A Sweet Piece Of Chocolate

I rose up and peeked at the door. "I think she might be getting into the bathtub now, and I know our parents aren't home."

I slowly got up off the bed and strolled to my door. "And there is the water. Her naked black body is getting into some hot water right now. I haven't actually seen it since that day, but maybe I'll convince her to let me see it again," I explained before I paused for a moment. "Royce, you've set temptation into place," I mentioned before I lay back down on my bed. "How can you really expect me to resist?"

I stuck my right hand right into my panties and the memory of our odd sexual adventure came into my mind again.

"Well, fuck you too, Royce!!" I heard him shout from the hallway before the front door slammed.

I instantly felt my heart feel like it needed to jump out and I got up off my bed. I didn't say anything, I just ran out to the hallway.

'Oh, no, I hear her crying and it sounds like it is really over this time,' I thought, before I stopped dead in my tracks. 'Her door is open, so should I go console her?'

"Oh, fuck," I heard her cry.

I took a deep breath and bit my lip for a couple of seconds. "For the perfect step-sister," I whispered before I headed right into her room.

As soon as I got sight of her, I stopped again and I placed my hands over my mouth. 'Oh, she is naked. So is it inappropriate to go in there now?'

I sparked a couple of tears myself as I saw her sob even more. "Why did I let him into my panties?"

"Why did you two break up, Royce?" I asked out loud.

She calmly uncovered her face, placed her hands in her lap and glanced at me. "Oh, hi, Joslyn. I guess he just lost interest in me, so he shagged another woman. I wasn't so understanding of it, so I told him we should end it."

'She isn't covering herself up. Oh, she is beautiful: long black straight hair, perfect tits and she has a great body too. Just don't stare.'

"Step-sis, I know I'm naked and I don't mean to make you uncomfortable, but could you just sit with me for a few minutes? I just need a friend here with me."

"Of course," I whispered before I came to her.

I sat down next to her and she hugged me. "Thank you, Joslyn."

"Your welcome, Royce. I'm sorry about you two," I answered her, hugging her back.

'My body is jiggling and my panties are soaked. I've always thought Royce was ravishing, but seeing her naked and hugging her are doing things to me.'

After a couple of minutes, she let go of me. "That asshole, maybe I should just swear off guys. Brad was the third guy this year who has cheated. What do you think?" she pondered, looking at me.

I just bit my bottom lip again and took a glimpse at her bosoms for a moment. 'I've never been with a black woman before, but I can't make a move on her now, it wouldn't be right.'

"Joslyn, what do you think?!" she cried.

"I don't know, Royce," I replied, getting up off the bed. "Just try again with someone else," I suggested, failing to make eye contact with her. "You are a wonderful woman and you deserve someone that loves you. So, you are better off without Brad. Just wait for the perfect guy to find you."

I just stood there but kept my head down. After a moment, I heard her silence her tears and the floor creak. Then I saw her feet and ankles.

"Will you please look at me?"

My eyes calmly viewed the entire front half of her body before I looked right into her eyes. 'Wow, she has a short-haired pussy too. Damn, she is beyond stunning.'

She failed to utter a word but managed to slather her lips for a moment. She checked out my 5'9 body with my white skin, somewhat smaller tits, and shoulder-length blonde hair.

"I'm looking at you, but now you aren't saying anything, Royce."

She immediately snatched my hands and yanked me to her. Our lips came right together and her hands right over my breasts. I couldn't resist, but to place my hands down on her butt.

I caressed her cheeks for a moment. 'Shit, I wasn't expecting this, but I'm not about to stop it.'

We made out for a minute before we backtracked and fell down onto her bed. "Whoa, that was fun," she chuckled.

We just stared into each other's eyes for a moment and stayed silent. It was unclear if either of us could possibly formulate words, but we were both smiling. After another lustful moment, I brought my lips right back to hers.

My hands slithered down onto her shoulders while she placed her palms onto my boobs. She squeezed them a bit and I returned the favor with her shoulders. Our tongues also constantly rubbed onto one another.

After about ten minutes, she pushed me off her and I fell down next to her. "You are the perfect step-sister," she commended me, leaning up.

"Thank you."

She instantly grabbed my hands and brought me up with her. "Let's have some fun," she recommended, undoing my shorts.

She yanked them off me and then got my black tank top off as well. "Fuck, you are hot, Joslyn," she moaned before she went right for my knockers.

She moved my bra a little bit, grabbed onto both of my tits, and took my left nipple right into her mouth. She sucked on it for a minute as I just peeked down at her. She failed to make eye contact with me, but definitely seemed to love what she was doing: pleasuring her step-sister.

I just kept my palms flat on the bed and did my best not to jiggle too much. "I had no idea that you were into girls, Royce. You are sucking on my nipple like a pro, so do you have a thing for me?" I wondered, prior to taking off my bra.

Her eyes came up to mine, but she didn't let my nipple out of her mouth. Her right hand dropped down to my panties and it slipped right into them.

My head went back and I closed my eyes. 'Now she is finger fucking me, what the hell did Brad do to her?'

She continued sucking on my nipple for a few minutes as her fingers were rubbing my cherry. I just sweated up a storm and did my best to breathe normally. I sucked my lips into my mouth and let my feet begin wagging a little bit.

"You like this, step-sis?" she pondered, while licking my nipple.


She immediately pushed me down onto my back and grabbed onto the sides of my panties. We shot each other lusty looks for a few seconds before she slowly slid them right off me. As she had me naked, she threw them and dove right into my pussy.

"Oh, shit on a stick, Royce. You are some kind of woman," I moaned, placing my hands on her head.

Her tongue licked my pussy walls as if they were made of ice. Due to the great pleasure and excitement from the whole thing, I found myself frozen.

'I can't force myself to look over at her, but considering how good she is making me feel, maybe looking is overrated,' I thought, rubbing her head.

"Yes, hit my clit with that slick tongue, then maybe I'll give you some lady juice. I know you must want some if you are eating my pussy right now. Get it in so deep that you have to take my lips into your mouth too, Royce."

From one second to the next, she did just that.

"Oh, you sexy bitch!!" I screamed, pulling her hair a bit.

My entire body shook and made the bed vibrate a bit as well. "I'm not gonna cum on your face just yet, you have to prove that you want it, Royce."

"I want it, and I'll get it whether you like it or not, hussy. Maybe I just want some female white chocolate."

I pulled her right up with me. "You can have all you want," I let her know before we pasted our lips together and wrapped our arms around each other as well.

Both of our bodies moved around a bit and we both rolled over back and forth a few times well. I felt her slick body, including her breasts, which hit mine several times. After a couple of nonstop moving minutes, I landed back onto my back and her lips came off mine.

She stared at me for a moment without saying anything. "You have great tasting juice," she praised me before she kissed me and made her way back down to my slit.

Her tongue went right back in and wrapped her arms around my legs. She began licking my labia in quick, but small licks. I clenched my fists and continued to hold out on her the best I could.

I gathered up all the willpower I could and leaned up so I could see her. "Son of a bitch, you ravishing piece of chocolate. You are making my whole figure shake, so keep going for me. I won't be able to hold out forever," I told her before I lied back down.

I heard her giggle somewhat and then she laid a single kiss on my lips. "I love you, Joslyn."

"I love you too, now If you are gonna fuck me, then fuck me."

She kept her eyes on me as she took my lips into her mouth again. She didn't suck on them just yet, but just stared at me for a moment. I just giggled a little bit and then her tongue slipped in between my lips.

She went right for my g-spot and I instantly arched my back up. "Shit, step-sis, here it comes now."

She stayed there for the time being and let my cum drench her face completely. It nearly felt like all my organs just stopped, but the pleasure was amazing. My whole body just cooled down after that and I relaxed for a moment with my eyes closed. I didn't know what she was doing, but I heard the floor creak a little bit.

"Shit," she cried.

I opened my eyes and peeked at her. "What's wrong, Royce?"

She just sobbed and failed to make eye contact with me for a moment as I strolled toward her.

"We only had some fun after your breakup," I reminded her before I stopped in front of her and took her hands in mine.

"I love you, Joslyn," she told me before she kissed me. "Crap, I heard the door open," she mentioned, glancing at her door. "Go, I don't want our parents to see us together."

"Can't we talk about this?"

"We will later, just go."

I grabbed my clothes and glimpsed at her. "I'll see you later, I guess," I said, prior to running back to my room.

After that day, I developed a crush and some newfound love for her too.

I got back up off my bed. "Well, our parents are gone, so she'll have to talk to me, or let my body speak," I planned out, walking to my door. "I've given her a couple of days, and I really want to talk to her," I said before I opened my door.

I made my way to the bathroom and opened the door. "She is taking a nice and relaxing bubble bath with her eyes closed," I whispered, sneaking in there and shutting the door.

I came to a stop about a foot away from the door.

I licked my lips as I just viewed her pretty face for a minute. 'You are a bitchy but sweet woman, Royce. I'm just not a woman that just wants to fuck once,' I thought, having my hand slither into my panties.

I rubbed my pussy back and forth a few times and let my juice flow out like a water hose. 'Now you are more than step sister to me, you are a dazzling woman who I must have again. I've masturbated thinking about you fucking me quite a few times in the last couple of days, so I think it might be time to have an adult conversation about what happened. I'm fingering myself and sweating rapidly with your naked body present.'

After a finger fucking moment, her head rose up and she jumped up somewhat forcing the water out of the tub.

"Oh, hey, Joslyn," she greeted me, nervously smiling.

"Hello, Royce. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you," I responded, prior to licking my lips. "You have nice boobs."

"Thank you. I'm sorry about the other day, I just broke up with Brad, and you were there. Did you really want to talk about it?"

"Well, I did, but now I think your actions said everything," I replied, strolling towards her.

"Okay, let's just say you helped me get through that and have that be the end of it."

I stopped halfway. "Well, the biggest action was you making the first move," I pointed out, unbuttoning my shorts.

They fell down and I grabbed onto the bottom of my tank top. "I think what we did was something we've both wanted for a while now," I explained, taking it off.

"What do you mean?"

"You knew I liked girls and that I would most likely not reject you, Royce," I replied, unclasping my bra.

She watched it fall. "Please don't, Joslyn," she pleaded before I slid down my panties.

I stood there for a moment and just let her scan my naked body. "You have nice tits too."

Then I walked to the tub and got in on the other side. "Thank you, but your eyes said everything."

I looked at her for a few seconds and licked my lips as she failed to peek at me.

"I had never been with a black lady before, Royce."

"Well, Joslyn, I'm not a lesbian," she informed me, looking at me. "It was just sex, that's it. I think we should just let it go."

"I disagree," I objected, getting close to her. "Temptation was there, and you went for it. That's nothing to be ashamed of."

I laid a single kiss on her lips and then we just stared into each other's eyes. "I'm not gonna push you, Royce, because I think you are already there, so kiss me back. You tempted me, so now I'm gonna tempt you."

She sucked her lips into her mouth and sparked a couple of tears. I maintained my position for over three minutes before she abruptly put her lips on mine. She lazily had her arms go around me and I returned the favor. We made out for a couple of minutes and I grinned.

About a minute and a half into our make-out session, I peeked at her. 'Damn, she is pretty cute.'

Thirty seconds later, I calmly parted from hers and let my hands rest on her shoulders. "How was that?"

"Nothing to complain about," she answered, cheesing.

I smooched her cheek once and she did the same. She failed to make eye contact with me, but her smile never faded. Then I leaned up and rose to my feet.

Her eyes came onto my soapy body as I rubbed my boobs slowly. "So, do you like my white figure with my bald pussy, Royce?"

"Yes, I've never actually seen a white woman nude before. You are gorgeous, Joslyn, naked or clothed," she praised me, examining my body.

I grabbed her hand and pulled her up with me. "Have you always felt this way about me?"

"I guess, but it just came out during a moment of weakness," she replied, ogling my hooters.

"Royce, admitting what you want is not weak, it is admirable."

We both stayed quiet for a moment and she couldn't peek back at my face.

After that moment, I lazily brought my palms to her face and slanted her head up. "Do you mind if I taste your chocolate twat?" I pondered before I kissed her again.

She immediately lowered her head a bit and cheesed even more. "Okay, but everything can stay between us, though, right?" she inquired, taking my hands in hers.

"Yes, I'd never betray you like that, step-sis."

She slowly sat back on a small ledge right over the tub.

I examined her naked body for a moment and then I lowered myself to my knees. "How long have you known that I liked girls?"

"About a year now, you should tell our parents about that."

"So should you, sexy woman," I advised her, placing the tips of my pointer and middle fingers from my right hand onto her pussy lips.

"Oh, that's good," she moaned, vibrating a bit.

"Which just means you at least like me, Royce. That's nothing to be ashamed of either," I mentioned, prior to letting my tongue out.

It touched down right at the bottom of her lips and I licked them all the way up to the top.

"Yes, Joslyn, that's really good. It tickled, but it felt sexually pleasurable."

"Good, that was what I was aiming for," I let her know, inserting a couple of fingers into her snatch. "So, are you okay with this? I don't want to push you."

"I'm fine, just promise me it won't be weird after we are done."

"Well, we got through the last few days after your spontaneous need to fuck, so I think we'll be fine," I explained before I leaned up to her.

I kissed her for a moment as I began thrusting my fingers.

"I can't kiss you with your fingers pleasuring me like that, Joslyn," she giggled.

"It is okay, I'm ready for my chocolate pussy anyway," I answered before I dropped down to her cherry.

I kept my fingers inside her and let my tongue in there too.

"Shit, is this how I made you feel? Damn, this is hot, step-sis."

"Don't be afraid to place your hands on my head either."

She did just that and began jiggling a bit too. She was able to keep her legs spread out for me so I could properly fuck her, and she was not shy about giving out her juice either. I kept my other hand down on the tub floor and glanced up at her.

'Nice, a dancing pair of black boobs, I just never thought I see Royce's breasts from this angle.'

I failed to go easy on her, I let my tongue roam around quite freely. It bounced off her pussy walls like a pinball, and the results showed as she pulled my hair quite a bit. Her body began leaning forward, but she stopped about halfway down.

"Oh, crud, I should have told you I wanted to hook up a long time ago. I guess I just wasn't totally sure how it would go," she moaned, caressing my head a bit. "Make sure you return the favor and lick my clit for me. You are a good step-sister, so do it for me."

Her legs began shaking a bit and she rubbed my head very hard. She also leaned forward a little bit as well, which made it a little difficult for me to eat her pussy and breathe. I still did my best to pleasure her, but the toll on me took effect sooner than I thought.

"Shit," I muttered, escaping from her grip. "I gotta breathe to eat your cherry, step-sis," I informed her, peeking at her.

She licked her lips for a couple of seconds and then her hands found their way onto my butt.

She yanked me slightly to her and kissed me. "Will you forgive me?"

"Yes," I replied, bringing my hands to her tits.

I squeezed them tightly. "Black boobs feel just like white boobs."

"You say that like you are surprised," she chuckled. "Is it safe to say you like me too, Joslyn?"


"This isn't gonna be a one-time thing, is it?"

"It doesn't have to be, but I'm pretty sure we could tempt each other," I informed her getting back down towards her twat.

I let my tongue back in there and wrapped my arms around her legs as well.

"Good, strap me in, Joslyn, I have to return the favor to you, don't I?"

"Yes, you do," I answered, before I took her pussy lips into my mouth. 'You'll give it all to me, step-sis. You do it and love it.'

Even as I had a very tight grip on her, she still managed to shake a bit out of my control.

I peeked up at her. 'What a perfect screen saver,' I thought sparking a tear.

The top half of her body began moving all around, but she had her eyes closed. "Yes, yes, yes, Joslyn, just let your tongue a little deeper and have it touch down on my labia. I'll cum all over your beautiful face just for you."

I saw her sweating bullets nonstop, but smiling. 'I know that look, I felt it the first time Jessica ate me out. It might be too soon, but I want my big payoff,' I thought before I let my tongue right in between her pussy lips.

It immediately went to her clit and rubbed my tongue against it once.

"Shit!!" she screeched just before she unleashed her lady juice onto my face.

I maintained my position for the duration of her orgasm and enjoyed every second of it too. The degree of her shooting ability was quite impressive too as she kept it at full force for about thirty seconds. We both just kept our places for a couple of minutes and just let the events soak in.

"Oh, my word, that was amazing, Joslyn. Thank you so much," she let out, catching her breath.

I peeked up at her and blew her a kiss.

"I love you too," she stated before blowing one back. "Sorry, I couldn't last longer."

I put my hand out to her and took it. I gently tugged her arm a bit and she instantly slipped back into the tub with me. We smiled at each other for a few seconds before we made out again for a couple of minutes. We both placed our hands on each other's thighs and let our breasts touch as well. Our tongues both made appearances inside one another's mouths and we seemed to gain more chemistry by the second.

After those one-hundred and twenty-four seconds, our lips parted and we both cheesed.

"Did you enjoy your piece of chocolate, Joslyn?"

"Yes, did you find pleasure in your piece of white chocolate, Royce?"

"All too much," she replied before she kissed me again.

"You can't just fuck me once and expect me to not to be tempted to want more. I'm not a chocolate fiend, but I am your step sister. You can't just cut me off."

"Considered the lesson learned."

We both went down and only put a small gap between us.

"So, if you want to hook up again, you can just knock on my door. You don't need to break up with a guy again and wait for me to come into your room."

"I understand," she told me before we made out once again.

Our boobs clashed and our arms went around each other so our hands came onto one another's butts.

'I guess temptation is key when it comes to a sexual relationship.'