Ist Time

We had spoken and it was left up to me to think and arrange her first time. For what you might say! Well pretty much everything as it happens but I have been told to go gentle this time so I start to plan an evening with as much gentleness as I can muster.

I spend a few days going over in my head what I am going to do. Arranging the supplies that I will need and when the night finally arrives I am ready. She comes round looking as beautiful as ever and I invite her in. Walking in to the lounge I sit her down and pour her a drink of wine. She takes the glass from my hand and I can see in her eyes that she is nervous. I lean in to her and place a sexy kiss on her lips and assure that she will be fine and that it will be an experience she will never forget.

After a short while I leave her and go upstairs to make the final preparations. I light all of the candles and turn the lights off. I then call her up and watch her as she enters the room. She smiles at me and then sits on the edge of the bed. I get down on my knees, place my arms around her and passionately kiss her on the lips.

Reaching under the bed I pull out a small bag. Looking at me in surprise I explain that I needed some extra items for the evening. Slowly reaching inside I pull out a soft silk scarf and hold it up in front of me. Staring in to my eyes I place it around her head, covering her eyes so that she can’t see me anymore. I ask her to lie back on the bed and get herself comfortable. This she does and I get ready for the next stage.

I climb on to the bed with one leg either side of her. Leaning forward I start to undo her shirt before removing each of her arms in turn and then throwing the shirt to one side. I continue with her skirt, un-doing the button before sliding it down her legs, over her feet and off on to the floor. I decide to leave her underwear on for now and of course the shoes at least for the time being.

Sitting upright and just looking at her I can’t help but love the way she looks. So sexy, so shapely and so vulnerable lying, on the bed in front of me. I reach down the side of the bed for the bag and take out another of the scarves. Reaching towards her right hand I tie it around her wrist and then on to the bed. I make sure it is tight enough to hold her but not too tight to make her un-comfortable. It is her first time after all! I repeat with the other arm and then move back down the bed to do the feet.

Holding her shoe clad foot in one hand I can’t help but admire her sexy ankles. I could see the muscles flexing as I picked it up in the palm of my hand. I tie the scarf around and then attach it to the end of the bed. I repeat the process with the other foot and then get off the bed so I can have a better look.

I stand there motionless for a moment as I stare at her sexy motionless body tied spread eagled on the bed. I can feel her anticipation so I get back on top of her and with one leg either side I start to plant small wet kisses around her neck. I can smell her and hear her breathing. She smells good. I can feel myself getting hard already. Continuing on around the front of her neck I start to kiss down her chest towards her breasts. Taking one nipple in my mouth I start to suck and nibble. It gets hard as I do so which just encourages me even more. I change to the other breast and do the same. I can feel her body moving in-between my legs as I do so. With a last flick of the nipple I move on to her arms.

Starting at her shoulders I kiss all the way down her arms to her elbows and then on to her hands. Rubbing her hands as I go I turn one up and place a sexy kiss right in the middle of the palm. I run my tongue along her finger before placing the finger in my mouth and sucking it. I run it in and out of my mouth. I can hear her breathing get heavier as I do so. I repeat the process with each finger in turn before moving over to the other arm and hand.

I turn my body around so I am facing down her legs. I think to my self do I start form the feet up or the thighs down. Feet up I think. Leaning forward I start to kiss along the top of her foot right next to the edge of her shoes. I can smell the sexy leather and I know straight away they are new. With a little bite here and there I grab the heel between my fingers and slide it off her foot. She flexes her toes as I release them. I watch her wriggle in front of my eyes as if trying to get away but she can’t.

With the tip of my tongue I run it down the instep of her foot towards her toes. Occasionally kissing on the way I passionately kiss the end of each toe in turn before placing them one at a time in my warm moist mouth. I repeat the whole process when I move over to the other foot before turning my body round and kissing up the calves of her legs. Kissing and nibbling past her knees I make it to the beginnings of her thighs.

I can see her goose pimples as I start to kiss up her thighs. I can feel her getting tense as I make my way towards her pussy. I can tell she wants me to get there but she is going to have to wait just a little bit longer. I plant a few passionate kisses on the insides of her thighs before teasing her now wet pussy through her knickers.

I decide to sit up and run my finger up and around her thighs. Every now and again it crosses her knickers and teases her pussy. She twitches just before and during as if she is anticipating my every move. I tease the edge of her knickers before placing my finger behind them and pull them to one side. She lets out a moan as I do so. Bending down I start to kiss the outside, teasing it with my tongue. I can taste her juices as I lick away at her throbbing pussy. I am so hard myself now I am ready to burst. Ignoring my own feelings and concentrating on her I continue to lick away.

She is fidgeting quite a lot now so I know I am doing something right. She can’t get far though so I carry on. Holding on to her thighs on either side I try to steady her as she gets closer and closer to orgasm. I take a deep breath as she lets out a moan of delight and I can tell that she has come. I continue for a little while but then get told to stop. I sit up and watch her as she writhes from side to side. She looks so sexy. I can see the sweat on her brow and all her muscles have tensed up. I pause for a moment and then I lean forward to give her a huge passionate kiss. She responds in return. Leaning to one side I remove the scarves around her wrists and then her ankles. She instantly sits up and embraces me in a sexual embrace.

For a while we stay in this position listening to each other’s hearts beating……..

SAH 13.04.11


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