Games Night

Games Night

Games Night

I decided to think up some games that we could evolve in to sexy games. Mostly coming from me, I admit, mainly because I have the dirtier mind of the two. With a few ideas and some preparation done I mention it to missy and we decide to have a try later on in the week. This I agree to.

During the week I struggle to keep my mind on anything else as all sorts of sexy scenarios keep going through my head. Finally the end of the week arrives and with a head full of ideas I just can’t wait to get started.

Missy arrives home and I am sitting in the lounge waiting for her. With a few filled bags of goodies by my side and some games sitting on the table I greet her with a big sexy kiss and follow her in to the kitchen to make a drink. Once the drinks are made I lead her back in to the lounge and we settle down for a nice evening of fun and games. Or so she thinks!

I explain to her that they won’t be what she expected but I am sure she will enjoy them very make. We start by sitting down on the floor opposite each other and I place a chessboard between us. She looks at me as if to say how much harm can that cause but when you have a mind like mine! Quite a bit actually!

We set all the pieces in their proper places and decide who is going to be which colour. I go for the black pieces as they best describe me. She has the white pieces. We are all set and ready to start. I then hold out a little bag in which are a lot of little bits of folded paper. I explain that each one is an item of clothing, which I have to my side in a bigger bag. When a person loses a chess piece they have to dig in the bag and put on whatever the item is stated on the piece of paper. She looks at me a bit startled as if to say; where did that idea come from! I just shrug my shoulders, as quite often I have no idea, they just do.

We strip off so we are completely naked and the game can start. I look her up and down as she sits opposite me. I can see her sexy feet all the way up her legs to her pussy and beyond. I can feel my blood pumping already and we haven’t even started the game yet.

I insist that she moves first and so we are off. A few moves later I manage to take one of her pawns and so it is her first turn at dipping in the bag and pulling out a piece of paper. She pulls her hand out and un-wraps it. Reading it she looks straight at me and smiles. What is it? I say, hardly able to control my excitement. I’ve spent lots of time thinking about these. She looks at the paper then back at me and says: “Stocking”. My eyes must have lit up as she glares at me. I don’t really know why she was so surprised really. It’s obvious that certain things were going to be in there. She leans forward and reaches in to the bag. Pulling out a stocking she stretches her leg out to me as if giving me a present. One, which I would gladly receive, I might add! Shuffling the stocking up in her hand she places it on the end of her toes. I watch intensely as she starts to unwind it over her foot and up her leg. I can feel my heart beating and my blood pumping at this sensual sight. I want that foot now I think to myself but I know the evening is very early yet so I manage to calm myself down.

After this most amazing first encounter it is back to the game. My turn next as a few short moves later Missy takes one of my pieces. I can see the excitement of revenge in her eyes as I reach for the bag. Pulling out the paper I read it to her. “Shoe”. She smiles and waits for me to reach in to the bigger bag. This I do and I pull out one of my own black stiletto pumps. Leaning forward I slip it on and then place my leg on the floor next to hers. Stabbing her thigh very gently as I do so. I think she has got the message.

This goes on for some time and near to the end we are both looking as if we have no dress sense. I am wearing two different shoes, two lots of tights and one stocking over top of one leg, a pair of missy’s knickers and various clothes pins amongst other things all over my stinging body. Missy is looking similar although I happen to think she looks strangely sexy and would fuck her in a second.

The game is finished and so we stop for a drink break. Staggering to the kitchen with all our additions we make a hot drink and take it back in to the other room. I decide it might be a good idea to take some bits off. Missy agrees but wants us to keep the tights, stockings and shoes on. Reluctantly I agree but secretly I love it. The feel, the pain, the pleasure!

Taking it in turns to pull the pegs and clamps off each other we reveal red spots where they had been. You don’t realise how strong a clothes peg is unless you have done something like this!

Finishing our drinks and playing with the pegs we sit there staring at each other’s outfits and bodies while we or at least I decide to do what’s next. I lean over and pick up the pack of cards by her side and start to shuffle them. We agree on which type of card game to play and also that the winner decides on what the other person is going to have to do. It can be anything of any kind as long as it is sexual in some way. All agreed and when I have finished dealing we start.

I can feel tension in the air as we are both trying to win and I expect both thinking about what we can make the other person do. Trying to concentrate on the two things at once I am gutted to say that I lose. I place the cards down on the floor and wait for her to tell me what I am going to do.

She smiles, leans back on her arms, opens her legs wide so I can just about see her pussy through the tights and says: “I want you to kiss, lick and suck my pussy through these tights”. I smile, as I like the idea of that then she looks at me and says that she hasn’t finished. “I then want you to make a hole in the tights so my pussy is accessible and do the same again”. I agree, pushing the cards aside, I lean forward tucking my legs behind me as I go. Placing my hands on her thighs I bend down and push my face in to her tights covered pussy. I can smell she is damp with excitement, which is pleasing to know.

Making sure my feet are comfortable in my shoes and trying to avoid damaging them on the carpet I start to kiss her pussy. I can feel the softness of the tights on my lips as well as the juices from her pussy. Licking my lips as I go I continue to eat away. Leaning back on her hands she moans and groans as I do so. It’s nice to know when you are doing something well. Delving deeper and deeper I decides to make the hole. With great difficulty but eventually I do, a hole appears and her pussy pushes out towards me. I start by nibbling around the outside before placing my tongue inside while holding on to her thighs for stability. She is getting wetter and wetter by the moment so I know it is going well. It’s not too long before I am surprised with her hands on my head and her sitting up as she cums on my face. Warm, wet and sexually satisfying I sit up in front of her. She smiles at me and plants a huge smacker of a kiss on my lips. Wiping my face I move back a bit and start to shuffle the cards for round two.

Dealing out the cards and still struggling to keep my massive hard on under control I look up at her. She looks very sexy and satisfied which are the two best looks in the world. When I have finished I pick up my cards and tell her that this time it will be me. I should have kept quite because in fact it wasn’t! I waited for her to give me her verdict and she said: “I want you to kiss every inch of my body from my head down to my toes”. I smile and agree the she says: “By the way I will be standing so you will be submitting to me”. No problem I think to myself. Like I mind! Really!

She stands up in front of me and while she removes her shoes I stand with her. Felling a little pain from my shoes, which isn’t a bad thing for me I start to kiss around her face and neck before moving on to her shoulders. Continuing on I kiss across her chest, breasts and stomach before moving around the back. Kissing each arse cheek in turn I move on to her thighs before coming back around to the front. Opening her legs for me I kiss her wet sexy pussy, her inner thighs and then her knees before moving to her calves. Bending down to my knees like a good boy I lean round and kiss the back of her calves. With my face almost on the floor I kiss her sexy ankles before finishing with her beautiful feet and toes. Sitting back on my heels I look up at her as if I need approval. She looks down at me and smiles so I move back before picking up the cards and shuffling again.

We decide this will be the last game of cards, which makes me even more determined to win this time. Dealing them out I give her a determined look but she just lets out a cheeky yet annoying chuckle. Half way through the game I must look serious as she asks me if I am ok. I say that I am and we continue and to my surprise I win. She doesn’t look so happy now as she knows how my mind works. I think for a moment and then I look at her as if I have come up with something devious. She looks a bit worried.

“I want you to suck me off and swallow”.

Quite surprised at the simplicity of my request but happy to do so she says: “Ok”. I stand up in front of her as I tell her I want to feel the pain in my aching feet as she is sucking me off. Happy to oblige she kneels down in front of me a places her moist lips around my cock. I look down and I can see her legs stretched backwards behind her. Looking further I look at her ankles, feet and shoes. Instantly my blood pumps and my cock is rock hard inside her mouth. She starts to suck as I stand there in complete satisfaction.

I have told her so many times how good she is at sucking me off. It is like nothing else so I am quite surprised when she expected me to choose something else. The fact that I can see her feet and shoes is just a bonus.

With her hands on my thighs to steady her-self she sucks and licks up and down my shaft until I cum and shoot all my load in to her mouth. Sucking every last drop my legs go wobbly under the intense erotic sensations. My feet buckle in my stilettos and I almost loose my balance completely. Correcting myself I bend down and give a big sexy wet kiss. I can taste myself on her lips but that is a small price to pay for the reward she has just given me.

Sitting next to each other on the floor we embrace and kiss before we decide what to do next. We agree to have another drink and a rest before trying another game. It will also give us time to come up with something, as we weren’t originally expecting to go on for this long.

Staggering again in to the kitchen we put the kettle on and get the drinks ready. I am finding it quite hard in my shoes now but on the other hand I can’t say I am not enjoying it either. Drinks ready so we carry them in to the other room. Sitting next to each other on the settee we talk about what to do next. Missy says to me that she has an idea so I am happy to go along with that. She doesn’t have them very often but I get excited and feel very happy when she does. She says she is not prepared as yet so we will have to put it off for another night. I agree so we go upstairs, dressed as we are, to have sex before going to sleep ready for another day.

To be continued………………………

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