Bosom Buddies Epilogue: Unions and Reunions

I turned twenty nine on the same day as my ten year high school reunion. Fit, confident, and still pretty good at math; financially successful and madly in love with my beautiful wife. With the big three-oh looming on the horizon, we were even finally starting to think about kids.

But no matter how much time passed, and no matter how drastically my life changed, memories of my senior year never felt too distant.

Me, Liz, Amy, Corry, Talia, Steph—it had been years since all of us had managed to get together in the same place at the same time. Spread out and living our separate lives, it was tough to coordinate. But we all vowed to be there for our school reunion. The fact that it was also my birthday made the gathering that much more important. Even Amy, who typically spent every free minute with her four-year-old son, had asked her father to babysit for the weekend so she could see the rest of us.

One by one, everyone arrived, and the six of us fell into easy conversation, chatting and joking around as though we were still back in high school; as though the past ten years had never even happened. The reunion dinner drew to a close in the blink of an eye, and we agreed that we still had way too much catching up to do before we called it a night.

Talia eagerly invited us to spend the rest of the evening at her place:

“Come on, it’ll be just like old times.”

She was more right than she realized.

Talia’s apartment was an eccentrically designed one-bedroom in a great part of the city—but with space at a premium, her living room was a bit small to accommodate six people (Liz wound up sitting on my lap so that we could fit Stephanie on the couch beside us). The coffee table we huddled around was so tiny we hardly had space to set our drinks down.

Somebody brought out a cake and the women all sang “Happy Birthday” to me before each of them took turns giving me a very nice—albeit chaste—kiss on the lips.

“I really missed you guys,” I finally sighed.

It had been the better part of eight years since I had kissed anyone other than my wife, and it was more than a little bit of a thrill getting attention from so many beautiful women. It didn’t help that my wife’s exquisite butt—barely covered by the shimmery gold dress she had on—was rubbing against on my crotch every time she moved.

I swear that each of my old friends looked even more beautiful at 29 than they had at 18. They possessed a calmness and a confidence in the way they carried themselves that had been lacking in the desperate years of high school.

Amy didn’t exactly have the same “hard body” that she’d fanatically honed throughout her teenage years, but she was still trim and curvy in all the right places, and her tight slacks proved that her famously terrific ass remained one for the record books. As an added bonus, Amy’s already sizable bust had filled out even more when Adam was born, making her nearly as stacked up top as our other friends were.

She wasn’t as chesty as Corrine, of course, who had reignited some of my oldest fantasies with the playful, scoop-neck dress she’d worn that evening. Don’t get me wrong, there was nothing overtly slutty about the choice of outfit, but when a woman with tits like Corry’s wears something with a low neckline, it’s nigh impossible to escape the gravitational pull.

Stephanie was done up that evening in a kind of retro, sixties style that really complimented her Hollywood good looks and pinup body. Her navy blue top was a turtle-neck, but it still stretched nicely over her prominent double D’s. I caught myself staring, trying to determine whether or not she’d worn a bra.

I had no such questions about Talia. She wore a red silk blouse, and her full, firm tits bounced around with glorious freedom beneath the fabric. Of all the women, Talia had changed her appearance the most since high school, cutting her long, raven hair into an edgy, short style and dying it to a dark, metallic burgundy. Her lips, painted bright red to match her blouse, set my mind wandering, and I kept picturing her kneeling down between my legs, her head bobbing rhythmically up an down, smearing some of that red lipstick on my dick.

Still sitting on my lap, Liz turned around and shot me a curious look, no doubt feeling the evidence my growing arousal beneath her. I tried to ignore her, turning my attention back to the others, but she leaned in close and whispered in my ear:

“Is it turning you on, seeing everyone again?”

I blushed a bit at being caught, but there was nothing I could do for it but shrug.

“What are you guys whispering about?” Stephanie frowned, pretending to be offended.

“We were… just whispering about how weird it is that you girls are all single!” Liz responded.

That earned her a round of boos from the crowd, who all offered up various excuses about being “too busy” or “still looking for the right guy.”

Amy just shook her head at Liz and said, “Are you fucking kidding me? I’ve got a fucking four-year-old! When would I have time to date? Maybe you could just let me borrow Ian for this weekend, while my dad is watching T-Rex.”

“T-Rex?” Talia asked.

“Yeah, Adam insists that everybody call him ‘T-Rex.’ He’s really into dinosaurs right now.”

Liz clicked her tongue in mock-disapproval. “I’m sorry to change the subject, but did you just ask to borrow my husband?”

“Only for the weekend!” Amy exclaimed, laughing. “I’ll bring him back in one piece.”

“Well, once piece IS all you need,” Stephanie joked.

Corrine cut in, “Can I say something? I know you’re all thinking the same thing, you’re just too shy to say it: For the record, I’m proud to say that I was right. Ian? You are totally hot at thirty.”

I blushed as the others all emphatically agreed with her.

“Hey, I’m still just twenty nine,” I argued.

“Oh, close enough! Point is, I said you’d get really cute, and you did! Your face just… fits you better than it used to. I don’t know. Everything kind of settled into place. And you look bigger, like you’ve been working out.”

Liz hugged me proudly, saying, “He has! He lifts weights and stuff now. You should see him without his shirt on, he has these great big muscles.”

She was exaggerating, of course. I was happy with the way I looked, but I wasn’t exactly hiding the torso of a Spartan warrior beneath my shirt.

“Show us!” Amy cheered.

“Yeah, show us!” the other women echoed.

“Thanks, guys,” I mumbled. “You all look amazing, as well.”

But that didn’t satisfy anyone. They all took up the chant: “Take–it-off! Take-it-off!” Even my wife started cheering for me to disrobe. I guess she wanted to show me off to her friends.

“Come on, it’s my birthday! Why should I be the one taking my clothes off?”

Talia jumped to her feet, shouting, “Democracy, that’s why! You’re outvoted. Now take off your shirt or it means you’re a communist.”

Same old Talia.

I looked around at their expectant faces, and figured, Ah hell, why not? It’s not like I was gonna mind being the center of attention. I moved to unbutton my jacket—but stopped myself just short of taking it off.

“I tell you what,” I grinned at them all. “I’ll take my clothes off. But, because it’s my birthday, and in the interest of fairness, I’ll only take something off if one of you takes something off first.”

Stephanie grumbled, “That’s not fair, you’re a guy. You’ve got way more clothes on than the rest of us.”

“Yeah, but there’s five of you and just one of me. Still, no big deal. If none of you girls wanna buy a ticket to the gun show…”

Talia laughed so hard she snorted, which made the rest of us laugh even harder. When the fits of giggles finally died down, I went to reclaim my seat—

But before I could, Amy stood up, looked me dead in the eye, and said, “Alright, FINE.”

And she calmly took off her leather jacket.

A series of “ooh’s” rippled through the room, daring me to meet her challenge.

“You better do it, honey,” Liz chided me.

I handed her my jacket.

All eyes swung back to Amy, who nonchalantly unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it open—revealing her large, round breasts supported in a plain beige bra. I grinned at the little freckles around her cleavage, recalling some of the very good times we’d shared our senior year.

Just to mess with everyone, I pulled off my shoe in response.

Everyone complained, but I silenced them all, insisting, “Hey! I said I’d take off something. I never said what that something would be.”

The five women in the room looked around, frowning at their own, bare feet. They’d all worn sexy-but-painful heels to the reunion, which they’d immediately removed once we’d gotten settled inside Talia’s apartment.

Amy shifted where she stood, suddenly a bit uncomfortable with the position she was in. None of the women had much on that they could lose without sacrificing their modesty. I flashed back to high school, when everyone had been so gung-ho about skinny-dipping. Now that we were older—and I was MARRIED—everyone was a lot more self-conscious.

“A little help, guys?” Amy pleaded with the others. Finally, Corrine stood up, reached a hand up under her hemline, and quickly pulled down her slip.

I took off my other shoe.

Stephanie considered for a moment, before finally scooting herself to the edge of the couch so she could reach a hand up beneath her retro miniskirt and take off her little black panties. She caught my eyes staring at the small fistful of lace in her hand and suddenly looked away, nervous.

In response, I undid my necktie and draped it over the back of the sofa.

Once again, Amy looked around to the others, her natural competitiveness ignited. Talia rose to the occasion, unbuttoning her slacks and sliding them down her toned, sexy legs, giving the room a brief glimpse of her shiny red thong underwear before adjusting her blouse to cover up.

Before I even moved to strip an article of my own clothing, Amy was already stepping out of her own pants, until she was standing before me wearing nothing but that beige bra and some very cute green underwear.

Talia whistled, “Wow, Amy, you look great.”

She was right, Amy DID look great. Even with my wife right next to me, I couldn’t tear my eyes from Amy’s nearly-naked body.

Stephanie turned everyone’s attention back to me, saying, “Okay, Ian, that was two things. Now strip.”

So, I took off my socks.

The girls all laughed that they should have had a “strategy meeting” before they agreed to this.

“Fine!” Corrine sighed, and she pulled her arms inside her dress. After a few seconds of fumbling, she pulled her enormous, heavy-duty bra out through her neckline and tossed it on the couch.


And I’d thought her tits were looking nice in that dress before she went bra-less. I could clearly see the telltale bumps of her nipples poking through the fabric.

I took off my belt, wondering if any of the women could tell how hard I was getting inside my slacks.

Everyone looked at Liz—now the only woman still fully clothed—but she just batted her eyelashes. “What do I need to take something off for? I see him naked every night!”

They all groaned in response. My wife winked at me.

Amy turned to her friends, pleading, “Come on ladies, are you just gonna let him win? I’m down to my freakin’ skivvies, somebody’s got to have something else they can take off.”

But her pleas were just met with nervous laughter from the rest of the room.

“Don’t look at me,” Talia answered. “I’m not wearing a bra.”

“Me neither,” said Stephanie.

Impatient, Amy turned to Corrine, saying, “Corry, are you wearing underwear?”


“Well then, lose it! We’ve almost got him.”

A bit awkwardly, Corrine leaned forward, and in the process her incredible braless tits nearly popped out of her dress. But, to my great disappointment, she somehow managed to keep everything in its proper place while she reached a hand up under the hemline of her dress and removed a sexy pair of lace bikini panties.

I figured that demonstration had earned them all my shirt—though it wasn’t much of a compromise, given the fact that I was wearing an undershirt.

Stephanie swore, “Jesus Christ, you’ve got another shirt on underneath? I never realized how many layers you guys wear!”

I just nodded, suddenly realizing that, aside from my fully-clothed wife, every girl in the room was now wearing absolutely nothing beneath the clothes she had on.

Amy spun to Corrine, pleading “Come on, help us out, it’s not like he’s never seen them before.”

“Hey!” Corrine smiled, “You could say that about everybody here! Back in high school, I seem to remember a certain girl who lured Ian into a changing room with her while she tried on swimsuits. What’s so different about me?”

“Yeah, but that was ten years ago! It’s weird now! And you were in all those magazines, showing your boobs, so what’s the big deal?”

Corrine’s cheeks turned a deep pink and she exclaimed, “The big deal is he’s MARRIED! I’m not stripping in front of a married man.”

She turned to Liz for support, saying, “Liz, you honestly don’t think it would be weird having your husband look at another woman naked?”

Liz just frowned, “Not when it’s YOU, sweetie! If it was some random tramp from his work or something, then yeah, but we’re all friends. Besides, I want to make him happy. The poor guy fantasizes about the four of you all the time.”

“Liz!” I gaped at her, incredulous.

“Right, I’m sure that’s SUCH a surprise to everyone,” Liz smirked.

The rest of us all giggled self-consciously.

Stephanie took a deep sip of her drink, and whispered, “Really? You still think about us like that? Even after all these years?”

“Well, um—” I started to answer, but then changed my mind and promptly threw down the rest of my wine instead. Liz shook her head in amusement, answering for me:

“Are you kidding? Sometimes, when we’re having sex, we even role-play that I’m one of you.”

I practically choked on my drink. It was one thing for Liz to tell the others about my sexual fantasies—like she said, not exactly a surprise—but this conversation had suddenly turned REALLY personal.

“No way!” Amy shouted.

“I guess we should be… honored?” Corrine grinned.

I hid my face in my hands, nervously mumbling, “Can you blame me? I mean, you ladies all left quite an impression. Not exactly easy to forget.”

Stephanie fidgeted, rubbing her bare thighs together as she asked, “What exactly does that mean? Like, do you pretend that we’re back in high school, or do you pretend that it’s happening, like, today? Like we hook up again?”

“Both, I guess.” I poured myself another glass of wine.

Talia ran over and gave me a hug, and a big wet kiss on the cheek. “Oh come on, Ian, don’t be embarrassed. Truth be told, I fantasize about you sometimes too.”


“Me too,” Corrine admitted.

Amy suddenly burst out laughing.

“What’s so funny?” I asked.

“I named my vibrator ‘Ian Junior.’”

The awkwardness in the room finally deflated.

“Now THAT is an honor,” I smiled.

Off to my side, Stephanie whispered something in Elizabeth’s ear and got an encouraging nod in response. Then the busty blonde stood up and faced me, her large, braless tits swaying beneath her turtleneck.

“Hell with it,” she said. “It is your birthday, after all.”

Then she grabbed hold of her turtleneck and peeled it off her chest.

I had to remind myself to breathe. Stephanie’s tits looked perfect—full and firm, big and juicy, topped with those little pink nipples I still remembered so well.

It was the first time I’d seen another woman topless in the flesh since I’d married Liz. I loved my wife, but I would have killed for the chance to cross the room and fill my hands with Stephanie’s incredible breasts.

“Wow,” I sighed.

“Your turn,” she answered.

Feeling my fingers tremble, I tugged off my undershirt and smiled at the approving hoots and hollers I got in return.




“Lookin’ good!”

Liz ran up to me and planted a series of exaggerated kisses all along my chest and arms.

“Mmm, I love my husband!”

I took my eyes off Stephanie’s rack long enough to give Liz an appreciative smile, and in a flash she reached up under her hemline and pulled down her slip.

“Honey?” I asked.

Then she pulled down her underwear as well and tossed it on the table.

“Two more!” she exclaimed, triumphantly.

Two more? All eyes in the room swung over to me.

Oh. Two.

“Are you sure about this?” I asked her.

Liz nodded, her fingers already unbuttoning my slacks. She slowly dropped to her knees, sliding my pants down my legs as she went. I took a glance around the room, feeling my pulse quicken as the other women all leaned in for a closer look.

With my pants around my ankles, there was little I could do to disguise my obvious, prominent erection—which had started throbbing with desire the moment Stephanie’s top came off.

Liz shocked us all by grabbing my shaft through my shorts and giving it a quick, firm squeeze.

“Oh, fuck!” I moaned, much to her amusement.

Then came the coup-de-grace: Liz teasingly took hold of my boxers and pulled them down a few centimeters, ready to reveal her husband’s erection to all her oldest friends.

The other women shifted, suddenly tense. Talia chewed her lower lip, unconsciously tugging at the fabric of her blouse.

“Who’s the prude little girl now?” Liz asked, and then she tugged off my boxers and stuffed my whole naked cock in her mouth.

An audible gasp went through the room. I froze, unable to believe what was happening. Without thinking, my hands grabbed hold of Liz’s hair, holding on for dear life.

I stood there, staring at the other women like a deer in headlights while they all watched—shocked and aroused—as my beautiful wife sucked on my dick. Elizabeth really made a spectacle of herself, too: deliberately positioning herself so that everyone could see what was going on as she licked, sucked, kissed, and stroked my entire length—all the while moaning loudly about how much she enjoyed it. Liz was always great at giving head, but she was absolutely on fire tonight.

Everyone else just stared in rapt silence. I noticed that Talia had, without even realizing it, moved her hand between her legs, up against the crotch of her thong. Then I turned my attention to Stephanie, naked except for that little retro miniskirt, her beautiful bare bosom flushed with desire.

Liz finally took her mouth off of me, gently massaging my balls while she turned to her friends:

“Enjoying the show?”

“Jealous,” Amy whispered.

“Stephanie, sweetie—” Liz whispered, pausing mid-sentence to lick the underside of my shaft. “Since you were nice enough to take off your top for Ian, would you like to come over here get a taste of what you’ve been missing all these years?”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. What the heck was going on in Liz’s head? In our six years of marriage, we’d always been 100% faithful to one another. Sure, we’d played around with our friends back in high school—but that was a lifetime ago! I never in a million years would have expected Liz to be okay with something like this, much less be the one encouraging it.

Across the room, Stephanie rose to her feet and walked uncertainly towards me, her heavy breasts swaying hypnotically with each step. My legs turn to rubber, and I felt paralyzed with desire. Thanks to Liz’s diligent stimulation of my cock, I couldn’t even catch my breath for a second to process what was happening.

Before I knew it, the busty blonde was standing at my side, looking up and down my naked body as she tentatively reached out and caressed my chest.

I finally managed to croak out, “You sure about this, Liz?”

“Mmm, Happy birthday, honey,” she cooed, planting warm, wet kisses all along my shaft.

With my wife busy down below, Stephanie and I met each other’s eyes. Years of fantasies and unfulfilled desires flashed through my mind. Memories of horny, adolescent passions.

Stephanie pulled me in and kissed me, hot and hungry, crushing my body against her boobs.

Nearby, I heard Talia whisper, “Oh my God.”

Stephanie’s hands were all over me, wandering every inch of my back, arms and shoulders. She let her fingers travel down to my hips and then, nervous as hell, she grabbed hold of my butt and squeezed with both hands.

That was the moment I completely lost control. I reached up and groped her fabulous tits, grunting with desire as I squeezed the soft flesh and pulled at her adorable pink nipples.

Stephanie broke our passionate lip-lock, gasping, “I can’t believe we’re doing this!”

“Me neither,” I agreed, and then dropped my mouth to her cleavage.

All around the room, the other women wordlessly began to shed what little clothing they had left. Amy unsnapped her bra, Talia unbuttoned her red silk blouse, and Corrine slipped out of her dress.

Then I felt the world spin crazily as all four of my beautiful best friends crowded around my body and began kissing me—groping me—rubbing their soft, warm bodies against me.

I felt the twin imprints of Corrine’s enormous breasts pressing into my back. My skin shivered with pleasure, and I reluctantly pulled Elizabeth’s mouth off my cock, not wanting this moment to end too quickly.

“Let’s all just play for a while,” I said. My wife nodded and rose to her feet, reaching for the zipper on her dress—

“Let me help you with that,” Talia urged. I watched as Liz’s exotic bisexual friend tugged down her dress, revealing the wonderful curves of my wife’s body. Talia then gave Liz’s healthy ass a little squeeze—“Sorry Hon, couldn’t help myself”—before unsnapping her bra and releasing Liz’s great big boobs.

To my right, I realized that Amy was still wearing those cute green panties, so I turned my attention to her. I wrapped both arms around Amy’s body and pulled her in for a kiss. She melted into my affections, her fingers grabbing me by the hair and holding me in place while we kissed, unwilling to let go. Her tongue hungrily probed my mouth.

Finally she released me, then threw back her head and arched her back, thrusting her chest out at me.

“Suck on my tits,” she panted.

So I did. I grabbed hold of Amy’s heaving breasts and directed them into my mouth, swirling my tongue around her nipples.

On either side of me, Stephanie and Corrine started kissing my neck and nibbling my shoulders, then I felt their hands join together around my cock, gently stroking.

These women are unbelievable…

Nearby, my wife smiled at me while Talia had some fun of her own, gently pulling at Liz’s big, burgundy nipples.

As I suckled Amy’s rack, her urgent moaning got to be too much for me to bear—I needed to do more. I dropped forward, to my knees, grabbed hold of her panties, and yanked them down to her ankles.

I was rewarded with the tantalizing sight of her bald pussy, just inches from my lips. For a few seconds, I teased her wet, puffy lips with the tip of my finger.

“Mmm!” she urged me, grabbing my hair and pulling my face towards her crotch—

But I resisted. First, I wanted to feel her glorious ass in my hands again. I reached up, cupped my palms around those firm, perfect butt cheeks of hers, and SQUEEZED.

Fuck yes.

I finally allowed Amy to pull my mouth against her cunt, which I happily tongued like there was no tomorrow.

“Oh yes! OH YES! Ohhh…”

While I was kneeling there, eating Amy, Stephanie got creative:

She laid down on her back, scooted between my legs, and craned her neck up to give me a first-rate blowjob. Okay, maybe that’s not entirely accurate—from that position it was a struggle for her to do much more than gently lick the underside of my cock—but I still gotta give her an “A” for initiative.

In any case, I had been so preoccupied with Amy’s pussy that the sudden blast of pleasure on my cock took me completely by surprise. I nearly came, but before that could happen, I took a quick moment to collect myself, catch my breath, and get my hummingbird of a pulse back down to manageable human speeds.

Amy staggered a bit, reaching behind to brace herself against the couch in preparation for my renewed assault.

I sat back, resting my bare buttocks on the cushion of Stephanie’s large breasts. Then I dove back in between Amy’s toned thighs, probing my tongue between her folds.

Seeing how much of a strain it was for Stephanie to reach my erect penis, Corrine snuggled up behind me and reached around with her hand, grabbing hold of my rigid shaft and gently pressing it down closer to her friend’s mouth.

To my left, Liz suddenly moaned. Loudly. I flicked my eyes over in her direction, shocked to see what was happening:

Apparently, while I had been busy fooling around with the triple-threat of Amy, Stephanie, and Corrine, Talia had been taking some liberties with my wife. She’d removed one of her hands from Liz’s breasts, replacing it instead with her mouth. Then she’d slowly walked her fingers down my wife’s stomach and through the soft fuzz of her pubic hair, finally arriving at the warm, wet heat between Liz’s thighs.

Liz had never been touched quite so intimately by another woman before in her life, and I saw the confusion in her eyes; the conflict between the pleasure she was feeling and the strangeness of the situation. But when Liz saw me watching out of the corner of my eye—when she saw how hot it was making me—she finally just gave in and went with it.

Talia curled her slender finger up inside Liz’s slit, provoking a long, shuttering gasp.


Feeling like I was getting distracted (though who could blame me?), I made a conscious decision to re-focus all my attention on pleasuring Amy. I tuned out the rest of the room as best I could, kissing and tonguing her hot, delicious pussy.

It wasn’t long before I was rewarded for my efforts. Amy’s thighs started trembling, her panting became frantic, and then—

“Oh, fuck! Yes!”

Finally satisfied, Amy fell away to recover, giving me a chance to concentrate all my attention on the two voluptuous blondes. I scooted my body a few inches backwards, drawing my slick wet cock away from Stephanie’s mouth, letting it drop down instead into the valley between her soft, pink boobs.

With a smile, she dutifully squeezed her breasts together and began pumping them up and down the length of my shaft.

“Stephanie?” I panted, leaning forward to plant a kiss on her forehead. “That feels amazing, but right now I have something else in mind.”

I kept scooting back, sliding my cock across her belly and finally positioning myself at the entrance between her legs. As I hiked up Stephanie’s miniskirt around her hips, the sensitive tip of my penis bumped up against her boiling wet cunt.

Once she saw what I was up to, Stephanie’s eyes went wide in shock. “Oh my God! Can we do that? Can we really do that? Liz?”

Stephanie and I turned our attention to my wife, who was gripping the fabric of Talia’s blouse with white knuckles, trying to stave off an orgasm as the other girl inserted a second finger into her snatch. Liz just nodded her approval to us, dazedly muttering, “I want to watch.”

That was all the permission I needed. Slowly, smoothly, I pushed the entirety of my granite hardness into Stephanie. As she and I watched each subsequent inch of me disappear between her legs, Stephanie just kept moaning, “I can’t believe we’re really doing this… I can’t believe we’re really doing this…”

“Neither can I,” I assured her. “But we ARE.”

And we DID. I fucked Stephanie while her best friend—my wife—watched us do it. It felt absolutely spectacular. Liz was my soul mate and my one true love, but Stephanie was my first. And you never really get over your first.

Feeling left out, Corrine sat her naked body down on the carpet beside me, smiling with pride as my eyes were inexorably drawn to her tits.

“See anything you like?” she asked, spreading her legs apart squeezing her breasts together.

“Hell yes,” I answered.

Then Corrine scooped up her tremendous tits and offered them to my hungry mouth. In a daze, I suckled the plump, juicy nipples between my lips, relishing every delicious second of it.

Continuing to fuck Stephanie, I shifted my weight onto one hand, reaching out with my other to play with Corry’s poor, neglected pussy.

Everything was pretty overwhelming: Liz, Corry, and Stephanie’s combined moans filling the air, the wet heat of Steph’s body clenching at my cock, and the feel of Corry squirming on my fingers while her tits smothered my face.

It took all my willpower, but somehow I managed not to come. Chalk it up to getting older, I suppose—better self-control during sex. Still, all that self-control was only gonna do so much for me. These girls were way too hot.

Beneath me, Stephanie’s body went rigid as she cried out in ecstasy. I slowed down, gently rubbing my pelvis against her for a few minutes as she was wracked by short little tremors—orgasmic aftershocks—until she finally collapsed with a long, happy sigh.

I quickly pulled out, hoping to give my throbbing cock a moment’s respite from all the wild stimulation.

Corrine, however, had other ideas. She immediately shoved me onto my back and climbed aboard, sheathing me inside her boiling hot cunt.

“Holy shit…”

I groaned as Corry’s fingernails scratched at my chest. She was already hot-to-trot, and wasted no time warming into things. Right from the get-go, that woman was bouncing on my cock like her life depended on it, grunting and screaming as she went.

Her pendulous breasts swung crazily towards my face with each powerful thrust. God, I’d missed those things. I made a game of catching her nipples with my tongue every time they bounded in my direction.

Behind me, I heard Liz whisper, “Let’s get on the sofa, I want Ian to see.” Talia let her fingers slip out of my wife’s pussy, and the two of them hurriedly repositioned themselves on the couch, right smack dab in the middle of my field of vision. Everyone in the room turned to watch as they continued cuddling together, Talia growing braver and braver the closer Liz got to orgasm.

I twitched as one of Liz’s juicy nipples fell from Talia’s mouth with an audible plop.

“You are so damn sexy,” she muttered. Liz just threw her head back and mewed happily, enjoying the feel of Talia’s fingers returning to her cunt.

Arousal coursed through my veins like fire. Spurned on by the view of my wife’s glorious naked body, I grabbed Corrine by the hips and slammed myself up into her. Our fucking grew ferocious, and Talia made sure to match our frantic new pace, fingering her own big-breasted lover with manic intensity. Liz and Corry even started a moaning contest, playfully trying to outdo one another with their loudest, boldest, sexiest screams.

“Oh fuck, I’m so close!” Corrine exclaimed. I was too—it felt like I’d been on the verge of orgasm ever since Liz had first initiated this whole crazy scenario—but I’d come too far to give in now. I was determined to be the last one in the room to climax, so I closed my eyes and focused with all my might on keeping it together.

Corrine wasn’t helping. She yanked my hands off her hips and crushed them against her chest, belting out a shrill series of yelps as she came with me buried to the hilt inside of her. Even through the pillow of her breasts, I could feel Corrine’s pulse, racing along at a million miles a second.

“Mmm!” Liz gasped, exploding into her own orgasm mere seconds later. Talia instinctively raised her lips to Liz’s, kissing passionately. Unthinking, or perhaps just grateful, my wife kissed her back, liberally slipping in some tongue.

Corrine fell to the ground beside me, letting my rock-hard dick slip out of her. I let out a frustrated groan as I felt her two enormous boobs mold against my shoulder.

“You still haven’t come?” Talia asked in disbelief, quirking an eyebrow at my throbbing erection.

“Neither have you,” I grinned.

She repositioned herself on the couch, letting her unbuttoned silk blouse fall open wide enough to show me every inch of her exquisite, exotic body. That shiny red thong was taunting me…

“Well, I have been a bad girl,” Talia continued. “Fooling around with your wife and all. Maybe you should come over here and punish me.”

Those intoxicating eyes flashed with desire, and her red lips curled into a devilish grin. I was so aroused, I was hardly able to walk. Nonetheless, I climbed to my feet and managed to cross the short distance over to where Talia was laying beside my wife.

“Get up,” I commanded.

She obeyed.

“Turn around.”

Talia obediently spun away from me, presenting me with a breathtaking view of her nice, firm butt.

I playfully shoved her forward, bending her over the backrest of the couch. The shape of her pussy was clearly visible through the fabric of her thong underwear. I took a step forward, so that my naked erection was rubbing against her through the brief layer of silk.

Nearby, my wife looked up at me from the couch, still recovering from her recent orgasm. She smiled encouragingly.

“What do you want me to do next?” Talia asked, her voice quaking slightly with anticipation.

I pulled her thong aside and pushed the head of my cock into her wet, eager gash.

“I want you to moan for me.”

She was only too happy to oblige. The second I was all the way inside Talia, I knew I wouldn’t be able to last. My body was begging me to end it all, my mind screaming at me to just let loose and fuck my exotic lover with total abandon until I burst.

And that’s exactly what I did.

With one hand holding firmly onto Talia’s beautiful ass cheeks, and my other hand reaching around to frig her engorged clit, I started fucking her like there was no tomorrow. I didn’t care about self-control anymore; I just wanted to fuck her as hard as I could, as fast as I could.

Talia continued moaning for me as I pounded her senseless. I watched with delight as her blouse kept scrunching up higher and higher on her torso, until it was riding up around her armpits. Her soft, creamy breasts shuddered and bounced with my every thrust.

In the end, I suppose I got lucky. I wasn’t trying to hold back my orgasm anymore, but apparently Talia was even hornier than me. Splayed out in front of her eyes were four of the sexiest women in the world: Amy, Stephanie, Corry, and Liz—all of them buck naked, all of them smelling of sex, and all of them watching us fuck. Talia cursed as rapture overwhelmed her—

“Damn you guys, you’re all so—so fucking HOT!”

And she came like a crazy person, slapping the sofa with her hands. The sound of her orgasm instantly triggered my own. I yanked my cock out of her pussy, slapped it down into the crease of her ass, and roared out a howl of pleasure as I ejaculated all over her slender back.

Talia went limp, still bent over the back of the couch.

I kept on coming for what felt like a solid minute. A final, heavy stream flowed out of me and dribbled down across Talia’s ass, positively soaking her thong.

“Wow,” Amy said at last. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guy come that much.”

Liz walked over to give me a hug, and I glowed at the familiar pressure of her epic tits squeezing against my body.

“How are you feeling?” she asked sweetly.

“How are YOU feeling? You just watched your husband have sex with a bunch of other women.”

Liz looked around at our friends, considering, then planted an explosive kiss on my lips. I swear I already felt myself coming alive again.

“I’m okay,” she said at last. “I’m not okay with you going around screwing ‘other’ women—but these aren’t ‘other’ women. They’re special. And I wanted you to have something special for your birthday. Besides, I know how much you’ve always wanted to do something like this.”

“Dreamed, is more like it,” I grinned.

Stephanie shook her head in amusement, adding, “I STILL can’t believe we all just did that! I’ve been dreaming about having sex with Ian again ever since high school. I just never said anything, because he’s been with Liz the whole time.”

Liz released me and walked over to give her BFF a naked hug. “Aw, I’m sorry honey. You should have told me, we could have worked something out.”

“I didn’t want to make you feel weird!” Stephanie exclaimed. “Besides, I’ve had other boyfriends and stuff over the years. It’s not a huge deal, it’s just—all that stuff that happened between us in high school, I just always fantasized about doing it one more time.”

“ONE more time?” Corrine exclaimed. “Who said anything about ONE more time? The night is young! I guarantee you guys—between the five of us, we can definitely get Ian rearing to go again.”

“I’m already getting there,” I said, which prompted a cheer from my beautiful friends.

“First, I think I need a shower,” Talia muttered, her lewdly-adorned body still draped limply over the couch.

I gave her a pleasant pat on the rear, saying, “I think I’ll join you.”

“Me too!” Liz said.

“And me!”

“All of us!”

Talia shook her head, laughing, “Guys, my shower is tiny. There isn’t room for two people to fool around in there, much less six.”

But we tried anyway.

Talia was right, of course. Her shower was basically the size of a phone booth. To fit everyone inside, we had to comically jam ourselves together like sardines. It wasn’t exactly easy to get clean, but then getting clean wasn’t exactly our priority.

As the lone male, and the birthday boy to boot, I was the natural center of attention. I was bombarded by a constant assault of gropes, licks, and kisses. But I didn’t get ALL the fun; the girls spent plenty of time pinching and tickling one another as well.

It was Corrine who finally took the initiative to actually get us all clean. She picked up a bottle of coconut-scented body wash and held it high overhead—

“Okay, close your eyes, everybody!”

She poured it all over us. Seconds later, our six hot, soapy bodies were sliding back and forth together. I felt someone’s hand grab hold of my rapidly-thickening penis, helpfully coating it with Talia’s body wash until it was nice and slippery. Then I felt another hand down there as well—someone else’s, this time—and then another. I closed me eyes and leaned back, enjoying the relaxing attention of so many slick, soapy fingers stroking up and down my cock.

“I missed you guys so much,” I sighed. Then someone bit me on the nipple.

By the time that shower ended, I was anxiously awaiting round two. We all hurried into Talia’s bedroom, not even bothering to towel off, and flopped our wet, naked bodies down onto her queen size-bed.

With five girls on top of me, it was hard to see where one person ended and the next began. We rolled around together, tearing up the sheets. Writhing and touching and moaning in a messy tangle. As soon as I started paying attention to one girl, the others would swarm around me like a school of hungry piranha.

I was in heaven—and not just because I was having a six-some with the hottest women in the world, but because I was back with my friends again. Back with the best friends I’d ever had.

The best friends I’d ever had.

It was crazy, when I thought about it like that. These women were so central to both my life and the man that I had become, and yet our “clique” in high school really only lasted a couple of months; October to June of our senior year. Before then, we weren’t even acquaintances, and afterwards, we all went our separate ways. Nearly thirty years of life, and I was still hung up on those few precious months.

I appreciatively held their bodies close to mine.

Nobody was in a rush to come this time around, and we all settled in for a long, playful night of lovemaking. I lost track of time, my hands and lips roaming from one beautiful woman to the next—way more than I could handle all by myself, but I was game to try.

Since I’d kind of neglected Liz when we were all in the living room together, I took the opportunity to remind my wife just how much I adored her body. She cooed as I trailed kisses down her back and across her ample buttocks.

No fewer than three of the other four women were caressing my cock as I did this, so I turned to my lovely companions and politely asked, “Sorry ladies, but would you mind if I took a moment to have sex with my amazing wife?”

They released my penis and contented themselves with kissing and groping the rest of me as I rolled Liz onto her side and lifted her leg over my shoulder.

“Mmm…” she sighed as I entered her. We kept things slow and sensual, rocking back and forth with controlled thrusts.

“I love you so much,” I said, reaching down to caress her skin.

“Did it turn you on? Watching Talia touch me like that?”

“Oh yeah. That’s gonna give me fantasies for the rest of my life.”

“Me too,” Talia cut in.

Corrine took my free hand and placed it on her chest. Stephanie teasingly bit down on one of my ass cheeks. Amy was massaging my balls.

My thrusting hips reflexively began to pick up speed.

“How come we never did this back when we were in high school?” Amy asked. “I mean, the six of us, all together at once, like this.”

“We were all just kids back then,” Corrine answered. “We didn’t know what we were doing.”

“And we know what we’re doing now?” Stephanie asked, giggling.

I looked around at all my beautiful lovers and replied, “All I know is I never want this night to end.”

“Me neither,” Liz panted. “This is so much fun.”

“Thank you for sharing your husband, honey,” Stephanie grinned. The others all echoed her comment.

My wife started to answer them, but her words were cut short mid-sentence by the approach of a very nice, gentle orgasm. I took my hand from her breasts, gently strumming her clit until—

She came with a long, satisfied sigh.

“Thank you, sweetie,” she said to me, finally re-opening her eyes. “That was wonderful.”

I pulled my glistening cock from her, and suddenly had four pairs of hands reaching for me all at once. This was getting ridiculous.

“Ooh, I just thought of something!” Talia cried.

With a naughty twinkle in her eyes, she hopped off the bed and circled around to her closet, retrieving a box from the top shelf.

“What’s in there?” Amy asked.

“Goodies,” Talia explained. “Condoms, massage oil, my vibrator, some stuff you straight folks probably wouldn’t be into, AND—“

She reached inside that devious little box and took out a pair of fuzzy purple handcuffs. “How ‘bout it, Ian?”

Everyone chuckled. I just shrugged and said, “Go ahead.”

Liz got the privilege of shackling my wrists to the headboard. The other four women surrounded me on the bed, looking over at every inch of my helpless naked body. My cock pointed straight up at the ceiling, eager for some attention.

“Should we blindfold him, too?” Corrine asked.

“I’ve got a better idea,” Stephanie answered. Then she straddled my face and lowered her delicious cunt onto my mouth. I moaned happily.

“See? Much better than a blindfold.”

Robbed of both my sight and the use of my hands, I could do nothing but lie there and enjoy each and every surprising new sensation as the other women teased and tormented my body.

Anonymous lips and tongues moved up and down my shaft. One girl—I think it was Talia—started rubbing her slick gash up and down my thigh for stimulation.

Then I heard Amy say, “Okay, step aside, I’m the only one who hasn’t had a turn with this guy yet.”

She gave my penis a squeeze for emphasis, and I felt the two mouths slip away as Amy’s toned thighs straddled my hips. She reached between her legs to grab hold of me, gently guiding me into the softness of her opening—


She sank lower and lower onto me, sighing contentedly, like an athlete, soaking her exhausted muscles in a Jacuzzi.

I was dying to see what my gorgeous red-headed friend looked like down there, slowly rising and falling, carefully impaling herself on my shaft over and over again. My thigh was now soaking wet where Talia continued to gyrate on it.

Well, if I wanted to get a look at Amy riding my cock, that meant getting Stephanie off my face—and the only way I could think to do that was to provide her with a good, strong orgasm.


Stephanie shuddered as I curled my tongue up to her clit. I rocked my head back and forth, licking and sucking on every sensitive millimeter of her crotch.

Off to my side, I suddenly heard faint buzzing, followed by a steady stream of moaning from Corrine. I could only assume she had decided to borrow Talia’s vibrator until the other women were done with me.

Stephanie grabbed onto the headboard of the bed and began rocking her hips, eager for more stimulation. She was so anxious to come, she got sloppy, rubbing her cunt back and forth across my entire face, making it nearly impossible for me to keep my tongue where it belonged.

Sweet honey poured down over my cheeks, soaking the pillow beneath me.

“Ohh… oh yes…”

I forcefully curled my neck, shoving my face up into her crotch, licking her clit with abandon—

“Oh GOD! YES!”

She collapsed, suddenly struck down by a lightning bolt of a climax. Exhausted, Stephanie crawled off my face, finally giving me a clear view of the action down below—

And I nearly came when I saw what was happening.

First of all, Amy and Talia were kissing. And I don’t mean the kind of playful, platonic kisses that teenage girls share at slumber parties, either. I’m talking about the horny, desperate kissing of two sexually active women right on the verge of orgasm. Those two were I going at it. Totally lost in a fugue of pleasure, Amy tongue-wrestled her beautiful bisexual friend, all the while bouncing up and down on my cock.

Talia was writhing on my leg, grinding her clit against my thigh. Above, her hands were overflowing with Amy’s naked breasts, which she was frantically kneading between slender fingers.

Off to the side of the bed, Corrine was reclining in Talia’s desk chair while my wife of six years knelt on the ground between her legs, attentively massaging the blonde woman’s cunt with Talia’s vibrator.

“What the—?”

Corrine interrupted me with a squeal of delight, throwing her head back in ecstasy and squirming in the chair.

Holy shit.

Amy groaned into Talia’s mouth, and I quickly swung my gaze back between my legs just as my voluptuous red-headed friend began convulsing uncontrollably on my cock. Her sexy hips shook and spasmed as an orgasm wracked her entire nervous system.

Seconds later, Talia wrenched her lips away from Amy and threw back her head, panting up at the ceiling as her own body neared its climax.

Amy reached around behind her and started playing with Talia’s nipples—lightly tugging and twisting. Talia’s eyes popped open in surprise, then quickly glazed over with lust as she realized what was going on. Amy guided one of those beautiful, firm breasts towards her mouth, gently planting a tender kiss directly on Talia’s achingly erect nipple…


Talia pulled Amy’s face into her cleavage and came, her hot, wet cunt pulsing on my bare leg.

Once the two women came down from their orgasmic highs, they delicately climbed off of my body, leaving my rock hard penis once again pointing straight up in the air, unattended.

“You have no idea how badly I needed that,” Amy sighed.

Then she, Talia, and Stephanie crowded around me and turns planting slow, delicate kisses up and down my shaft.

I somehow tore my eyes away from them and looked over to where my wife was frigging Corrine on the office chair.

“Well, you’re just full of surprises tonight, aren’t you?” I said to Liz.

She nodded, blushing a bit as she said, “We just got so horny watching you guys, we couldn’t hold still. But there wasn’t really anymore room on the bed, and this just seemed like more fun than playing with ourselves.”

“Although,” Corrine said, reluctantly pulling Liz’s vibrating hand out from between her legs, “It does look like you’re in need of another blindfold.”

She stood up—tall, stacked, and statuesque—and strode over to the bed. I licked my lips in anticipation, expecting Corrine to straddle my face just as Stephanie had—

But she had something else in mind. Corrine crawled onto the bed, positioning her huge, swinging breasts above my head.

“Oh, hell yes,” I grinned.

Then, with a smile, Corrine lowered those great big melons of hers directly onto my face.

They blocked out my view of the action, but I didn’t care. I licked and kissed and moaned into the abundance of soft, smooth flesh.

“What is it with guys and boobs?” Corry asked, amused.

I felt the bed shift as Liz crawled up on the other side of me.

“I don’t know,” my wife said. “But Ian’s kind of obsessed with them.”

“Seriously,” Corrine laughed.

Then Liz nudged Corrine a few inches to the side and lowered her own incredible boobs onto my tongue.

I went insane with lust as Corrine and Liz rolled their chests back and forth, dragging the weight of those delicious breasts all over my face. Four plump, perky nipples slid up and down my cheeks, and across my lips and chin.

My whole body began shaking with the need to come. But, great as it felt, the dozens of little kisses being planted on my cock just weren’t gonna be enough to push me over the edge.

Still shackled to the headboard, my fists clenched in frustration. Liz knew me well enough to pick up on my body language. She turned to her friends and said, “It looks like Ian could use a little bit of relief.”

“Ooh, I wanna try something!” Stephanie giggled, hopping off the bed. Suddenly, I felt her grab hold of my ankles and swing me sideways, until the bottom half of my body was dangling over one side of the mattress.

What the hell is she up to? I wondered. Still blinded by the four enormous tits on my face, I couldn’t begin to guess.

“Don’t worry, Ian, you’re gonna like this,” Stephanie answered. She patted my wife on the butt, saying:

“Liz, you kneel down over here. Corry, you kneel down over here.”

My field of vision finally cleared as Corrine and Elizabeth lifted their boobs off my face and slid their naked bodies down to the floor, Liz kneeling beside my left hip and Corrine kneeling between my legs. I couldn’t help but notice that my dick was dangerously close to their massive cleavage.

“What about us?” Talia asked.

Stephanie hurried over to Talia’s box of goodies, retrieving the bottle of massage oil.

“You two scoot up next to Ian on the bed. You get to play with the rest of him.”

“Good thing the rest of him is so darn cute,” Amy winked at me.

Now holding the uncapped bottle of scented oil, Steph took her own position, kneeling down on the floor to my right. With Liz on my left and Corry in the middle, the three of them formed a very voluptuous triangle around my penis.

I groaned as Stephanie poured the massage oil liberally onto my cock.

She then poured it all over her tits, thoroughly rubbing it in until every square inch of those soft pink pillows was glistening and slippery. She handed the bottle to Liz before returning her attention to me:

“Remember back in high school, when Liz and I used our boobs to get you off at the same time?”

I stammered, “Course I do. You guys gave me a double tit-fuck, it was one of the best moments of my life.”

“My pleasure, sweetie,” Liz said.

Once Liz had finished rubbing the massage oil into her own prodigious breasts, Stephanie took it back from her and handed it to Corrine.

“That’s right, a double tit-fuck,” Stephanie continued. “I remember that morning being a lot of fun, and I’ve kind of been wanting to do it again ever since. But then I figured, with all of us here—and since it is your birthday and all—why don’t we all team up and give you a triple tit-fuck?”

No. Way.

I groaned and bit my lip in anticipation, watching as Corrine thoroughly lubed up her gigantic boobs.

Holy shit.

“Everybody ready?” Liz asked. The others nodded, and then all three gloriously busty women—Stephanie, Liz, and Corrine—cupped their big, slippery breasts and leaned forward.

Holy shit holy shit holy shit…

Their tits collided together, the soft, smooth flesh mashing messily around my penis.

“Oh!” I screamed.

Then, moving as one, the three women lifted their boobs up the length of me and pumped them back down. Again. And again. I throbbed, so hard it hurt. Every muscle was on fire.

Meanwhile, Amy and Talia busied themselves on my upper half, nibbling away at my chest and nipples.

“You enjoying this, honey?” Liz asked, gliding her sweet tits down my shaft.

I couldn’t answer her. I just grunted and flexed my hips, bucking my granite cock up into the three sets of cleavage that surrounded it.

“Let’s unlock these handcuffs,” Amy suggested, taking a quick nip at my neck.

A second later, Talia was back with the key, and then, at long last, my hands were free to use as I liked. With my right hand, I grabbed onto Amy’s substantial tits. With my left, I groped at Talia. Between my legs, I watched as all those breasts continued to rise and fall on my lap…

All five women were watching me. All of them were smiling, amused by the absurd show of rapture on my face.

“You guys…” I muttered, struggling to breath, “You guys are the BEST.”

Then I felt my balls tighten, gearing up for release. My vision blurred, my chest was tight—

Amy and Talia bent down, crushing their tits against my hands and licking feverishly at my nipples.

I exploded, detonating like Mount St. Helens, groaning and shaking. My entire fucking nervous system was fried and vaporized by orgasm.

The next thing I remember, I was blinking awake in Talia’s bed, lying beneath the covers. My wife was snuggling close beside me.

Seeing that I was awake, she whispered, “Hey there, cutie.”

I shook my head clear and asked, “Did I actually pass out?”


“Where is everybody?”

“In the living room, hanging out. I wanted to stay in here with you.”

“God, tonight was crazy,” I sighed, holding her close. “I don’t know what came over us.”

“Well, I know exactly what came over us. You did. You came all over us.”

I burst out laughing.

“So everyone’s okay?” I asked. “Nothing weird or awkward?”

“Mmm… maybe a little bit. I mean, it was one thing to be naked and kissing and touching everybody when we were all horny, but after the smoke cleared and things went back to normal, there was this definite moment everybody had where we were like, ‘Oh geez, I’m naked, and so are all my friends, and we all just had sex with Liz’s husband.’”

I nodded, blushing. Liz continued, “But everyone is okay now. I think what happened tonight was about ten years overdue. We all had a lot of unresolved feelings that needed to be brought out in the open.”

She kissed me, and I felt a tinge of desperation in it.

“What about you?” she asked. “How do you feel about what happened?”

“I feel like I’m married to the most amazing woman in the world. And yeah, tonight finally put to rest a lot of those ‘what ifs’ that had been nagging at me over the years. But if you’re wondering how this is gonna affect our marriage—don’t worry. I promise you, tonight didn’t change a thing between you and me.”

“Okay,” she said, a bit relieved. “I know it was me that initiated the whole thing, but that doesn’t mean I suddenly want us to be having orgies every night.”

“Liz, this was a once-in-a-lifetime evening. I promise.”

I felt her hand reach down my body beneath the covers, where she gently squeezed my recovering penis. She met my eyes with a smile and said, “Well, I don’t know about that. I do think we should see our friends a lot more often than we do. I couldn’t believe how much I missed everyone. And, as long as those girls remain single, I don’t see why we can’t at least all make the effort to get together on your birthday every year.”

I was hardening rapidly in her grasp.

“I love you so much,” I said.

Then Liz pulled down the covers, brightening at the site of my fully-renewed erection.

“Looks like you’re ready for round three.”

“Round three?”

“Round three.”

My wife got out of bed and walked her stunning, naked body across the room. She opened the door and called out, “Hey everybody, get your butts back in here! He’s awake.”