Kitty Foxx: A Flash Play in One Act

Harry is sitting erect on a leather office chair in the master bedroom, naked, facing a large flat screen, a big shampoo bottle on the table, masturbating loudly, his penis covered with thick, white lather and his black-rimmed, large glasses slightly off center as he stares intently, as if trying to figure something out, at the screen where a pornographic video is playing loudly.  Pat enters the room.  She is naked, except for her black leather slippers, her Chinese transparent socks, and an inverted strap-on dildo that is securely ensconced in her vagina.  She is holding half a carrot which she is loudly munching on.


Pat: I see that you are at it again and so early!

Harry: Yes, Pat, I am very lustful this morning. It must be the saffron that we ate yesterday.

Pat: Yes, probably. And you also ate too much pistachios.  You know they make you very horny, so you need to be careful.

Harry: But I like them a  lot, Pat.  They are very tasty.

Pat: How many times did you ejaculate today?

Harry: Only once so far…

Pat: Ok. Good.  You need to pace yourself.  It's not even 7 and you are already on your second masturbation session.

Harry: Yes, but I am lustful, I can't help it, Pat.  I woke up thinking about Kitty Foxx. I woke up very inflamed.  She was such a nice person.

Pat: Yes, she was.  A good female.

Harry: She loved sex a lot! I mean a lot!

Pat: Yes, she did.  She loved it.  And she was a leader.  You can see it in the videos that she had a lot of leadership skills.

Harry: Yes, Pat.  She was a leader of porno.  I love porno a LOT!

As he said this, Harry started squeezing his nipples with his free hand and cleared his throat.  He was not smiling.  He redoubled his focus on the images flickering in the screen and moved his face closer to it.

Pat: Which video are you watching?

Harry: The Gang Bang one.  I love it a lot!  

Pat: Oh, yes, that one.  She really completely gives herself to sex in that video.  

Harry: Yes, yes, she becomes sex herself.  She is drunk with sex.  She likes it a lot.

Pat sits at the side of the bed and crosses her legs and begins to watch. She was almost half way through with the carrot.

Pat: I like how she talks with the males and establishes eye contact with them. She is really in charge. Do you see that?

Harry: Yes, it's clearly the case, it’s clearly the case.  She is a strong leader of pornography.  I love masturbating so much, Pat.  I really do.  It's very nice.

Pat: I know that.

This seemed to arouse Pat and as she said this, she started wagging her tongue left and right quickly and fondling her old breasts.  Harry quickly turned and looked at her, noticing her excitement, but then turned back, grabbed the shampoo bottle and squirted a generous amount of shampoo directly upon on he penis, then he loudly spit on it, slapped it as if in anger, and then, gripping it tightly, continued masturbating.

Harry: Look, Pat, she likes it a lot!  Oh, look, this is the scene where four men in a row ejaculate on her.  And her husband is there!  THis is astounding!  He is watching!  She was married, Pat, married, and yet she not only had sex with so many males but recorded it and showed it to everyone.

Pat: Yes, she clearly had lost all sense of shame. That is why I like her.

Harry: Yes, yes, no shame, no shame.  She is shameless, Pat!  How can she do this: be so shameless!

Harry’s voice was trembling as he said this.

Pat: She is a free spirit, Harry, and she clearly thought things through.

Harry: Yes, yes, she was very smart and rational.

Pat: Exactly!  She loved human sexuality a lot, loved coitus, males loved to engage with her, those who watched her videos loved to watch them, they were willing to pay money, and she was only creating pleasure for everyone.  

Harry: Yes, yes, a lot of pleasure. I am experiencing a lot of pleasure now, Pat.  It's very nice! Kitty is a saint!  She deserves to be canonized!

Pat lies down on the bead and slowly slides out the strap on and the dildo, and as she does this, her vagina emits a very loud fart.  Harry is momentarily startled and quickly looks at Pat's vagina, but then quickly regains his composure and pushes up his glasses, which were dangerously sliding to the tip of his small nose, and draws closer to the screen.

Harry: Are you going to masturbate?

Pat: Yes, I am now very horny.  I’m going to mastubate.  Turn the volume up.  I like hearing Kitty speak and moan.  She is expressive.

Harry: Yes, yes.  That is nice.

Pat: Let's focus, Harry, let's focus.  This is Kitty Foxx and she deserves our great respect.  

Here Pat expertly tapped her vagina as she stared at the screen, then every few seconds, looked at Harry and his now inflamed, red face.

Harry: Yes, yes, may she rest in peace.  I Love masturbation a lot!  This is nice.  There are no lies here.  This is the truth.  Kitty Foxx never lied to anyone.  She was a saint!

Author’s note: The video in question that Harry and Pat watch in this real life story can be viewed her:

Please be advised that this is a highly explicit pornographic video.