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07 Dec. '16


I catch sight of her out of the corner of my eye. She is walking on the opposite side of the road. I can see her black patent mary janes and instantly they get my attention. Striding along the pavement I can see her ankles and calves changing with the movement of her muscles with every stride.

She turns the corner just as I cross over the road. I end up behind her as she walks up the street. I follow but not too close as not to draw attention to myself. I find myself constantly looking down her legs towards her ankles as she strides along the path. I can see all her muscles flexing and changing as she walks.

I am always amazed as to how much definition high heels create in the legs. I suppose this is a big part of the attraction for me. It completely changes the way a woman walks. It creates a whole new attitude and dimension to the female wearing them at the time.

Walking along behind her I try to keep a safe distance of about four feet so as not to alarm her. Hypnotised I stare, paranoid in case she notices me and turns around.

Looking up I can see my destination and to my surprise she turns into the lobby of the block of offices where I am heading. Un-able to distract myself from her legs I am unaware that all along the left hand side of the wall is completely mirrored. Still staring I suddenly notice she has clocked me looking. I look across at the mirror and she gives me a wry smile. I can feel my face burning red as I die with embarrassment.

I slow down to avoid any further humiliation. She keeps walking straight on and before she enters one of the doors she turns round to me and beckons me in. I reach the said door and hesitate outside it for a couple of seconds but feels like and eternity.

Opening the door I enter a dimly lit room. To the right hand side is a desk and chair. To the left are some shelves with books and a filing cabinet. Not a very large office but it feels very strange because of the lack of day light. I can see that the blinds are down and mostly closed so this would be the reason why. Standing in front of her desk she beckons me over.

Slowly and shyly I walk over to her. I look down towards the ground and I can see her moving her shoes as she stands half leaning on the desk. She asks me if I like what I see and I instantly agree. She can see it written all over my face I am sure. I think sometimes it is a compliment for someone to notice something that is slightly out of the norm. She grabs my hands in hers and slides her bottom on to the desk lifting her legs up towards me. Still holding my hands she slides each in turn down her legs towards her shoes and feet.

My hands are a bit chilly so I apologise for the fact but she just smiles at me and says that it doesn’t matter. I run my fingers across the top of each foot in turn, catching the straps of her shoes as I do. I continue down the tops of her feet towards her toe cleavage which I hadn’t noticed when I was following behind her. They feel so soft and warm against my cold hands. I place my hands around her shoes and give them a squeeze one after the other.

I release her shoes as she goes to stand up. Turning round she clears the desk with one sweep of her left arm making everything on it crash to the floor. I must have looked a bit shocked as she turned to me and put one finger across my lips and just said!


Pulling herself back on to her desk and raising her skirt as she does so she spreads her legs. I get the message. I bend down to my knees and start to gently touch her pussy with the tip of my left index finger. I can see her heels precariously placed on the edge of the desk each side of me. Reflecting what Light that is in the room I can almost see my reflection.

I proceed to start to lick her pussy and as I put my head between her thighs her legs move so that her heels are touching my back. As I lick she runs her heels up and down my back, occasionally digging them in. I guess she can hear my deep breaths when she does so and this seems to be encouraging her. I can see her thighs tense up when she pushes the heels in to my back. The stinging pain is intense but I can’t say I don’t like it!

Grabbing my head she pulls me up to face her as she sits up. Planting a huge kiss on my lips we kiss passionately for a moment. Her mouth is very moist and warm and her tongue lunges in to mine as if possessed in some way.

Sliding off the desk she walks around me, turns me and pushes me down on to the desk. She can’t help but notice my massive raging hard on and proceeds to unzip my trousers. Letting my painfully hard cock free she places it into her mouth. I lie back as she sucks away. I am still in a state of shock at the whole scenario but my mind is quickly back to reality and I enjoy every moment.

With one hand on each of my thighs she slides up and down my cock. Occasionally licking and nibbling as she goes. I look down at her but she doesn’t look back at me. Sitting up I grab her hair and give it a pull. I can hear her deep muffled breath as I do so. Still holding her hair I pull her head up and start to kiss her deeply. We both stand up, still kissing. I turn her around and bend her over the desk. Pulling up her skirt I pull her knickers to one side and shove my pulsating cock inside her now very wet pussy.

Holding her hair in one hand and one leg up with the other I pound her pussy with my cock. I can hear her breathing getting harder and harder as I do so. Her bare leg feels soft and silky against my colder rougher hand. Trying to concentrate on her and not her shoes for a moment, I continue to ram her hard. Sliding around on the desk I can feel her pussy grinding up and down on my soaking shaft. I guess I am doing a good job so far.

After a short while I decide to change the position so I flip her body over and let her wrap both her legs around my waist. I look straight in to her eyes and smile. She looks back at me and without moving she digs her heels in to my back pushing my cock inside her as she does so. I can take a hint I think to myself. Holding her legs close to me I start to pound her again.

Digging my finger in her thighs she responds by digging her heels in to my back. Fair exchange I think to myself. Looking at her I can see her starting to tense up and grabbing the desk her breathing is getting really heavy and erratic. I can feel myself starting to sweat as I get faster and faster, harder and harder. Her legs are starting to get tighter and tighter around my body as I feel her getting ready to orgasm. This in turn turns me on more. Timing my ejaculation with her she lets out a massive groan, tenses up and then relaxes in an exhausted state of ecstasy. With my eyes closed I can imagine her sexy little toes tensing up in her sexy shoes. This is the final thought I have as I cum inside her. My legs partially give way as I orgasm. I grab her legs and hold them to steady myself. Looking down at her I smile, lean forward and plant a massive sexy sloppy kiss on her lips.

Standing back with no words exchanged I pull back down her skirt and running my fingers down the rest of her thighs I walk backwards to the door. Zipping up my flies as I do so I turn around for one final look at her. She is laying on top of the desk with her hands in-between her legs licking and kissing the desk. Admiring her sexy legs and shoes I exit the room closing the door behind me. Adjusting my clothes I turn to go up the stairs and continue on with my day.

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