The Waiting Game Ch 4: And Eat it, Too

Nobody bothered to get dressed as we all sat down around the coffee table to finally get a taste of that long-promised dessert. The cake wasn’t anything fancy—lemon sponge cake with buttercream frosting—but Claire was an excellent baker and whatever secret ingredients she snuck into that recipe made it easily the best piece of cake I’d ever eaten in my life.

As Claire went to cut us all a second slice, Tami casually turned to Sonya and me and asked, “So, what was all that about a ‘Waiting Game?’ Sonya was gonna say something but you stopped her, Michael!”

“Come on, Michael,” Claire called out from the kitchen. “What was it you told me about always being honest with people?”

Sonya looked at me for permission, excited to spill the beans.

“Fine,” I shrugged. After all that just transpired, I figured we may as well.

This was gonna be interesting.

“It’s easier if I show you,” Sonya explained, then she daringly darted out the front door—still buck naked—and returned a few moments later with my laptop in her arms.

She plunked the computer down on the table, opened my “videos” folder, and—

“Is this the most recent one, Michael?”

I nodded, nervous. Sonya played the file, and Tami and Claire watched, transfixed, at the recorded video of Sonya, tilting the camera down to show us all that she had, in fact, inserted a third finger into her drenched blonde pussy.

“Whoa, hard core,” Tami giggled.

I heard my own voice, coming through the speakers:

“Then, with you and Claire sitting there watching, I pin Tami to the bed and straddle her chest—squeezing my long, aching cock between her humongous tits…”

Claire and Tami looked over at me in surprise—

“And then I throw Claire down on the bed right next to you!” It was Sonya’s voice, this time, and it got even more of their attention.

“And what do you do to her?” my voice asked.

“I climb on top of her beautiful, gorgeous face and I—I—Oh god, I can’t believe I’m saying this…”

“What happens?”

“I drop myself onto her mouth and she—oh fuck! She licks me until I’m screaming—screaming—“

Claire instinctively reached out and paused the video, blushing deeply. She looked at Sonya in a whole new light.

“So, this Waiting Game you two play—these dirty stories—sometimes they’re about us?” Tami asked.

“Actually,” I said, “They’re always about you.”

Claire couldn’t stop looking at Sonya. “And you were okay with this? You didn’t get jealous of him fantasizing about me and Tami?”

“I started it,” she answered bluntly.

I decided it was time to come clean:

“Fact is, you guys are the most gorgeous, sexy women I’ve ever laid eyes on, and I’ve been around you almost 24-7 for the entire summer. At first, this game was just a way for Sonya and I to let off some steam, but then it sort of became…”

“It sort of became our entire fantasy life,” Sonya finished.

Nobody knew what to say, so Claire just decided to serve us all our second helping of cake.

I was grateful for the distraction, but before I could consume even one bite of it, Sonya picked the cake up off my plate and childishly smeared it all over my face.

“Aw, I’m sorry, let me clean that up for you,” she laughed. Then she straddled my lap with her nude body and began licking the cake off my face.

It was hilarious, sure, but by the time she was done, I could already feel my cock coming back to life.

“Payback time,” I laughed. I picked up Sonya’s slice of cake, aimed it at her face—but at the last second I let it drop, splattering all that delicious buttercream across her cleavage.

“Hey!” she cried, but a second later I was already licking the stuff off her nipples and Sonya decided she wasn’t mad at me anymore.

Across the table from us, Tami decided to get in on the fun, as well. She grabbed a slice of cake, turned around, and smeared it deliberately across her own butt—shrieking with laughter as Claire bent down and teasingly started licking it off.

Finally ready for some real action, I planted Sonya’s bare butt on the edge of the coffee table and smeared more cake all over her cunt.

“Oh yeah, I’ve been waiting for this,” she cooed.

“So have I, sweetie,” I said, and then I happily let my mouth enjoy the blissful flavor of Sonya’s adorable wet pussy.

“We need to try some of that,” Claire laughed, sitting herself down on the coffee table right next to my girlfriend. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted Tami swirling a liberal amount of frosting across her lover’s most intimate regions.

Seconds later, Sonya and Claire were both moaning at the ceiling, gripping the edge of the table with white knuckles as Tami and I licked the cake from between their legs. Approaching orgasm and intoxicated by arousal, their eyes met—timid at first, but then—

“Kiss her,” Tami urged, every bit as turned on as I was.

Sonya and Claire timidly locked lips, moaning with unbridled delight at the taste of a new lover.

“Oh yes,” Sonya mumbled, totally losing her mind.

Unable to hold herself back any longer, Claire let go of the table and reached out to grope at my girlfriend’s body. Sonya followed suit, squeezing Claire’s big, perfect tits.

The sight made my dick grow hard enough to cut steel.

“I think we should move this into the bedroom,” Claire panted. Sonya nodded in agreement. Tami and I reluctantly pulled our mouths off our lovers’ pussies and turned instead to one another.

“You guys go ahead,” Tami whispered, looking hungrily at my body. “We’ll join you in a minute.”

Claire got up, but Sonya looked back to me at the last second. “Are we really doing this?” she asked, uncertain.

“Only if you want to,” I answered.

Sonya took one last look back at Claire, who disappeared into the bedroom offering one final glimpse of her long, slender legs and that absurdly incredible ass.

“I want to,” Sonya grinned, and chased afterwards. They actually had the nerve to close the door behind them.

But, much as I might have enjoyed seeing what Claire was getting up to with my girlfriend in there, my attention was, at that moment, entirely focused on Tami. She crawled towards me on all fours, her heavy breasts swinging back and forth.

“That first night—where did we leave off?” she asked.

“Back rub?”

“I think we can skip past that part, don’t you?”

“Hell yes.”

Just as she had before, Tami threw herself at me—but this time I didn’t pull away. I fell onto my back with her on top of me, all those delightful curves squashed against the shape of my body. My unruly erection pressed rudely against her soft thigh.

Our lips collided with a ferver, and before I knew it both my hands had dropped south to grab hold of Tami’s ass. I pushed her hips up and to the side, until we could both feel the hot tip of my cock bumping up against the slippery entrance to her pussy.

I hovered there, luxuriating in the moment, but we both knew it was still too soon to go quite that far—we hadn’t had enough of a chance to enjoy each other’s bodies just yet. Tami closed her eyes and moaned at the sensation as my cockhead grazed back and forth across the outside of her slippery folds, refusing to go in.

Her lips travelled down, kissing my chin, my jaw, my throat, and finally my chest and nipples. Her hand reached between our two bodies, seeking out my cock and gently gripping it between her fingers to test its girth.

I let out an “Mmm,” of approval, and watched, elated, as Tami continued to kiss her way down my body: past my stomach, sliding her wet tongue through the soft tuft of my pubic hair, finally coming to a stop with the side of my cock laying against her cheek.

“I think we need some more cake,” I breathed.

Stroking my shaft with one hand, Tami reached up and grabbed the last slice of cake off the table—then she rubbed it liberally up and down the length of my erection.

“I think I need some more cock,” she joked.

She turned her head to the side and planted a series of soft, wet kisses up and down my penis. Her tongue flicked out—teasing me—delicately licking off the frosting one drop at a time, until my entire shaft was clean of cake and dripping with her saliva.

“God, you’re good at that,” I moaned appreciatively.

She looked into my eyes, her lips still pressing up against the underside of my cock.

“You just wait,” she breathed. Then she lowered her mouth around my shaft, taking me deeper and deeper down her throat, until she had swallowed every inch of me.

My head slammed back against the carpet in ecstasy. I couldn’t believe what she was doing. No girl had ever done that to me before—taken me all the way inside her mouth. Not even Sonya. What the hell was wrong with this ex-boyfriend who had dumped Tami?

As slowly as she had sucked me in, Tami let me slip back out—then she dropped her head again, bobbing up and down to give me a wonderful, slow-paced blowjob.

It felt great, but I didn’t want to come just yet—and if I let her keep this up, that was gonna be unavoidable. I delicately extricated myself from her throat and sat up, whispering, “I want to have some more cake, too. Come here.”

I crooked my finger and she happily climbed into my lap, her scalding cunt rubbing against the side of my cock and her titanic cleavage bulging up inches below my chin.

We kissed again, more sweetly this time, letting our lips linger. Tami handed me what was left of that last slice of cake, and I carefully swirled the frosting around her engorged nipples. She helpfully leaned backwards and thrust out her chest, offering up the entirety of her bosom as a culinary delight.

Unable to restrain myself a moment longer, I dove in, exploring the shape of her nipples with my tongue.

Her fingers grabbed hold of my hair and she pulled me in tighter, forcing my face against her breasts. It only took a second for me to lick off all the frosting, but instead of pulling away, I kept going—licking and kissing all over Tami’s curves. Burying my face in her cleavage. Groping and squeezing with my hands, letting my fingertips flutter teasingly across her nipples.

I had dreamed about this girl’s tits a lot over the past months, and I fully intended to enjoy the moment. Tami seemed content to just let me play. She kept moaning in my ear, and her breathing quickened as I lifted up her left breast and ran my tongue up along its curved underside.

“I’m ready to go into the bedroom, if you are,” she whispered.

In response, I hopped to my feet and tossed her body over my shoulder in a fireman’s carry. I took Tami across the apartment, to the closed bedroom door, where the sounds of blissful female moans were clearly audible coming through the wood.

“I wonder what they’re up to in there,” I grinned.

“Let’s find out,” Tami laughed.

We walked inside to find the toned, tanned bodies of our two lovers splayed across the bed, scissoring one another. Their legs intertwined and their pussies rubbed together with hot, wet friction. Both Claire and Sonya’s breasts were swinging crazily from all the motion. They glanced up when they saw us, but neither girl made any move to stop.

I can’t begin to tell you how strange it was to see Sonya with another woman. Fantasizing about it had been one thing. Seeing them kiss had been another. But now? Watching as my girlfriend writhed her naked body against Claire’s? Listening her mews of Sapphic pleasure? It didn’t even feel real. Part of me wanted to pull her away and keep her all to myself.

-But only part of me. And a small part, at that. Most of me was way too fucking horny to care.

I dropped Tami onto the mattress beside them and kneeled down, lowering my face to her crotch, admiring the adorable little heart-shapped patch of trimmed hair she had down there. I lapped gently at the slick pink flesh of her pussy…

“Oh, forget the foreplay. Just fuck me now!” Tami whined, and rolled over onto her chest, swinging her legs over the side of the bed to present me with her delicious ass.

“Whatever you say,” I answered, placing my hands on her hips and lining myself up with her entrance. Sonya looked over at me, eager to watch.

“Do it,” she ordered.

I pushed the head of my cock inside and roared with pleasure.

Tami’s body was like heaven. So wet and warm and tight. She whimpered with pleasure, grabbing handfuls of the bed sheets as I slid smoothly inside her sheath, all the way to the root. Her soft buttocks pressed against my pelvis.

It blew my mind. Months of flirting and fantasies all building to this moment: Me, pleasuring Tami with my cock while Sonya watched.

I withdrew, and then slowly pushed back into her, gradually upping the pace with each thrust. Tami shuddered around me, and we both kept our eyes on Sonya and Claire as they fucked beside us. With one hand squeezing Tami’s ass, I reached around with my other and wedged it beneath her until I felt her clit against my palm.

“Urr, yes!” She shivered, writhing her body against my hand as I thrust into her harder and harder—until her ass was clapping loudly against me.

Carefully, I lifted one of Tami’s legs up over my shoulder—rolling her onto her side with me still inside of her—and proceeded to saw in and out of her cunt.

The sight was too much for Claire. With a fierce, full-body spasm, she climaxed against my girlfriend’s body, then collapsed limp onto the bed, still watching with disbelief as I fucked her woman.

Momentarily relieved of duty, Sonya crawled over towards us to get a closer view of the action, until her face was right next to where my cock was dipping in and out of Tami.

“This is so crazy,” she laughed.

With a glint of naughtiness in her eyes, Sonya extended her tongue and leaned forwards, between us. She licked along my cock—slick with Tami’s juices—and when I plunged back inside the girl, Sonya’s tongue followed suit, playfully swirling around Tami’s clit.

Tami’s eyes bugged out with pleasure, and she promptly reached out and grabbed Sonya’s ass—pulling the lovely blonde’s crotch towards her face.

“Come here,” she moaned.

Sonya spread her legs and cooed as Tami craned her head down and planted a big, sloppy kiss on her steaming core.

For about the millionth time that day, I couldn’t believe my eyes. As I continued to fuck Tami, she was 69’ing my girlfriend. I dropped one hand to Sonya’s hair, the other hand to Tami’s ass, and just went for it. Thrusting as fast as I could—

“Mmm!” Sonya moaned, her thighs clenching—

“Aah!” Tami screamed, her breasts bouncing—

“Fuck!” I shouted, and the three of us climaxed together in a huge explosion of bliss.

I pulled out, still spurting—and Sonya and Tami dutifully spun around to catch the last of my cum across their tongues.

“I think we all could use another shower,” Claire observed.

Nobody disagreed.

After the shower, things calmed back down a little bit. We got dressed, went out for pizza, and returned home after nightfall, hoping the power would be back on.

It wasn’t.

But things could have been worse. Sonya and I brought over a bottle of nice red wine, Tami and Claire lit the candles all over their apartment, and the space was bathed once again in that soft, romantic glow.

“What an amazing day,” Sonya sighed, relishing a sip of wine.

“Are we gonna do this all the time, now that we’re neighbors?” Tami asked.

I looked around the room at the three girls, each of them beautiful beyond belief. How lucky can one guy get?

“I don’t see why not,” I grinned.

Claire set down her glass and turned towards Sonya and I—

“I know it’s getting late, and we should probably all turn in soon, but before we do…”

“Yes?” Sonya asked.

“Am I right in assuming that we’re all up for one more round of fun? Now, amongst all those fantasies you two had about us, over all those weeks apart, was there anything in particular you’ve been dying to try?”

My pulse quickened. Sonya took my hand and said, “You go first, honey.”

I stammered, “Well, Claire, you have been flashing those tits in my face every day for the past two months. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t dying for a taste.”

“I think I can arrange that,” Claire laughed. She stood and circled the coffee table, looking absolutely stunning in her little sundress. She straddled my lap, squeezing her arms together to accentuate her cleavage, and bit her lip.

Not needing a further invitation, I slipped my fingers beneath the straps holding up her dress and slid them off her shoulders, letting the neckline drop down to reveal a sexy strapless bra. I bathed the swelling tops of her breasts in gentle kisses as my hands reached around Claire’s back to find the clasp—

Got it.

I groaned as her proud pink boobs popped into view.

“Careful, they’re kind of sensitive,” Claire whispered.

She placed a hand on the back of my head and tilted my face down—slowly—until my nose pressed into the top of her breast and my tongue found her nipple.

“Oh yes…” she moaned.

“I didn’t even know you were interested in guys,” Tami said.

“You never asked,” Claire laughed.

I continued to suckle Claire’s perfect breasts for a few minutes, but then a new urge overtook me and I suddenly kissed her on the lips. Claire pulled away, but only for a moment—just long enough for her to pull my shirt off over my head.

Beside us, I heard the sound of more kissing as Sonya climbed into Tami’s lap and they began a steamy, sensual make-out session of their very own.

My hands hiked up Claire’s dress and I dipped a few fingers inside her already soaking-wet underwear. She unzipped my jeans and reached inside—

“Back to the bedroom?” she pleaded.

“But all of us together this time,” I answered.

Our clothes were gone before we even made it through the door. We fell onto Claire’s queen-size bed as a group—kissing, licking, and fondling. Everywhere I looked—everywhere I touched—there was always another beautiful female body to enjoy.

“Okay, now it’s my turn to call out a fantasy,” Sonya exclaimed. “Three-girl blowjob!”

That’s the girl I love, alright.

I leaned against the headboard and watched in amazement as all three ladies—Tami, Claire, and Sonya—crowded around and worshipped my cock. I thanked god I was big enough down there that they could all get a seat at the table.

It was sensory overload; too many tongues and too many beautiful faces. The girls made it even worse by constantly kissing one another with my shaft trapped between their lips.

Then, all of a sudden, Sonya went totally rigid. I looked down to see that Tami had discreetly snuck her fingers up my girlfriend’s snatch. With my cock all but forgotten, Sonya grabbed Tami by the shoulders and pulled her aside, all to herself. She practically inhaled Tami’s breasts.

Now alone with Claire, I pulled her mouth off my glistening cock and took her in my arms—sitting her back on my lap and again kissing her on the lips. Softly, she stroked my penis where it lay trapped against her bare-shaven pubic mound.

“Do you want me?” she whispered.

In response, I grabbed hold of Claire’s perfect ass, lifted her up into the air, and then gently lowered her body onto my cock.

She shivered at the sensation, and her arms wrapped tightly around my back, holding on for dear life.

“I can feel your heart,” she whimpered. “I can feel it beating though your chest.”

“I can feel yours, too.”

Then the moaning started. Sonya and Tami took turns licking at each other’s breasts while their fingers feverishly went to work down below. Claire fought to keep breathing, her torso draped limply across mine as her ass clenched again and again with each thrust of my hips.

“Oh yeah…” she sighed, her teeth grazing my earlobe.

I ground my pelvis against her clit, rolling my hips—

Beside us, Tami screamed, “Oh!” and erupted into orgasm, shaking like a leaf. She fell onto her back, gasping for air.

Claire went crazy at the sight of her girlfriend coming like that. With renewed vigor, she planted her hands on my shoulders and took control, bouncing up and down. Once more unattended, Sonya snuck up behind poor Claire and reached around, pulling at her sensitive pink nipples with one hand and strumming the girl’s clit with the other—


I almost lost it as Claire’s hips shook and shuddered around my cock.

Still at maximum hardness, I withdrew from Claire’s spent body and reached for Sonya, herself still in need of a good climax—

“Wait,” Tami whimpered, “I want to do it like—like you talked about doing in the Waiting Game. How did it start? First Michael gets on top of me.”

She rolled onto her back, squeezing her humongous, juicy tits together in invitation.

I straddled her chest, my rigid penis already slippery with Claire’s arousal. Tami spread her boobs apart, letting me lower myself down into her pillowy cleavage.

She looked up at my face, beaming with pride at how impossibly turned-on I was. “I want you to enjoy yourself,” she said. Then she mashed her boobs back together with me trapped between them. My hands fell onto her melons and held on for dear life as I pounded away, fucking the greatest pair of tits the world had ever seen. The head of my cock speared out the top of Tami’s cleavage and she craned her neck so that with each thrust my tip bumped up against her tongue…

Wow. Now THERE was a mental image I’d never forget.

Claire seductively cuddled up to Sonya, and asked “What happens next? I forgot.”

“I throw you down onto the bed beside them,” Sonya answered huskily. She playfully threw Claire down onto the bed beside us.

“And then what?” Claire asked.

“Then I climb on top of your beautiful, gorgeous face—“ Sonya continued, straddling one leg on either side of Claire’s head. “And then I—I—“

Claire finished the story herself. She reached up both hands to grab Sonya by the hips, and pulled the girl’s cunt down onto her talented tongue.

“Oh! Oh!” Sonya screamed. She and I looked at each other in disbelief. She was fucking Claire’s face. I was fucking Tami’s tits. Our wildest fantasies, playing out before our very eyes.

Sonya and I leaned towards each other, our lips colliding for a passionate kiss. Her arms folded behind my back and pulled me close, pressing her chest against mine.

The air was pungent with the smell of sex. The bed shook below us and Sonya screamed in happiness. My cock became a blur on Tami’s chest, thrusting back and forth through the smooth, slippery tunnel between her tits…

“I love you,” Sonya panted.

“I love you, too.”

We both came within seconds of one another. Sonya’s hips writhed uncontrollably around Claire’s mouth while I went off like a canon, coming again and again across Tami’s cleavage.

Finally expended, the four of us collapsed onto the mattress in a heap, catching our collective breaths.

“So, this is the Waiting Game, huh?” Tami asked. “I kind of like it.”

“I’m done waiting,” I laughed. “From this day forward, I just want to PLAY.”