Bosom Buddies Ch 8: The Hot Tub

It took us forever to find her bra. Corrine hadn’t thrown it far, but it was pitch black on that beach, and we spent a good fifteen minutes crawling around on our hands and knees in the pouring rain, blindly groping at the grass before I stumbled onto the damn thing.

On the way back to her house, I told Corrine that I wanted her to come back to Rachel’s cabin with me, to be with the rest of us for the week.

“But I wasn’t invited,” she protested. “And everyone hates me right now.”

“I’M inviting you. And everyone will forgive you. It’s not the same without you, not for any of us.”

I could see that the prospect of facing her angry friends scared the shit out of the girl, but she bravely nodded her assent. She told her family what was up, grabbed a few days’ worth of clothes, and rejoined me at my mangled van. She had stealthily borrowed a dry shirt and pants from her older brother for me to wear—which were comfortable enough, despite looking clownish on me (Corrine’s brother was six foot five).

The rain wasn’t nearly as bad on the way back as it had been earlier that night. Regardless, an hour into the drive, I pulled us over onto the side of the highway and shepherded my passenger into the back of the minivan—where she straddled me reverse-cowgirl and we fucked again, just so that I’d be clear-headed enough to drive safely, without constantly staring at her tits. It sort of worked. At least I didn’t get in another accident.

She asked me if I wanted her to be my girlfriend now, and when I answered “No,” she was tremendously relieved, if not a little surprised.

“I love you, Ian, I really do. So much. But I don’t think of you as a boyfriend, either. Please don’t take that the wrong way.”

And I didn’t. Corrine was an important part of my life, and I an important part of hers, but there was no romance between us. Never had been. There had been passion, and plenty of lust (mostly on my end), but never romance. And this time, after being burned by Stephanie, preemptively dismissed by Amy and Talia, and confused by Elizabeth, I had finally, truly, learned my lesson.

“Corrine, you’re my friend. That’s all I want from you.” Then I chuckled, and added, “That, and the occasional fuck.”

She actually blushed.

It was two thirty in the morning when we got back to Rachel’s cabin. The sound of the car pulling up drove a relieved Elizabeth out the front door and into my arms, before I even reached the porch.

“Oh my god! What happened to your car? Are you alright? You had me so worried! You drove off in the dark, in the rain, and never even called to tell us you were safe. What is wrong with you?!”

I gave her a kiss on the forehead and apologized. She threw a questioning look at Corrine, to which I simply explained: “She’s back.”

Everyone was in their pajamas when we walked inside, but they’d all waited up for me. Upon seeing Corrine, they had pretty much the same shocked, suspicious expression that Liz had had out front. And I gave them the same explanation: “She’s back.”

I was firm with my tone, and my confidence in the girl inspired the rest of the group to give her a chance. Corrine spent a few minutes clumsily apologizing to the others, but it wasn’t long before they put her out of her misery and all crowded to give her a welcoming hug.

Even Talia, who had felt by far the most betrayed of any of us, broke down in tears and embraced her friend.

It felt great. Everyone was energized and happy to have Corrine back. Despite the late hour, nobody wanted to sleep (though the prospect of simultaneously sharing a bed with Corrine, Elizabeth, and Amy wasn’t exactly an unwelcome prospect for me), and we all decided to celebrate our friend’s return by getting back in the hot tub.

The warm water was luxuriating after my long night in the rain, and the girls looked incredible as they slipped their nubile bodies into the tub beside me. And this time, I allowed myself to enjoy the view:

Stephanie plopped down on Simon’s lap, the tops of her substantial boobs bobbing above the surface of the water. Her bubblegum pink swimsuit couldn’t help but remind me of just how sweet and tasty the treats inside it were.

Talia’s black string bikini was exactly the same style as Rachel’s white one–hinting at a day, not long ago, when the two lesbian lovers must have gone shopping together to make sure they could dress as a couple. What I wouldn’t have given to be a fly on the wall of THAT changing room.

Speaking of changing rooms, Amy was wearing the same hilariously tight green piece of dental floss she had tried on for me the day we’d first fucked each other, leaving her ass almost totally bare as she wiggled across the deck and hopped beneath the water of the tub.

Elizabeth was wearing a white and black striped bikini that tied behind her neck, with triangular cups stretching to support her tits. She took a seat at my right, and let her hand rest comfortingly on my bare thigh.

Last into the tub was Corrine, who in her haste to leave had forgotten to pack a swimsuit. The closest thing she had brought was a leopard print bra with matching underwear. With no room left in the tub for her to sit, Corrine rested her tall, busty body comfortably on my lap.

Despite the fact that I had come five times in the past twenty-four hours, I was already hard again by the time Corrine showed up.

It was great, just like old times. Laughter, and fun, and merciless teasing by half a dozen gorgeous babes. There was an un-chilled bottle of pink champagne in the liquor cabinet, and everyone partook (everyone but Amy, who looked queasy just thinking about alcohol.)

We brought Corrine up to speed on everything that had happened since she had left: the attack of the bees, the game of spin the bottle, me and Elizabeth hooking up—Rachel even blurted out the story about me watching her and Talia go at it in the van.

“Oh my God!” Stephanie shouted at me, “You are such a Peeping Tom!” Then she turned to the others and exclaimed, “Ian and Liz were spying on me and Simon last night when we were fooling around! I heard them!”

“It was an accident!” Elizabeth was quick to point out.

This was all news to Simon. He turned bright red and didn’t know what to say. Liz gave the poor guy a quick peck on the cheek: “Don’t worry, you were really hot. You’ve got nothing to be embarrassed about.”

He nodded in appreciation at her comment, but we could tell he was still feeling mortified.

“I’ll tell you what,” Elizabeth finally said, turning to Amy with a challenging glint in her eye, “What do you guys say we all go skinny-dipping?”

It was clear retaliation for Amy’s behavior a few months ago at my pool party when she had teased Liz about her unwillingness to strip down. Who would have thought shy little Liz, of all people, would be the one to suggest that? Maybe it was just the elation we all felt that our group was whole again, now that Corrine was back amongst us.

In any case, we all laughed, and nodded, and began to disrobe—

“No!” Liz cried out, “One at a time!”

She stood on the bench, her whole body up out of the water, and pulled loose the knot on her top. The triangles of fabric fell away, baring Liz’s soft, oversized bust and her excited, wine-dark nipples to the rest of us. She turned to make sure that Simon had an especially good view as she clumsily wiggled out of her bottoms.

Stephanie adjusted her position on her boyfriend’s lap. “He liked that,” she laughed, “I could feel it.”

With her skin flushed with excitement, Elizabeth dropped down into the hot, bubbling water of the tub. And gave Simon a naked hug.

“It’s the least I could do, after the show you gave me last night.”

He just stared at her tits.

“I’m next!” Rachel insisted, and she hopped her petite body out of the water and quickly untied the knots holding up her bikini. Her breasts were perfect handfuls, and her ass was pert and lovely. As soon as Rachel was back in the water, Talia began openly fondling the girl’s tits in front of all of us.

“I’m sorry, I can’t help it,” she joked.

In response, Rachel dropped below the surface of the water and we watched through the bubbles as she pulled off her lesbian lover’s string bikini. With her teeth.

Now naked as well, Talia hopped up out of the water for all to see, even doing a little pirouette for us that showed off the entirety of her sensuous, exotic body.

“Now a boy!” Amy cheered, and all eyes turned to me.

“Okay,” I laughed. “Simon, look away.”

He averted his gaze as I stood up on the bench and lowered my suit, exposing my erection for all the girls to see at once. Thanks to the cold mountain air, steam actually rose from the shaft. It was an unexpected thrill, my penis being the center of attention like that.

While I stood there, Amy reached out and gave my cock a good, solid squeeze. “It’s been too long since I’ve had one of these,” she grumbled.

Not to be outdone by Amy, Liz groped my naked butt, her favorite part of the male body. When I sat back down, I noticed that Stephanie’s eyes were locked onto me, ablaze with desire. Her hand was clearly stroking Simon beneath the water.

A moment later, Stephanie jumped off of her boyfriend and climbed onto the side of the tub. Shaking with anticipation, she kicked off her pink bottoms and revealed the soft patch of blonde fuzz on her crotch. Then she turned around and gave us a quick show, wagging her bubble-shaped butt.

Talia actually got a bit adventurous, and reached up to give the blonde girl a grope. Stephanie playfully batted her hand aside.

Keeping her back to us, Stephanie unsnapped her bubblegum bikini bra and let it drop. She shook her chest, teasingly exposing only the sides of her full breasts as they swung back and forth into view. Finally, Steph turned and revealed her young, buxom self to our eyes.

A classic pin-up, in the flesh.

She dropped back into the spa, not onto Simon’s lap this time, but at his side, so that she could rub her naked breasts against his shoulder. She kept fondling him beneath the bubbles, audibly whispering, “Who would you like to go next, baby?”

Simon’s eyes shifted between the only two girls who weren’t naked—Amy and Corrine—totally unable to make up his mind. I couldn’t really blame the guy.

“Tell you what,” Amy finally laughed, scooting over to Corrine, “We’ll undress each other.”

And so they did. The rest of us held our breath as Amy and Corrine climbed out of the hot tub and slowly, teasingly, caressed each other’s bodies for our viewing pleasure. Corrine made a show of squeezing and kneading Amy’s sculpted buttocks as she slipped the girl’s green thong down to the ground. As always, Amy was totally clean-shaven.

Amy ordered Corrine to sit on the side of the tub, then she scooted behind her, giving the taller girl a sensual back and shoulder massage, gradually slipping the straps of her leopard print bra down off her shoulders.

Then she released the catch in the back, and slid her palms down Corry’s chest, cupping the exposed cleavage as she went, until she had pushed the bra off entirely.

As it fell into the water beside me, I suddenly felt slender fingers wrapping around my naked shaft. I glanced briefly away from the two beauties stripping each other to see Liz, sitting at my side with a naughty grin on her face. I pulled her in for a fierce kiss on the lips.

“No, keep watching them,” Liz urged.

I obeyed. I watched as Corrine, playfully groping Amy’s boobs, yanked the tiny green bikini top up over the girl’s red mane of hair and tossed it aside. Amy dropped to her knees, her unencumbered breasts bouncing from the motion. She peppered Corry’s midriff with kisses as she tugged down the girl’s leopard print underwear, then, just for show, planted a big sexy kiss on the tuft of Corrine’s pubic hair.

Simon was going crazy. We could all see that he was on his way to orgasm. Stephanie smiled at her man:

“Now you, baby. Show these girls what you’ve got under there.”

Simon stood up on uneasy legs, surveying all the naked breasts bobbing in the water around him. He gulped. I pointedly looked away, happy to focus on the way Liz’s tits were jiggling as she jacked me off.

Liz’s eyes, of course, were glued to Simon’s cock. I could hear the sound of him pulling away his waistband, and the girls’ riotous cheers as his long, hard penis swung up into view.

Soon as I heard the splash of Simon dropping back into the concealment of the water, I went back to ogling my female friends. I had seen each of them naked before, sure, but never all at the same time. It was a feast for my eyes, the kind of moment I had only ever fantasized about.

Simon and Stephanie were so horny they immediately began making out with each other, passionately kissing as though the rest of us weren’t even there.

Talia and Rachel followed suit, with Rachel even squirming onto Talia’s lap to have her butt groped while their tongues entwined.

The rest of us—Corrine, Amy, Elizabeth, and me—just watched sheepishly as the two couples went at it.

“Mmm, bed!” Stephanie finally moaned, and she and Simon promptly launched their naked bodies out of the water and ran into the cabin. The two lesbians exchanged a nod and followed suit, leaving me alone in the hot tub with three horny, single, naked women.

While Elizabeth was still jacking me off beneath the heated water, I suddenly felt a second hand gripping me as well. With a wink, Amy joined in on the action. Corrine relaxed on the bench across from us, watching my arousal while slowly fingering herself.

As both Amy and Elizabeth continued to stroke me down below, I alternated my attention between the two of them, kissing faces, lips, necks, and slender shoulders. With my right hand, I pawed at Liz’s breasts. With my left, I fondled Amy’s ass.

Not wanting Corrine to feel left out, I moved us all off the bench and into the middle of the hot tub, where I could literally be the center of attention. Statuesque and stacked, Corrine got up and moved around behind me, squashing her gigantic breasts against my back and planting kisses along my shoulders.

As soon as I would begin focusing on one girl, the others would instantly snuggle up against me, licking my chest or nibbling my ear. In the background, we could all hear the screams and moans as Simon, Stephanie, Talia, and Rachel came in their lovers’ arms. It was impossible to concentrate on what I was doing amidst all the stimulation.

But I couldn’t leave it at that. I didn’t want to be a selfish lover, even with three separate women to please. I knew I couldn’t handle them all at once, so I became determined to take care of my girls one at a time.

With a deep breath to get my head straight, I turned all of my attention to Elizabeth. Our tongues danced aggressively as I pulled her body to mine, yanking her hand off my cock and draping it around my neck in an embrace. Impatiently, I worked my fingers up between her legs and began rubbing.

As Liz let the pleasure overtake her, I dropped my face beneath the water and licked her extra sensitive nipples.

“Yes!” she screamed, going nuts from the stimulation.

With a shock, I suddenly felt my cock go unattended as Amy released her grip. I looked at her to see what was going on, but the feisty redhead just got an evil look in her eyes and dropped below the surface of the water.

Then she put her mouth on me. Amy was kneeling on the floor of the hot tub, holding her breath while she ran her tongue up and down my shaft. I probably would have come right there, had it not been for Liz anxiously yanking my face back down to her nipples, distracting me from my own pleasure by allowing me to focus on hers.

That didn’t last long. In under a minute, Elizabeth was coming against my fingers, sucking in gulps of air to keep herself from passing out.

She and Corrine hugged me between their bodies for a long time while Amy kept sucking me off, underwater.

Eventually, even champion swimmer Amy had to come up for air, and as soon as she surfaced I rewarded her with a long, grateful kiss on the lips.

“Me next!” she demanded, “I haven’t come ONCE this week!” I happily picked Amy up and planted her fabulous butt on the side of the hot tub, then spread her legs and immediately stuck my face between them.

As Amy writhed against my mouth, Liz and Corrine took up position behind me—massaging my back and shoulders with kisses while their wet, naked breasts occasionally bumped up against me, buoyant in the water.

For fun, Amy picked up the half-empty bottle of pink champagne from the side of the hot tub and poured it seductively onto her chest, where the sweet beverage ran in rivulets over the curves of her big, perky breasts, across the muscles of her toned midriff, and down into the delightful folds of flesh between her legs.

I lapped it up like an addict, literally getting drunk off eating the girl’s pussy.

The frenzy of my tongue sent Amy over the edge. She climaxed loudly, rubbing her own excited nipples with satisfaction in the afterglow. I didn’t let her get back in the water until I had licked every drop of champagne off that body.

Panting, I turned to Corrine. Her turn next. I moved to take her in my arms, but she shook just shook her head, saying “You first.”

The other girls nodded in agreement.

Hardly able to contain my excitement, I switched places with Amy, sitting on the side of the tub with my erection towering in the night air. All three ladies approached as a group, a trio of tantalizing sea nymphs.

And then they began licking. Three separate tongues danced teasingly along my shaft, from the smooth dome of my cockhead all the way to the root. With their hands, they gently caressed my inner thighs. For Liz’s benefit, I put my weight on my hands and lifted my hips up off the ground, giving her easy access to grope away at my buttocks.

For her part, Amy was enjoying this so much that she already had her hand between her legs, frigging herself beneath the water while my cock rudely stretched out her cheek.

Liz was at the most awkward angle to participate in this heavenly three-way blowjob, so eventually she gave up and let the other two girls handle my cock while she got out of the water and sat down beside me.

Predictably, my eyes dropped to her epic tits. With a proud smile, Liz fed them to me while her friends sucked and licked at my groin.

Corrine pulled her mouth off of me and smiled, whispering, “Ian? I want to do something nice for you.”

My eyes went wide as she stood up to her full height, those bare-naked boobs of hers rising above the water, right to the exact same level as my cock. She stepped towards me, causing my hardness to brush up against the smooth curve of her breasts.

“I bet you’re gonna like this,” Elizabeth whispered.

Amy pulled herself out of the water and sat at my other side, still anxiously fingering herself as she watched the show. Then, impatient, she grabbed my hand and replaced the fingers inside her with mine.

I let Liz’s tits fall from my hungry mouth long enough to commit my full attention to the sight of Corrine wedging my cock into the cleavage between her big, wet tits.

To my right, Amy came again, swearing and shouting through her convulsions. My fingers shone with her juices.

To my left, Elizabeth was eager to press her sensitive nipples back against my tongue, and I was eager to lick them.

And between my legs, Corrine pumped her bosom up and down, up and down—soft breasts slapping down against my thighs. It was unbelievable. I’d been fantasizing about fucking Corrine’s tits for as long as I could remember. Years and years. And here I was, watching in stunned disbelief as she squeezed those ample assets nice and snug around my trembling erection and slammed them down against my hips.

She lowered her open mouth, so that the spear tip of my cock collided with her tongue after every thrust—

Too much! Too much!

I blasted into the air, my semen raining down across the expanse of Corrine’s outstanding cleavage.

Amy leaned down and licked it off, holding my gaze the entire time, knowing full well how much I would appreciate the image of her licking Corrine’s breasts. Daringly, she even slipped her tongue across one of Corry’s painfully aroused nipples, provoking a shriek of pleasure.

“Feels nice, doesn’t it?” Elizabeth laughed.

“Come here, Corry,” I said, slipping back down into the rejuvenating water. “It’s your turn.”

She reclined against me, light-headed with desire. My over-worked cock, still half hard, nestled pleasantly between her ass cheeks. I whispered into the my friend’s ear, “Just relax and enjoy.”

Gently, I placed one hand between her legs and began rubbing. With my other, I lazily lifted and caressed her magnificent breasts, still in awe of them. I felt her head fall back into my shoulder and she closed her eyes, luxuriating in the attention.

Once her eyes were closed, I looked to Elizabeth and Amy, still up for some fun, and nodded towards Corrine’s tits, jutting up above the water. They were both a bit hesitant at first, but Amy and Elizabeth’s natural competitiveness with one another won out in the end. Neither girl would be outdone by the other. After only a moment, both beauties leaned down to Corrine’s breasts and sucked on her delicious nipples.

Corrine sat bolt upright in surprise, but once she realized what was going on she just let herself relax back against me, purring about how good it felt.

I knew it wasn’t just the physical stimulation, either. It was the affirmation that her friends still loved her; that we all cared about her and wanted her in our lives.

That we had forgiven her for the way she had behaved.

Corrine’s breaths grew short and weak. Her hips wriggled against my hand, inadvertently rubbing her butt against my cock. I increased the speed of my fingers, squeezing my palm against her clit. Amy and Elizabeth sucked hard, pulling Corry’s nipples with their lips…

“I love you guys,” she moaned, then came. Her climax was quiet and quick, but beautiful to watch. As soon as she finished, I felt the whole of Corrine’s body go slack atop me. She kissed me in gratitude, then surprised us by kissing Amy and Liz right after.

We all laughed about it.

It was a perfect ending to a long, confusing day. We dried off and went to sleep, scooting the two queen-sized beds together to make one gigantic bed so that the four of us could snuggle. I’m pretty sure I got the best part of that arrangement.

As we all quietly dozed off, I thought to myself, Yes! You finally got it figured out, man! This is how it should be: everyone has fun, everyone stays good friends. No romance, no complications, no hurt feelings. This is the best.

A nagging voice reminded me how strange and wrong I had felt that morning, when Liz and I had agreed not to become a couple for practical reasons, but I banished the thought as soon as it reared its ugly, unwanted head.

Forget that. Forget romance and relationships. I’m just eighteen. THIS is what I want. Things are finally perfect, right?

Convinced that the others were fast asleep, Amy crawled on top of me and whispered, “So, who are you asking to prom?”



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