Bosom Buddies Ch 2: The Pool Party

Turned out my last thought had proven correct: Stephanie kept our little dalliance a secret from everyone, even her BFF, Elizabeth. Was it shame? Or was she just concerned about upsetting the apple cart? In any case, much as I wanted us to, Steph and I didn’t have the lust-filled reunion I had hoped for after I got out of the hospital. It drove me nuts.

We had been so completely comfortable with each other for so long, it was a shock to see the anxiety on Stephanie’s face when I returned to school. The other girls noticed something was wrong, but she just made something up about being nervous about an upcoming test. The whole situation was starting to freak me out.

Worst of all, there was nobody I could talk to. If Stephanie hadn’t told the others about what happened, that meant she didn’t want them to know—and I wasn’t about to break her trust.

Listen, I know what you’re thinking: “Why didn’t you just text her?” Well, kiddies, this all happened in an ancient, long ago time called the “nineties,” and back then nobody but drug lords and stock brokers had cell phones.

When I got home, I did my best to focus on all my overdue schoolwork, but it was hard to think about anything other than Stephanie. I was so hungry to play around with her beautiful naked body, I thought I was gonna have an aneurism–but at the same time I was desperate to fix a problem I feared could ruin the perfect group dynamic that had developed with my friends.

I phoned Steph after my family had gone to bed, but the call went to the answering machine, and I couldn’t exactly leave a midnight message of “Hey, Steph, it’s Ian. When you get this, could you call me back so we can discuss that time we fooled around after you illegally broke into my hospital room?”

So I said nothing. I just hung up and suffered through another unsuccessful night of attempted sleep.

The next day, I took out my frustrations with exercise, putting everything I had into my after-school run with Amy. I was punishing myself to the limit, especially considering how recently I had been let out of the hospital. Amy didn’t say anything, she just upped her own pace to match mine and we ran in silence.

I was a mess of feelings. Fears about my friendship with Steph, insecurities about my first sexual experience, and an unrelenting, unbearable state of arousal. Every time I stopped to think, my head overloaded with memories of Stephanie. Her orgasmic moans, her soft fingers on my hardness, her buttocks in my hands…

At the end of our runs, Amy and I would race to the finish and, without fail, I would always fall behind my beautiful friend. No matter how hard I tried, Amy was always the better athlete and she could always outrun me.

That race started like any other. Amy pulled ahead of me, as always. And my eyes locked onto the incredibly toned ass in those tight cotton shorts of hers, as always. I had fantasized about Amy’s ass constantly for the better part of a year, but on that day I was so frustrated, so insecure, so goddamn horny that I couldn’t stand it. I was filled with the sudden impulse to tackle Amy to the grass and tear those shorts off with my bare hands. I wanted to hold her down and bury my face between her legs, licking and teasing her into a state of absolute bliss while my hands grabbed onto the amazing ass she had tormented me with for so long.

She would scream in pleasure, begging me to make her come, oblivious to all the other people gathered around, watching us in stunned surprise. She’d slide her hands up under her sports bra and aggressively tug at her own nipples in an attempt to bring herself to the orgasm I denied her. She would shout out every known obscenity, bucking her hips against my face, slathering my cheeks with her hot juices. Her red hair would toss back and forth like wild fire—

FUCK! She’s your friend! You’re JUST friends! What is wrong with you, Ian? Why does everything have to be about sex?

I ran as hard as I could. Ran until I was cold and my legs felt numb. For the first time, I actually outran Amy; put her behind me just so I wouldn’t have to see her ass anymore. By the time we reached the end of our run it hurt to breathe. I collapsed onto my back and let the sky above spin in my vision. Amy caught up a few seconds later, positively shocked—maybe even a little angry she’d lost.

“What is up with you today?” she panted, flopping to the grass beside me.

I couldn’t have told her even if I wanted to. I was fighting just to get air in my lungs, so talking was out of the question. She pulled her knee up into a stretch that accentuated that goddamn motherfucking perfect ass of hers. She thought for a moment, then asked, “You got blue-balls or something? No chance to rub one out in the hospital?”

“You have no idea,” I managed.

“Come on, get up,” Amy ordered, socking me in the shoulder. “I’ve got something to show you.”

Amy’s house was just up the block, but my legs could barely make it there after that run. Amy lived alone with her police officer dad, and he was on duty that evening, so we had the place entirely to ourselves. She led me inside her smallish bedroom, adorned with macho action movie posters, a litany of athletic trophies, and a frilly pink bed. The girl really lived the contradiction.

Amy ducked beneath her girlish bed and pulled out an old VHS of The Little Mermaid. 

“Why is that under your bed?” I asked.

“Because it’s not a Disney movie,” she answered naughtily. She slid the tape out of its case and I saw that it was actually labeled Cum-Drenched Wet Fucking 5 or something. I don’t remember exactly. I just remember thinking it was hilarious that the franchise was popular enough to merit a fourth sequel.

Amy pushed the tape in her VCR, explaining, “I know girls aren’t supposed to be into these, but I call bullshit. My theory is it’s because so many of the guys in porn are all gross-looking and sleazy. Like, they aren’t even TRYING to appeal to women. But—”

She fast-forwarded through the opening credits until a handsome stud with a chiseled six-pack walked onscreen and robotically announced, to nobody in particular, “Oh crap I am late,” and ran out the door.

“You see that guy?” Amy said, “HE is the reason I stole this from my dad. I’ve watched this one like a thousand times. I showed it to all the other girls and they all got off watching it.”

I swallowed at the implications of what she’d just said. “They all told you they got off watching porn?” I asked.

Amy fast-forwarded through another boring part as she answered, “They didn’t have to tell me, I was right there when it happened. Everyone was here for a sleepover. We were crashing on the living room floor in our PJs and I put the tape in to prove to everyone that porn could be hot for girls too. Sure enough, everyone started getting really turned on, until Talia finally crawled under her blanket to cover up—and announced that she was so horny she was just gonna get herself off and would everybody just please not look.”

My mouth went dry, and it wasn’t from the run. Amy hit play just as some actress with huge fake tits began tugging the guy’s jeans down to reveal his monster of a cock. Amy sighed in arousal, “Most girls could care less what a guy’s thing looks like, or how big he is, but for me it’s the most important part. Like how boobs are, for you.”

The woman in the video worked that beast of an erection into her mouth, but I just wanted to hear more about what happened at Amy’s sleepover.

“So, Talia fingered herself in front of everyone?”

“No, it wasn’t like that. She had the blanket on, we could barely even see her hand moving. It was a little weird at first, but she was real quiet so I just ignored her and watched my movie. What do I wanna see Talia getting off for, anyway? But then Corrine was like, ‘What the hell,’ and crawled under her little blanket and started touching herself, too.”

On the TV, the guy leaned down and began softly licking the girl’s pussy.

“Ooh, okay, this is the good part. Get under the covers with me.” Amy insisted, and crawled into her bed.

My mind suddenly connected my current situation with Amy’s story.

“You mean, you want me to—”

“Like I said, the rest of us all got off watching this movie together. It would be wrong for you to be left out of the club. Now get under the covers so it won’t be weird.”

I wasn’t exactly sure I followed her logic, but I obeyed nonetheless, feeling her slender hip brush against mine as I slid into bed. On the TV, the guy rolled the girl onto her stomach and slowly entered her from behind, building speed until her ass was slapping against his pelvis with each hard thrust.

I detected motion beneath our blanket as Amy’s fingers slowly worked away at her clit. Emboldened by her example, my hand slipped beneath my waistband and grabbed hold of my erection. “Then what happened?” I asked.

“At that point, it would have been more uncomfortable if the rest of us had just sat there watching the two of them. So Stephanie, and me, and even Elizabeth pulled up our blankets and started rubbing ourselves, too. It wasn’t as awkward as you’d think—we were all watching the guy in the movie, not each other. It was actually kind of fun, like a group activity, you know?”

I couldn’t help but picture the five of them, spread out across the living room carpet, frantically frigging themselves beneath those blankets.

Beside me, Amy let out a little moan that snapped me back to reality. I studied her beautiful face as she bit her lip in self-induced pleasure. My rigid cock throbbed in my hand.

On the TV, the actors repositioned so that the girl was riding her man reverse cowgirl, her fake tits bouncing wildly as she impaled herself again and again on his gargantuan phallus.

“Who came first?” I whispered.

Amy’s voice was turning breathy and ragged with arousal: “Mmm—Stephanie did. She made kind of a little whimper then went still. Talia was next. She made this adorable meowing sound when she came.”

The porn actors built towards their climax; the guy feverishly groping the girl’s enormous, gravity-defying breasts as she urged him on. Amy sped up the hand on her clit, panting with pleasure. My jaw clenched tight. “Then who?”

“Ohhh… then Corrine. Then Elizabeth.”

On screen, the guy dove his hand down and violently rubbed at his costar’s clit while she bounced up and down along the whole length of his cock—

I kept focused on Amy’s enraptured face; on the mounting ecstasy written across her lovely features. I timed my own strokes with the frantic sloshing sounds coming from her hand.

“Then what happened?”

Amy’s head rolled back and her mouth dropped open as she sucked in huge, desperate mouthfuls of air. She was so close—

“You’re about—to see—for yourself…” Her breathing changed into sexy little squeaks as she reached the point of no return. I felt my own climax rushing towards me—

In the video, the big-titted porn actress finally convulsed in orgasm, her hips writhing uncontrollably as she stirred her lover’s giant cock around inside of her.

“Ah!” Amy panted, “Ah, FUCK YEAH!” She reflexively grabbed my thigh with her free hand and the whole bed shuddered as she went into overdrive on herself. “Come with me!” she shouted, “Hurry!”

In the movie, the guy pulled out and jammed his monster between those big fake tits, using the girl’s own juices for lubrication as he pounded away at her cleavage—

I burst, right next to Amy, moaning loudly as my own sticky warmth splattered across my belly. Beside me, her nimble athletic body twisted and contorted in orgasm. She kept rubbing herself for a whole three minutes, coming several times in quick succession. Her other hand clamped down painfully on my bare thigh until she was through.

We lay there for a long while afterwards, catching our breath.

“That was so hot,” she panted.

“So hot,” I agreed.

“Good workout,” she added.

“GREAT workout,” I corrected.

She gestured to the box of Kleenex on her nightstand and I cleaned up. Then she asked me to close my eyes while she got out of bed and changed into something a little less “sticky.” I promised to be a gentleman, but given the situation I had no intention of keeping my word.

Through half-lidded eyes, I watched as Amy hopped out of bed and slid those tight little cotton shorts down off her hips, revealing her unbelievable naked butt to me for the first time. Smooth, tight, perfectly rounded, flaring out enticingly from her tiny waist.

I grunted, the sight of her ass wringing one final, orgasmic aftershock from my body.

Amy pretended not to notice. She slid on a pair of simple cotton briefs from her dresser and then, keeping her back to me, pulled off her sports bra, massaging her full breasts back into their natural, comfortable shape. I silently prayed she would turn around and show me all the goods, but Amy tugged a top on over her braless tits and that was it for the nudity.

The next day, Amy told the others that I was now a member of “the club,” having watched her stolen porno and gotten off while a friend was in the room with me. Talia and Corrine cheered me for this “momentous achievement,” but Elizabeth turned deep red when Amy brought up her involvement. Stephanie didn’t say anything at all.

My masturbation session with Amy had been a great way to end an afternoon, but it obviously hadn’t fixed my situation with Stephanie. For the rest of the week, Steph avoided my every attempt at a private conversation and barely even acknowledged me.

I didn’t get a chance to confront her until Friday. Elizabeth, Steph’s usual walking-home buddy, was busy, meaning Stephanie would be hoofing it all alone. When I offered to walk with her, there was no way she could turn me down without arousing suspicion from the other girls.

For about half the walk, neither of us spoke. I finally couldn’t stand it anymore, so I broke the silence:

“Stephanie, whatever you’re worrying about regarding me—please stop. I didn’t realize what happened the other night would upset you so much.”

“It didn’t upset me!” she shouted. But she was shouting out of frustration, not anger. She calmed herself and continued, “I don’t know what we’re supposed to do now and it freaks me out. I don’t know what you think of me for doing that with you, what you expect from me, what we’re supposed to tell everyone else—I haven’t even told Elizabeth about that night! Do you realize that? I’m the worst best friend ever; she and I talk about everything!”

“Well then, we all need to communicate, Steph,” I sighed. “We need to figure that stuff out or things’ll keep being awkward, because I don’t think either of us is just gonna forget about what happened. I know I’m not. Hell, I still have mental images of you from that night painted on the inside of my eyelids when I try to sleep.”

She blushed a bit, then faintly whispered, “Do you think I’m a slut?”

“No!” I pulled her into a reassuring hug, “Honey, you’re still a virgin! How could anyone think you’re a slut?”

“But… Do you think Elizabeth will think I’m a slut?”

So that was what this was all about. Steph wasn’t worried about me, she was worried she had ruined her relationship with her sweet and innocent best friend. I met Steph’s eyes—

“No. Not at all. And I think you’d be surprised how open-minded Elizabeth is about sex. I think everyone would be. She’s not the little girl people think she is. I mean, come on, she actually got herself off in front of the rest of you.”

Stephanie dismissed my comment, “That doesn’t count. She doesn’t have to reach outside her comfort zone around other girls. But she’s terrified of boys, Ian. Liz has never even let a boy feel her boobs.”

“That doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to.”

Stephanie sighed, “If she wanted to, then it would have happened. It’s not really that difficult when you’ve got a pair like these. You walk up to any boy in the world and say, ‘Hey, feel my boobs.’ Done.”

“Come on Steph, that’s not the point. Liz is gonna take things at her own pace, but she doesn’t expect you to do the same. She cares more for you than she cares about anything else in the world. She has since you were both babies. You being a tiny bit more sexually experienced than her is not gonna ruin that.”

Stephanie nodded, knowing I was right. It was as if a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders. She apologized for treating me strangely the past few days, but I was so relieved to learn she didn’t hate me I had already forgiven her.

We walked the rest of the way home in much better spirits, finally discussing what had happened. Yes, she really had an orgasm that night. No, she wasn’t jealous about my afternoon jerking off beside Amy. And, most importantly, yes she wanted to keep experimenting with me. That more or less made my year.

We talked about what had felt the best, and what we might like to try in the future. We both agreed that we would have to stop fooling around if either of us got into a relationship, but for now we were both single and there seemed no real harm in it. We would be fuck-buddies, sort of. Fuck-buddies that never actually fucked.

We reached her front door, I waved hello to Stephanie’s mom, and then I headed home on cloud nine.

The day got better from there. My mom mentioned that she and my dad had to head out of town for a last minute work thing, and I would have the house to myself all weekend. Visions of a 48-hour non-stop make-out session with Stephanie flashed through my mind, and I immediately called her to convey the good news.

“We can be alone together for two whole days!”

I heard her chuckle at my enthusiasm. “Ian, it’s going to be a hundred degrees out tomorrow and you’re the only one with a pool. I think it would be cruel if you didn’t invite everyone over.”

She must have psychically sensed how much that disappointed me, because she quickly added, “Don’t worry, I will make sure to stay later than everybody else so we can hang out, just the two of us.”

I had to admit, having all those girls over for an un-chaperoned pool party wasn’t exactly the worst idea ever.

The next day was just as scorching as Stephanie had predicted. All five girls arrived promptly at my empty house carrying beach towels. Talia had brought enough beer for everyone, and Elizabeth had brought supplies for making s’mores after the sun went down. I offered some sliced watermelon to my beautiful guests, but with the awful heat nobody wanted to wait a second longer before hopping in the pool.

Elizabeth peeled off her shirt first, her prodigious breasts proudly supported within a dark scarlet bikini top. The contrast of the dark fabric against the pale swell of her exposed cleavage was nothing short of eye-popping. Her bottoms, on the other hand, were somewhat modest board shorts. Every girl has a part of her body she thinks is ugly, even supermodels, and world-class beauty Elizabeth didn’t like people looking at her sensual, Botticelli hips.

Talia had chosen to wear what appeared to be a relatively plain teal green one-piece. I say “appeared to be,” because as soon as Talia got that suit wet it turned thin as tissue paper, clinging and stretching across her every curve. Her ample breasts got no support whatsoever from the fabric, swaying weightless in the water just as nature intended. Best of all, the wet material was practically see-through.

I stared so hard at her I dinged my shin on the patio table.

“I think he likes your choice of swimsuit,” Amy laughed from behind me. She stripped off her clothes to reveal a rather utilitarian swim team one-piece.

“You’re such a showoff, Tal,” Steph chided, tugging a yellow sundress over her head. She had brought a very brief black bikini, with a tie in the back that did almost nothing to support her huge breasts. Hypocrite. 

Steph strutted past me, making sure not to get in the water until she was damn certain I had taken in every inch of her hotness. Perhaps most exciting was how her eyes met mine for a fleeting moment, a private acknowledgement of what she and I would be doing later that night.

The four of them started splashing around in the water, finally relieved from the punishing heat. I looked around for Corrine, but she must have still been in the house, changing into her suit. Just as I was about to descend into the blessed cool water amongst those four frolicking nymphs, Talia asked me to be a dear and fetch her a beer.

Not wanting to waste another second out in the heat and away from my girls, I charged into the house, raced to the kitchen—

Where I found Corrine standing at the sink, filling a large pitcher with ice water. For some reason I felt emboldened enough to give her a friendly little smack on the ass as I made my way to the fridge. She jumped at the impact, more surprised than hurt. My recent experiences with Steph and Amy had started a sea change in my confidence level, and Corrine was taking notice. Even a few weeks ago, I would have been too timid to go for something as harmless as that pat on her bum.

“You thirsty?” I asked, gesturing to the pitcher of water.

“No,” Corrine replied, dropping her towel, “Just hot.”

Beneath the towel, she was wearing one of the costumes I had picked out for her several months ago for our horror film—a skimpy, powder blue bikini that looked even better on her amazing body than I’d remembered (but then, every time I saw Corrine she looked better than I’d remembered).

Keeping eye contact with me the whole time, Corrine poured out the whole pitcher of ice water onto herself. She gasped as it splashed across her breasts, disappeared down her cleavage, and dripped down her legs. The sunlight streaming through the kitchen windows reflected off each droplet of water clinging to her skin, making her appear to sparkle before my eyes.

“Fuck that’s cold!” she laughed.

I didn’t bother trying to disguise where my eyes were pointed. “I do have a pool, you know.”

She grinned impishly in response. “But your pool’s not ice cold.”

I adjusted my thickening cock through my suit and hurried after her.

We all horsed around in the water for the rest of the day. Talia eventually announced that she wanted me to give her a piggy-back ride to the deep end and back, and I was all to happy to oblige. We all knew it was a thinly veiled excuse for her to tease me, but I was having too much fun to risk calling her on it. She climbed aboard and squished those nice, wet tits of hers against my back, a whiff of fabric the only thing between me and her sexy body. My hands gripped her firm thighs and I raced around the pool as fast as I could, listening to Talia’s delighted shrieks of laughter. Her suit was so thin I distinctly felt her perky nipples rubbing across my back as we went.

Perhaps a tad jealous, the others insisted I give them all turns as well. I got harder and harder each time I had a new pair of thighs in my hands and a new pair of boobs on my back. Thanks to the buoyancy of the water, I was even able to effortlessly give a piggy-back ride to Corrine, despite her being just as tall as I was. When Corrine’s soft breasts splashed across my shoulders, I smirked, realizing that they were each practically as big as my head.

Dinnertime rolled around, and I started up the BBQ for some hot dogs and hamburgers. Despite spending all afternoon in cool water, I was still sporting a massive tent in my swimsuit when all the girls climbed out of the pool, trailing water from their glistening skin.

Talia was a special treat in her mostly-transparent suit. No longer distorted beneath the water, her body was on full display. The barely-there material creased invitingly between her pert buttocks and stretched in such a way that it even clung to the undersides of her swaying breasts. It had more in common with a wet t-shirt than a functioning swimsuit.

When she walked up to the BBQ to receive her burger, I was openly gawking at her figure. She glanced down at the shape of my shorts and proudly observed, “I take it you like my swimsuit.”

I could hear the other girls giggling, so I quickly shot back, “I take it you like my swimsuit too, Tal. Otherwise you wouldn’t have noticed.”

She turned red and hurried back to the patio table. I sat down to join them, happily adding, “I like ALL you girls’ suits. You know why? Because I have THESE.” I pointed at my eyeballs and everyone broke out laughing.

“It’s not fair, you know,” Stephanie said, “When a girl puts on a swimsuit everyone can see exactly what she has. If you’re self-conscious about your tummy, or your boobs, or your butt, or whatever—there’s nothing you can wear to hide it. Guys just wear big baggy shorts and there’s no way to know what he’s packing.”

“Trust me girls,” I said, “None of you has anything to be self-conscious about. You’re the five most beautiful women on earth and you all know it.”

I got a shower of boos in response. “That’s not the point!” Corrine laughed, “The point is, it’s not fair. You get to see us, but we don’t get to see you! Even when you’re hard it still just looks like a tent.”

“Are you saying you want me to wear a speedo or something? Because no thanks.”

Talia pulled the foot-long hot dog off Corrine’s plate and held it up to me, mischievous, “Here’s how we make it fair: You point out on this hot dog how big your thing is. But you have to tell the truth!”

The others cheered, and, giving into peer pressure, I did my honest best to point out the length of my dick on the piece of food. I was a bit larger than average (if the statistics I’d read in Maxim Magazine were telling the truth) but I wouldn’t exactly be body-doubling for a horse any time soon. In any case, the girls nodded in approval.

“I think that’d do the trick,” Amy laughed.

Corrine took the hotdog back from Talia and gave it a long, slow lick. “Mmmm, fuck I love hotdogs” she moaned and we all cracked up.

Elizabeth leaned forward in her chair, curious. “Have you ever done that before?” she asked. “Like, with a guy. Not a hotdog.”

Corrine blushed, prompting oohs from the rest of us. We all pressed her for details, and after a few beers she finally relented.

“Okay, fine! I went out with this college guy a few weeks ago, right? He was really, really hot; taller than me, which is always a plus. He had those big, big muscles, you know? Like the yummy ones you just wanna lick? Wasn’t exactly relationship material, but I was dying to make out with him and maybe let him take off my top so I could feel those muscles against my skin.”

I mentally frowned, knowing it would never be me who turned her on like that. I finally had some muscle definition, thanks to Amy’s coaching, but I’d never have the kind of body Corrine was describing. I didn’t have the proper genetic materials or the patience to spend thirty hours a week at the gym.

“Anyway, we were going for a night walk on the beach, just the two of us. No moon, so I could hardly see anything. There was just me, him, the stars, and the sound of the ocean. I had my arm under his jacket, where I could feel his back muscles through his t-shirt. He didn’t make a move, so I tried tickling him a little bit–hint, hint, right?

“He took total control of me, pulling me to the ground, kissing and pawing at me like a wild animal. There’s not a lot of guys who make me feel dominated when we make out, but this guy was good. He grunted that he wanted to see the girls, so I pulled off my shirt and arched my back, sticking these big ol’ boobies right up in his face.”

To demonstrate, Corrine stuck out her chest, presenting those bikini-clad mountains to my hungry eyes.

“Then I took off his shirt, and man-oh-man was he cut. I started tracing my tongue along all the grooves between his muscles. He pulled down my bra and sucked on my nipples so hard that I got hickeys the next day. We rolled around in the sand and made out for HOURS; it was everything I wanted it to be.”

Corrine closed her eyes, holding onto the memory for a moment. Then she sighed and continued in a much more matter-of-fact tone of voice:

“We made out until he basically said, ‘This is it?’ He made me feel really stupid for not going down on him. Anyway, I figured, I’m 18, it’s about time I do this. So I unzipped his jeans and pulled them all the way down. Then I snuck my fingers up the leg of his boxers and felt his thing—”

“Big?” Amy interrupted.

“Perfect size,” Corrine answered. “Same as Ian’s, assuming he was telling the truth about the hotdog.”

I blushed as I felt everyone’s eyes on me. Corrine went back to her story:

“He was already hard as a rock. I was nervous, so stroked him a few times while I got up the guts to go for it, then I pulled down his underwear and stared at his erection. It was kinda hard to see in the dark, even right in front of my face like that, but somehow that made everything even hotter. I put my hands on his hips and licked my way down that muscular line—you know, that sexy line some guys have on their pelvis? That line that, like, points down to their penis? At that point, that was the absolute furthest I had ever gone with a boy.”

“How was it?” Talia asked.

Corrine took another sip of her beer for courage. “Not good. I had no idea what I was doing! I tried kissing it, then licking the main part, then licking the tip. I mean, I was having fun, but after a few minutes he got impatient with me for ‘doing it wrong.’ He told me I sucked at sucking and pulled his pants back up and that was it.”

I literally could not believe it. I called bullshit on her story but she insisted that was what had happened until I finally just accepted it. She tried to play it off like no big deal but she had clearly been hurt by that guy’s behavior.

Who the hell would turn down a blow-job from Corrine? What a loser! I guess it takes all sorts. Some guys are turned on by farm animals. Some guys are turned on by diapers. Some guys turn down oral sex from beautiful, big-breasted women.

“I bet Ian would be happy to give you some pointers,” Amy chided.

I gave them all a smile, “Yeah, it’s gonna be my new start-up business. But I don’t come cheap.”

The rest of dinner went down easy, with a lot of laughing, drinking, and good times.

After a while, I realized Amy was starting to get annoyed that I wasn’t ogling her quite as much as the other four girls in their skimpier swimsuits. I hadn’t intended it that way, of course, but there’s no getting away from the fact that swim team suits just aren’t designed to turn heads.

“I say we all go skinny-dipping,” she stated bluntly. Everyone else went suddenly quiet. I felt my heart jump up into my throat. After a year of working out, I wasn’t exactly ashamed of how I looked naked anymore, but I would be lying if I said the concept wasn’t intimidating.

The girls seemed at odds with how to proceed: “I think that sounds fun,” Talia added, though with her see-through swimsuit it wouldn’t really have been much of a change. Corrine was clearly in need of some reassuring attention after reliving her humiliating date for us, because she said she’d be game as well.

Elizabeth remained silent, not wanting to be teased but clearly a little bit uncomfortable.

“Come on,” Corrine encouraged her, “We lay out naked around each other all the time.”

“But not around Ian!” Stephanie insisted, coming to Elizabeth’s defense.

“Ian’s one of us,” Amy teased, “We’re all just friends, right? We should be comfortable around each other.”

“How about just some of us go skinny-dipping?” Talia suggested.

“No,” Amy insisted, “That‘s not how it works. Either we all do it, or none of us do it. Otherwise it’s not fair.”

Amy was usually a great friend, but when she got it in her mind to be competitive about something she could be ruthless.

Stephanie put a protective arm around her BFF and stood firm, “Elizabeth doesn’t want to.”

Nobody besides me noticed, but Elizabeth’s eyes shot daggers at Stephanie. Her words from Valentine’s Day months earlier echoed in my head:

“I’m sick of all the girls always treating me like their super-innocent kid sister. It’s bullshit!”

Even if Elizabeth didn’t want to go along with the skinny-dipping, she was far more upset by the fact that Stephanie was making the decision for her. Our fun day in the sun was getting a little tense. Everyone turned to the only person who had yet to enter the discussion—me.

I weighed my options: if I sided with Amy, then I’d get the pleasure of checking out all my sexy friends in the buff—a tempting offer. But Elizabeth might feel like I was pushing her into a corner. If I vetoed the idea, on the other hand, it would frustrate the more adventurous girls and, even worse, might confirm Elizabeth’s fear that I still saw her as an innocent little kid the way Stephanie clearly did. I knew full well how much it sucked for people you liked and respected not to take you seriously as a sexual creature and I refused to do that to her.

I needed a third option, where I wouldn’t be the bad guy.

“I have a better idea. Let’s play Truth or Dare.”

Amy made some crack about how it would be more than a little one-sided to play that game with five girls and one guy, but I could tell that everyone else was happy to have a less-intimidating alternative to getting naked. Best of all, Elizabeth wouldn’t feel like I thought of her as a little kid.

With the sun starting to set and our fingertips starting to raisin, the six of us decided to move the proceedings inside. Elizabeth took me aside and whispered, “Thank you for that. I want you to know, it’s not that I didn’t want you to see me naked. I trust you. I just didn’t want the other girls to make a big deal and tease me about it.” She gave me a peck on the cheek—all the reward I needed.

Everyone lounged around the living room. I did my best not to stare at the towels the girls had halfheartedly tied above their breasts, slipping low enough to expose acres of glistening wet cleavage. Though my imagination was running wild with fantasy outcomes for the situation, I reminded myself that such thoughts were absurd and that this was just going to be a silly game between friends.

Stephanie demanded to go first and called out Elizabeth: “Truth or Dare?”

“Dare,” Elizabeth shot at her, the look in her eyes clearly begging for something wild that would shut Amy up.

“I dare you… to give Ian a hug.”

Elizabeth deflated at the lame request. Fed up with her BFF’s patronizing attempts to protect her, Liz’s eyes went ice cold. It was the same look I was accustomed to seeing in guys’ eyes right before they’d start throwing punches. She walked over to me and gave me a quick hug to fulfill her dare, then immediately turned back to Stephanie: “Truth or Dare?”

Stephanie hesitated, caught off-guard by the impatience in Elizabeth’s voice. “Um, dare?”

“You and I have exactly the same bra size, so let’s switch bikini tops. In front of Ian.”

Blinking in disbelief, Stephanie followed Elizabeth over to where I was sitting. Elizabeth dropped her towel and stunned everyone by pulling my face into her bikini-clad cleavage. For a brief moment, I felt pure bliss, drowning between those soft, smooth pillows. But, as awesome as the sensation was, I knew she wasn’t doing it for me. Liz was doing it to make a point to everyone else that she wasn’t to be treated like a little girl anymore. Stephanie smiled, finally getting it.

She followed Elizabeth’s example and dropped her own towel, leaving me face-to-face with two bikinis stretching across two matching pairs of breasts. Shivering with nervousness, Stephanie reached back to untie her skimpy black top—

But Elizabeth caught her hand, flatly explaining, “No, we’ll undress each other. He’ll like it better that way.”

I watched in stunned silence as Elizabeth pulled loose the tie on Steph’s black bikini and let the garment drop forward, exposing the glorious pink bosom I had been missing ever since I got out of the hospital. I had only briefly glimpsed these breasts before, but here they were for me to stare at; to lust after in the full light of my living room. They were close enough to reach out and suckle, but I wasn’t about to do that in front of all our friends.

Then Elizabeth turned her back to me, encouraging Stephanie to unsnap her scarlet bikini top. It slipped it away, letting the sides of Elizabeth’s swelling breasts spill into view. Liz turned to face me, draping an arm across her boobs to cover up. Extending the agonizing anticipation…

Satisfied that I was about to lose it, Elizabeth raised her arm away and let her ample bosom swing back and forth, fully exposed for my viewing pleasure. Without the sturdy bra that Liz typically used for support, her full, heavy breasts looked even larger than I had imagined. A red flush of excitement shaded her fair skin, trailing from her cheeks, down her neck, to the curve of her tits. Two thick, burgundy nipples poked out like gumdrops.

Talia teased, “I think he likes what he sees.”

Yeah, you could say that. For an encore, Elizabeth grabbed Stephanie by the shoulders and pulled her close, mushing their bare boobs together in a thunderclap of flesh.

“Whoa.” The word escaped my mouth completely unbidden. The Great Pyramids at Giza could go fuck themselves, I had just witnessed the TRUE wonders of the world.

To my dismay, the girls then covered up with each other’s tops and returned to their seats. But Elizabeth didn’t put her towel back on, choosing instead to show off how she looked in Stephanie’s skimpy black tie-on. I had a feeling her days of being labeled the “innocent one” were safely behind her.

When she had finally recovered from the ordeal, Stephanie realized it was her turn to call someone out: “Talia, Truth or Dare?”


“Have you ever gotten yourself off while fantasizing about Ian?”

Everyone “oohed” scandalously. The usually confident Talia looked at me, then down at her toes, blushing. The suspense was killing me. “Yeah,” she finally muttered, “Sometimes, I guess.”

Corrine let out a cheesy howl at Talia’s confession. Talia rolled her eyes, “Right, like I’m the only one.”

Amy teased, her sing-song voice chanting, “Talia loves Ian… Talia loves Ian…”

Talia called Amy out in retaliation: “Truth or Dare.”


“Tell us all about the horniest you’ve ever been.”

As the most sexually experienced girl in the group, Amy was all too happy to brag.

“Well,” she began, “a few months ago, this college guy Mike took me to a concert—which was awesome, by the way—and on the way home there was this crazy traffic jam. Like, full-on, freeway-became-a-parking-lot.

“We had been grinding against each other on the dance floor all night, and we were both anxious to get to his dorm room and get busy, but we weren’t getting anywhere with all the traffic. Mike made things worse when he started talking dirty to me, telling me all the sexy things he was gonna do to me once he got me back to his dorm. It was typical horny guy stuff, you know—‘I’m gonna make you worship my cock before I come all over your tits, blah, blah, etcetera’— but I was already so hot I couldn’t handle it. It was like he had turned on a faucet between my legs. I grabbed the gear shift and slid it into park. We weren’t moving, and I NEEDED some.

“We started making out in full view of everyone else on the road: him squeezing my boobs, and me rubbing his crotch through his pants. He got impatient and fished out his erection, and I immediately started sucking on it. God, he had a beautiful cock. It was long, and curved like a boomerang, with lots of little ridges for me to play with.”

“Couldn’t the other cars see you?” Talia asked in disbelief.

Amy just grinned, continuing, “Oh yeah, totally. If they bothered looking in our direction. But knowing that everyone passing by could see what I was doing just lit a fire under me.”

I glanced around the room—all the other girls seemed as turned on as I was.

“After a couple minutes, Mike lifted my mouth off of him and pulled me onto his lap. He reached up under my miniskirt, pulled my thong aside, and he just slipped right into me. I’ve never been so wet in my life. He got all the way inside me in one try. So easy, I couldn’t believe it.

“I started bouncing up and down on him, right there in the traffic jam. The curve of that thing felt incredible, stretching me out in all different ways with every thrust. Then I looked out the window.”

“Someone was watching you?” Corrine whispered.

“Everyone was watching me. Everyone in every car around us was watching me bounce on his fucking pole. In one car I spotted these two totally cute guys who were clearly beating themselves off while they looked at me. The hotter those guys got, the hotter I got, so I decided I’d give them even more of a show. I twisted at the waist so I was facing them, then I pulled my top down off my shoulders and pressed my boobs up against the cold car window.”

Amy shivered as she told the story. Her thighs rubbed together beneath her towel.

“Argh! It gets me all worked up just thinking about it! It was so hot. I couldn’t stop coming, and neither could Mike. He would come, and stay hard, and then just come again like a machine. I felt possessed; I was so turned on I wasn’t even me anymore. We finally made it back to his dorm, but there was no way we were going to top the sex in the traffic jam. We went out one more time, but it just wasn’t the same. He started acting like a jerk so I left. Still—that sex in the car was by far the horniest I have ever been.”

The rest of us sat frozen, speechless. Satisfied with the effect her story had on us, Amy turned to me: “Truth or Dare?”

As the only boy playing, I knew I was in for some rough and possibly humiliating waters ahead. But I also knew the obvious right choice in a situation like this: “Dare.”

“Come over here and get inside this towel with me.”

That sounded pleasant enough. I got up and crossed the room to Amy, relishing the thought of cozying up to her after that sexy story. But I realized the dare was going to be a bit more than I bargained for when Amy tucked an arm inside her towel and pulled down her swimsuit, leaving it lying on the floor at her feet.

Which meant, when I got inside that towel with her, she would be completely nude.

Whether she was showing off her lack of inhibition to her friends, or she was just horny as hell and wanted to feel a guy’s body pressed up against hers, I didn’t know. All I knew was that I was in for a good time.

Scarcely able to believe my luck, I tossed my own towel aside, laid down across the couch, and gestured for Amy to get on top. Wearing a painfully naughty grin, she stretched out above me and untied her towel just enough to wrap our bodies up together.

Her nude skin felt electric against mine. Every inch of Amy’s body was lithe and lean—except her exceptionally soft breasts. Her nips were hard nubs poking my stomach. Given how forward her dare had been, I felt no compunction whatsoever about giving Amy’s tight round ass a playful squeeze—and she let out a yelp which made the other girls laugh.

But I didn’t take my hand away. With the towel hiding my actions from the other girls, I slowly kneaded Amy’s incredibly firm butt cheeks with both hands—God, her ass felt good. She met my eyes, shocked at how I was behaving.

I felt Amy’s bare slit on my leg: warm, slick with desire, and completely smooth shaven. She inched forward up my thigh, discreetly rubbing herself on me. The damn towel was blocking my view, but I couldn’t stop picturing what her naked ass and bald pussy must have looked like underneath.

The rest of the room looked at me to continue the game.

“Well, there’s only one person who hasn’t gone yet, so: Corrine, Truth or Dare?”

While Corrine thought it over I slyly teased the tip of my thumb inside Amy’s wet opening. She said nothing, but the fact that she started licking my chest told me I was doing something right. I don’t think anybody else noticed what I was doing.

“Dare,” Corrine finally decided. I slid a finger inside Amy as I spoke: “I dare you to make out with Talia for the next five minutes.”

“W-What?” Talia stammered.

“You heard me.”

Amused, Corrine just rolled her eyes, “Typical guy.” She sat down beside Talia, towering over the other girl. My hard cock pulsed in anticipation for what I was about to see. Talia’s breathing quickened as the stacked blond gently kissed her on the mouth.

Amy looked back over her shoulder, watching along with the rest of us as Corrine and Talia tasted each other’s lips for the first time. Corrine put on quite a show, but it was just that: a show. She wasn’t attracted to girls.

Talia was another story altogether.

Though she started out as the timid one, Talia grew more and more aroused with each kiss, eventually losing all self-control and really going for it. The lesbian make-out session grew intense, with Talia continuously pushing the envelope and Corrine going along for the ride, enjoying the rapt look of pleasure on my face as I spied them.

I tore my eyes from them to sneak a glance at Stephanie and Elizabeth, who watched from the other couch with palpable arousal. The two BFF’s held hands in an iron grip, like couple unable to bear the suspense during a movie.

The erotic charge in the air inspired me to surreptitiously slip a second finger all the way inside Amy’s hot opening. She moaned audibly as I ground my knuckles against her clit, and I felt her hand shoot up under the leg of my swimsuit and wrap around my erection.

“Don’t stop what you’re doing,” she whispered.

Talia pulled down Corrine’s towel and tentatively palmed those massive breasts, even tweaking Corrine’s nipples through her bikini. Corrine returned the favor, testing the heft of Talia’s boobs through that flimsy green one-piece—entirely for my voyeuristic benefit.

Talia slipped the bikini straps off Corrine’s shoulders and slowly began lowering the cups—

Amy continued jerking my cock as she suddenly came, biting my shoulder to disguise her ecstasy from the others.

I felt myself boiling over: The feel of Amy’s lithe body stretched out against mine, the reflexive jerking of her hand on my cock as she came, and the sight of Talia and Corrine’s make-out session was enough that I felt my own inexorable release coming forth—

Talia pulled away Corrine’s top, FINALLY revealing those gargantuan tits to me in all their glory. Years of fantasies, and there they were, out in the open. More spectacular than I could have imagined. Impossibly full and round. Lightly tanned skin, topped with puffy pink nipples. It was like staring directly into the sun.

Talia gently squeezed the soft expanse of flesh between her slender fingers—

Corrine turned her head, and looked me right in the eye as I exploded into Amy’s hand.

Caught. I think I controlled my expression just enough so that Amy and Corrine were the only ones who noticed I came.

“Geez, you really do love her tits, don’t you?” Amy whispered to me.

“Not as much as you loved the feel of a dick in your hand,” I whispered back. Amy squeezed me in agreement.

Across the room, Corrine slowly pulled Talia’s hands from her bare breasts. “Time’s up,” Corrine stated, throwing me a smirk that said she was quite pleased with herself. Talia blinked back to reality, mortified at her behavior.

“Oh my god!” she shouted, “Corry, baby, I am so sorry! I didn’t realize it would feel so—Oh my God!”

Corrine hugged her reassuringly, “Hey, no need to apologize to us, we’re all friends.”

“I thought it was hot,” Amy helped.

“But I think,” Talia stammered, “I think I’m bi! Oh my God, my parents are gonna kill me! They’re old-school about this kind of thing!”

The incredibly erotic charge in the air from a minute ago was completely forgotten in light of Talia’s life-changing epiphany. We all got up and sat down around our friend, comforting and encouraging her as best we could. Talia was a mess of emotions—not “ashamed” exactly, she was too open-minded for that—but definitely a bit scared. She told us she had been confused about her sexuality for a long time, but that make-out session with Corrine had just confirmed it.

Talia looked around at the rest of us, desperate for some kind of commiseration. She asked, “Are any of you—? Or do you think you might be?” We all shook our heads. Stephanie and Elizabeth admitted that they had both played around with each other’s bodies throughout puberty, but it had just been curiosity—neither of them were attracted to other women.

The rest of the evening was dedicated to Talia. She needed people who cared about her to listen to her concerns, and to let her know that this didn’t change the nature of our friendships at all. Talia was worried that her being bi meant the other girls would suddenly feel self-conscious or uncomfortable around her, but they all promised that they knew her way too well for that to happen.

Eventually Talia got dressed and headed home to think. Corrine followed next, then Amy, who took me aside on her way out the door to whisper, “You need to come by my house sometime when my dad’s not home. I have more stuff to show you.”

With her departure, only Stephanie and Elizabeth remained. Liz asked if she could shower before heading home, which I of course assured her would be fine. It was getting late, but I was still holding out hope that Steph and I would get a chance to fool around before Stephanie had to head home.

I had come a few hours ago, sure, but between a full day of staring at the girls in their suits, Steph and Elizabeth’s sexy bra swap, Corrine and Amy’s vivid sex stories, and the fresh memory of Corrine’s glorious breasts, I was still in desperate need of relief.

Never in a million years would I have expected things to turn out as they did.