Reign of the Vulvani

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23 Jun. '22

***All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older***

Aristan should have enjoyed the tall, voluptuous goddess riding his cock with such furor. He should have been entranced by the flutter of her eyelashes, the trembling of her full red lips, the waiving of her shoulder-length straight black hair, the patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair over her pussy mound. He should have been mesmerized by the bouncing of her heavy round tits, the lithe motion of her hourglass figure, the perspiration dripping down her deeply tanned skin, the curling of her toes as she orgasmed around his erection.

But he felt nothing. His dick was hard, made so by the magical gold cock ring clasped snugly around the base of his member, but his libido was nonexistent. Such had been the case for every man in the annals of recorded history.

Aristan was a manservant, a slave, of the Vulvani. He needed no reminding, but the black metal collar around his neck would have done so. His was a matriarchal society in which men were considered little more than livestock, purposed for labor and breeding. That was it.

Aristan and the curvy brown goddess weren’t the only ones in the large bed-chamber. Standing next to the long cushioned table on which the two were coupled was another woman. She was somewhat older than the tanned girl pleasuring herself on Aristan’s rigid member, but she was no less beautiful. With curly red hair, alabaster skin, and a slim, but powerful, figure, the woman exuded an air of authority and intelligence.

“Yes, Tallissa…” the redhead encouraged the black-haired girl as she massaged the latter’s clit with slick fingertips. Her other hand groped the bouncing girl’s ass and tenderly fingered her tight sphincter. “Open yourself to this boy’s Khuse. Take it from him. Make it your own.”

Tallissa quickened her pace, a deep moan escaping her lips. Aristan could feel his energy, his vitality, draining from his body into hers. As she became more energetic, he became weaker.

With a long, final howl the girl came. Aristan did too, but there was no pleasure in it. As he ejaculated into her, his strength left him completely. His limbs twitched along with his cock but he couldn’t move them. He laid there helpless, fighting to stave off the black unconsciousness that threatened to overtake him.

“Yes!” shrieked the red-haired woman, her fingertips splashing Tallissa’s wetness onto Aristan’s stomach as she furiously rubbed her pussy. “Yes…take his Khuse!”

Even as the last of Aristan’s seed spilled into the girl’s womb darkness crept over him. Before she had even dismounted him all was blackness…


Aristan awoke slowly on his cot in the slave quarters. He didn’t know how long he had been unconscious, but he knew he had a ways to go before he was fully recovered.

Not that he would ever be fully recovered. It was common knowledge among the slaves, all males, that they were kept in a state of perpetual weakness to prevent even the thought of overthrowing their female masters. However, most slaves didn’t know how this was done. They just assumed that this was the natural order of things: the Vulvani women ruled, the men served, and that was that.

But even though he was young, barely twenty years old, Aristan knew more than most. He knew that, in addition to traces of weakening poisons laced into the slaves’ food, there were more nefarious forces at work. What he didn’t know, at least not yet, was how he could counter the effects of these forces. But he was determined to find out.

That would be difficult with the red-haired woman constantly on guard. She was the family priestess, one of which every Vulvani household. These were trained, resourced, and financed by the state. No one in Vulvani society was more respected and feared than these because they were responsible for the continued subjugation of the men.

Aristan always knew he feared Madame Morditha, this family’s domineering priestess, but he didn’t know exactly why. That is, until about one year ago.

At age nineteen, Aristan was barely a year into his service as Tallissa’s manservant and breeding stud. As such, he was almost always continually by her side, unnoticed unless he was being berated, ordered around, or fucked.

Tallissa had decided she wanted to see what Morditha kept locked up in her private chambers. Aristan didn’t know how she managed to get a key, but she brought him with her to that part of the large housing complex while Morditha was out on official business at the temple in the city, a few miles from the villa.

Tallissa ordered him to stand watch while she snooped among the various shelves and cupboards that filled Morditha’s living quarters. It wasn’t long before her gaze fastened on a clear glass phallus. All the colors of the rainbow danced within it, depending on how the light caught it.

Tallissa pulled aside the front of her revealing skirt and touched the tip of the phallus to the crest of her labia. When the slightest contact was made she shook as stricken by a bolt of lightning. She pulled the instrument away and stared at it with wide eyes. Then a mischievous smile crept over her face. Morditha wouldn’t be back until late tonight. In the meantime, she was going to enjoy herself.

Settling herself into the cushions of a long reclining couch, Tallissa spread her legs and began working her pussy with the glass phallus. Before long she was in the throes of masturbatory ecstasy, eyes rolled back in her head, moaning like a whore, completely unaware of anything except the magic phallus.

Aristan watched her, wondering what it must feel like to receive satisfaction from one’s sexuality. Then he looked around the room and his gaze was drawn to a stack of very old books on one of the shelves.

Thanks to the instruction of a kindly old slave in Aristan’s youth, he was one of the very few men who could read. That simple gift proved ultimately consequential for him on that day in Morditha’s chambers.

Aristan, glancing over his shoulder to make sure Tallissa was truly incapacitated, walked over to the stack of books and found one that read in barely legible letters on the cover: THE TAMING OF KHUSE. He had no idea what “Khuse” was, but he knew it was important by the way the Vulvani spoke of it.

He opened the book and began to read. What he found both fascinated and horrified him.


Over the next year, Tallissa returned to Morditha’s lair whenever the priestess had duties elsewhere to reunite with the glass phallus. She always brought Aristan to serve as a lookout. And every time she lost herself in the throes of autoerotic pleasure, he read. And he learned a great many things over that year.

He discovered that Khuse was sexual energy and was virtually synonymous with life force. The Vulvani maintained their strength, beauty, and dominance by opening themselves to Khuse through a policy of open and free sexuality, either with other Vulvani women or their man slaves. The more sex they had the more powerful they became. That was why it wasn’t rare for a Vulvani woman in her tenth decade of life to look like she was barely in her fourth.

After learning this, Aristan assumed that men were incapable of fueling themselves with Khuse in this way, so the women were the natural overlords and not artificially so. That was the impression given by the social structure, anyway.

Then he kept reading.

Men were, he discovered, just as capable of opening themselves to the power of Khuse as women. But they were actively prohibited from doing so in a variety of ways.

First, the food and drink of the men were laced with a drug that blocked their libidos. They were incapable of feeling sexual desire. As long as they were prohibited from partaking of the rich nourishment the Vulvani women were accustomed to they would never be able to gain an erection of their own accord.

Second, the black metal collars that all slaves were bound with served as conduits of Khuse to the priestess, and from her to the rest of the household. Any sexual energy that managed to arise in the slaves was immediately sapped by her and redistributed, thereby draining the men of their life force to keep them weak and pliable.

Finally, and perhaps most nefariously, was the golden cock ring. The Vulvani had devised an ingenious way to extract dormant Khuse from their slaves through these magically enhanced pieces of jewelry. When placed on a slave, a ring fired his loins and created a raging erection. But it also confined the effects of Khuse to his groin, preventing it from traveling through the rest of his body to the pleasure centers of the brain. This allowed his owners to milk his latent Khuse and, if they wished, impregnate themselves while preventing him from gaining in strength through intercourse.

Such was the state of things, but just knowing the problem brought Aristan no closer to a solution. He would have to figure that out on his own.


As Aristan lay on the cot, his energy gradually returning, his hand drifted to his still-slick cock. Eyes still closed, he conjured up the image of Tallissa impaling herself on his dick. Slowly but surely, his member responded and twitched. It began to thicken, then to rise. He was doing what no man slave had done, at least to his knowledge: he was giving himself a natural erection without the aid of a magic cock ring.

It wasn’t easy getting to this point. At great risk, Aristan had begun sneaking food from the mistress’ pantry to avoid the libido-inhibiting drug. He ate too much at first and started to noticeably gain muscle, so now he allowed himself only enough to get by.

Then he started practicing. He did this when Tallissa was entranced by the glass phallus. He realized after a few weeks of eating normal food that he was starting to feel urges toward her that he never had before. It was subtle at first, but unmistakable. He desired Tallissa.

When she was incapacitated, he would stand over her and stroke his cock to the sight of her spread legs and dripping cunt. At first, nothing happened. She moaned, drooled, and squirmed, and yet his penis remained flaccid. Aristan reasoned, however, that if the cock ring could stimulate his erection then maybe something else could too.

Aristan’s eyes drifted to one of Tallissa’s feet that hung off the side of the couch and he had an idea. He had never touched her while she was in her orgasmic trance and wasn’t sure if it would startle her back to consciousness, but he decided it was worth the risk.

He cautiously lifted up her foot by her heel and ran her toes across his flaccid member. No response. But then, reflexively and unconsciously, her toes began to wiggle and grasp at his cock.

Then it happened. For the first time ever, it wasn’t the pleasureless stimulation of the cock ring that made Aristan’s penis thicken and grow. It was pure lust for Tallissa.

No longer isolated to his loins, he felt Khuse begin to pulse through his body. He felt his face flush and his muscles twitch as his desire for his mistress ignite his reproductive instincts. He ran his growing cock through the toes of the foot he was now fucking, mesmerized at the oozing of his precum onto the wiggling digits.

“Ahhhhh…” came a long sigh from Tallissa. Aristan glanced up to make sure she hadn’t woken up. She hadn’t, but she did seem to become more animated. The gliding of the glass dildo in and out of her wet hole became creamier as her juices flowed more freely.

Aristan was barely fully erect when his body convulsed and cum spewed onto Tallissa’s foot, shooting all the way up to her strong, thick thigh. This was Aristan’s first time really feeling his own orgasm and he buckled under the pressure.

As he lay on the ground twitching and trying to get a hold of himself, Aristan was both liberated and enraged. Liberated because, even though his collar still prevented him from enjoying the life-enhancing benefits of Khuse, he finally had a sense of the connection between Khuse and his body, and it was powerful. Enraged because he had been denied this connection for so long.


As Aristan stroked his now fully-erect cock from where he lay on his cot, he ran his plan through again in his head. Since that day when he first came naturally, Aristan had practiced orgasm denial every chance he got. He would think of Tallissa and pleasure himself to the verge of climax, then throttle back to avoid cumming. He did this for hours on end, hoping to build the endurance necessary to put his plan into effect.

The key was in defeating the collar. Through his reading, Aristan discovered that slave collars could retain only so much Khuse at one time. It was a long shot, but Aristan reasoned that if he could share a sexual experience with someone for long enough to build enough Khuse in the collar he could defeat it.

The collar was the final obstacle between him and escape because, in addition to rerouting Khuse from the slaves to the priestess, it also bound him to the villa in which he lived. If he were to leave its walls he would be immediately paralyzed, then either punished or executed.

Today was the day he would put his plan into effect. The priestess was going to the temple again today, which meant Tallissa would be going to her chambers to spend time with the glass phallus. That’s when Aristan would take her.

He started by masturbating to completion. He needed to last as long as possible when he coupled with another person, so he spent his first load now to make him less sensitive.

After he had done so, Aristan snuck into the ladies’ kitchen and helped himself to a much larger meal than he usually allowed himself. He would need the energy.

Then, he ventured to his place of duty outside Tallissa’s rooms. Sure enough, when she emerged she ordered him to follow and went straight to Morditha’s chambers.

It was the same every time. Tallissa posted Aristan near the closed door to keep watch, then she settled herself into the couch with the glass phallus. Once she was fully incapacitated, Aristan usually practiced erection control by rubbing his erection somewhere along her body. But not this time.

This time, Aristan gently and carefully moved Tallissa’s ass end to the edge of the couch, watching to make sure she didn’t wake up. Her legs spread open of their own accord, the phallus sliding in and out of her pussy without interruption.

He rubbed his cock along the inside of her thigh as he watches her labia spread, eagerly receiving the glass shaft. His dick stiffened, soon achieving a full erection. Now for the dangerous part.

Aristan bent his knees to line up the head of his cock with Tallissa’s puckered asshole. Her creamy fluids dripped down her crack, creating a sticky coat of lube over her anus. He settled the tip of his cock against it and watched her face for any sign of consciousness.

Tallissa sped the thrusting of the phallus and licked her lips, but she didn’t wake up. Slowly, aided by the slick film of her fluids, Aristan pushed until her asshole spread and contracted again around the head of his cock.

A deep, guttural groan emitted from Tallissa’s lips. Her eyelids fluttered and she squirmed more forcefully, but still within the unconscious prison of pleasure she had locked herself in.

Aristan advanced his cock deeper. Tallissa’s toes curled and wiggled, and the phallus sped in a blur through her lips but still, she remained at his mercy.

Aristan went for it. He rocked his hips back and forth, her anal canal tight and warm around his shaft. He sped up until he reached a pace he thought he could maintain for a while.

The slapping of his hips against Tallissa’s bottom as he buried his cock sent ripples in the flesh of her ass and thighs. He gripped her hips and opened himself up to the full experience, amazed at the intensity of the fire in his nerves. He felt as if only now he was able to appreciate Tallissa’s tanned skin, luscious curves, full lips, and heavy tits that bounced capped with long brown nipples.

“Ahh…ahhh…ahhhh!” came the sounds from Tallissa’s mouth. Aristan slowed his pace, knowing that she would wake when she climaxed. He touched his collar. It was warm, as if being run through with an electric current, but still intact.

But the heat continued to build, burning his flesh. It hurt, but it also helped him to delay his orgasm. He continued his thrusting, enjoying the sight of Tallissa’s asshole gripping his cock as he pulled out, then closing around him as he pushed back in.

Suddenly, the door opened behind and he heard a gasp. He whipped his head around and saw, silhouetted in the doorway, the figure of Morditha.

She moved quickly. Aristan barely had time to withdraw his cock from Tallissa’s asshole before Morditha was on top of him. She hit him with such force that before he could react Aristan was on his back on the floor. Morditha straddled him, crouching over his groin and both hands throttling his throat. Her red hair waved in disarray like flames jutting from her skull and her piercing green eyes had the look of death about them.

“You fool!” she hissed. “I will drain you of Khuse!”

Hands still around his throat, Morditha, dropped her hips toward him, engulfing his cock into her pussy which was bare beneath her glittering gown.

Aristan’s breath caught in his chest, both from being choked and from the feeling spreading from his cock to the rest of his body. It was the feeling of Khuse leaving his body, draining through his cock into Morditha for her use.

An icy coldness spread through his body, like shards of ice in his veins, and he felt weaker by the second. Morditha moved her hips up and down in small motions, deliberately drawing his life force from him into her womb.

“This is it,” Aristan thought. “This is how I die.”

He had almost resigned himself to his fate when he realized he could try one more tactic to save his life and, maybe, gain his freedom. If he could bring Morditha to climax without the protection of the cock ring, he might be able to take enough of her Khuse to break the hold of the collar. Then he could cum and reap the benefits of coupling. He might just gain enough strength to get out of there.

It was Aristan’s only option other than to simply lay there and die. His hands went to her wrists and jerked down. Her grip on his throat slipped just enough to take one, deep breath. Then he let go.

Putting into action everything he had learned watching Tallissa with the glass dildo, he grabbed Morditha’s hips and pulled down as he bucked his hips up, driving deep into her.

Morditha gasped in surprise and momentarily loosened her grip. Aristan repeated the motion, pounding his hips into her white ass again and again. Putting to use another tactic he learned from Tallissa, he gripped Morditha’s asscheek and slipped the tip of his index finger into her anus.

“Aaaiyeeee!” came Morditha’s blood-curdling scream as she froze in place. Aristan pushed his finger in to the first knuckle, then to the second, and finally all the way.

Morditha’s lips moved without sound and now it was she who failed to breathe. This was his chance.

Aristan ripped his finger from her hole and bucked his hips one more time, this time thrusting up and to the side. He rolled with the momentum and when they came to a rest he was on top, his cock still buried in her hot, slick pussy.

He wasted no time. His hands wrapped around her throat and he squeezed with all his might. He pounded her ass with his hips, his cock bottoming out inside of her.

Morditha’s eyes bulged and her face turned blue. To Aristan’s eternal surprise, he heard her gurgle, barely audibly, “Yeeeesssss…”

With that, her pussy spasmed around his cock. Her juices soaked his member and dropped down his balls. She shook violently as her climax overtook her helpless form.

Aristan’s collar momentarily burned white-hot, then burst into billions of microscopic particles. It had, as Aristan had hoped, been overloaded with Khuse past its breaking point.

Now it was his turn. Without releasing his group on her throat, Aristan glanced over between Tallissa’s spread legs. The sight of her winking asshole and the glass phallus gliding through her dripping cunt sent him over the edge.

Aristan erupted into Morditha, who shivered as load after load of his white, hot cum filled her womb. As he climaxed he experienced, for the first time unencumbered by drugs, collars, or cock rings, the full force of Khuse.

It was ecstasy he could never have imagined had he not experienced it firsthand. His muscles, previously weak and barely capable of moderate manual labor, felt on fire with strength and vitality. His perception was suddenly fine-tuned, able to take in his surroundings with granular detail in an instant. His heart now beat at a strong, slow pace rather than the quick stutter he had lived with his entire life. His lungs opened to receive and process all the oxygen he had been deprived of all these years.

Most importantly, he felt alive. For the very first time, he was more than just livestock or a breeding tool. He was a Man.

Aristan removed himself from the priestess and took his hands from her throat, his fingers leaving deep red streaks where they had done their work. She was unconscious but still breathing. He stood up on now-powerful legs and turned to Tallissa.

She had finished and now, fully conscious again, stared at him with mouth agape and horror in her eyes. The glass dildo lay next to her, slick with her slime.

“Stand up,” he commanded her with a voice of authority that surprised him. It had the same effect on her, for she wasted no time springing to her feet.

“Turn around and bend over.” She did, her round brown ass sticking up in the air, legs spread, pussy fluid still running down her juicy thighs.

Aristan picked up the dildo and placed the tip against her asshole, making her gasp. But she didn’t move.

He pushed in until her asshole opened just enough to wrap around the head of the phallus. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she was again taken into the unknowing bliss of the phallus.

But, by holding onto the end, Aristan found he could control her with subtle movements. A slight twist of the glass rod and she stood up straight. Another, and she turned to walk to the door. Anyone who came close would be able to see something was amiss, but if Aristan could avoid close contact on their way out he could make it look like she was leading him around. The domineering mistress and the submissive slave.

Despite a few close calls, Aristan maneuvered them in this way to the front gate of the living complex. It was unguarded, as no one ever dreamed of a slave being able to get past the safeguards Aristan had. He took a deep breath, slightly tilted the phallus still lodged in Tallissa’s ass, and stepped through the gate.

He was free.

Where would he go, though? How would he survive? What would he do?

These were questions that needed answering, and soon. But, at that moment, Aristan was content. He was one with his Khuse and he would die before he let anyone take that from him again.

For now, he could only move forward and see where that commitment led him.