R0M 27.2 - Part 2

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04 Dec. '15

Alec and his wife, Carla are recruited to work on R0M. The year is 2359, space travel is routine. Each one falls for the same sex-shifting Alien, 27. A sexy yet odd affair ensues on the way over to their new home planet.

R0M alien, 27 meets a married couple on a transport craft, on her way back home. 27 falls in love through hot and kinky threesomes. Moving from sex to love, she experiences her first heartbreak when the couple rejects a permanent ménage-a-trois. Has 27 been used for sex? Or does love conquer all?

It’s too much for 27 to realize how cold humans can be; in fact, they are not anything like r0mians, whose sole purpose is to cooperate, work together to create an optimal life experience. Humans only know one aspect of life: survival and pleasure.



Just like a heartbeat, my full year vacation on Earth was over in what felt like a split second. It went by so fast, faster than I could take it all in. And the reason is that I was having so much fun. Sad, I couldn’t catch up with time flying … I wish I could freeze time. Too bad, even us, r0mians haven’t figured out how to do that.

I spent most of my time as a man because as a young looking man, with a nice physique, it was so easy to meet women. I needed that deep connection. And the sex was incredibly good. I slept with young college women. I slept with women in their late forties. They were all remarkably beautiful. I loved making them happy. Giving them pleasure was so enjoyable to me. And they were wildly grateful. Put simply, I had a blast. What I liked most was being able to explore my emotions with women. As a man, they opened up to me, fully. I had the opportunity to study human females, all ages, and races, all shapes, and sizes, to the depth of their true emotions. Heaven.

As a woman, sex was so much more complicated. First of all, finding a man, who is not completely self-centered and emotionally unavailable, was quite the task. Human males tend to put a wall between women and their true selves. They make a point of being emotionally stagnant like it’s such a virile trait. I did meet a few good men, who were able to be open and enjoyable. Some even were attentive in bed and gave me quite a few orgasms under the sheets. One was heavenly, but I think he was just built to be a thoroughly thrilling lover. He enjoyed sex and was not afraid to be himself. Calvin. (Sigh). Calvin made me fall in love with only sex in common between us. I will always remember him. Forever. And ever.

But you know, as an Earthian, Male or female, I loved the desperation and vulnerability of being human. This fantastic feeling that at any point, I could be gone, with death only a breath away, each second was so immensely valuable that I didn’t want to miss a beat. Overall, the experience was eternally beautiful and deeply meaningful to me. Although I am not sure if I were to remain in human skin, whether I’d rather be a man or a woman. At their best, they both have such lovely elements. A man’s undeniable strength and gentleness. A woman’s passion and determination. And together, in love, they procreate, wow. Maybe I’d be a combination of both celestial sexes. In any case, my fascination with humans has only just begun.

But it’s time for me to go home now. My friend, 11, born on year 1M like me, is Captain One for a Transport Ship heading back to R0M. And he’s been in touch with me. His spaceship is leaving at the same time that I’m due to go back home. So he encourages me to cargo ship my spacecraft and catch a ride with him. In effect, it would give me another month of vacation, as my duties would be limited on the ship. Well, I decide that I will take 11’s advice, which is what I usually do, seeing as 11 is my oldest and best friend. He understands me. I’m like an open book for him, having experienced much of what I have in life. But does he get how infatuated I am with everything Earth? Not sure he ever could.

What is great about this trip is that 11 allows me to keep my human skin. And having done so, I met the most amazing human couple, Alec, and Carla. As I boarded 11’s starship, they walked next to me, eyes filled with hope, looking like children excited to walk onto an outer-space fun park. Carla had the same impression on me, I wanted to get down on my knees and eat her out, and I was in my girl human skin. And locking eyes with Alec, I just had this tingling feeling all over my body. It was love at first sight for me. Every part of my body rushed. I wanted to be a virile man for Carla while a big part of me wanted to seduce her as a woman. At the same time, I had a strong sense that Alec was the man to take me to womanly orgasms I had yet not discovered.

They must’ve thought that I was human like them because as I reached the entrance of my friend’s starship, the R0M officers at the door stretched their bodies up into salute position, and gave me the proper greeting for Captain Two, which is one of my functions. At which point, I had no choice but to switch back into my r0mian body, looking back with envy at the human couple who were able to maintain their humanity walking through the gates of the spacecraft. It’s amazing how humans get shocked at my transformation, even though they know that we r0mians are body shifters, they cannot control their minds when the experience of seeing a shift hits them. Alec gave me a longing look. Carla was in shock to emote anything but fear.


Settling in my quarters, I regretted leaving my FA files ON, as I fell asleep, I had the most depressing dreams of Earth set afire. When I woke up, I was sweating, almost in tears. Drenched in sadness, I decided to turn OFF FA. Immediately, I felt a terrible emptiness of machine-like redundant data running through my veins. How I hated this transformation. It took me only two hours of struggle, ending in turning FA back ON. I couldn’t stay away, my body forming the beautiful curves of Angela, I felt whole again. Feeling hungry, I put some simple clothes on, the standard downtime t-shirt and jeans humans love to show off. The next thing I know, I’m at the café reserved for humans, having burger and fries. Lame, but I miss it all too much.

With a big bite of my burger inside my mouth, I look up and see the man part of the irresistible couple, smiling at me. I smile back. And he decides to sit down across from me while I’m still trying to swallow, like a pig.

“Hi, I’m Alec. We saw you earlier, as we were boarding.”

“Yes, I remember you. Call me Angela,” I smile, starting to sweat again. Is it the beef?

“Nice to meet you, Angela. You’re r0mian, yes?!”

“Nice meeting you. Yes, I am r0mian, but I’ve just spent a year on Earth. So, I’m still quite attached to you… it, I mean,” I say, flashing another shy smile.

“Earth is beautiful. What is R0M like?”

“Oh, you will love it. In fact, we’re travelling to the celestial part of R0M built for human inhabitants. You will feel right at home.”

“How so?” Alec asked with his marvelously seductive voice. Is he even aware of his effect on me?

“Earthians are only allowed on Celestia because it’s the area of R0M setup to look and feel like planet Earth.”

“I see. You believe our primitive minds can’t handle the truth about r0mians?!” he laughs. Again, incredibly sensual. Either I’m horny, or he’s coming on to me. Either way, I want to sleep with him. I’m such a slut as a human.

“Well, I think humans have a beautiful mind,” I reveal, flashing a bigger, fuck-me-now-please smile.

“Why are you in human skin?” he picks up on it. I guess he’s not as clueless to his sex-appeal as I might’ve imagined.

“I’m attracted to you,” I throw it out there, hoping he’s not uptight about sex, outside his marriage.

“Are you?” he smiles. Ravishingly attractive now. I melt, as he says: “Would you like to come to our room? You can meet my wife,” he flashes another insanely hot smile.

“Yes,” I reply, simply a bird in his hand. Will he love or crush me? It’s completely up to him. “I’d like that Alec.”

“Okay, why don’t you finish your lunch. I’ll wait for you over there, by the doors,” he smiles again. How is he in total control? We’re on R0MIAN territory, and I feel like the Alien. It’s those FA files; they make me unusually weak. But, he’s right. I’m still starving, so I eat every last crumb on the plate, in a huff, and then I make my way over to Alec, who’s waiting patiently, an even cuter smile on his face. “You’re ready?”

“Yes, I am.”

We walk side by side, like boyfriend and girlfriend, Alec’s smile never leaving his strong jaw, adorning it with the most adorable dimples. He unlocks the door to their vast suite. They’re getting the royal treatment; we r0mians can’t help but be extra hospitable to humans. After all, they dare to have FA ON 24/7 throughout their entire lives. Not that they have a choice about it, but we have great respect for it. Alec and I walk inside the large suite, to the sound of the shower.

“Come in, make yourself comfortable. I’ll get Carla,” he invites, still smiling. Does he never stop?

“Okay, I’ll wait here,” I nod, pathetically in love with his cologne as it waves past me while he goes to fetch his hot wife. “What the fuck is wrong with me?” I say out loud. Shit. Did he hear me?

Shower turns off. Alec and wife come back out of the bathroom, looking squeaky clean. I can’t wait to get dirty with them.

“Angela, this is Carla, my wife,” Alec introduces us, sweetly. But I can read his mind, he wants to see us girls make love. So I’m staying a woman. But I anticipate switching to a man soon because I want to experience Carla intimately, to the depth of her warm pussy enveloping my erection, making me warm inside too. My heart is beating a mile a minute. I’m not sure what is happening to me. One year on Earth, I’ve never felt sick with love as I do right now.

Alec and Carla know how to bring it. Wasting no time, they invite me into their bedroom area. “Let’s have some fun” is all that Carla said to me, taking my hand, bringing me into bed. Alec sat on the armchair a few feet from the bed, and just as I predicted, he watched us, intently holding back his erection. For now.

Carla drops her robe and helps me undress. She makes me lie down on the bed and covers me with her entire body as she starts to kiss my face, then lips. Soon she is sucking on my delectable nipples, so excited they’re pointing right at her. With Alec still taking in the sexual images, Carla moves south kissing my tummy, then clit, then she licks my pussy. I take an active part, looking deeply into Alec’s eyes as I pull Carla up by her hair, gently but definitively. Alec recognizes the dominant move, smiling wide as Carla goes on her back, spreading her legs for me. Now, I start to eat her pussy. She smells great and tastes even better. Is this hard candy? I love her.

I guess the sight of my lips on his wife’s pussy was too much for Alec, so he takes his clothes off and comes in bed with us. Without asking permission, he pulls my hips up as I keep licking Carla's pussy, Alec slips his hardened shaft deep inside my wet walls. I accept his long exposure with pleasure. I love being sandwiched between them. They are so in tune with their sexual sphere. Their aura is all around me, and I want nothing else in life. Thank you AleCarla, together, you’re one beautiful being. And I am in your center. Love.

Soon, Carla needs her husband inside her, so she puts her right hand softly on my cheek, requesting for us to switch positions. I comply, getting on my back, as Alec gently exits my grateful pussy cave. Now, I’m on my back with Carla, on all fours, tasting the love of Alec dripping out of my pussy.  Alec enters Carla, and she lets out superbly sounding moans while licking me off. Beyond heavenly. I’m in a threesome paradise.

Watching them fucking, they blow my mind, and I can’t help but switch to a man, which at first, takes Carla aback. But then, she gets into it. Alec, amazingly sexy, is up for anything, as long as his wife is happy. Carla accepts my growing cock inside her mouth, sucking me in slowly and erotically, as she takes her husband in and out of her hot cunt. Alec winks at me, happy to share his hot wife. Carla turns around, flipping her hair back while seductively looking at me. She wants my stimulated shaft inside her. I get close to her rocking ass, place my cock on top of her ass crack, then pull back enough, for the tip of my cock to feel her heated pussy. Carla starts to suck on Alec. He nods at me. I can’t resist. My excited cock slips inside the sweet folds Carla is willing to share with me. God, she’s lovingly hot, my member fills her up whole. She screams, letting go of Alec. The invitation to thrust harder into her tightening folds is irresistible.

My heart is beating almost as hard as my cock is throbbing. Carla feels sweet as pie. She keeps moving back and forth, taking me in, deeper and deeper, flattering my cum straight out of my tiny hole. Her sexy moan, she lets out as I spill my load inside her pussy, lets me know she loves the feeling of my semen inside her womb. Is Alec mad? Not one bit. He kisses Carla so gently and respectfully, pulling her body into him. He picks her up while continuing to kiss her. Man, he loves her so much, he just wants to see her happy. No matter whose cock is doing the job to bring her to orgasm.

As for me, I am in love with both Carla, and Alec, and the entire union of marriage. And this threesome takes me to a new level of intense love. The way they both responded to me might make us inseparable. Carla and Alec are kissing still. Their love takes over. They disappear into the bathroom, running a hot bath. I decide to get dressed and return to my small quarters. For a first time, it was such a thrill. I will leave them to process what just happened.


Alec, Carla, and I spent the next month in one another’s arms, with my sex-shifting driving them both crazy in bed. My entire being was spent on growing our love to levels none of us had ever experienced before. I felt part of their marriage. And I even started thinking about how we could make our sex-union official. They were going to live on R0M for the next ten years, working as erotic performers. And I know they were going to bring pleasure to many r0mians, who temporarily place FA ON to get the wild thrill of feeling human, for a short time. I am so lucky to have Alec and Carla indefinitely in my life.

As we approached the end of the journey to R0M, I went to them, revealing how I feel about our ménage-a-trois, expecting that they felt the same way I do.

“Hi, guys!” I say walking into our love abode.

“Hi, Angela, or Arnold…” Carla laughs, seeing I’m in my male skin.

“How are you, baby?” I say, or Arnold says. I think I'm getting confused. Anyway, I can't help but give Carla an open mouth kiss, which she reciprocates.

“Doing good, thanks!”

“Where’s Alec?”

“He’s packing. You know tomorrow is a big day for us.”

“Yes, I know. R0M Celestia is beautiful. You will love it.”

“Oh, I’m sure we will. We’ve been reading up on it. And it seems fascinating. Huge too!”

“Yes,” I pause, then request firmly: “I need to talk to you guys. Will you get Alec?”

“Sure, just give me a sec,” Carla says, disappearing into the bedroom. I can hear Alec and Carla whispering something about me. But I wait. I don’t want to intrude. And I won’t eavesdrop, it’s just plain rude.

“Hey, Arnold,” Alec says, as he finally emerges from the bedroom, holding Carla’s hand. “How are you, bud?!”

“I’m good. I want to talk to you both. Please, sit down, it’s important.”

“You’re not pregnant, are you?” Alec jokes.

“No, I’m not,” I confirm, with a silly smile. Carla laughs.

“Well, it’s simple. I’ll just say it because it’s hard to say. But it is harder not to say: I’m in love with you both. I want us to stay together. Maybe forever. What do you think?” I put it directly because my feelings are all over the place. And I’m a bit out of control.

The shocked look on their faces along with their stifling silence should have said it all, but, eventually, Carla let out a stunned “Oh” while Alec added: “Listen, 27, Carla and I should have made it clear before. And we’re sorry if we didn’t. We were especially taken by you… Look, we swing, but our marriage is our own. Our hearts for each other. I hope you understand buddy.”

His words cut into my heart like a sharp knife aiming to kill me dead. But that wasn’t enough for them, now Carla felt like reiterating their point-of-view: “Arnold, I mean Angela…” she says as I switch into the more vulnerable Angela. Carla is confused, but she continues: “We certainly like you. And we can still see each other for more fun, but that’s all. Okay?!”

“Okay,” I say, transforming back into me again, 27, sexless. And all I can do is switch FA OFF. It’s too fucking painful to have your heart served up to you on a silver platter, by two people you thought loved you. They don’t. They love them. They used me. Okay.

Walking back to my tiny space, I run into 11. He reads me and realizes I need his friendship. Our eyes meet, and he telepathically sends me a relief file. Instantly, I am better, functioning at 100% capacity.

“Thanks 11,” I manage to smile, silently.

“It’s alright. Humans are tricky. I’ve been through it myself. Why did you switch off your FA files?”

“I can’t deal with it. I’d cry a river. It’s too much. You know, I fell in love.”

“It’s okay, but if you want to return to Earth, one day, you have to deal with the good and the bad too.”

“Not now…”

“…Did they make you fall in love?”

“I loved, yes.”

“And they fucked, only.”

“Yes. I think they regard our union only as a form of mere sexual kink. Sad.”

“It’ll be alright. When you’re ready, turn FA ON, and let me know. I’ll be there for you. Okay, my dear?”

“Yes, thanks 11.”

“Have to go land this ride,” he says, rushing off, turning around to give me a kind smile.

Will I ever turn on FA again? It hurts.

Copyright 2015: MissNaya