Six Hours With Wonder Woman_Part 3

Jason Prince sank into Wonder Woman like a steel rod into a warm butter. And that’s what her pussy felt like, warm butter with a firm grip. Jason was pumping in rhythm again, his entire length disappearing into her wetness. She was on top of him, above him, her incredible breasts leaping up and then falling with the rhythm of their love. Up and down, up and down, her nipples as hard as steel bolts.

Her tiara gleamed, the red ruby star in the center glowing and twinkling!

“Uhhnnn, uhhnnn, uhhnnnn… yes.” Wonder Woman purred, throwing her head back, closing her eyes, making a soft ‘O’ shape with her red lips. She leaned back, angling herself so that she was pulling his rod at a steeper angle.

Jason ran her hands over her perfect bare ass, grabbing it and pulling her down, harder on top of him. Wonder Woman began to thrust, harder, in concert with his tempo. This caused the brass joints of the bed along with the frame to creak in rhythm… creeeaak, creeeaak, creeeaaak!

The sound of the stressed metal quickly reminded Jason of who it was on top of him… the Woman that could bend metal with her bare hands! And he quickly remembered her incredible feats of steel bending that day! Bending steel in her satin tights, the metal crying audibly for mercy from the stress of her super strength!

Creeeaak, creeaaak, creeeaaak!

“Oh, Wonder Woman!” Jason cried out. “I’m going to cum!”

He couldn’t hold on any longer. His stamina was waning and he could not control his orgasm any longer.

Wonder Woman said, “It’s okay, I want you to cum!”

He felt it then, that eruption deep inside, the rushing of warm, creamy cum racing up his rod!

She quickly lifted off him and immediately he emptied himself into the open air, the cum splashing down back on top of him.

“Oh, yes!” He cried out. “Yes!”

Wonder Woman leaned down and with her tongue swept up his cum and drew it into her mouth. She wrapped her lips around the pulsing, throbbing head of his penis and pulled with her tongue on him, so hard!

“Oh!” He cried out. “Oh, Wonder Woman!”

Wonder Woman said, “Jason Prince, you are amazing….”

Jason let those words pour over him. This was Wonder Woman, telling him he was amazing. He was in awe.

She continued to work his penis with her lips, that gorgeous perfect face, that gleaming tiara and ruby star! She rolled her tonge around his penis for another minute, kissing it so gently and passionately.

Jason closed his eyes, unable to comprehend the wonder of her love. He laid very still and slow, his penis began to settle down and soften.

She laid next to him and said, “Jason Prince, no one has ever lasted this long with me. No one. You… are a wonder man.”

Jason smiled and pulled her close. He kissed her deeply on the lips and she kissed him back. Jason looked into her ocean blue eyes. Slowly she climbed off the bed and stood beside it. In the dimness of the room, her body was perfect.

“I don’t want this to end,” he said. “Please, Wonder Woman, don’t go.”

Wonder Woman smiled and said, “There’s still time, Jason. But it would seem that as a mortal man, you’ve come to a place of near exhaustion.”

Jason sat up and said, “No, no, I’m not exhausted, I can keep going.”

Wonder Woman smiled and walked toward the dresser. She pulled her black satin Kimono off the top and slid into it. He could still see her pussy and the bottom of her perfect ass. Slowly, she touched her gold belt, and from just that touch, the sudden inflow of superhuman strength.

Jason asked, “What are you doing?”

Wonder Woman wrapped the belt around her waist, fastening it tightly in the back. It pulled her kimono inward so it barely covered her nipples. The black silk fabric gleaming gently in the dim room. She looked at Jason for a long time. She planted fists on her hips, considering him.

Jason stood up from the bed and slowly approached her. Between them was the large brass bedpost she’d bent earlier into that dramatic hairpin U shape.

Wonder Woman said, “Dawn will be upon us in just over an hour, Jason. What should we do about that?”

Jason said, “I just need a few minutes to rest, that’s all. Just a few minutes.”

His eyes were beginning to fade.

Wonder Woman touched his face, gently.

“Dear Jason, you’re about to pass out,” Wonder Woman said. “You should go to sleep.”

Jason said, “Wonder Woman, please! Please don’t leave. Stay with me. Even if I fall asleep, promise me that you’ll stay. Promise.”

Wonder Woman said, “Dear Jason, yes… I’ll stay.”

Jason said, “Thank you.”

Wonder Woman said, “But there’s something I want to try. It’s never been done before, but… there’s always a first time.”

Jason said, “What do you mean.”

Wonder Woman said, “Do you trust me?”

Jason said, “What? Yes, of course.”

Wonder Woman said, “Very well.”

She closed her eyes and rocked her hips back and forth three times. She breathed in deeply, her chest lifting and pushing through the opening of the kimono, the silk giving way to her breasts as they came forward and into the open.

She breathed in deeper and deeper, her chest rising and falling, rising and falling. Jason felt his blood begin to pump, and immediate response to her. His boner pushed upward and then fell back down.

Slowly she opened her right hand and pressed her palm into his lower abdomen, just above his penis.

“Yes,” she said, her eyes still closed. “Now, Jason, I’m going to exhale, a strong exhale, and when I do, you should feel something.”

Jason said, “Feel what?”

Wonder Woman said, “A dose of the power I possess.”

Wonder Woman tightened her lips and blew a strong stream of air.


Her hand pressed hard against him and indeed, Jason felt something, a sensation like nothing before! A hot tingling, like a river of energy, suddenly flowing inside him.

Jason’s eyes grew huge and his boner exploded upward like a steel spring. In the room he could hear the audible, rumbling sound of her magical wonder strength!

Wonder Woman said, “Yes… that should do it.”

She pulled her hand off him and said, “Congratulations, Jason. You are now as strong as ten men.”

Jason felt it, not only in his steel bone, but in his muscles. Somehow, he could feel it. His arms and legs seemed larger and more pumped.

Wonder Woman said, “In fact, you should give it a test. With the strength I’ve given you, you should be able to straighten this bedpost.”

Jason said, “Wait, me? Bend solid brass?”

Wonder Woman smiled and said, “Yes, Jason. Since time is running short, I suggest you straighten this bar and then make love to me for the next hour… without stopping.”

With a sense of confidence, Jason wrapped his hands around the hairpin, U shaped brass post. He leaned in close, taking a power stance. Wonder Woman stood back and folded her arms across her chest.

Wonder Woman said, “That’s it, Jason. You have super strength. Now… straighten the bar.”

Jason looked down at the large brass post and tightened his hands around it. Slowly, he began to pull on the ends, to open them… and incredibly, the thick brass post began to open with a desperate, loud creak!


There was that sound again, the growing rumble in the air of supernatural, wonder strength!

Jason’s eyes grew wide. The solid brass post was obeying his strength! He smiled and pulled harder, now inch by inch the post opening from that hairpin U shape, the brass groaning and creaking from the stress!

Wonder Woman smiled, her eyes wide, feeling a tingle between her legs as Jason performed his super feat!

The brass cried in a terrible shriek as it straightened in Jason’s powerful grip. And as the brass began to uncurl and straighten, Jason’s boner grew larger and longer! Jason was in awe of his own power! He was bending brass! He kept pulling the bend out of it, straightening it more and more with his bare hands! The feel of brass changing shape in his hands, the sound of the metal crying for mercy made his boner so hard it throbbed, its head a massive umbrella shape.

Jason pulled the post the last few inches, bring the post straight up and down!

Creeeeeaaaa…. Scrrreeeeeeech!

It was finished! Jason released the bar, lowering his hands slowly, his muscles pumped and large like Hercules. His boner was so large.

Wonder Woman pulled off her kimono, but left her belt on!

“And now, Jason Prince,” She said, “It’s time for you to use that strength… and make me cum like never before.”

Jason smiled, feeling so strong. He rubbed his hands together, ready for the job. Wonder Woman walked past Jason and the climbed onto the bed. She opened her legs and lifted her wonder ass, the gold belt so tight around her waist. The belt of strength!

Jason climbed up on the bed behind her. He eased forward, his muscles so swollen with new strength. She smiled and said, “One hour, Jason.” She lifted her perfect eyebrows.

Jason moved in and pushed his incredible penis into her strong pussy from behind, her wonder ass right in front of him. He grabbed onto her waist, his hands wrapping around her golden belt.

And the he began to pump, pushing his length and girth all the way into her, then all the way back out, but keeping the umbrella head of his penis submerged. He tightened his grip with the strength of ten men and pumped her.

The bed began to tremble. The brass frame began to creak and squeal in rhythm. Louder and louder.

“Oh, yes!” Wonder Woman moaned. “Yes!”

In his head, Jason Prince heard the music start… the Wonder Woman theme song! The disco beat was strong and Jason fell into rhythm with it, pumping her!


Wonder Woman! Wonder Woman!

All the world is waiting for you! And the power you possess!

Stop a speeding car.

Bend a steel bar.

We’re so glad, you’re on our side!!!

Wonder Woman! Wonder Woman!


The brass bed began to squeal beneath the stress of their super rhythm! This was an hour Jason Trevor would never forget!!