Dear Diary 2

Info Etienne
26 May. '22


Dear Diary,

Tonight I’m fantasizing about anal intercourse. In my case, that mostly means bottoming. I’ve been versatile in the past, but over time I’ve realized feeling a man’s orgasm inside my body is the peak of sexual pleasure for me. Especially when my lover brings me to a prostate orgasm! Nothing sweeter in life.

I lie naked in bed, on my back, legs spread, my idle hand playing with myself. It only takes a minute for me to get a solid erection. It’s time to stroke myself in earnest.

When it comes to buttfucking, I have endless fantasies from which to choose. A favorite is the one where I’m lying on my back in the sun at a nude beach, masturbating with my eyes shut, when I hear breathing near me. My eyes fly open to see a naked man, his eyes locked on my cock, and his hand locked on his cock. We watch each other jerking off for a while. 

. . . Using this part of the fantasy to get really hard . . .

My eyes fixed on his splendid erection, I swallow hard and gulp “Fuck me?”

“OH yeah!” he gasps. I fish lube and condom out of my bag and turn over on my back. I spread my legs. He kneels between them. I can tell he’s still stroking himself.

Next thing I know his finger probes my bud, moving in and out to apply lube. A moment passes before he’s got the condom on and I feel the tip of his lubed cock probing me. Bit by bit he works his cock inside my asshole. I squeeze my eyes shut and drive all thoughts out of my head but the feel of his cock moving in and out of me, and the feel of the sun on both our bodies.

This fantasy always ends with my cock spraying cum while I imagine my orgasm on the beach, my cum staining my beach towel.

I wipe myself off, and drift off to sleep.

Dear Diary,

Next morning I wake early. A glance at the clock tells me I have time to rub one out before getting up.

This time my fantasy takes place while I’m sunbathing naked in a pretty meadow. It’s a spring day, with a gentle breeze. My front is warm from the sun. My hand wanders to my crotch.

I’m not alone. My lover lies next to me, also naked, also masturbating. I hear his breathing grow labored. He groans.

“I want to fuck you!” he cries. “Yes,” I whisper. “What?” he says, spooked. “I said, I want you to fuck me!”

In my fantasy, we do it bareback. I straddle him and ride up and down on his cock, stiff as spring steel. We make a lot of noise.

His body writhes and bucks under me. Even with me sitting on his crotch, he manages to arch his back as he shoots his load inside me. That sensation brings me off . . .

. . . And the vision of us sharing an orgasm in the meadow brings me off in real life.

Time to shower.

Dear Diary, 

Another night, another fantasy to warm me before I sleep.

This fantasy isn’t a product of my imagination, exactly. It’s the memory of an actual experience that still makes me hard, every time. 

There’s a gay bathhouse downtown I used to visit fairly often. Lying in my bed, eyes shut, I rehearse the ritual: Show ID, sign in, hand over some cash. The clerk buzzes me in, and in exchange for towel, condom, lube, and a room key I surrender my car keys, wallet, and phone, if I brought it with.

My heart is always in my mouth as I walk the halls to my room. The dress code is a towel wrapped around the waist. Some men go past me wearing their towel over the arm. I ogle the naked ones. Some bear erections like a little flagpole before them . . . Getting carried away, here.

When I get to my room, I strip naked and sit on the bed, fondling my penis to get hard. Once I get a good level of arousal, I like to open the door and lie on my bed masturbating while men walk by and look in on me. A few minutes of this warms me up nicely.

. . . Lying in my own bed at home, I dwell on this part as I stroke myself. It gets me good and hard in no time. Especially remembering the times a man came into my room after seeing me fondle my cock and we took it from there . . .

I never wear my towel in the bathhouse. Sometimes I leave it in my room. In my fantasy, my memory, of this occasion, I walk naked through the halls and go outside, where there is a pool, and lie on a chaise lounge in the sun for a while. I fondle my cock while basking in the sun (something the management discourages, in reality).

After a bit, I go back inside. There are mirrors where I can admire my naked reflection on the way to a video room that has a couple of glory holes and a bed. It’s lined with a plush bench on either side of the bed. I spread my towel and take a seat. 

The porn showing on the video monitors is fun to watch, but it’s more fun to watch the other guys. A couple has oral sex on the bed. This is something new to watch: One guy stands on the bed, near the end. His cock is at mouth level for his lover, who stands at the end of the bed and sucks him off while pumping his own cock.

I watch this until both men have orgasms. With this inspiration, my own cock stands tall as I fondle myself.

Once the happy couple leaves, I’m left sitting opposite a guy. We watch each other masturbate for several minutes. Just as I work up my nerve to go to the other bench and sit next to him, he gets up and leaves. I’m alone with the videos and my cock. A time tells when my cock tells me it’s time to search elsewhere.

I wander up and down the corridors. A door to one of the rooms is open. It’s one of the bigger ones, with its own video monitor and large mirrored walls. A man lies on the bed, watching me. Like me, he is naked. Like me, he masturbates, as he watches me stand at the threshold. His expression is welcoming.

I stand by the side of the bed. He sits up and takes my cock in his mouth. I let him work me over with his wicked tongue for a long, sweet moment before whispering “Would you like to fuck me?”

He says “yes!” and stands up. I hand him condom and lube. When he’s ready, he gives me the half-used lube packet. I use it on myself, taking the opportunity to finger-fuck myself a bit in promise of better to come.

I get on my hands and knees on the bed, facing a mirror. I masturbate a little while feeling my lover’s cock at my entrance. He thrusts a bit; I push back, and little by little he loosens me up. Soon I feel his cock slide all the way inside my asshole. 

We remain still for a moment, before my lover begins thrusting in and out. 

. . . I have to hold off a minute before it’s safe for me to continue stroking myself.

There’s nothing in my book that compares with the sensation of another man’s cock thrusting and grinding inside me. In my fantasy, the door is open and men passing by can look in and watch us fuck. That didn’t happen in real life, but when I’m taking a cock up my ass, I don’t care who sees me!

I watch myself in the mirror. What I see is my naked body, with my mouth open a bit, my eyes wide, and my hand on my cock. Behind me I see my partner, his hips grinding as he fucks me. I concentrate on how his cock makes me feel. 

As we continue, I switch to putting both hands on the mattress, letting my cock wave free. Every few seconds I stroke it a while, then take my hand away. The time I leave my cock untouched grows longer and longer. When I do touch my cock, it grows ever harder.

After a while I no longer touch it at all. I watch myself getting assfucked, with the hardest erection I can ever remember having. My cock twitches and hardens. I feel the tension in it rise, the sensations in my untouched cock, waving in the air, spike and My God I’m going to come it feels so good . . .

At that moment I cry out “I’m gonna blow” and a jet of cum sprays on the bed. Just missing hitting the mirror . . .

. . . And the memory of how that felt drives me to spurt a fountain of cum which falls hot on my belly, in my lonely bed.

That night I sleep the sleep of the just, and the just-fucked.