Learning a new way to earn money

Info janetb
26 Mar. '22

Living in a big city can be dangerous now days. It is very hard to find a job, and everything costs so much. A middle age divorced mother has really a hard time. You have kids to take care of and sent to school. I am either to old or ne experience.

I spend all my time looking for work of any kind. Have to admit but a guy who was interviewing me offered me twenty dollars for a blow job and I gave him one. I needed gas for my car.

That gave me an idea and started looking on the internet for call girls or anything like that. I still had my looks, and my figure was good. I striped and looked in the mirror. My breasts were pretty firm and 36d was pretty good I was thinking, 26 and 35 finished my look.

I am 5’7” with long brown hair. My legs are my best part, very shapely. Lips full and green eyes. I was not a prude when it came to sex and oral, anal, and pretty much anything was ok as long as I was paid.

I found a place that has massage girls, young and Asian. I knew it was more than that so I called just to see what would happen. I talked to a man and told I was looking for work. I told him I was willing to do anything. He said this is a massage parlor, but I might know someone that you can talk to. I said great and gave him my number.

A guy called me and asked me if I was the lady looking for work. I told him yes. He asked me to come and meet him and I agreed.

I met him at a bar, and we had a drink. He asked me questions about what I was looking for. He checked my ID and wanted to know how far I would be willing to go. He said let’s go in the back so I can interview you better.

He led me to the men’s rest room saying this is his office. He had me set on a stool and took his pants down and said show me what you can do. His cock was large and long.

I took his cock in my mouth slowly sucking. I licked and sucked the head. I sucked him deep into my mouth enjoying the feel in my mouth. He pushed me head down and I sucked his balls. I stroked him while sucking them. He turned around and had me rim him.

I licked him and spread his cheeks out licking him deeper. After a while he turned around and had me suck him more.

He had me stand and bend over and pull my skirt up and took my thong off and fucked me. He fucked me hard and fast. He stopped and pushed his cock into my ass fucking me deep. He fucked me fast and pulled out and had me suck him as he cummed in my mouth. I milked his cock until he finished.

We went back to the table and told me he could use me. He told me how much I would be making and how he would set up dates for me. I had to be willing do anything that was asked.

He told me how to dress and how to look for cops. He told me he would collect the money all I had to do was please the John. Sometimes there would be more than one.

My first date was on the weekend and was for three hours. It was a older man and he was nice and told me what he wanted. He set in a chair and watch me strip. He then told me how to stand and move.

He had me bend over and spread my pussy and ass out. He was looking at me stroking his cock. I turned around and let him finger my pussy, spreading my lips out.

He took off his clothes and told me to lick his cock and balls. I took his cock in my hand and licked it up and down. I licked the head and tip and then licked down to his balls licking them. He was watching me the whole time.

He told me to suck and lick the head of his cock. I took it into my mouth slowly sucking. I licked the underside of his cock head and sucked it in and out of my mouth. He loved me just sucking on the head.

There was a mirror that he was watching me in. I slowly sucked on the head before he had me suck on his balls some more.

He had me get on my hands and knees. He had a but plug and put some lube on it and watched it slide into my ass. It was pretty big and took him a little time to get it all in. He fucked me a little while with it. He left it in and brought out a black dildo at least twelve inches long.

He had me lay back and spread my legs out wide. He looked at my pussy a little while, spreading my pussy lips. He looked and put the head of the dildo in my pussy. He slowly pushed in in. He fucked me slowly and pushing it in deeper. He was able to get two thirds of the dildo in my pussy slowly fucking me.

He let me lick and suck the head. He played with my nipples a little while pulling and pinching them. He sucked and licked them a little while. He set back and just looked at me for a while.

He laid down and spread his legs out wide. He told me to lick his cock and ass. He was able to watch me in the mirror as I licked his cock and ass. I spread his ass cheeks out licking him as deep as I could. I licked his ass for and while and licked back up to the head licking his cock up and down. He told me to suck him slowly and I took is cock into my mouth slowly sucking.

I sucked his cock into my mouth holding it there slowly sucking. I sucked on the head moving my mouth around the head. He was enjoying my mouth as his cock swelled up.

He cummed filling my mouth. I swallowed as he kept cumming. I licked the tip as cum kept coming out. I sucked on the tip milking his cock. I kept sucking until he told me to stop. He told me to lick him some more and I licked his balls and ass for a little while.

He told me his time was up and he gave me a real good tip. I could not believe three hours had passed.

I went home and crashed sleeping the rest of the night.

The next day he called me told me my customer was really happy. I was able to keep the tip. He told me he had another trick that night and told me to dress really sexy. There were two of them and they wanted a party. 

I dressed in a mini dress that was sheer and very short. Did not wear panties or bra, just high heels. They took me to the bed right away, taking my dress off and stripping.

I sucked both of them at the same time, taking their cocks into my mouth. I sucked them both rubbing their cocks together. I licked and sucked them for a while. They put me on my knees and one of them fucked me and I sucked the other one.

They changed places and fucked me for a while. I loved sucking them their cocks were not very big and was able to suck them into my throat easy. One of them was fucking my mouth while I was being fucked. They both cummed and I milked both if their cocks.

They had only a hour but tried to give them both a good time.

My pimp called me and told he had a man who wanted to make me a offer. He asked me to meet him at the bar.

I got there a little early and they were both there. The guy was a lot older that us but handsome. They told me they wanted me to appear in a hip hod video and have sex with the singers after. I would make a thousand dollars for one night’s work.

I told them I would, and he said lets go into my office. All three of us went into the men’s rest room. They both took their pants off and I started sucking them. They both pretty big and I sucked them as deep as I could.

I took turns with them until one of them wanted to fuck me. They took off my clothes and bent me over. One of them fucked me and I sucked the other one. I sucked him slow liking the taste of his cock. It was really feeling good, and they changed places and picked up speed. One was fucking my mouth the same time I was being fucked. They both cummed about the same time.

My pimp gave me fifty dollars, said the other guy had to pay. He told me that those rappers were very kinky so expect anything. That was ok I was making more money than I could dream about.