His name is Axel

Info ElMenda
22 Mar. '22

Axel is the husband of a newish friend of mine, Zoe. Zoe and I work together.

I can’t help always looking at him when he is around. I have to be careful not to let my husband or his wife catch my glance. He hypnotises me. Doing that for months now. Axel is the man I’d like to have on my bed, forever. I see him looking at me and he wets me. He is the strongest case of infatuation I’ve ever experienced. Mind you, I’m just a quiet, well behaved person. My husband is a great guy and it is not that I don’t love him. We have sex, and quite often but, since I met Axel, to get horny myself I need to bring him on my mind.

I’m doing my best for my husband to like him but, I’m afraid, they don’t have much in common. Zoe, my friend, is quite good looking, and that must be why he hasn’t complained when her or myself arrange for the four of us to get together, which we have done quite often lately. I’m happy to have Axel around but, on the other hand, I have to recognise my nerves are about to snap.

I don’t know what he thinks of me. He must like me enough since he seems happy with our company, but he appears to do that more to please his wife, my friend, than to pay me attention. When we four sit at a couch, to watch something or to play, I always try, casually, to sit beside him but, more often than not, he manages to sit beside his wife and away from me.

I’m getting along with Zoe fine. She is friendly, talkative, always willing to make plans. She loves her husband. In fact, she is always telling me how much she loves him. I’ve tried a few times to bring the subject of m-e-n (or s-e-x) into our conversation, but we have never gone very far. And I don’t see her particularly attracted to my husband.

We’ve had today, the four of us, a great dinner at our place. I put a special effort into it. We’ve drank generously, the four of us. Axel needs to drive home so he was not very much into shots, but I managed to share a couple with Zoe and with my husband. We’ve told stories, we’ve laughed, and we’ve ended up, quite wasted, on the couch, to watch a couple of chapters of Vikings - the guys seem to find the series interesting. Again, I wanted to sit beside Axel on the couch, but I ended between my husband and Zoe. Vikings doesn’t interest me.

When the second chapter begins, my buddy starts nodding against my shoulder. There is little light in the room, apart from that coming from the screen. I turn and I look for a while at Zoe. She is beautiful. No wonder Axel has eyes only for her. She seems to be watching the show with interest. We are not talking now that much.

My husband keeps nodding and I start nagging at him. C’mon, time for you to go to bed. It backfires; rather than send him to the room, it wakes him up: …‘till end of the chapter, he growls. Time for me to put on a show: a better opportunity will not to present itself. I act as if disgusted by him and, noisily, stand and sit beside Axel, leaving a gap between my husband and Zoe. The three of them look at me startled but, soon, their eyes fall again on the screen.

My leg touches Axel’s, and he moves it away. Never mind. I slide my hand through my yoga shorts - I’m not wearing pants – and into my wet pussy. I look at my husband. He’s nodding again. Again, I touch Axel’s leg with mine. He looks at his wife. His wife looks at the screen. He doesn’t move his leg away this time. I won!

I keep working on my throbbing clit, hiding from Zoe, but no hiding from him. He has frozen. Zoe is now the only one paying attention to Vikings and at some points commenting on details. She turns to him: I can capture a hint of surprise on her eyes, but she soon dismisses it and goes back to the screen. I slide my right hand to his loins with the left working on my pussy. Yes, a bulging penis. Second victory. Yet, the chapter will finish soon enough. I need to move fast or it all will end up as a frustrated attempt.

I take his hand to my leg. He offers some resistance, staring at me with a blank face. Then, he looks at his wife. My hubby, now half awake, tries to make some no-nonsense conversation with Zoe. I release Axel’s hand, but his hand stays on my leg. I touch again his bulging penis while he gazes, panicky, at his wife, who herself is fixated on the screen. I change position, take again his hand and put it now on my pussy. I cover his hand with a cushion. The hand stays there, moving ever slowly but sending me to heaven. Under his shorts, I attempt to grab his cock. Not easy, my fingertips barely touching it. I answer mechanically whatever question Zoe has just addressed at me, muffling my shivers. She goes back to the screen. I take Axel’s hand out of my so wet pussy and move him slightly to get a better access to his cock. He does not facilitate things, I’d say, but he lets me do. That’s ok. Now I have a good grasp. Never my had has moved so skilfully. He stares at me terrified and places the cushion clumsily where he thinks will block better the sight from Zoe and my husband, now engaged in some low-key conversation. The chapter ends. Zoe, stretches. My buddy gets up to turn on the light. A warm, gooey substance has just filled my hand. We all stand up.

Never mind how he looks at me afterwards. I know I crossed a line. He is now able to take me whenever and wherever he wants. Which is, exactly, what I want.