The Waiting Game Ch 3: Homecoming

For the record, I am not a morning person. Never have been. For me, the challenge of overcoming the inertia of my groggy sleep state conjurs mental images of Houdini, breaking free of a straight jacket and fifty iron chains while under twenty feet of water. Yet somehow, I always manage. And as I was stumbling though the garage, groggily searching for my car to go to work, I bumped into Claire.

Normally the sharpest, most together person at the office, today she looked every bit as exhausted as I was.

“Long night?” I asked.

“Didn’t get a single minute of sleep.” A huge, shit-eating grin spread across her face, “But I’m not complaining.”

“So, you and Tami?”

She nodded ecstatically, “Turns out there was a lot of pent-up tension between us.”

“Damn, I only wish I could have seen it.”

I finally found my car climbed inside.

“Hey Michael?”


“That naked picture of your girlfriend—showing us that wasn’t an accident, was it?”

I gave her my most innocent expression. “What do you think?”

“I think I owe you one. I think we both do.”

She glanced quickly around, checking to make sure there was nobody else in the parking garage with us.

“Speaking of which,” she said, and then she quickly yanked up her blouse, flashing me a glimpse of her perfect, creamy breasts encased in a virtually transparent lace bra.

“See you at work,” she smirked.

From then on, Claire did that every single morning. Always giving me a quick flash of her absolutely delicious—albeit totally unattainable—bosom. Her little way of thanking me for helping to bring her and Tami together. It quickly got much easier for me to wake up in the morning, knowing what was waiting for me downstairs.

If my first week working around Claire and Tami had been sexually frustrating, my second week was sexually excruciating. Since I had been the catalyst of them coming together, I also suddenly became their new mutual best friend, constantly on the receiving end of hugs and smiles and a mountain of affectionate attention.

And Tami—because she was Tami—went back to flirting shamelessly with me. Not with the goal of seducing me this time, just with the goal of making me feel like a stud. Still, it’s hard to spend four hours a day hearing a hot, big-breasted girl tell you how good you look without your imagination running wild. And it didn’t help that, ever since the night I’d given her that first back massage, there still remained an ever-present, unconsummated sexual tension between Tami and I. I couldn’t stop dreaming about what would have happened if I hadn’t pushed her away.

As predicted, the summer only got warmer, and as a result I spent most evenings and weekends in the pool at my apartment complex, splashing around with my two lovely coworkers and their increasingly sexy bikinis. Once the sun went down, we’d drift freely between each other’s apartments, just enjoying each other’s company.

At least once per day, they’d get turned on and start making out, right in front of me. But just as things started to get steamy, the girls always politely asked me to leave so they could have some privacy.

Sometimes—and I’m not proud of this—I’d stand just outside the door after I left, straining to listen through the wood as they moaned orgasmically in each other’s embrace.

To combat all the sexual frustration, Sonya and I invented what we called “The Waiting Game”—waiting until she finished her summer school class so that she could get her degree, move out west, and we could go back to fucking like rabbits.

The Waiting Game worked like this:

Virtually every night (excepting when the power went out), I’d webcam Sonya before I went to bed and we’d masturbate furiously while she and I took turns telling steamy stories about Tami and Claire. I’d make up some scenario about an after-hours office-rendezvous with Claire, where I’d sit her down on the office copier, hiking up her skirt over that nice, tight ass, and fucking her—hard and rough—until she came so many times she couldn’t see straight.

Or Sonya would narrate a fictional evening I spent dancing with Tami at a club, watching those enormous, round tits bouncing gloriously to the music as I ground my cock up against her soft, sexy body. I wouldn’t be able to wait to get her back to my bed. I’d yank her clothes off right then and there, and screw her brains out against the wall, furiously suckling at her big, naked boobs.

Eventually, we started including Sonya as a participant in these stories, not just a voyeur, a development which drove her wild with lust. We’d discuss how she and the girls would all take turns fucking me and riding my mouth to endless, earth-shattering orgasms. Sonya particularly liked to fantasize about what she called “three-girl blowjobs.”

But the despite the nightly cyber-sex, Sonya and I were frustrated beyond belief. In our three years of dating, we’d never gone more than a week without having sex. Now, neither of us had gotten laid in MONTHS. As the date of her move to California grew closer, the days just started to drag on and on. I couldn’t stand it. Couldn’t endure waiting for her to get here so I could finally fuck away all the hormones that had built up.

And yet, endure it I did. Filling my days hanging out with Tami and Claire, and filling my nights listening to my girlfriend describe how she wanted to watch me screw their brains out.

Then, after months of waiting, on the night before Sonya’s flight out west—

“Ungh!” Sonya moaned, tilting the webcam down to show me that she had, in fact, inserted a third finger into her drenched blonde pussy. I continued my story where I’d left off:

“Then, with you and Claire sitting there watching, I pin Tami to the bed and straddle her chest—squeezing my long, aching cock between her humongous tits…”

“And then I throw Claire down on the bed right next to you!” Sonya blurted out.

The hand on my penis froze, mid-stroke. This was a new development.

“And what do you do to her?” I asked.

“I climb on top of her beautiful, gorgeous face and I—I—Oh god, I can’t believe I’m saying this…” Sonya’s face had turned bright red with arousal. She was fighting to breath as the fantasy overwhelmed her.

“What happens?” I pleaded.

“I drop myself onto her mouth and she—oh fuck! She licks me until I’m screaming—screaming—“

Sonya promptly started screaming, coming harder than I’d ever seen before.

“Wow,” I smiled. I was already anxious to re-watch the video of Sonya’s orgasm. Sonya shook herself back to reality.

“Is that really something you want to do?” I asked.

“I don’t know. But it sure is hot to think about.”


Sonya and I both said our nightly “I love yous,” and went to sleep.

I spent the entirety of the next day preparing the apartment for Sonya’s arrival. Scrubbed everything top-to-bottom, stocked the fridge with all manner of yummy foods, and finally got around to putting away the absurd treasure trove of Xbox games I’d offhandedly left scattered all over the living room carpet.

Tami and Claire went a little out of their way too, baking cupcakes and purchasing a nice vase of flowers to greet their new neighbor.

Finally, after all those weeks of waiting, at 4:55 pm I got the call from Sonya saying that her flight had landed safely. I ran down to my car as fast as my legs would take me and broke one or two minor traffic laws getting my ass to the airport.

She was waiting for me, my oasis in the desert, standing at the curb outside the airport with a trio of suitcases that each looked bigger than her entire body. Considering that Sonya had been crammed in coach for the past six hours, I couldn’t believe just how fantastic she looked. Loose-fitting clothes, no makeup, hair in a simple ponytail—none of it made a difference. She was a goddamn goddess. I parked the car at the yellow curb, hopped out, and—

“Hey you.”

“Hey yourself.”

I grabbed her and we kissed until airport security literally started screaming for us to move along.

Traffic getting out of the airport was a nightmare, but I hardly cared. I had Sonya back. Just feeling her presence next to me was enough to make me happy.

“So, how long until we get back to the apartment?”

“Depending on traffic, maybe a couple of hours.”

“I don’t think I can wait that long,” she whispered, raising a naughty eyebrow. Her hand slowly moved into my lap.

“I missed you,” I sighed, stiffening as she unzipped my fly.

“Mmm, been a hard couple of months, hasn’t it?”

“You can say that again.”

I forced all my concentration on the road in front of me as Sonya lowered her devilishly plump lips over my cock.

Yes… I could not believe how amazing her blowjob felt. It had been so long since I’d felt any real sexual contact from another human being, I’d have sworn Sonya’s lips had suddenly developed magical powers.

She made me come twice in her mouth on that drive home, and by the time we finally reached our apartment she was positively dripping with arousal. For fun, I carried Sonya over the threshold and tossed her playfully on the bed.

“There! Now get naked while I go and get your bags from the hallway. I’ll give you the tour later.”

Sonya giggled and hurriedly climbed under the covers as I ducked back outside for the luggage. Tami and Claire were standing in the hallway.

“Is she inside?” Claire asked, excited.

“Can we meet her?” Tami smiled.

For a split-second, I almost said, “Actually guys, I think she and I would like a little alone time, if you don’t mind. I’m sure she’d love to meet you later tonight, though.”

But then I thought about all those endless weeks Sonya and I had spent fantasizing about these two girls, and all the sexual frustration they had inadvertently built up in us along the way. So, instead of being polite, I decided to be diabolical.

“Yeah, of course,” I said. “Come on inside.”

Soon as the girls were inside, I promptly stripped off my shirt and kicked off my shoes.

“Michael?” Claire looked at me, confused.

“She’s just through here,” I explained. By the time we reached the bedroom, my pants were a puddle on the floor.

“What are you doing?” Tami whispered.

With a shrug, I opened the door and walked inside to find Sonya laying across the bed, naked as the day she was born. Her eyes flashed with excitement when she saw the two beautiful girls standing in the doorway behind me. I tugged my tight-fitting boxer-briefs down over my ass and let them slip away, giving Tami and Claire their first ever view of my naked butt—then I finally climbed into bed beside my girlfriend.

Sonya and I kissed hungrily, moaning into each other’s mouths. I rolled onto my back beside her, making sure Tami and Claire got an unobstructed view of the action. Sonya gingerly cupped my balls as I slowly walked my fingers up her stomach, to the sweet softness of her breasts. With my other hand, I walked the fingers downwards, across the trimmed patch of blonde fuzz between her legs, and slowly began stroking the slippery outside of her cunt.

“Holy shit,” Tami groaned, and both Sonya and I looked back over our shoulders, locking eyes with the two beautiful, slack-jawed voyeurs standing in our doorway. Their hands were clasped together in a vice-like grip and they were breathing fast—either terrified or totally turned on by what they were seeing.

We said nothing to them—talking always breaks the spell.

Sonya gently clasped my shaft, loosely sliding her grip up and down just tightly enough to make grazing contact. As she rolled onto her side, both of Sonya’s beautiful breasts toppled into my face and my lips captured a plump pink nipple.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw one of Tami’s hands drop between Claire’s legs, anxiously squeezing the girl through her pants.

Awesome, so they like the show.

Sonya and I rocked back and forth on the bed, gently teasing each other until we were both at peak arousal. Sonya’s warmth flooded across my fingers. She swung herself around and maneuvered over me—reverse cowgirl—so that we could both have a clear view of our audience in the doorway.

Taking hold of my length, Sonya carefully positioned her hot, boiling cunt right over the tip—generously lubricating me with her arousal.

“I can’t—I mean, we shouldn’t be—“ Claire stammered.

Then I grabbed hard onto Sonya’s hips and pulled her down onto my cock.

“Oh fuck yes! Finally!” Sonya screamed, screwing her hips around to take me even deeper. Her head fell forward, limp, dropping wavy curtains of blonde hair across her tits.

It was one step too wild for poor Tami and Claire. They self-consciously backed away and we heard the door shut as they let themselves out of our apartment.

“Aww, looks like we lost our audience,” Sonya pouted.

“For now, maybe. But they were getting into it, I could tell.”

I dropped one hand to strum her clit while Sonya bounced up and down in my lap. I surprised her by pounded my hips up into her, throwing off her rhythm and provoking a sudden, unexpected shriek of delight.

She twisted her head back, whispering in my ear as we fucked:

“I can’t believe it, those two are so much hotter in person than they were on the computer!”

She gave my earlobe a quick lick and pulled off of me, rolling onto her back and spreading her legs invitingly. With a big, dopey smile on my face, I crawled atop her body and plunged inside.

Sonya and I fucked ALL night. Moaning and groaning without a care in the world. Coming more times than either of us could count. Kissing and crying and laughing as our bodies exhausted themselves making up for all that lost time.

We slept in until two in the afternoon the next day.

Once again, it was over a hundred degrees out and, once again, I woke up already sweating.

“Where’s our bloody air conditioning?!” Sonya whined.

“Power’s out again. They’re supposed to have it finally fixed by next week.”

“Just in time for summer to come to an end?”

“It’s California, Honey. Summer never really comes to an end.”

We took a speedy shower to rinse the night’s lovemaking off our bodies, and then it was time to show Sonya where I’d been spending all my time the past few months: the pool.

I insisted she descend the stairs first, so I could check out her spectacularly tight fencer’s ass in her new bathing suit—the first g-string Sonya had ever bought. It didn’t disappoint.

Neither did Tami and Claire. After their self-conscious exodus from our apartment last night, I’d wondered if we’d find them at the pool today dressed more modestly than usual. Not so.

Claire emerged from the water wearing an old-fashioned string bikini, emblazoned with the American flag. She’d worn it once before, on the day of our 4th of July BBQ, and that suit had held a special place in my heart ever since.

Tami’s polka-dot bikini covered up a bit more, but then, she had a bit more to cover. Wide triangular cups with no underwire did little to support her massive breasts, and the suit’s distinctive cantaloupe color couldn’t help but remind me of—well, you know. Best of all, the material was stretched so thin it was impossible not to see the shape of Tami’s prominent nipples, proudly perked-up thanks to the cold water.

They greeted us eagerly enough, but there still seemed to be a bit of lingering awkwardness after last night.

“Hey, sorry if we went too far,” Sonya said. “We just thought it might be a good bit of fun.”

Damn, four seconds after getting in the pool and I’m already hard again…

“It’s okay, we’re all grown-ups,” Claire said.

“We just weren’t expecting, you know,” Tami giggled. “Although, after all the wicked tales Michael told us about what you two got up to in college, I suppose we really should have been more prepared.”

I gave Sonya a wink.

“How much have you told these two about our sex life?” Sonya exclaimed, feigning outrage.

“Oh, he told us everything,” Tami laughed.

“Really? Has he told you about the Waiting Game?”

I discreetly shook my head at her. Sure, the exhibitionist part of me had been tempted to tell the girls how prominently they had featured into our fantasy lives, but it had always seemed just a bit too inappropriate to ever actually bring up.

“Ooh, what’s that?” Tami asked.

I cut Sonya off before she could say anything else. “We tell each other sexy stories when we’re using the webcams, that’s all.”

Claire and Tami could sense that I was hiding something, but they let the matter drop. We spent the next hour splashing around the pool just as we had all summer, though this time I had the added pleasure of Sonya’s wet, dripping body prancing around in my field of vision. When Claire reminded us that they had actually baked Sonya a “welcome to the neighborhood” cake yesterday, we all decided it was time to dry off and head over to their apartment for some afternoon dessert.

Soon as we got inside, Tami turned to face us, shifting slightly from one foot to the other.

“So, I’ve got a question about all that sex in public stuff you guys used to do.”

“Used to?” Sonya smirked.

Tami ignored her, “Don’t you ever get, like, nervous?”

I took Sonya’s hand in mine. “Of course we get nervous. But it’s like a first kiss—the nervousness just makes everything that much more satisfying.”

“Does it make the sex better?” Claire asked.

“Oh god, yes,” Sonya laughed.

“Now where’s this cake?” I asked.

Tami looked questioningly at Claire, and the redhead gave her an excited nod in return.

“It’s in the kitchen,” Claire said, speaking quickly. “But first I’d like to wash off the chlorine, if you don’t mind. I’ll only be a second.”

“Yeah, we’ll only be a second,” Tami giggled, then followed Claire into the bathroom and locked the door behind them. A second later the shower turned on and Sonya and I both burst out laughing.

“Well, I at least THEY’RE having fun,” Sonya grinned.

“I gotta say, I’m a little disappointed. With the way Tami was talking to us just now, I kind of thought that those two were gonna—“


The bathroom door unlocked. Sonya and I turned towards it, wondering if we’d really heard what we thought we had. A second later, the doorknob turned and the door swung open, just a crack.

Oh my god.

With bated breath, I took Sonya by the hand and walked across the girls’ apartment, standing nervously outside the unlocked bathroom door. Were these girls doing what I thought they were doing? Were they really inviting us to—?

Sonya opened the door before I could finish thinking.

I almost lost it when that door opened. I almost came, just from the sight of what awaited us on the other side of that door.

Tami and Claire were PAWING at each other behind the glass shower door. Smooth thighs, rubbing together. Slender fingers, gripping soft skin. Lips and tongues, eagerly exploring.

Every inch of their hot, soapy bodies was on full display for Sonya and I.

At first, they were too lost in each other to pay us much attention. But eventually Tami’s nervous eyes swiveled in our direction and saw the lust on my face.

She immediately turned her attention back to Claire and gave the girl a ferocious kiss, moaning:

“Oh god, Claire, they’re right there! They’re really looking at us!”

We really were.

As they kissed, their glorious tits mashed together—slipping and sliding all over the place from the soapy water.

Claire hazarded an amorous glance in our direction, then gasped in surprise as Tami urgently dropped her mouth to the girl’s wet nipple and started sucking.

Never taking her mouth away from Claire’s perfect tit, Tami deftly reached a hand down between her lover’s legs and started rubbing—

“Mmm…” Claire moaned, her fingers grabbing a handful of Tami’s long black hair.

I took a moment to appreciate how beautiful Claire’s tall, graceful body really was. Though I’d briefly glimpsed Tami naked all those months ago, I had never once seen her beautiful copper-haired girlfriend in the buff.

“I had no idea Claire was completely clean-shaven down there,” I whispered to Sonya.

“Eight weeks of fantasies, and we’ve been getting it wrong!” she whispered back.

Claire’s cry of pleasure brought us back to attention. She was getting close to her limit, but she wasn’t going down without a fight. Suddenly dominant, Claire pulled Tami’s mouth off her breast and pushed the girl back against the wall of the shower. Then she grabbed the detachable shower nozzle off the wall and slid it down along Tami’s body—over the shape of her enormous breasts and wide, healthy hips—until it was pressed firmly against her clit.

Their mouths crashed together once again as the rubbing resumed, Tami with her fingers and Claire with the showerhead. Steam filled the bathroom, giving the whole scene a hazy, almost unreal atmosphere.

The moaning and groaning in the shower intensified, until both lesbian lovers were teetering on the brink. They turned towards Sonya and I—looked at us, looking at them—and then they climaxed together in a beautiful harmony of sexy screams.

We both applauded their performance.

“That was like, the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen,” Sonya breathed.

The duo of naked girls stumbled out of the shower, still embracing one another in post-coital bliss.

“That was like the sexiest thing I’ve ever DONE,” Tami laughed.

“Now it’s your guys’ turn,” Claire insisted. “You two need to rinse off all that icky chlorinated water, too.”

She was looking at Sonya as she said it, plainly ogling my girlfriend’s skimpy g-string bikini.

“Of course we do,” Sonya said, releasing my hand and walking over to Claire. “But first, could you help me take off my bathing suit?”

Claire looked to Tami for approval, and quickly got it. Then we all watched as Claire’s trembling fingers pulled loose the catch on Sonya’s strapless bikini bra and let it fall to the ground. My girlfriend’s full, round breasts popped free right in front of Claire’s face, and it looked for a second like she was actually going to give them a lick—

But she chickened out, and instead she circled around behind Sonya and loosed the skimpy piece of string holding up her bottoms. For good measure, Claire gave Sonya’s tight butt an appreciative little squeeze as she lowered the g-string down her legs.

“Now you,” Tami said playfully, turning her attention to my hilariously tented swim trunks. I couldn’t stop staring at her naked body, now only inches away from me. Weeks ago, I had been so close—SO FUCKING CLOSE—to having Tami all to myself. I knew I’d made the right choice by being faithful to Sonya, but fantasies of Tami had caused me so many sleepless nights since then. I wanted her so badly, I didn’t trust myself. So I just stood there like a statue and let her decide how she wanted to disrobe me.

“Do you still think about that night? About what might have happened?” Tami asked, sidling up to me.

“You have no idea,” I answered, prompting Sonya to laugh.

“So do I,” Tami whispered. The longing in her eyes spoke volumes. Was it possible? Had she been fantasizing about me just as feverishly as I had her?

Then my inner monologue turned into drunken gibberish as Tami closed the distance between us and pressed the thick tips of her nipples against the smooth muscles of my chest. She slowly dropped to her knees, dragging those nipples down along the entire length of my body as she went. I almost came as I felt the weight of her tits sliding along the length of my erection.

When she was mouth-level with my trunks, Tami leaned in and grabbed the waistband with her teeth, then gave the whole suit an exaggerated tug to get it over my turgid cock. With my erection now millimeters from her lips, Tami gave me one final, appraising smile, and returned to her feet.

Sonya grabbed me by the hand and pulled me impatiently into the shower.

“You need to fuck me right the fuck now,” she panted.

We didn’t waste any time as Sonya hiked up one of her athletic legs over my hip and used it as leverage to stuff my cock into her pussy. We kissed beneath the spray of the water, fucking impatiently while Tami and Claire watched from the sidelines. I gently pressed my thumb against Sonya’s clit, and felt feminine fingers clawing into my back in gratitude.

Her wet breasts slapped against me with every urgent thrust, splashing droplets of water up under my chin.

“Oh yes—oh yes—oh FUCK YES!” Sonya came, arching her back and thrusting her tits up into the air.

My stomach tightened, my cock pulsed, and a monstrous climax rose up, ready to destroy me—

I looked lovingly into Sonya’s eyes, but then she touched a finger to my chin and turned me to face our audience.

They were fingering each other again!

I exploded inside of Sonya, my excess cum pouring down her inner thigh to be washed away by the shower. She and I collapsed against one another in the shower, struggling to stand up straight. Sonya turned and smiled at the other girls—the objects of so many of our fantasies.

“Now, who wants to have cake?” Claire asked.