Dear Diary

Info Etienne
21 May. '22


Dear Diary,

For a while now, I’ve been thinking I should keep a record of my masturbation fantasies. Now’s as good a time as any to start. Let me begin with a photo I found on a gay website.

It’s late, but I’m not sleepy. I’ve been watching TV, an episode of some streaming series that fails to engage me. Bored, I rub my penis through my pants. It responds in the way that tells me what I want. I take off all my clothes, leaving them scattered on my bed, and go to the room with my desktop box. 

I summon up an image I like, of two men having oral sex outdoors during a Gay Pride event. Seated before the computer, I warm up by running my fingers over the shaft of my penis . . .

 . . .  I’m at Gay Pride in San Francicso. After watching the parade a while I leave and wander down Castro Street. The sidewalk has any number of sideshow attractions. After a while I pull off my tee and tie it around my waist. The sunlight feels nice on my naked chest and back. 

A crowd blocks the intersection with a cross street. There’s something of more than usual interest there. I gently push my way through to get a look.

People form a ring around an area maybe twenty feet across. What I see makes my heart stand still. A stunningly beautiful man stands naked in the sun, pumping a glorious erect penis. His eyes flash; his looks are free. I feel as if those eyes are undressing me. In not time at all I have a thumping great erection of my own tenting my trousers. Which I ache to drop on the ground!

I wander on. I find myself next to a guy leaning against a wall with his cock out. Pulse pounding, I kneel before him and suck him off as I unzip my pants and begin pumping my own cock. After a few minutes he gasps and I feel his cock spurt warm cum in my mouth.

I stand and face the street. Foot traffic pretty much conceals me from the parade proper. My cock is still exposed outside my pants, and I use every wile of my cunning right hand to keep it rock-hard. I feel giddy and hot and bothered. Waiting. Wallowing in the sensations of masturbating in public without an ounce of shame!

. . . At this point I have to pause a moment, lest I have an orgasm on the spot . . .

Men glance at me masturbating as they walk past, and smile. A few women watch me, eyes widening, with the occasional snort or giggle. I get very hard.

A man stands before me. His eyes widen as he watches me masturbate. He unzips his pants and pulls out his cock, looking around as if spooked. Like me . . . We watch each other stroke ourselves for a minute. Soon he’s hard as I am. 

He drops to his knees. I know what’s coming! I let my pants fall to my ankles and offer my cock to his mouth. I’m naked from the ankles up in broad daylight, and he’s sucking my cock in public! 

I hear cameras click as he gobbles me. We draw it out as long as we can. I stroke his head. My lover caresses his cock with full vigor, while I struggle not to lose control. The sensation of his tongue working over my shaft is enough to make me shudder . . .

My hand pumps furiously. My cock tenses. I can feel its corded strength. My pleasure spikes! I throw my head back as my cock launches jets of cum that spatter hot over my chest and face, one, two, three, four glorious uncontrollable spasms.

I use my cum as lube as I continue masturbating through my afterglow. God! That feels good!

Dear Diary,

Last night was marvellous. I blew quite a nut, at least a week’s worth. This morning I wake in bed, naked as always. My hand strays to my penis. As always.

I spend a few minutes warming up. After last night, I’m sure I can make this one last a long time. I close my eyes and concentrate on another image I found on the Web. This one isn’t hardcore, like last night’s inspiration. It’s a beautifully composed photo of a naked man seen from behind, his feet in the water of a lake, facing the setting sun. I close my eyes and stroke myself while dwelling on the vision of his bare buttocks gleaming in the fading light.

. . .  I see his right arm move up and down gently in the unmistakable rhythm of masturbation. In my fantasy, I’m on holiday and have seen him do this, more than once, in the early evening as I hike past. Does he know I see him?  I don’t know, but this day I am ready. Stealthy as I can, I remove my pack and kick off my shoes. I pull off my socks. Next I pull my tee over my head. Last, I pull down my shorts and underwear and kick them away to stand naked in the setting sun.

The warm air of the early evening wafts over my body as I masturbate, while watching the man do the same. I can hear him breathing. Once I’m hard, I sneak up behind him. Heart pounding, and a bit giddy, I place a hand on his naked thigh.

I hear a sharp intaken breath, followed by a whisper “I thought you were never going to do that! I’ve been waiting days for this!” I run my hands up and down his flank. His right arm moves faster. We masturbate like this a while.

Once I’m hard and have a good plateau, I move closer. I touch his rear with my shaft while moving my hands to his front. He places my hand on his penis. I grasp it and fondle him. “Omigod!” he cries. I stiffen, then realize we are alone. The red sun shines straight on our bodies. It’s warm and muggy—perfect weather to be naked together.

. . . Here I backspace and focus on the vision of his pale buttocks, contrasting with his tanned back and thighs, gleaming in the fading sun as I jerk off, eyes pressed shut to dwell on the vision.

. . . I’ve been rubbing myself against his back for a while. He pulls away. My cock waves free in the air. “Put it between my legs!” he says, He’s been standing with his feet apart just enough for me to do that. I feel him clamp down on me. I savor the sensation of his thighs warming my cock.

We set up a rhythm, with my cock moving back and forth under his balls, and my hand grasping his cock, guided  back and forth by his hand. As our arousal grows, our movements slow, until we edge agonizingly close to the precipice . . . 

I rerun this part of my fantasy over and over as my arousal, and the pleasure in my cock, swell, ever so slooowly . . .

. . . And I cry out as a thundrous orgasm yet again drenches my chest and face, this time as I lie on my back, gasping while staring unseeing at the ceiling, with nothing but the vision of my fantasy lover filling my eyes.

Dearest Diary, this has been a great start to my day!