Coffee at Helen's

Info driede
06 Dec. '16

It was my first day at home all to myself--after 8 years with preschoolers, this was the first day that they were both in school!  I was saving this day to relax and do nothing.  Sure, I knew I may well be bored in a few months...weeks...days...I don't know.  But when that time came, I would look for a job.  In the mean time, I would keep the house going without the kids underfoot and, well, do anything I pleased.

Outside the window I saw Sharon walking down the street.  Sharon is my best friend in the neighborhood.  I was free, I could just go say hi to Sharon!  Walk with her, even, and see what she was up to.  I went out and greeted her.  She stopped to say "Hello".  I asked her were she was going.  She said she was going to Helen's house for coffee.  I didn't really know Helen though I'd seen her.  It struck me that I ought to get to know my neighbors better.  I felt a little pushy, but I told her I'd come along.  I knew I couldn't afford to be shy if I wanted to get to know the neighbors better.

Sharon didn't sound enthusiastic, which surprised me--that wasn't like Sharon.  She said Helen wouldn't be expecting me.  She didn't give me any specific reason not to come, though, so I persisted.  Finally she gave in.  We talked as we walked down the block and around the corner to Helen's house.

When we entered Helen's house, a lot of the women of the neighborhood were there.  I was surprised--it seemed like they all knew each other well, and met often like this.  It made me wonder why Sharon wasn't more willing to invite me along.  But Helen was very friendly, telling me to stay, and introducing me to all the others.  Most were sitting around the kitchen table, which was rather large.  Soon we were all sitting around, drinking coffee and gossiping.

I noticed Helen had a deck of cards.  That struck me as a little strange.  She shuffled, then started dealing out the cards.  The women must play some sort of card game.  She stopped after dealing just one card to each of us.  All the women immediately turned over their cards.  They wanted me to turn over my card too, so I did.  Then, one woman complained that it was too soon to be her turn.  I didn't know what she meant.  The others all protested her complaints.  I looked at her card.  I realized it was the lowest card of any of ours.  I asked Sharon what it was all about.  I'm not sure she heard my question.

The woman's name was Amy.  She seemed rather young and had a very striking figure--I'm sure any man would have been sneaking glances at her.  Helen got up and led her out of the room.  All the other women resumed their conversation, but some started talking to another of the women, telling her to go.  I didn't know where they wanted her to go.  Her name was Lianne.  After she left, I realized she had the highest card of any of us.

We kept talking, though I still wondered exactly what was going on.  In 10 or 15 minutes, Lianne returned.  Everyone told me it was my turn.  It turned out my card was second highest.  They could see I was confused and simply told me to go upstairs.  They wouldn't tell me what it was all about.  I went upstairs.  Helen was there.  She took me to a door and told me to go in.

The shade was drawn and it was dark except for candle light.  Amy was there.  She was nude!  She was nude and blindfolded, laying on her stomach on an ottoman!  Her hands were handcuffed behind her and her legs were cuffed together too!  There were whips and paddles laying around!  I stood there with my mouth open staring.  Then I darted for the door.

Outside the door, I ran into Helen.  I told her I wasn't interested in this.  I told her to let Amy go.  I told her I was leaving.  Helen wouldn't have it.  She told me everything was OK, that it was Amy's choice.  She told me that Amy wanted it.  She said all I would have to do is paddle Amy a little, or something like that.  She dragged me back in.  She asked Amy what she wanted.  Amy said "Please whip me".  She asked Amy if she liked it.  Amy said "Yes".

Amy's voice had desperation.  She added a "Please".  She sounded like she so wanted it.  Helen took me out again.  She said Amy was at my complete disposal.  I could do anything to her or make her do anything I wanted to.  Anything.  She told me not to worry, just to pat Amy lightly if that's all I wanted to do.  She said it was expected.

I don't know what made me do it, but I finally gave in.  I went back in the room.  It was weird being in that room with a woman in that position.  And a woman like Amy.  Her body was absolutely gorgeous.  And even though she was ten times better looking than me, she was lying there, waiting for me to whip her.

I took a paddle.  I stood there a little, doing nothing, nervous.  Finally, I tried the paddle on her rear.  She jerked a little.  I was afraid I might have hurt her.  I suppose it was actually surprise after lying there for so long with nothing happening.

"Do you still want it?"  I whispered.  "Yes" she answered, whispering in kind.  Did I want to make sure she didn't recognize me?  I paddled her rear a couple of more times.  Then some more.  I looked around at the whips.  I took a whip and whipped her with it.  Not very hard--I couldn't make myself do it very hard.  Then I got into it--I gradually gave her harder and harder strokes.  Finally I could see her body jerk with each contact.  She still didn't yell at all, only a low grunt sometimes.

I stopped.  I was breathing hard.  It was nerves.  It occurred to me that this woman would do anything I wanted her to.  She would have sex with me if I wanted.  I'm not lesbian, but it occurred to me that I could get her to lick me.  I always wanted to know what that felt like--my husband has never offered to do it.  I could order Amy to do it now and she would.  Just to see what it feels like.  No one would ever know.

The temptation was too great.  I pulled off my jeans and panties.  Then I pulled her onto the floor, positioned her face down, then lay down so her face was on my pussy.  I told her to lick.  Just one word.  It was almost a whisper--she wouldn't be able to work out the voice.  She licked.  It did feel good.  In fact, after a few seconds, it felt great and I was definitely excited.  After a few more, I was lost and there was no stopping.  I thrashed on the floor, holding her head against me.  I couldn't believe the sensation.  Soon I was coming.  I wasn't completely quiet either, but I didn't think she could get much out of my breathing and moaning.  I pulled her head off when I was spent.  Then I pushed her back on the ottoman and got dressed.  I quietly went out of the room.  Helen wasn't there so I went downstairs.

When I got down, everyone was gathered around the television.  After a moment, I realized that they were watching two women having sex!  A pornographic movie.  Then I realized that it was Amy and me!  Everyone was glancing my way!  Some were making lewd comments.  I blushed and ran away.

Sharon came after me.  She told me not to worry, that everything was OK.  She told me to come back.  She pulled on my arm and finally I gave in.  The women were still watching the television but it wasn't me.  It was still Amy but with some other woman--Helen.  Helen was completely nude.  She is very petite, slender, almost like a little girl.  She had this big whip that she was waving around, then she let Amy have it on the rear!  Amy yelped--louder than anything she did when I was with her.  Helen whipped her again.  I stared, transfixed.  One of the women told me she was looking forward to getting me up there.  I stared at Helen with that whip...