A surprise during walkout at the public park

By Dina Petro



My doctor had recommended I do some walkout for an hour or so daily for a while, I started doing it in the afternoons in a nearby park that is almost deserted at this time of the day, but it had heavy and big trees to cover up for the heat of the sun while walking.


From the second day of walking out, I noticed an older man of mid-fifties or so sitting at the same place daily, his eyes would follow me from the minute I am within his sight range till I disappear, all he did was looking at me, checking me out top to toe with wide smiles whenever I get closer or look at him, which was fine with me, it didn’t bother me at all. He was a big guy of around 6 feet tall and big in size, he looked fit for his age, nicely dressed in casual clothing and I felt very comfortable looking at him, he seemed to be a nice person in general.


A couple of days later, I was approaching him and he was at the exact same spot as usual, but that day he had a robe covering his clothes and he was standing, the minute I was very close to him, eying him as usual and he was eyeing me with a kind of naughty smile, as of a sudden, he pushed both lower sides of the robe out and I was totally shocked with what I had seen.


His cock was out, he was bottomless under the robe, holding a long and thick, rock hard cock of his’ in his hand masturbating, he was literally jacking off, while looking me straight in the eyes with a wide naughty, smile without a single word. First, I almost fainted, then jump screaming “What the fuck”


Then I cooled down and acted really cool, still standing close to him, facing him, looking at his face and eyes once and right at his tempting, huge, stiff cock at other times with a little smile on my face, he was still silent without a single word, never stopped jacking his cock off, I just got closer to him, placed my hand over the tip of his cock.


He stopped jerking it, he removed his hand allowing mine to take over, I started massaging his cock softly up and down while looking him with a naughty smile, he just nodded as if wanting me to go on with what I was doing, I got on my knees right in front of him without a word either, I took his cock between my lips and started sucking on it as an expert cock sucker, which I happen to be, by the way.


The older man was moaning louder and continuously, then he pulled his cock out of my mouth slowly, took me by the hand, helped me up till I was facing him, he hugged me so close and started kissing me on the lips while pushing my jogging leggings down till he revealed my bare ass and was massaging and feeling it, he moved his hand under me till he was cubing and massaging my already engorged and wet pussy lips.


He helped me turn away from him leaning on the tree with the support of my hand, he got on his knees behind me and started passing his tongue over my pussy and my asshole, licking me with an excellent expertise, I was shaking and moaning loud, it did not take him long to make me have a very intense orgasm over his old, wide tongue in my pussy.


He got up and fucked me doggy in the same position for around ten minutes, then pulled out of my cunt, turned me around, facing him, and fucked me in the standing face to face missionary position for another five minutes or so, then he got me on the floor on all fours and fucked me in both my ass and pussy alternatively till he came all over my body, I turned around quickly and took his spasming dick in my mouth and sucked him dray clean again.


The man got up, straightened his robe over his bottom nakedness, bent over, kissed me on the lips with one word only, “Thanks” turned around and walked away leaving me naked with his cum all over my body, I froze for a few minutes, thinking it over again asking myself, “What the hell had happened, who is this old bastard who fucked me and walked away like that without a single word.


I just smiled to myself convincing myself, I had enjoyed it too in the open public area, in the middle of nowhere, I actually did and loved it too.







Wishing you all the best




Dina Petro