Janet gets a job.

My parents decided I was too old to be living at home, so I had to move out. A friend told me I could move in with her while I looked for a job. I just turned twenty and never had a job for long. I was tall, almost six feet, my breasts were small 32b and very long legs. My ass was not too bad, 34 and a nice shape, I weighed 110 lbs. Long blond hair around a pixie face.  

I was not a virgin, having lost that several years ago. I was sexuality active with two boyfriends and a girlfriend. The girl I was moving in with was a part time lover and like me preferred men. She told me a friend made money by letting older men use her as a sexual toy. She made a lot of money. I asked her how much and she told me and I said sign me up.

We called the girl up and she told me she would set me up. She told me several older men would rent a motel room and I would let them have their way with me. They were older men in their sixties and seventies. That liked to play with you and then have sex. They pay a lot for their fun. She told me to dress sexy and put a lot of makeup on.

She set me up and I dressed in a very short mini dress, no bra and a thong. High heels that made me even taller. The dress was low cut with the top of my breasts showing.  Had dark red lipstick and eye lash extenders, dark eye shallow on. I was ready.

There were four guys in the room when I got there. They had me walk around the room all voicing their approval. I kind of danced around and they started saying strip for us. I slowly undressed for them, moving close to them as I danced. They had me bend over and looked me over, touching my ass and breasts. They spread my pussy lips out and fingered my pussy and ass. The were having a good time playing with my pussy and ass.

I was leaning over and felt a tongue licking my ass, it really felt good. Before I knew it all four guys were licking me all over. My breasts and pussy were also getting licked. I felt tongues and fingers everywhere. I was coming hard, and they kept licking me. There fingers were in my ass and pussy, fucking me.

They all stripped and asked me to suck them. They wanted me to take turns with them so the others could watch. The first guy was pretty small, and his cock was hard. I licked the tip which was leaking precum. I licked the tip while playing with his balls. I slowly sucked on the head licking while I sucked. I sucked his cock into my mouth taking it all in my mouth. I slowly sucked on his cock while playing with his balls.

He leaned back and sucked and licked his balls while stroking his cock. His hand was on my head and he pushed me further down and I rimmed his ass. He was moaning as I moved back up and sucked his cock back into my mouth. I sucked on the head as he came filling my mouth. I slowly milked his cock until he was finished.

The next guy wanted to suck him while he was on his knees, pulling his cock back and sucking the head. He wanted me to rim him while playing with his balls and cock. He did not last long, and I was milking his cock dry. I noticed something their cocks did not get soft they remained hard. Blue pills at work.

I sucked the last two at the same time. They liked their cocks being rubbed together as I sucked and licked them. I sucked them both into my mouth and fingered one of their asses. I enjoyed this, sucking on both of them. Felt good in my mouth as I slowly sucked. They both came about the same time and I kept both of them in my mouth milking them.

They took turns fucking me while the others watched. They fucked my ass and pussy. Sometimes I had a cock in my mouth at the same time. They loved me sucking them and did two at a time. I enjoyed sucking them. All of them were clean and their cocks tasted good. I sucked on them for a long time, until we were all tired. Those blue pills really worked.

We made plans for the next month, and they were going to tell their friends about me. I went home with a thousand dollars and very happy.