Uncle Jim’s workshop

By Dina Petro


Coming from an important event, I had a malfunction in my car electronics system, the car starts and runs, but it gives me some odd data on the screen, I called some friends for help, they referred me to Uncle Jim’s workshop, I was told he was an older man of fifties who owns the shop and works alone in it, but he is an expert in car electronics and so good at it with reasonable prices as well.

I called Uncle Jim, explained what happened with my car, he said, he had to look at it to check it out, when I asked him what time does he close the shop, it was only an hour later, I said, “I wish I could fix this problem today Uncle Jim”

He said, “Sure thing, don’t you worry about my closing time, I usually close the doors and work much later on solving problems, why don’t you come right now if you like?”

I drove right a way to the shop, I met Uncle Jim, that is what every body calls him, he was a nice man, did not look or act that old, he was a tall, well built man, very good looking for his age of course, wide constant smiles as well. 

I greeted him with a smile saying, “Hi Uncle Jim, I am Tammy, I called you a little while ago about my car” 

He greeted me back with a wide smile saying, “Yes, I remember your call, how did you know about my shop if I may ask?”

I said, “a recommendation by close friends who liked your services and manners”

He smiled saying, “not only you are a super gorgeous woman Tammy, but very polite as well, thank you, I hope I am up to your standards”

I smiled back and thanked him, he checked my car with his diagnostic system, a little while later he came back to me smiling and saying it was a small defect, he could work on it and repair it right a way if I wanted to wait, or else I could leave the car and come back anytime I want to pick it up. 

I asked, “How much would that cost me Uncle Jim?”

He smiled saying, “can we talk about that when I am finished?”

I wondered asking, “why? Is it a big thing?”

He said, “No, it is not at all, it is just some efforts from me, no spare parts needed at all, as long as we are not getting any parts from outside my door, then all the working efforts are easy to determine and negotiate, it is a small thing believe me”

I said, “Ok, you are so sweet uncle Jim, thank you, but I will wait for it if it is ok?” 

he nodded saying, “of course you may, I am sorry the shop is kind of tight and messy, but it is clean though, you can sit on the chair, or else relax on that handmade relaxation sofa I made myself” 

he had put two big wooden pallets on top of each other, then topped them with leather sofa cushions, I smiled saying, “Sorry, maybe I am not suitably or comfortably dressed for repair shops, but I came here straight from a work event, otherwise, I would have dressed in jeans and casual clothing”

he smiled saying in a very low tone of voice, “I am glad you didn’t, you look so hot and sexy in such outfit” that was his first pass on me that evening, which I took with ease and happiness, giving him a wide smile and an eye wink, as a sign of approval of his advancement.

I was wearing some formal and sexy outfit, a short skirt, high heels, garters and garter belt, with thigh high stockings, and a button up shirt, a few of the top buttons undone allowing the display of my cleavage, I have a relatively bigger size tits with a D-cup.

Uncle Jim offered me a drink while waiting, and he was chatting and literally flirting with me, appraising my good looks and my sexy outfit, I also noticed him checking me out top to toe at times when he thought I did not notice, but I kind of liked it one way or another. I cannot claim being an innocent woman or an angle of course, I happen to be a sex loving woman of late twenties, I also admit having some eye-catching assets with a curvy body, besides, I was intentionally bending over while checking out his work, showing some cleavage and upper tits, allowing my skirt to rise while moving around and bending over to show the upper ends of my stockings and some upper thighs silky soft, bright white skin, which is an attractive sight to men’s eyes in general.

The show I was making to the older man, his flirting with me, and my flirting back all together were turning me on, making me so horny, I did not build my hopes up so high though, thinking the older man would have limits, if he could get it up that is, may be an oral would be the best I could count on if I had decided to pay the man with my pussy which is something I would do once in a while.

Uncle Jim announced he was done and everything is back to normal state, he was approaching me, I stood up, smiled thanking him, I grabbed my purse which was over what he had called a sofa, asking him “how much was it please?”

He smiled saying, “it is your first visit to the shop, over and above your sexy and cheering presence this evening at the shop, the cost will be zero today”

I said, “No uncle Jim, I cannot accept that”

He said, “Yes gorgeous, you will accept it as a gift from uncle Jim, as I have mentioned earlier, it was only my effort and that is free for you for your first visit”

I said, “That is so much Uncle Jim, I don’t know how to thank you?”

He smiled naughtily saying, “You do not have to thank me, but if you insist I will leave it up to you” we both laughed, we were standing face to face, a couple of feet or so apart, I loosened a couple of buttons of my shirt, pulling its sides apart showing my tits with my bra on, then I lifted my skirt up to the edge of my thongs, looked him straight in the eye saying, “I have noticed you liked something, so an effort for an effort would be a fair deal, I will show you something and give you a kiss too, is that ok?”

Needless to say, the older man’s eyes were almost pulled out of place, staring at my semi-nude body with a wide smile on his happy face, before he answered, I got closer, wrapped my arms around his neck and placed a little peek over his right cheek, then looked him straight in the eyes with a wide smile, he wrapped both of his arms around my waist, pulled me closer, hugged me and placed a longer kiss over my lips, I kissed him back right away.

He broke the kiss, my eyes were still closed, he kissed me back on the lips again, this time his tongue was circling into my mouth, so was mine in his and I felt his right hand creeping up my skirt over my upper thighs till it rested over my ass, I went along with the passionate kissing without any reaction to his hand, his other hand went over my breast, pushed the bra down revealing my tit and he started rubbing my tit, pinching my already hard nipple.

Within an eye wink, his right hand was under my panties, rubbing and gripping my bare ass by now, I was getting hornier by then, my hand creeped to his crotch rubbing his cock over his pants, I noticeably felt a big limp there which was building up rapidly, a good sign for me, but I was still not sure, and I decided to go ahead with my naughty game with him.

His reaction to my feeling his cock, was moving his right hand from my ass to my pussy, he moved my panties aside and groped my pussy, started rubbing it and finger fucking me, he was no stupid, he must have felt how ready I was, by the leaking juices out of my engorged pussy lips and runny wet cunt.

I was moaning louder by then, he turned me around, helped me lean over the sofa, he started finger fucking my pussy faster and deeper, adding another finger, then another each time, his other hand was under me, over my tit, rubbing and pinching my nipple which was building a huge fire and a semi-live electrical current all over my body, my orgasm was building up rapidly, soon enough I was shaking and trembling till I had my first orgasm like that.

Uncle Jim helped me up over the high sofa, I was on all fours, doggy, he got right behind me and started slurping all of the running juices over my pussy, he was licking it dry again, then he started tongue and finger fucking me again, speeding up faster and deeper till I came one more time.

I stood up on my feet again, but I was feeling his cock rubbed to my ass and hips, asking myself if it was his dick and was it really that hard, I pushed my hand to it, looked sideways to be rewarded with an abnormally huge dick, it was very long, so thick and rock hard like a steel rod, I wrapped my fingers around it, massaged it a little. Uncle Jim was in position to fuck me, I wasn’t about to stop him, I needed it in me anyway, holding his cock in hand, he rubbed its thick helmet to my ripe and so wet pussy lips, he started pushing it inside of me, it was sliding in my cunt effortless, I was getting loud, enjoying every inch of it in my pussy till he was balls deep in me, he froze for only a moment, then resumed his action, but this time it was an actual fucking, each time faster till he was slamming his cock in my pussy so fast and so deep, he did not stop till I was shaking and screaming of another orgasm.

He flipped me over the sofa, lifted both of my legs over his shoulders and fucked me again missionary till I came again, he got me doggy position again, got behind me, started licking my pussy and rimming my ass this time, he was finger fucking both of my fuck holes, I was enjoying it, then he said, “Tammy, you must already know that us, older men, usually are ass lovers, we love anal sex, do you by any chance like that?”

I smiled saying, “By all means, I love it” as if he was waiting for my answer, he got up while holding his rock-hard cock in hand, pushed it in my pussy, fucked me for a few laps till it was well lubricated then started rubbing its head against my ass hole till its head popped into me, he started applying some pressure over it, pushing it into my rear fuck hole, I was gladly taking it, inch after another in me till he was balls deep in my annus.

He fucked my ass for good ten to fifteen minutes, before he started pulling his cock all the way out alternating pushing it back in, between my ass and my pussy for another five minutes before he was ready to cum, he was in my pussy by then, he pulled out, I turned around so fast, took it in my mouth and started sucking and milking it, I was rewarded with a huge load of cum, that I had taken and swallowed almost all of it, except for the escaping drops from the corners of my mouth. 

True that older man had a big, long and thick cock, but it was the sex power drive that had shocked me, it must have shocked him as well, he was fucking me nonstop for a long time, acting like a stud in his late teens or early twenties, it was an abnormal act, but a lovely one that left me well fucked and fully satisfied, I was able to see the happiness and satisfaction over his face as well.

While we were getting dressed, he asked me, “did you like it Tammy?”

I said, “I loved it Uncle Jim, did you?”

He said, “I sure did babes, and I admit, it must have been a long time since I have ever fucked a woman like that”

I put my skirt and shirt on only, pushed my bra and panties into my purse, thanked him, kissed him and left the shop towards my house.

Two weeks of complete silence between us had passed, no phone calls or seeing at all, one time I was all alone at home, all I had on my mind was the scene of Uncle Jim’s cock and the way he fucked me to satisfaction, which had turned me on, making my pussy leaking wet, I tried rubbing it, but it wasn’t enough, I had a naughty idea, I looked at my watch, it was a few minutes beyond his closing time, I picked my mobile and called him saying, “Hello Uncle Jim, do you remember me?”

He said, “of course I do, how could I ever forget Tammy?”

I said, “I was thinking to pass by, but I think you are already closed by now?”

He giggled saying, “did your car break again? the front door is closed, but I am in the shop as usual, come in if you need to”

I said, “OK, I will tell you when I get there, I am on my way, a few minutes and I will be there”

I was fully nude by then, I looked around, then I picked up a light trench coat, mid-thigh high, I put it on over the nude body of mine, and walked to my car, I was there so fast, as soon as I got into his shop, he greeted me with a kiss on the lips saying, “your car broke again? I have never hoped bad things to anybody, but I want to thank your car, I have been so anxious to see you or at least hear from you”

I said, “then, why didn’t you call me?”

He smiled saying, “to be honest, I was embarrassed, I thought you would think I am calling for sex or something like that”

I smiled, looked him straight in the eyes, then I unbuttoned my trench coat, held its sides with both hands, spread it wide open revealing my fully naked body to his wondering eyes saying, “I guess I am the courageous one, braver than you are at least, my car didn’t break or anything, I am her for that lovely taste and feeling of that lovely cock of yours in me, I want you to fuck me Uncle Jim, will you?”

No words were said after that, or even needed to be said, all were actions, Uncle Jim was all over me again, he was passing his hands, fingers, lips and tongue all over my naked body, top to toe, then he fucked me again, a fuck that was as good as its predecessor, a fuck that was remembered for so long after that, except the second time, I allowed him to cum in my ass.


Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro