You Can't Do That on Television

The green room is quite comfortable, I thought.

It was a lovely evening as I sat in the green room, which is the term for the waiting room, for Laura Ingraham. Laura was interviewing a couple of guests, and it was getting late.

I waited a while longer, then Laura closed the show, then she bounced out of her studio and down the hall.

"Sorry," Laura said with a smile. "We ran a little long tonight." She chuckled. "I just hope I can keep running long for the rest of the night." Laura grinned. She wore a slightly snug red dress, slit in front with a button.

"Hey, sorry we didn't get to you," Laura said. "Perhaps I can make it up to you." She grinned and chuckled.

Laura started to walk down the hall. She looked back and flashed a sexy smile. I followed Laura all the way to the garage. She walked to her car.

"Get in," she said.

"What?" I said.

"Get in. It's time to make it up to you."

"Make what up to me?" Laure grabbed me and kissed me hard. As she did, she groped my crotch. I felt her unzipping my pants. I grabbed Laura's pretty ass.

"That's it," Laura said softly, in a sexy voice. I pulled her to me and kissed her. She stuck her tongue in my mouth as I unhooked her bra. She undid the button on her dress and she whipped off her bra. She opened the door and provocatively threw it on the seat of her car.

Kissing me hard, Laura aggressively pushed her body against me. I was seriously bulging.

"Nice," said Laura. She kicked her shoes off and threw them in the car. Laura untied the tie I had been wearing in anticipation of being on the show. she whipped it off.

"Get in," she said again. I got in the car. Laura smiled. She sped through the streets, apparently in a hurry.

Soon we arrived at a middle-class house somewhere in the suburbs. Laura unlocked the door and we went inside.

"Have a seat," Laura said. "I'll be right back." I sat down on Laura's comfortable couch. She disappeared down the hall.

I sat for a few minutes. I heard a bit of noise from what sounded like drawers opening and closing, but otherwise it was quiet. Now Laura emerged.

Laura returned to the living room wearing nothing but a semi-sheer black bra that almost covered her C cups and matching semi-sheer black bikini panties, and her gold cross. She smiled. Her blonde hair caressed her shoulders. I just looked at her.

Laura walked over and sat on my lap. She sat on my lap facing me.

"Laura, I-" She hit me with a hot kiss. "You do like sex, don't you?"

"Well, yes, but-"

"Good." Again she kissed me hard. I was starting to bulge. As she kissed me Laura unzipped my pants. She sat down on my bulge and blew in my ear.

I unhooked Laura's bra and slipped it off, freeing her lovelies. I kissed them. Laura smiled. I began to lick her tits. Laura moaned.

"Ooohhh," she moaned. She unbuttoned my shirt and removed it. Now she unsnapped my pants.

"Fuck me," Laura whispered. She slipped off her panties. I finished getting naked.

"That's it," Laura cooed, smiling. She kissed me again. I grabbed Laura's well-shaped ass and pulled her tightly against me. She made a point of rubbing her naked body against mine. My cock was stiff and hard.

Laura fell to her knees. She stroked my penis, then stuffed it in her mouth. She worked it with her tongue as she slid it in and out of her mouth. She swallowed my dick, deep into her mouth, smiling.

"Good God, Laura," I said. She just continued sucking and licking.

My cock began to jerk. A wave of cum shot out of my hard organ. Laura kept sucking it and licking it, taking in all my juice. Finally, I stopped flowing.

Laura took my hand. "Come on," she said. "We're just getting started." We walked together to Laura's large bedroom. It was apportioned with a king size bed with nice fluffy pillows, large night tables, and two large, elegant dressers.

Laura lay on the bed on her stomach. I crawled up behind her. She spread herself wide. My dick slid into Laura's pretty ass. I pushed it in and out, in and out.

"Ooohhh!" Laura cried ecstatically. "Ooohhh!" She wriggled her pretty butt. I spewed more juice into pretty Laura.

I withdrew. Laura lay flat on her back, her lovely naked body fully revealed. "Whew," she said breathlessly. I lay beside her. My finger found its way into Laura's pussy. I slowly fingered her, first with one finger, then two. Laura was bug-eyed.

Laura began to shiver and shake. "Oh, shit," she said. She was ecstatically shaking all over the big bed. Now I pulled my fingers out of her sweet pussy. I rolled over and stuck my tongue in Laura's wet, hot pussy. I began to lick.

"Oh, shit!" said Laura. "Oh fucking shit!"

"I think we did that already," I said. Laura chuckled. Her legs were shaking wildly. I could feel her lovely body shivering and vibrating.

"Aaahhh," Laura sighed loudly. She ws kicking the bed, her legs going up and down.

"Fuck me," Laura repeated. I pulled my face out of her pussy. Laura rolled on top of me. My dick stood straight up and Laura practically fell on it. It slid easily into Laura's eager pussy. I pumped her hard. She rocked back and forth, her boobs bouncing and her hair flying. She closed her eyes.

"Yes!" Laura screamed. "Yes!" I pushed as far into her as I could. She continued to rock on my hard cock. She was sweating and moaning.

After some time, my cock again exploded, sending a new stream of cum into sweet Laura. She took it all in and fell forward onto me, kissing me.

"Jesus Christ, that was good!" said Laura.

"Thanks," I said. She lay next to me for a while and closed her eyes. "Good night," she said.

"Good night, Laura."