever so slowly. I set my palms on her thighs too, but didn't pressure her. We exchanged eye contact too, but neither of us said a word.

"This is how I fell in love with you, Elexis; I'm so sorry it took me a month to treat you right."

"That's bad, Lana," Isabella added as I heard footsteps.

"Oh, Isabella is wearing a strap-on, Elexis."

I failed to look at her, but then I felt Isabella feel my butt cheeks, and then she pushed the head on my slit. If anything, it only made me feistier with Lana's twat. I stuck my tongue in there a bit and made Lana shake the whole couch.

Isabella stuck the dildo into my pussy and began thrusting it with her hands on my butt too. "Oh, yes, Elexis, lick Lana's snatch and make her feel good. You know how to do it; you've been doing it for her for some time now. Don't worry; I'll forgive you for that."

"You better, woman; she's even showing you up a bit now. You might be a masterful pussy-licker, but she's going at me like mad too. So, forgive her and don't look back, got it?"


So, once again, I got pleasured by both of them even though I was eating out Lana. She still eyefucked me and caressed my head too. I let my tongue in her cunt go around freely, and I got the necessary juice to come with it too.

So, I couldn't look at her as much as I wanted and wiped my eye numerous times, but she still understood and even wiped them once herself as well. All I could gather was that she did love me, but I wasn't about to guess what was going through either of their heads.

They both had done the deed many times before I met either of them, so they had a lot of misplaced passion from before indeed. So, it seemed to come together as I practically dared them to get back together.

"Yeah, take it, Elexis, take it hard, just like that. Feel that pink rubber dick dive deep into your twat while I spank you too," Isabella let out, doing that.

"Yes, you've been naughty, Elexis, and for that, you should be punished. Don't worry; we still love you," Lana added, scrubbing my head.

I had both ladies taking care of me, and I didn't even know how to accept it, let alone enjoy it properly. They practically mindfucked me, and even if I was in paradise, I was still going through a lot.

Isabella shoved the dildo into me deep and certainly pushed my face even more onto Lana's twat as well. So, I had no choice, but to keep my eyes closed. Still, Lana didn't seem to mind as she just kept rubbing my head nonstop.

I let my tongue all over her pussy, both inside and out. Of course, it spent more time on the inside as Isabella kept thrusting her pink schlong hard. My pussy paid the toll of that in no time as it wasn't used to having any dick inside it.

Yet, I still wanted to fight like hell and mindfuck them right back. I could see both of them had points; the threesome was hot as hell, but emotionally draining as well. I found myself on the edge of the edge, and we had only been going for a half-hour.

"Oh, you're the fucking bomb, sexy lady," Lana praised me, pulling my face to hers. "Maybe you can just be a girlfriend to both of us, but not one."

"I understand."

She nodded and kissed me before she pushed my head down to her tits. She scrubbed them with my face, and I let my tongue out too. I managed to lick her nipples numerous times and make her jiggle too.

"Oh, I can't be that mad at you, Lana; I had access to those beauties forty to fifty hours a week, plus home visits; I'd be hooked too," Isabella mentioned, before leaning towards Lana.

"I knew you'd understand," Lana added, before I heard kissing sounds. "So, maybe we both put our pussies before our hearts, but that's no crime."

"It should be, though," Isabella told her, before leaning on me, getting a close view of me, slathering Lana's nipples. "So, that's what you look like when you do that," she moaned, before feeling my slit. "Lana is one sexy woman; who could resist her?"

"No one," Lana answered, pushing us both up a bit and right before she pasted her lips onto mine.

They both encased their arms around me and held me as tightly as possible. I also got not one, but two sets of hooters to clash on me. So, I indeed felt the absolute pleasure of having two loving women at once.

The dildo also dove deep into my pussy, but couldn't move much. Nevertheless, it still stretched out my twat and took its toll on me too. After a minute, though, Isabella pulled my lips off Lana's and turned my face to hers.

She made out with me as well, but Lana didn't say a word. Instead, Lana took my boobs in her hands and began licking my nipples for me. Needless to say, Isabella needed to reach over to Lana's head and felt it as she performed one sexy act on me.

I placed my hands atop of Isbealla's head and took the pleasure once again, but again, they gave me a tall order. I found myself once again wanting to be perfect for them if I got to join them once again.

So, I angled my head back and dealt with the thrills. Yet, Isabella threw me another curveball and dropped her hands down to my slit. So, she fingered me while keeping the pressure on it with the dildo.

So, they had me covered in sweat and ready for more as a direct result. "Fuck yes, you two work for a great team, that's for sure. Whenever you two want to invite me over, I'm game. I might just stay single now."

"Good," they both replied.

"Now, let's go to my bedroom," Isabella suggested, before evicting the dildo.

We all went in there; she turned on the light, and then Isabella took off the strap-on and handed it to Lana. She gladly took it and put it on herself as Isabella pushed me down on the bed. She got over me and positioned her snatch over my face while facing me.

Then she reached for my slit. "Yes, get my cunt as I rub yours before Lana makes it feel bad again," she suggested, rubbing it. "Dare I ask, are you ready for more, Elexis?"

"Yes, Isabella," I answered, feeling her beaver as well.

I began licking it, and then Lana let the dildo into my pussy. Lana also grabbed my thighs and held me somewhat tightly as she let the dildo thrust ever so slowly. I couldn't see her, but I was sure she was up on her knees and let her boobs shake with each thrust.

I was too busy going to town on Isabella, just like she had for me so many times before in her bedroom. I never got to do it with Lana there, but there are first times for everything. I grabbed her thighs tightly as well as she remained on her knees too.

Also, with gravity working perfectly, she doused my face and the bed with her juice. I licked her up inside her cherry up and down mostly, but surely let it go from side to side too. It surely didn't matter too much because the hot sexy heat was more than enough already.

Still, with Lana letting the dildo go in and out ever so slowly still, they painted the sexiest picture I could imagine. I felt both of them both mentally and physically too. They both held me, and Isabella grabbed my boobs for leverage.

Again, I couldn't see them, but I knew they were eyeballing each other. I saw Lana and Isabella have sex before, so they connected then and made it clear they still loved one another. Even if I couldn't see their faces, I knew it.

Feeling both of them jiggle nonstop and kiss each other on and off, I knew I had to get out of their way. They needed to get back together, with me being an obstacle, but I still found myself being a helpful tool at the same time.

I felt Isabella lean forward. "Oh, I've missed these titties, Lana. I love Elexis's, but damn these are still special. Just as soft and squishy as when I left them."

"Well, yes," Lana agreed as I heard her hands land on Isabella's head. "Elexis took care of me, you know? Didn't she take care of your melons too? Make sure they were ripe for sucking out all the sweet goodness?"

Both Isabella and I giggled, but kept going. Even as Lana had Isabella licking her nipples, she still managed to thrust that dildo ever so slowly. My snatch was hurting once again, but I didn't care. I even moved my crotch somewhat so she could see a little more in there.

"Oh, we've both taught Elexis well it appears, Isabella. Maybe we can still teach her, huh?"

I didn't know if Isabella responded, but I spread out her lips down there and let my tongue in there deeper. I got my response when I had her jolting even more and moaning too. Both of them let out their moans as they both received some sexy thrills.

"Oh, yes, Isabella, get both of those titties just like the old days. Look right into my eyes and give me some intimacy. Who cares if Elexis is here with us, you still gotta make your girlfriend happy, remember?"

"Yes, Lana. Now I can tell you taught her a thing or two about pussy-licking too."

"So, I made her perfect for you; where's my fee?"

"Shut the fuck up," Isabella giggled, before I heard more kissing sounds. "You still suck, but I love you."

"I love you too, but you suck too."

"If you say so," Isabella added, before moving her crotch back and dropping her face to mine. "I love you too, young woman," she stated, before kissing me.

"You're both fucking nuts, by the way."

"I know," Lana agreed, yanking me up with her and placing her hands on my butt. "We were made for each other, right?"


Then she fell back and had me begin to ride her. "Now there's my cowgirl, the second sexiest one in the world."

"Oh, good save there, Lana," Isabella said, getting over her mouth. "Now, remind me again why I fell in love with you."

"Glady," Lana replied, before she went down on Isabella again.

"Wow, it's so much hotter seeing it up close," I moaned, eyeballing the act.

"Yes, you voyeur, except we know you're watching now. Get over here and kiss me, Elexis," Isabllea pleaded, before leaning to me.

We met in the middle, and she grabbed both of my arms. Needless to say, Lana still moved the dildo a bit, making it devour my twat yet again. With gravity and my juice helping her, the wild dove as deep as possible in there.

I moaned as slightly as I could, but she was crushing my defenses, and with Isabella kissing me too, I had to shed a few tears. Isabella kept her lips glued to mine for over five minutes as Lana ate her out too.

If that wasn't enough, Lana even stole my hands and brought them to Isabella's butt. So, I used her soft butt cheeks for leverage as I let my defenses down a little bit more. Isabella made out with me like she was in love, but I knew passions were building.

After five tearful minutes, Isabella parted her lips. "I hope this doesn't sound too weird, but when you meet the right woman, you'll have to let us meet her."

"Sure, weird lady," I added, before pushing her back and leaning down towards her pussy.

I got an extra close look at Lana eating out her girlfriend and making her juice squirt out too. I loved it so much that I even lowered my body down as much as I could to watch. That hurt my twat a bit, but I still didn't care.

"Don't just be a watcher, Elexis, join her, and lick that cunt with my dashing girlfriend, and yes, let us meet your next girlfriend. We might need to teach her a thing or two."

I followed that order and began licking Lana's pussy right beside Isabella. I held onto both of Lana's butt cheeks and tightened my grip on them, too, because I was about to pull out the greatest 'A' game carpet-munching I could in that position.

"Oh, yes, Elexis, I certainly hired one horny chick. I just didn't know it at first," Lana let out, before setting her hands on my head.

I didn't reply to that and just slathered the top half of her lips and her bush too. I felt Lana caress my head ever so slowly and clarify that she loved me once again. There was nothing and everything I could've said, but I couldn't say anything we weren't already thinking.

I got involved with my boss and then her ex-girlfriend. They hated me somewhat for that, but of course, it prompted a good thing: them getting back together and making this hot scene come into action.

I moved my neck around, which began hurting as well, but still, they gave me such passion that they could make me do anything. I knew it was taboo, yet so hot, but still wrong. I surely knew I'd never been able to turn either Lana and Isabella down in the end either.

"Oh, yes, yes, I have hot chicks licking my slit now," Lana moaned.

"We know," both Isabella and I responded.

I had to lift my butt and let the dildo out gently, but I felt some relief once I did. Then I also lied down on top of Isabella and helped myself to a better position to fuck Lana's wet and hairy snatch.

I placed each hand on the sides of it and indeed pushed down my tongue as hard as I could too. So, that only meant that she needed to place her hands on my head again to help her stay upright. She pulled my hair and pushed her cherry on me, which made it better.

I was already pushing hard on her lips down there, but went even harder on her to ensure I pulled out all the stops in making her want to scream. Judging by her moaning, rattling, and how much she was pulling on my hair, I was making progress.

"Yes, yes, yes, both of you, just like that. Wow, you're both dynamite in the sack, damn."

"You already knew she was a sucker for getting eaten out, but she's really melting now, huh, Elexis?"

"Yes, Isabella."

Then Isabella climbed out from underneath Lana and got on top of me. "Lie down, Lana."

Lana followed that command, and Isabella had me go down on her solo. She witnessed my pussy-licking skills close up and rubbed herself on me too. She failed to say a word, but drooled a bit, though.

Lana stayed back and took the pleasure the best she could, but with Isabella watching so close, I had to work her the best I could with no room for error. I licked her lips all over both inside and out and made her dispense out her juice.

I pressed my hands down as hard as I could on her thighs too so I could keep her contained as much as I could, but still, with the taboo levels up so much, nothing and no one could predict a damn thing.

All except Lana feeling my head again. "Holy shit, you're fucking to die for, Elexis. You can see it for yourself now; she had me very satisfied every single day. If anything, you made it worse on her because you left me very horny, so she had to pick up the slack you left behind."

"Oh, fuck you, Lana."

"You may fuck me all you want," Lana said, pulling Isabella to her. "If you'd like to have me back, that is."

"Good to know; I didn't know I left you so horny, though. I still blame you for that because you wouldn't answer my calls. So, you could've taken care of that. So, don't put that all on me."

"Okay, but will you be with me again? Now that we're here again, I don't want to leave this house knowing I'm still not with you. Granted, I was fine an hour ago, but now I want you. I want you back, and I'm sorry I didn't call you back. Calling it a bitch move would be an understatement, and I have to live with that, but don't rip my heart out, though. I love you, and you love me."

"Just make sure if Elexis winds up between your legs again that I'm there too, got it?"

"Yes," Lana answered before I heard kissing sounds again. "I'm asking you not to toy with me, though. Do not break up with me just because I don't want to have a threesome, so you have to take some blame."

"I do, Lana, but let's not fight; let's just agree to disagree for now and enjoy each other now. We can dwell on the past, but it's not gonna get us anywhere, but maybe backward."

"Okay," Lana said before I heard one more kiss. "Get that young pussy over there."

Isabella stayed up there for a moment, but eventually went down. As they were chatting, I just kept eating Lana out, but of course, I was still listening. After a minute, Isabella got behind me.

She placed her palms on my butt cheeks and spread them out a bit. "I'll get this cherry, but because I want to, though."

"Shut up and do it."

Again, I couldn't see them, but I figured they smiled, and then Isabella began licking my cherry from behind. She kept my butt cheeks spread and attacked those lips back there rather well. Needless to say, she compromised my ability to fuck the shit out of Lana, but she didn't mind.

I didn't look at anyone, but Lana kept rubbing my head and moaning too. I felt Isabella attack my lips back there hard and fling all over too. I felt my pussy getting hotter by the second and myself just getting ready to scream as well.

I even began to feel slightly woozy, but of course, the passion kept me going, and it was gonna make me do whatever I had to make them stay together. I wanted to create the sexiest memory ever indeed, and if I stroke Lana's ego enough, I got to milk her for something good, like more pay.

I knew it was wrong, but everything was wrong, but still right too. I shouldn't have watched them have sex as I did before, viewed Lana masturbating, or gotten involved with either of them, but I did, and what was done was done.

I looked ahead to them just being together again and not having to eat out Lana every day while still getting a good payday. Needless to say, I still enjoyed myself the best I could, but I still look forward to not fuck so often.

Isabella let her tongue into my slit as deep as possible. So did it so well that I had to bring my tongue out of Lana's pussy. Although, Lana still got her pleasure by scrubbing it with her cherry on my face.

So, they both proved we all had some great sexual chemistry, and surely enough, I let them take me over, so to speak. As if the sexual connections between them weren't enough, they bonded over, making me feel invincible.

I knew I was a distant number two to both of them, but I rested assured that it still wasn't a blowout, though. I got back to eating out Lana again and looked right into her eyes again. She pulled my hair, but fondled my head too as I continued to make her feel good.

She couldn't help but lean up and peek back at Isabella go to town on me from time to time. I couldn't see her face, but I was certain she was smiling, though. Even as she had her body up like that, it posed no issue for me to eat her out.

She did make me tongue dive into her slit, and it went in there deep too so that I could get her really good. I felt her bush and juice on my face, but I loved it that way. Oddly enough, feeling her physically closer made her feel emotionally closer.

Lana reached for my butt. "Oh, yes, eat me out while my girlfriend does it from behind, Elexis. You might be bad, but we'll forgive you. How could we not? We both love just how soft and cozy these butt cheeks are."

"Damn, Elexis, did she talk this much when you had one on one sex with her?" Isabella pondered.

"You both have flaws, Isabella."

"If you say so," Isabella added, pulling me up with her.

Lana got on her knees with us and made me the meat in the sandwich. They both pushed their hooters on me and made me feel pretty damn good in the process. They both encased their arms around me and gave me strings of kisses.

"I feel loved."

"Duh," they both giggled.

"Well, you cheated on us both, and now you're naked in the middle of us, so you should feel loved. Just as if you scratched a winning lottery ticket, you'd feel lucky. You made your desperate plea, and it happened. So, when you go back to work, you'll have to stop slacking off and get some work done."

"Lana, it's hard to get shit done when you're constantly getting into my panties."

"Okay, point taken, but now you may take the night off; Isabella and I need some time alone."

I nodded and kissed them both. I just got up and grabbed my clothes as they pressed themselves together. Needless to say, they got reacquainted, and my desperate plea was successful.

I got dressed, and they got peeked at me. "Thank you, Elexis," they both told me, bringing their hands together. "We love you, so don't go getting a girlfriend just yet, but get one in due time."

"Okay, ladies," I added, before heading to the door. "I love you both too. Is it safe to say you're gonna start visiting Lana every five minutes at the office, Isabella?"

"Yes, but make sure you get your work done first before you decide to sneak a peek, got it?"

"Yes, so, I'll see you both tomorrow," I mentioned, before walking outside and shutting the door. "I went through all that for a job I hate? Well, at least I'm making more money, and I probably let out enough cum to fill up a bathtub too, so at least it's not a total loss. They were still exhausting, though, but I'll be sure to find someone my own age now," I said, before strolling to my car.