Fuck My Wife

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23 Jun. '22

***All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older***

"I need you to fuck my wife."

It took me a second to register what he was telling me. I had received a lot of strange requests over the years in my job as a professional mediator, but this was a new one.

The requestor, Derrick, was a client of mine. I had just helped his company resolve a particularly ugly dispute and, as a thank you on top of payment for services rendered, he had invited me to his house party he was throwing tonight.

I hadn't planned on staying long and was just finishing my glass of merlot when derrick pulled me aside in his backyard. He told me he had one more favor to ask of me. I asked what it was. Then he told me he wanted me to fuck his wife.

"You...you want," I stuttered. "You want me to fuck Lexi?"

He nodded and confirmed, "Hell yeah, I do."

"I...uh...," I scanned his face to look for any signs that he was joking. It didn't take much long to tell he was dead serious. "Why?" I asked.

"So," Derrick scratched the back of his head as he prepared his explanation. "Lex and I have a...an agreement."

"Ok..." I prodded him to continue.

"Well...we agreed that I can fuck other chicks if, for every one, I find her a guy to fuck her. Like, a good one, not some fatass who's gonna cum in three seconds."


"So, tonight, I want to fuck her..." Derrick said as he pointed to a tall blonde MILF with fake tits.

"And it's my job to even out the score with Lexi," I finished for him.

"Exactly," he confirmed.

This was as unorthodox as marital arrangements come, but I was in a phase in my life where I rarely said no to any consensual tryst with a beautiful woman.

I nodded. "As long as you're sure," I agreed.

Derrick smiled broadly and clapped me on my shoulder, "Fantastic. A couple of things you should know," he explained, counting off each item on his fingers. "First, don't fuck around with Lex. Just be straight with her. She wants to fuck, you want to fuck. Don't make it complicated."

He continued, "Second, she hates full-on anal but loves having her asshole teased. Finally, be fucking passionate. Spank her, kiss her hard, pull her hair." He smirked as he concluded, "Trust me she'll love it."


Derrick made a beeline to the blonde MILF as I scanned the yard looking for Lexi. We had only met briefly earlier in the evening, but even from a distance, I recognized her petite form as she sat alone on a yard couch. She was scrolling her phone, apparently bored with this whole event.

I finished the last of my merlot in one gulp and walked toward her. My crotch started to tingle as she came into view. She wore a baby blue spaghetti-strap sundress that made her deeply-tanned skin look even darker. Her wavy brown hair hung freely over her dainty shoulders, framing a beautiful angular face. Her delicate jawline was well-defined, her eyes almond-shaped, and her nose small and cute. But her lips really caught my attention. She had the fullest lips I had ever seen on a woman so petite.

Lexi looked up from her phone as I neared. She smiled politely and didn't seem to mind as I took a seat next to her on the couch.

"Hi," I said, uncreatively.

"Hi," she responded.

"Thanks for letting me crash your party."

Lexi smirked. "Well...you're welcome, but it isn't really MY party."

She glanced over to where her husband Derrick was putting the moves on the blonde MILF, who was responding well to his advances.

That seemed to be my opening. "Well," I said in a low voice, almost a whisper, giving me an excuse to lean closer to her. "What if we made it your party?" I lightly ran a finger over the bare skin just above her knee and waited for a response.

"So, you're the one he picked out for me..." Lexi said with considerably less excitement than I had hoped.

"I hope you're not disappointed," I said, unsure if I had come on too strong.

She turned her face toward me, her full moist lips glistening in the light from the string of bulbs hanging above the couch. "I don't know yet," she replied. "What did you have in mind?"

Remembering Derrick's advice, I offered, "Lust. Passion. A night where nothing else in the world exists except your pleasure. No skin left unkissed. No part of your body left unbathed by my tongue..."

I glanced down to see the toes of her bare feet wiggling. As much as she tried to keep her expression from showing it, Lexi was enjoying this.

"And what about my holes?" she asked.

I leaned in close, our noses only centimeters apart. My fingers slowly traveled from her knee up her thigh to the hem of her sundress. "I'll take care of them all. I'll clean your asshole with my tongue. Then you'll suck on my fingers as I fill your warm pussy with my throbbing cock..."

As I said this I took her hand and placed it gently on top of my groin, letting her feel how hard I was for her. As her hand squeezed her thighs rubbed together, her pussy evidently responding positively to my offer.

Lexi put her mouth to my ear. "Follow me," she breathed.

We stood together, her straightening the bottom of her dress and me trying to tuck my rerection into my waistband. I glanced over to where Derrick had managed to get the blonde MILF to dance with him. As he stood behind her grinding his crotch into her ass he saw Lexi and I walking toward the door to the house. He winked and mouthed, "Have fun."


Lexi led me to a room on the second floor. There was a TV on one wall and across from it was a grey couch. Some light weights, a stationary bike, a bean bag, and other various fitness and relaxation tools lined the edge of the room. I shut and locked the door behind us.

She reached the center of the room and turned to face me, her slim figure silhouetted by the solitary lamp standing in the corner that cast a soft golden glow over the room.

"So," she prodded, "What now?"

I took a few steps to stand directly in front of her. I put one hand on her ass and pulled her body into mine, letting her feel the bulge in my pants. I wrapped the other behind her head and pulled her mouth into mine. Her full, soft lips opened to receive mine as she responded energetically. Our tongues intertwined as we sucked and nibbled on each other's mouths.

Without breaking contact her hands went to my belt, unclasping it and then unbuttoning my pants. I broke free of our kiss and kicked off my shoes. She watched as I pulled off my shirt, socks, and finally my boxers. Her eyes were drawn to the purple head of my engorged cock.

I pulled her sundress over her head by the hem. She must have been planning on fucking someone tonight. She wore a light blue bra and corset combo with a matching see-through thong. I took a moment to admire her stunning figure, then pulled her back into our sloppy kiss.

Our hands explored each other without hesitation. Her ass was pleasantly plump despite her slim build and her bra pushed her tits up to form some lovely cleavage. Her tiny fingers were warm as they wrapped around my cock.

I whispered into her ear, "I'm so hard for you, Lexi."

She murmered back, "Then do something with it."

I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of her thong and pulled it to the ground. Then I wrapped my arms under her ass and lifted her tiny frame. She wrapped her legs around me, hooking her ankles together against my back, and lowered herself onto my waiting cock.

Lexi exhaled with a soft "ooooh" as her pussy wrapped itself around the head of my excited member.

"Mmm..." I moaned back, my shaft gliding effortlessly into her canal. She immediately began using her legs to lift and lower herself. I helped her with my arms underneath her ass, surprised at how strong the grip of her legs was around my hips.

Lexi wrapped her arms around my neck and shot her tongue into my mouth. We sucked hungrily, moaning and gasping together as my hips bucked and drove my cock into her receptive hole.

Lexi was light but my arms started to get tired nonetheless. I carried her over to the couch and laid her on her back. Then I helped her roll over onto her hands and knees. She stuck her ass out, inviting me to explore.

I rubbed her bare wet pussy with my fingers, then ran my thumb over her tight rubbery asshole. I had promised her a bath. Now seemed like as good a time as any.

Grabbing both cheeks to spread them apart, I licked my way up her asscrack and then focused on her sphincter, drinking in the salty taste. I took turns massaging her asshole and teasing her pussy opening with the tip of my tongue, as well as running it through her thick, dark butterfly labia.

With my tongue burrowing into her asshole I slid two fingers into her pussy, massaging her from the inside as they glided in and out. "Mmm yeeeesss..." she moaned approvingly as I increased the pace of my tongue-flicking and fingerfucking.

Lexi's hips drove back to meet my fingers, now slick with her juices. She was trying to cum and she seemed like she was close. But I wasn't going to let her cum on my fingers when I had a perfectly good cock for her to do that on.

I withdrew my fingers and said, "Lean over the back of the couch." She obeyed and turned drape her arms over the seat back cushion feet hanging off the seat. Her ass still stuck out and I could see the slightest tremble in her labia as they hung beneath her.

Standing with my knees against the seat cushion, I sank my cock into her dripping hole. About halfway in I stopped and grabbed a handful of her hair. Pulling lightly at first, I drove my cock the rest of the way in.

Now I let myself go. It was time to fuck her properly. The pace of my thrusting built and I pulled harder and harder on Lexi's hair. Her moaning became louder until each thrust elicited a loud "uh!" or "mmm!"

The rhythmic slapping of my hips against her ass left splotches of red on her dark skin. I added to them with loud slaps, spanking her cheeks in between thrusts. I could feel her getting close, as was I.

I withdrew from Lexi and flipped her onto her back, her legs spread for me and ass barely hanging off the edge of the couch. I sank my shaft back into her for our final round.

I picked up where I left off, pounding away, watching Lexi's legs shake. Her cheeks flushed and her mouth hung open as she rode the edge of a climax. I stuck my thumb into her mouth. She sucked hard, tongue dancing wildly against my skin.

I don't know how long this lasted. Everything became a blurb of sweat and skin, moans and groans. Her pussy hugged my shaft tightly as I strummed her clit with my free thumb.

Then Lexi's legs quivered and her toes curled as her orgasm overtook her. She emitted a high-pitched squeal, muffled by my thumb between her lips. I thrust a few more times and joined her in orgasmic bliss, dumping my load deep inside her.

When I withdrew her pussy was a creamy mess. It was beautiful. I collapsed into a sitting position on the couch and pulled her legs onto my lap. We sat in silence, our heavy breathing gradually resolving into a relaxed cadence.

I looked down at her face. She started at the ceiling, a soft smile on her face.

"I'm not sure at what point I've overstayed my welcome," I said, "But I haven't even gotten to play with your tits yet."

Lexi looked at me and shrugged. "Derrick won't be back until morning."

I smiled and leaned over her. "I'll take the whole night, then." She grinned and pulled me down into a long, deep kiss.

We didn't sleep that night.