11 May. '22

After marriage we enjoyed our marriage life very happily. Every Night before going to sleep I played with my lovely wife's body & fucked her 3 to 4 times in a week (except her period days). But after 6 months we needed to repair our home. We was searching for some special home which touch us naturally. That's why we shifted our owned home to rented home which was far away of 12 km distance from our owned home in the village area. We needed to stay there for near about 2 months. We handover our home to a contractor for repair purpose. But everyone forbid us to go there as the landlord was not good by nature. They called her as old witch.  

However we met our landlord, an old aged widow. I did not mentioned her name, I mentioned her by 'lady' for this story. Her age was nearly 70 to 75 years having shrank skin, thin, open white hairs,  but very sharp eyes. She lived alone with a big house with boundary wall. Her house constructed on ground floor only & it's consists of big heights 4 rooms. There was very big windows all around in every room. There was a big garden behind her house. Very few people was there around the place. She carried very sadness with herself. Her husband passed away when her age was just 23. Her one and only sons also passed away by a car accident at the age of 10. She decided to donate her full land with this house to a charities after her death. Her husband kept a big house along with land and money for her. She made garden in this land. There was variety of fruit and flower tress in her garden. She had a farm behind her house. Her only earning came from the selling of milk, directed purchase by a company. I found this area so natural. For this reason we requested her to rent any room for just 2 months. She happily agreed within a second. Her eyes was so sharply watched us especially on Antara. She also told me there was no required for cooking. She cooked for us. However we shifted at her house.

On the very first day she cooked delicious for us. She came to know that we are newly married couple. She congratulates us & told to enjoy her home surroundings. But we can understand that this house was not right place for sex. Antara felt so alone even in daytime that's why I returned from work daily within 5 pm. But when we got together all fears run away. And also we felt so natural in this house.

However one rainy evening we both got aroused. We started to kiss each other in the room for the first time. We forget to close window and doors due to very weighty. Electricity gone due to rain. In darkness I started to fondled her boobs and undress each other in bed and got nude within a minute. Suddenly the lady came inside our room with oil lamp. She saw us in fully nude. She said us 'Oh no... I did not expect to see you both in this situation... You should closed the door..... I just came here to give you this lamp.... Please carry on.... Do not get embarrassed..... '. She leaved us from the room. Suddenly electricity came and enlighten all room. She saw us clearly this time. She did not comments on us and went back. We took some breathing and switched off the light then started to fuck my wife in front of lamp. We really enjoyed this.

When we first met her face to face after this incident our face became red. She ask did we enjoy or not. We answered yes. From then we decided to open all doors and windows at the time of making sex.

First month gone. We have to pay her the rent money. I told the lady to come evening to collect rent money. But I forgot the matter. In evening I started to fuck Antara in doggy style. In this time the lady came inside the room and stunned to see us. I told my wife's ear my forgotten matters. After hearing that Antara told her 'Don't go any where ..... please come near us and watch....He should be punished for that in this way.' The lady seated on a table near bed. I continued to fuck my wife in front of her. But this time within 3 minutes I cum in her vagina. Antara went to bathroom. I gave her the rent from the table. She leaved us without any comments.

After 2 weeks in the 2nd month we again aroused for sex. This time I first closed all the doors and all windows. But some windows was not stuck properly. However we got nude and started to kiss her lips. Just then one thing happened. Antara did not noticed that but I notice the incident this time. The lady slowly tried to open one window fully. I continued to fondle Antara's boobs and vagina as well as noticed on the lady what she was doing. After open the window she glanced to us. Antara lied on the bed and I fucked her in the bed. But also this time I did not controlled my mind. I again cum within 2 minutes. Antara asked me what's happened to me? She was not pleased for the last 2 times. 

Next day evening Antara told me what happened in the afternoon. The lady came in the afternoon to meet with her for discussion of our sex life. She heard Antara's word about me that she was not get pleasure for the last 2 times. My wife told her at the 1st time reason may be he fucked me in front of her, but 2nd time she did not know why I cum so fast. After discussion the lady told her today evening she wanted to teach us both how to do good sex in anywhere.

I reached home within 5.30pm. After getting fresh we both waited for her. The lady came at 6.15pm. She showed us a photo of her, her husband & her little child in one frame. She looked so beautiful in this photo. Her husband looked strong and her child looked so cute. But she was so sad that both leaved her from this world. Now she is totally alone.

However she first described us as that one man satisfied himself by ejaculation but woman can't. They have to give time for ejaculation. If she did not cum then can't satisfied. That's why from the ancient time men tried to invent some process for increasing of fucking time. We have to focus on sex not on other things on that time. Do not watch surrounding. Do not panic himself that if anyone looked to us or not. When you think to cum just stopped fucking. After sometimes again you have to start. In this way times will be increased. We have to started with foreplay. We have to take good fruit & good drink. We should avoid alcohol and rich foods. Be ready any time if you want to fuck her anywhere. That can be a inside bed or outside home. Do not ashamed in front of me. I will take you tomorrow how to do sex. I may be old but my eyes looked everything. You see I do not required any glasses to see. Today you just relax, tomorrow from the morning I will started my lessons. Just enjoy last week in my home. 

After getting out from bed in morning we both went bathroom for cleaning one by one. At 8 am the lady came our room with fruit juice and milk. We both take it as much as possible. Then after 30 minutes she again came to our room and said 'Let's go outside.' But before we went she ordered us to be nude. We both got nude. The lady noticed my wife's nude body very deeply from head to toe but did not touched her. My penis stand up to see my wife. The lady smiled to see us. Then we followed her. First she showed us her garden and farm. Antara's big boobs was bouncing while walking. After sometimes my penis getting normal size. We saw a fired place inside the garden. All beautiful trees was there inside the garden. Some trees have flowers some have fruit. Then we stopped in shade of big tree. That time we both felt that we are 1st couple in this world within a forest. The lady told to start touch Antara's body. I started to suck her vagina first. But she again told me to stop. As per her ordered we followed her every words. Now I stated what I did with my wife in front of the lady from now.

I hold my wife's hair from behind and put one finger to her vagina from behind. I masturbated her vagina. She cum in my hand after sometimes. Antara just satisfied. Then I fondled her both boobs tightly. I kissed her navel, waist, thigh then vagina. Her little fatty vagina was slipping for her own cum.

Now Antara started to suck my dick. I pushed her to the tree and pull up her right leg. I Started to fuck her in front of the lady. Suddenly some flowers fallen down from the tree to us. Then in the standing position I fucked my wife's vagina from behind. The lady watched her big bouncing boobs. Fucking in the open sky delivered us mono fascination towards sex. I already fucked her more than 20 minutes even in front of the lady. After that I stopped to fuck her as per order by the lady. We both got tired.

Then she took us near a small pond inside the garden. There was a cemented long table in the middle of the pond on the water. We all seated on the table. Our legs upto knee was wetted by the pond water. She again point us to start on the table. We started to foreplay by kissed each others.  Then Antara lied down on the table. I started to fuck her sideway from behind and fondled her both boobs from behind and kissed on her back neck. Then Suddenly we both got electric shocked when the lady started to touch our fucking area. We got stilled on the table. The lady with her cold soft hand started to shake my penis and Antara's vagina. She also fondled my balls. She pinched my wife's notch of vagina area and lower abdomen along with in and outside her navel area. Antara's full body started to stir with her touch. I wanted permission from the lady to cum. She positively signaled me eye to eye contact. Then I ejaculated inside her. The lady took out my penis from vagina with her hand. Antara stand on water. My semen dropped from her vagina and mixed with pond water. We started to return our room. In the mean time two more times my semen dropped from her thigh to ground. The total 1 hour we enjoyed very lustly. The lady was also happy for us. I thought myself why people doing sex in side 4 walls??? In open air they should to do sex.

After one day we was waiting for the lady. When she saw us naked she smiled. This time she took a bucket in her hand. We followed her. Within 2 minutes we entered in the farm. The lady told us to start again. In the mean time she started milking from them.

We both saw the lady collect milk from their breast pressing up and down. She told us not to concentrate on surroundings just do your work. I hugged Antara and kissed her neck. We fondled each others for sometimes. Then I started to fuck her from behind in front of them including the lady. I focused on fucking. After making milking from them, the lady stood in font of us and ordered to fuck her doggy style.

Antara looked like the same in front of them.  Her boobs hanging like milky breast. Her vagina from the behind looked like softy cut piece of flesh. It seemed like her white nude body moved in the middle of them. Antara's big butt, small waist and again wide back looked so sexy with hanging big boobs. Suddenly the lady push her milky finger inside her vagina. Antara expressed her pleasure. The lady moved her finger inside her vagina. Then she poured one cup of natural hot milk to her mouth. She swallowed all milk. But the lady did not give me. Antara lied down on front. The lady poured  milk on her navel for 4 times on her body. I swallow milk from my wife's navel. Then I sucked my wife's milky boobs and vagina.

After drinking milk we changed position to doggy style. The lady push my erect penis to Antara's vagina. I started to fuck her slowly. But suddenly the lady started to fondled her hanging boobs like she originally wanted to milking from her nipples. Antara shouted little for pressing her boobs and nipples so tightly by the old lady. When I fucked her from behind the lady also touched her vagina and my balls from my behind. Almost 15 minutes I continued to fuck her in front of lady in doggy style. Then she told us to stop now. 

We all three return from farm house to living house. Then she took us into her kitchen room. She ordered us to do our work while she engaged busy for cooking. Beside the cooking table I fucked Antara on my top position. She continued to cook. Sometimes she saw us and asked us how was we felt? We felt very good. I stopped fucking when I felt for cum.

Then she took us on her bed room. In her bed in front of her I laid down and Antara was on me by seating position. The lady seated in front of her bed and watched us with sharply eyes. But this time I cum outside her vagina. All cum fell in her bed sheet. Then the lady told us to go our room. She told us after 2 days we will go outside the house in night as full moon rise in the sky. 

After returning room we was resting naked. But suddenly the lady came to our room. She had small scissors in her hand. She was looking for our pubic hair. We stand up. She cut and took some pubic hair from my penis area. But when she was searching my wife's hair on vagina she got confused. No pubic hair on her vagina. The lady again took us outside the room. There I hold Antara's knee up. The lady madly searching for hair on vagina. She asked Antara ' did you shaves your vagina? Why not a single hair are on your vagina?' Antara answered her ' She never shaved her pubic hair. No hair grown in her full body. It's natural.' By the way when the lady was searching hair on there by her finger, Antara again aroused. This time the lady masturbated her vagina in front of me. After 5 minutes Antara released her cum. Then The lady took some long hair from her head. She noticed my penis got boner. Then she took us to bathroom. There I fucked my wife in the shower. I cum while taking bath. Then we went to our bedroom after washing our body. Before leaving she reminded us again after 2 days full moon rise in the night sky, we will do sex on that night. 

After 2 days at nearly 11 at night the lady came to our room and took us a place first where she made worshipped with fire. She ordered us to stay there in front of her. She spread some flowers, leaf, water and ghee on us. And then she fired some woods with ghee and many more things. Then she started chanting some mantras. I don't know how but started to fuck my wife in front of fire. Antara was on me. My dick inserted inside her vagina upward. Suddenly the lady told us to stop. She came behind us with a sharp grass and injected her vagina. Antara felt some pain. The lady pressed her vagina skin to collect blood. And then she injected this grass on my penis skin to collect the same. First time I felt her tight finger pressed on my penis when she was collecting blood from my penis. She put both bloods in a small pot and then drunk with water. Then she ordered us to continue. After sometimes without her permission I ejaculate in her vagina. The lady pushed me aside and started to suck Antara's vagina directly. She was like a mad. She swallowed all of my cum from her vagina. Then the lady threw our hairs on that fire. Her worshipped ended. She drunk some water.

Then she told actual stories of her. After her husband death she did not sex with anybody till now. She always feared of her husband if watched her from the sky. She wanted to sex but every time she pushed herself back. In this life she was not enjoy sex. She wanted to sacrifice her life now. She choose us as nobody came to her house to stay. She told us from now we both enjoy sex even if some third party entered with us. Antara will no power to protect herself if even apart from me anyone will sex with her as the lady will enjoyed it from Antara's inside body soul. The lady will enjoy sex in the body of Antara. Also I will have no objection if someone sex with Antara. I all times will be with her. After telling that she leaved that fired place and went to the main door with us. We both blindly followed her to go outside.

After opening the main door we crossed the main road. The whole places enlighten by full moon light. I saw my wife's full body even in darkness due to moon light. Again my penis erected. We stopped near a paddy field. There I fucked my wife in the moon light. The moon also saw us making sex. We all bathed with moon light. Then I fucked her within bamboo trees. Even I fucked her someone's outside home wall. Then on the way of returning home I fucked Antara inside a bus stop and there in a seat I cum inside her. Some semen dropped from her vagina to bus stop's tiles. Nobody noticed us. We enjoyed fuck in moon light night in the open sky. We walked whole village in naked with the lady. When we came to our room it was 2.30am. 

Again after 1 day the lady took us in the roof. She spread mat on the roof.  There I fucked my wife in the open sky in front of her. She was busy to spread water on tree on roof. The moments was amazing. This time may be the Sun would be enjoying us making sex. But suddenly a bunch of mxxxy came to our roof. They saw us interestingly. The lady did not say anything to them. This time I noticed astonishingly that along with my wife, the lady also felt pleasure in her face with my every storks. Then I cum inside her. All semen came out from her vagina on the mat. Then they was gone and we all three came down to our rooms. She gave us lunch for the last time as we have to go our home as repair work done. We got sleep naked then. 

Next day in the morning when I wake up, I see the lady sucked my wife's vagina. Antara did not make any interrupt her.  As per her wishes for last time I fucked my wife in front of her in the morning. She touched our whole body. After finishing intercourse she blessed us and told us to enjoy our life freely, without doubt to each others. She always will be with us. She told me that I took my wife as gifted from god. Antara's name should be as MOHINI for her beautiful body. Then the lady softly touched my wife's nude boobs and vagina. Antara's both nipples became erected. Then the lady also advice me to go doctor for my testis issue. Then we gave her last month's rent. Then we leaved her house nearly at 8 am. We both really enjoyed with her companion. At the time of returning we saw the bus stop where we fucked at night. Now 10-15 people was awaiting for the bus. We leaved this place to go our house.   

However after 2 months we went again to her home to meet with her but she was passed by before 5 weeks due to sudden heart attacked. We saw her house maintained by some charity organization. We both entered her house with heavy heart. We felt so sorry and prey for her rest in peace. But from then we always felt her soul with us. She never treat us as witch. Whenever we made sex in our home we thought she might be watching us.