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07 Dec. '16


With the deal struck, it is just a matter of time before she comes around. Un-able to handle the anticipation, he creates a shopping list in his head.

It’s been two weeks so he phones her to arrange a meet. Everything he needs has been bought and is ready to go. She should have received the package by now. If she has opened it already then the deal is off.

Picking up his phone he sends her a message with explicit instructions.

“Put them on, lock them and wear them for one hour before you turn up!”

“See you Friday at 8!”

Now he just has to wait!

Picking up her phone and reading the message she is a little confused, but then this is probably as she hasn’t opened the package yet. She has struggled previously, as having patience on birthdays etc was never going to be a strength of hers!

Had she made a mistake with this deal!

Too late now though as she had verbally agreed to do it. With a few days to go it wasn’t worth worrying about just yet. Carrying on as normal, she went to work and almost forgot about the whole thing.

Friday came and on the way home from work she suddenly remembered. Looking at the time, she realised she had better hurry or she wouldn’t have time to wear them for an hour before she arrived at his.

Keys in, front door opened, she chucks her back down on the kitchen table. Reaching for the box, she lifts off the lid to reveal a sexy pair of black patent stilettos. How am I going to wear them, she thinks to herself. The heels looks very high and then she notices the ankle strap. It is quite thick and has a small metal loop. She wonders what this is for! Suddenly realising she looks under the paper in the box to confirm. Yes there are! Two small padlocks!

She is confused, as there are no keys, then the penny drops. He must have the keys! Once she has put them on, he is the only one who can take them off for her. Strangely she finds this very sexy.

Putting them on the kitchen table she runs up stairs to get the rest of her clothes. What can she wear with them she thinks to herself! Probably wont really matter but as a woman it is her job to think this.

Within ten minutes she is back down stairs and ready to put on the shoes. With a sexy black dress and tights, she feels quite confident. Picking up one shoe at a time, she slips them on her feet, adjusts the ankle strap and places the padlock in the loop. Click! Done now!

Standing she can feel the pinch, the squashing of her toes together with the newness of the leather, they seem quite tight. I’m not sure if I can do an hour!

Picking up her phone she checks the time. Five to seven she is just in time. Now what is she going to do!

Walking across to the worktop, she makes herself a drink. Trying to balance, she makes her way back to the table, gets out her phone and checks the latest social media stories.

With her legs crossed, she can see her foot sticking out from under the table.

“I can see why he chose these shoes, they make my feet look really sexy”, she thinks to herself.

Struggling to cope with the inherent anticipation, he paces around the front room. Hoping this is just because this is the first time for the arrangement, he fiddles with the items he has got ready. With them all placed neatly in a line on the coffee table, he straightens them up. Then straight away does it again. Erggghhhh! I hope she is here soon.

Checking the time on his phone, with twenty minutes to go, he looks around the room. With nothing to do, he goes in to the kitchen to make a coffee and have a fag.

His nerves are shot to bits and hoping this will help he fails miserably. It has however, passed the time and there is a knock at the door. Now not sure if he wants to open it, he slowly makes his way through the lounge. Reaching the front door, he stops, takes a deep breath, before reaching for the latch. What seems like ages, he turns it and the door creeps open. His eyes are met with her standing there, in the shoes and looking mighty fine.

Leaning forward, he greets her, gives her a kiss on the cheek and invites her in. With a slight stumble over the step, something he doesn’t miss, she walks in to the room and stands patiently in the centre. With a slight awkwardness in the air he asks if she would like a drink. What she really wants is to have the keys, but she doesn’t say and replies yes to the drink.

Following him towards the kitchen, she is un-aware he is listening to the clicking of the heels on the wooden floor. With his blood pumping, his brain otherwise engaged, he misses her asking about how he is. Looking around at her, he can see in her expression he has missed something. Apologising and asking her to repeat herself, he replies just as they reach the kitchen.

“Take a seat”, he says.

Happily she accepts. Crossing her legs as she sits down, she notices him looking at her.

He says sorry, then explains he can’t help it, as her feet look so sexy in the shoes. She agrees with him, although she explains, she has worn them for just over an hour now and they are starting to hurt quite a bit. Expecting him to be concerned, she is shocked when he states that they must be very tender by now!

A short time later, when both drinks are finished, he stands up, collects the mugs and gestures for her to stand up and follow him. This she does quite apprehensively.

Entering the living room, he shows her the equipment on the coffee table and looks at her face. She must have looked a bit shocked as he assures her he will be gentle to start with.

Getting her to kneel down on the seat of a chair, which he places in the middle of the room, she rests her hands on the top of the backrest. Getting some handcuffs, he places one on each wrist, with the chain going through the wooden cross braces of the chair. With her shoes hanging off the edge of the chair, he ties some rope around the calves of her legs to keep them still. Lastly he ties some rope around her ankles, just above the ankle straps, cinching it to make it tight. She winces as the reality starts to kick in.

Standing back, he looks to make sure everything is secure. Very satisfied he reassures her before reaching for a gag from the table. She stops him and asks if it is necessary.

“Not really, although I do have neighbours”, he says.

Agreeing with him, she asks if he can hold on for a bit to see how it goes.

“Ok. We can try without”, he says.

Looking at the table in front of him, he decides on a small leather one to start with. Looking back at her feet he suddenly realises his mistake. Reaching in to his shirt, while giggling to himself, he pulls out his necklace and reveals the keys. Taking them off the chain, undoing the locks and placing the keys back, he is ready to start. Checking with her to see if she is ready, he runs his fingers down the soles of her stockinged feet. She giggles and fidgets quite a lot.

“They are tender aren’t they!” he says excitedly.

“Right I am going to whip them and I want you to do the counting for me!”

“Is that clear!” he says.

“Yes”, she says.

Whip, One, Whip, Two……

When she has counted to twenty, he stops for a breather. This is her first time and he doesn’t want to put her off. Looking at her face, he can see a tear in her eye. Un-fortunately for her this just turns him on.

Looking down, he can see the soles are as red as the rest of her feet. This is good for him, not necessarily for her.

Placing the small whip on the table he picks up a cane. Showing it to her, she shakes her head in panic.

“Can we save that one for another day? Maybe when I am a bit more experienced!” she says.

Reluctantly he agrees, but states he would like her to wear a gag now as she did let out a few loud shrieks. Picking up a nice red ball gag, he places it in her mouth, before strapping it up at the back of her neck. Secured and ready, he chooses a lesser weapon of choice.

Bracing herself, she waits, expectantly.

With a few second gap between each stroke, he takes some time to get to his target of twenty. To her it feels a lot longer. Concentrating on counting and embracing the pain at the same time is actually quite hard.

With time to calm down, he releases her from her bonds, places all the kit on the table before helping her off the chair.

With her feet stinging, but sweaty with excitement, she stands up straight. She puts her shoes back on and then goes to put the padlocks in.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you. I have the keys remember. Unless you want to wear them for two weeks!” he says.

Smiling she agrees that might just be too long. Making sure she has everything, she makes her way to the front door, thanks him and leaves.

Relaxing on the sofa, he smiles as he really enjoyed that experience. They must do it again!


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