Naughty DP off the highway

By Dina Petro


I was driving on the highway for a long trip, I was wearing a very comfortable dress, nothing else under it, I know someone may wonder; why would a woman wear a dress while driving for a long time, it is me, I love wearing one of those light fluffy cotton dresses with nothing under it, giving my hands access to all of my body assets while driving. 

I decided to rest in a motel or hotel room for a day or so, I wasn’t really tired but I was in a strange mood for sex, I will admit it openly and bluntly, I was feeling horny one way or another, with my hand feeling my breast and nipples once, and down to my bare pussy at other times, being a sex loving woman, my body and mind would crave sex once in a while and I know I can get it.

I know for sure I have the right assets, being a good looking, sexy woman of late twenties, curvy body with big tits and ass, I know for sure that all I have to do is act loose and show clear willingness, and I would be fucked and having the sex I want at a snap of a finger, ‘That is it’ I said to myself, I need to get fucked, I took the first exit, I felt I was in a semi-deserted area with lots of trees, a town name was posted on the highway signs but it didn’t sound familiar to me.

Seeing a sign for a motel, I followed it into a narrow road between the trees till I got to the main gate, it seemed like a small motel, one of those family owned and operated which looked fine to me, I parked my car and went inside, at the counter I was greeted with an older man, he must have been in his mid to late sixties at least, I asked him if I could get a room, he said sure and started working on it, he was a nice older man with cool, warm manners, a flirty type of a man, which I liked in fact, but I noticed no signs for any people around.

I asked, “Don’t you have any customers in?”

He smiled saying, “No, you are the first and only sweet, hot and sexy tenant we have so far, you seem to be lucky, as much as we are to have a hot woman like you, we have just re-opened a couple of hours ago, we have been closed for renovation for a long time, I hope you don’t mind that, only very few staff members are around, it is a small motel”

I smiled saying, “You are so sweet and kind, it is ok with me, I have no problems with that, I just need to rest and relax for a night or so, if I am spoiled the way you have been spoiling me so far, then I am one hell of a lucky woman?”

Smiling, looking me straight in the eyes with warm passionate look on his face, he winked and eye and checked me in, he held my room key and asked me to follow him, we went to my room, it was a very nice, spacy room, the smell of brand-new furniture was obvious which was good, the older man said; You can see how beautiful and brand new the room is, I tried giving you the best room we have, nice and close to all of our premises and services”

I asked him, “do you have a swimming pool?”

He answered smiling, “we sure do, there it is, you can see it from your own room’s window, it is all cleaned, filtered and ready to be used, I hope you don’t mind swimming without people around, you may dip in the water nude if you want to, just remember to give the old man a buzz on the phone before you do that if you intend to do it”

We both laughed loud, “I continued laughing and saying, “I might just do that, it is tempting by the way, but why? Does it need any preparations if someone wants to swim nude?”

He giggled looking me in the eyes as if checking my body out and saying, “Not really, I just want you to be kind to an old man like me to indulge his eye sight with the most beautiful and sexiest body assets, if ok with you? you never know, you might earn a free accommodation by the end”

I laughed again saying, “wow, you mean I would earn a free hotel accommodation just for showing you my nude body?”

He laughed saying, “Not exactly, you may have to work a bit for it, and don’t have any high hopes, this old companion of mine ‘pointing at his cock’ does not stand so easy, it may take forever without any movement anyway, but you know how older men like to play don’t you?”

I strangely had an instant twitch down at my pussy with a quick hardening of my clit and nipples, true it was what I was hoping for, but I somehow had a feeling this older man would not be the one I was looking for, but I had decided to give it a try anyway, getting a free accommodation would be nice after all, I looked at him with a naughty smile saying, “you mean it would not move or get any harder on the scene of my nude body?”

He winked an eye saying, “I doubt it, although I can tell how gorgeous you are, we won’t know until we try, will we?”

I held the bottom of my dress and started lifting it up slowly revealing my legs, thighs, then I was blunt enough to reveal my bare, fully bald pussy and saying, “Ok let’s see”

Finally, I flipped my dress off my head and threw it to the side, I was fully nude making an erotic show for an old man, older than my father, I lay down on bed on my back spreading my legs, the older man jumped on to the bed on his knees, pushed his head down and started licking my cunt, it was a great feeling, he sure was one hell of a pussy licker, his hands were feeling whatever parts of my body he could reach without stopping the pussy licking process, a short while later, he managed to make me shiver and tremble, I had my first orgasm that way.

The man licked my pussy dry again, he lifted my legs up and started rimming my ass hole, shoving his wide, old tongue deep in my ass, he got me going again, but I got up and helped him git rid of his clothes, he was damn right, his cock was big but fully limp without any movement, I got on my knees and started sucking on it to the best I could, it wasn’t the first time I suck a limp cock, I happen to be older men lover even those who could not get it hard, I usually enjoy pleasing them putting a wide smile over the happy faces, same time I love being licked by those expert older men. 

I got on top of him in a sixty-nine position, he started eating my cunt again while I was doing my best sucking job on his soft, limp dick, he made me cum again and again, finally, I managed to make him moan loud and he came in my mouth without getting as hard as he wanted, but it was a little harder than when I started sucking on it, of course not hard enough to fuck me with it, that was why I continued sucking on it till he came in my mouth.

The older man was having a bit of an ashamed look on his face, but I encouraged him telling him, “I loved it, you managed to make me cum many times, and you came too, I tasted your hot creamy cock juices, so it wasn’t as bad as you think, didn’t you like it?”

His smile came back to his face again, cheered enough by my statement, he said, “Of course I did, I loved it babe, and you sure have won a free stay at our motel, no matter how long you want to stay”

I thanked him saying, “I don’t want to get you into any trouble daddy, I will pay for everything”

He said, “no trouble sweetie, I am the owner of the motel, just enjoy your stay, who knows you may run into one of those young, hot staff members who would make it up for you and do a better job than the older man, I promise to close my eyes on it, if you wanted it to happen, OK?”

I hugged and kissed him thanking him for everything, he cleaned up, put his clothes back on and left, and I went into the shower right away.

End of part ONE


Part TWO

I took a shower right away, the bathroom was spacy and nice with huge mirror allowing me to see my nude body while showering which was tempting in a way, I wasn’t masturbating, but I rubbed my pussy a little making myself a bit horny, after all I could not call that session, I just had with the older man an enough sex for a sex loving slut like me.

When done, I dried my body, wrapped a towel around me and walked out of the bathroom, I got rid of my towel, I looked through the huge window, it was a nice area with nice view, I looked to the side and I could see the swimming pool clear and close which gave me an idea of dipping in the water for a while, it was hot outside anyway.

I noticed by the pool, two good looking, young guys who seemed to have been swimming, they were just playing and chatting, I looked closer at them, they were very hot, both of them, I was unintentionally feeling my breast, pinching my nipple with one hand, while rubbing my, getting wet and horny pussy by then, with my other hand.

I was having real naughty ideas by then, I was hoping they would separate so I could meet with only one of them by the pool, I would flirt with him and may be get him to fuck and please me, I needed it, but they were glued together all the time, then I decided ‘what the heck’ I will go down there anyway, it is a completely strange motel and a strange town to me, no body would know me no matter how slutty I act or whatever I do.

Instead of wearing a bikini or a swim suit, I put on a light pair of shorts and a light, short tank top, I knew I looked semi nude with no undies, then I walked to the pool, once there I was flirting with the guys, not by talking to them but by some naughty signs and smiles, finally, I got closer to them saying, “are you guys customers in here? The older man at the counter said the motel was empty so far, he even told me I could swim nude if I wanted?” I said that with lots of slutty, naughty smiles and laughing.

They laughed loud as well saying, “no we are not customers, we work here, but there are no clients, we are just having fun, we can leave if you want to swim nude, that older man is the owner of the motel by the way”

I laughed saying, “No, you don’t have to leave of course, it is a free country, you could do whatever you like to do, same for me, don’t you agree?”

They both nodded smiling, I started walking away very slowly, only a few feet away from them, I was looking at them, smiling when I pulled my top off, then pushed my shorts down till I was totally nude, I walked to the pool and dipped in, started swimming fully naked, but I kept looking at them and laughing in a very naughty, inviting way.

I knew for sure that only a slut or a whore would do what I had done, it was a damn inviting act by me, normally, they would think twice before missing around with  their clients, but I think I gave them no other choice, they looked at each other, shook their head, pushed their shorts down and jumped into the water fully naked, they started swimming directly towards me till they were on my both sides, both hugged me, each from one side and started feeling, touching, and rubbing my nude body under the water.

My reaction wasn’t changed or flipped from being an inviting horny whore, I was laughing and willingly accepting and approving to what they were doing, I was moaning at some points when I felt some lips sucking my hard nipples and some hands feeling and rubbing my pussy and my hard and wet clit under the water, they kept at it while swimming and picking me up same time till they reached the edge, I got loose of their hands, jumped out of the water running to a nice wide leather couch on the pool side.

Both men stayed in the pool looking at me wanted to see what reaction would I do, I laid on the couch, spread my legs wide putting my nude assets in full display for their ‘pussy hungry’ eyes and started using my tongue to rub my lips in a naughty, hot and inviting way, they both jumped out of the water, got on their knees around me and started a semi-massage to all of my body top to toe, with their hands first, then their tongues and lips until one of them was licking my pussy while the other one was sucking on my hard nipple.

I was acting loose, enjoying whatever they were both doing to my body, moaning loud showing them how happy and pleased I was, till I was totally fucked by both of them, first session was one at a time while the other one was feeling and touching the free assets of my body, then I was totally fucked by both together, mouth and pussy, mouth and ass. Finally, I was fucked ass and pussy in a real DP (double penetration) fuck session by both men together taking a cock in each of my front and rear fuck holes.

I lost count how many times I came during that lovely DP session, but they both came twice, young men of early to mid-twenties who had all of their sex drive power in their bodies, unlike that poor older man who could not get his cock hard enough to fuck me.

After sucking both of their cocks dry clean again, we relaxed a few minutes, then I picked my clothes up walking to my room fully nude without caring who else would see me, after being fucked twice on a raw in a short period of time by three strange men, I felt being the Motel whore who got used to being fucked nonstop. I got in, took a quick shower and relaxed on bed I fell asleep, did not wake up till the room phone was ringing telling me dinner was ready in the dining room of the motel.

End of part TWO




In the dining room, I noticed I was the only customer to have dinner, only those two guys were around, I was told the older man went out, they seemed to have been racing to serve and help me, I loved it, I felt like a queen between two gorgeous, young men who had fucked me this afternoon.

After dinner I was asked to sit on a nice couch at the corner of the dining room for a cup of coffee or a drink, when they asked me what would I like to drink, I told both of them; since it is my last night at their motel, I had decided to make it a double drink of their cocks’ special honey juices same time together like I did that afternoon.

I cannot describe how happy those guys were to hear my decision, I was stripped nude so fast by both of them, and they started servicing my body again, the same way they did earlier, except with more passion and slower paste this time, I was enjoying the best second double fuck I had ever had in my entire life and I came many times again that time, making both of them cum twice on a raw.

At night I was fully nude after I took my shower and was watching TV when I heard a light knock on the door of my room, “Who is it” I yelled

The older man, the motel owner’s voice came softly, “It is me John again, can I come in please?”

I laughed saying, “Are you alone, I am naked, should I put something on?”

He laughed saying, “I am all alone, nothing I haven’t seen or tasted my sweetie”

I opened the door, let him in, he was holding a tray with two alcohol drinks and a bucket of ice saying, “I was hoping you would accept my invitation to a drink with me my darling, but if it is not proper time, I could cancel or come back later?”

I pulled him in the room saying, “any time is proper time for you daddy, please come in, I accepted your invitation, I think I need a drink now”

I stayed the way I was, fully nude when we both sat at the table in my room, we started drinking and chatting, the older man was checking me out again as if he had seen me for the first time in his life, he said, “Please allow me, I hope you have enjoyed your stay so far and the special services offered to you in our Motel?”

I smiled saying, “perfect room, lovely swimming pool and tasty dinner, many thanks John”

He looked me straight in the eyes, smiled and winked saying, “That is not what I meant sweet thing, I meant the special massage you had after your swim and the deserts you had after dinner by my young, hot staff members?”

I was truly shocked, I didn’t have any idea he would know about all of that, my lower jaw dropped down almost to the floor saying, “What do you mean John? You didn’t know about that did you?”

He nodded smiling and saying, “I sure did, and I enjoyed watching everything babes, I hope you don’t mind the older man watching you double fucked since he could not fuck you himself?”

I relaxed and was happy again saying, “well, I would be a big liar if I said I did not love and enjoy every second of them both events, were you watching me fucked by those young guys?”

He said, “the first one by the pool, Yes, but the other one, I purposely left the premises to give you a chance to be alone with those two young studs, I saw how happy you were with them earlier, I did not want to deprive you of having another session with them, I just hope you would stay longer than your prior decision of leaving tomorrow, you would be much happier so would all of us be”

I got up, hugged and kissed him passionately on the lips saying, “I know I will, but I am sorry, I can’t, I have other things to do and I cannot change my schedule, but I am still here now for the sweet John to enjoy my body again if he likes to?”

He did not wait, he pulled my hand to the bed lay me on my back and started munching on my body top tot toe and saying, “like to? Are you crazy, I was hoping you would give me another chance who knows”?

I told him, “I am all yours all night long, I have slept enough this afternoon”

Surprisingly enough, after making me cum twice while eating me and licking my cunt, the older man managed to get his cock hard enough to fuck me this time, he sure fucked me really good, pleased and enjoyed me to the best he could and came in my mouth again, I could swear to it that he went out and got some kind of pills to help him get his cock hard for me to try again, and he sure did it.


Wishing you all the best


Dina Petro