The Ways of Lust Ch. 01

***All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older***

She was just a friend but you wouldn't know it by the way her thick thighs wrapped around my head, pulling my face into her slightly hairy mound. I couldn't hear her whimper with her legs smashed against my ears but I could feel her quiver as my tongue circled and flicked her engorged clit.

Michelle was a coworker I had gotten to know since she started working at the same mediation firm as me. She was a single mother of Italian descent and wasn't looking for a serious relationship. But even noncommittal single moms need to get off.

She was pretty, with thick brown hair, light brown eyes, and olive skin. But what really drew my attention was her wide hips and thick thighs. At a company dinner, she had worn a tight red dress that showed off her curves and I took the opportunity to chat her up.

Nothing happened that night, and I started to think it never would until Michelle came to my office one day and asked if I would be interested in something "casual." Of course, I agreed immediately, but I was also interested to know why she picked me.

"Well, Mark," she started, "It's kind of hard to explain. There's just... good energy about you, ya know?"

I didn't, but that was ok. As long as she thought so.

"And," she continued, "I know you'll be respectful and understanding. And if I want to stop, you'll be fine with that, right?"

I nodded, "Of course, Michelle." I sincerely meant it. I loved sex and everything having to do with it, but not at someone else's expense.

She smirked, "Besides, we both know if you don't respect me I'll fuck you up..."

I grinned back. "I believe you. So, how about a test run?"


That was how she ended up on her back across my desk, skirt pulled up around her waist, panties flung across the room, and my hungry lips wrapped around her excited clit. Evidently the "test run" was going very well, if the wetness that ran down the crack of her ass to pool in a puddle on my desk was any indication.

My cock strained against my dress pants and I considered pulling it out to stroke myself as I licked and sucked Michelle to orgasm. But this, at least right now, wasn't about me. Her pleasure was my priority. Besides, the self-denial made the whole situation even more arousing.

The shivering of Michelle's thighs around my head increased. She was close. I let loose with all the oral energy I had, licking and sucking her engorged love button. Then it came.

Michelle grabbed my hair with both hands as her hips bucked uncontrollably. With my arms wrapped around her thighs, I held her in place, her shaking threatening to separate my greedy mouth from her wet pussy lips. But I wasn't going anywhere. She tasted too good to let go of before she was finished.

Gradually she settled down and peeled her tired thighs from my face. Pussy juice dripped down my chin as I looked up to see a satisfied smile on her face.

She patted the top of my head. "You're hired," she whispered approvingly.

"Best job I ever had," I replied, genuinely meaning it.


We cleaned ourselves up and, it now being lunchtime, decided to grab a bite from an upscale bistro in the same building as our office suite.

No sooner had we been seated and given our order to the waitress when Michelle's phone buzzed.

"Shit..." she muttered under her breath.

"Something wrong?" I asked.

"I forgot, I have to be on a conference call in fifteen minutes," she said as she stood and picked up her purse to leave. "I'll grab my sandwich to go."

"Ok, I'll see you back at the office," I said slightly disappointedly. "Just grab your food, I'll take care of the check."

Michelle smiled, rounded the table, and kissed me lightly on my cheek, "You're too sweet," she said. Then, touching her lips to my ear, she whispered, "I'll make it up to you..."

My groin was on fire as she walked away. I stared at her as she walked away, wide hips swaying underneath her skirt, plump ass bouncing as she left my view.

I took a drink of ice water to cool my libido. I set the glass down and settled in to wait for my food. But, the view now unobstructed by Michelle, my gaze was drawn to a stunning woman sitting at a table directly across the room from me.

She was beautiful, but not in a slutty bimbo way. She exuded power, confidence, and heightened sensuality. She looked to be perhaps in her early forties. Long, raven black hair cascaded down her back, framing a fair face with long black eyelashes and full red lips. Her light skin contrasted with her vibrant red dress, the front of which plunged into a deep "v" to display her bountiful bosom. Under the table, a long slit ran up her dress to reveal shapely calves and thighs above lovely feet clad in strappy high heels.

She wore little jewelry. Her left hand sported a large diamond wedding ring, presumably from the dark-skinned man who sat at the table caddy corner to her. Around her neck, she wore a strange crystal that had a distinct "new age" feel to it.

I thought I took all of this in fairly quickly before I averted my gaze, but it wasn't fast enough. When I glanced back at her she was staring straight at me. She was on to me.

But she was a beautiful woman and there was no harm in noticing. So I didn't look away. I met her gaze. Her husband was too interested in his steak to notice anyway.

Her eyes narrowed as she took a sip of her white wine, her long pale fingers and red nails delicately handling the fragile glass. I couldn't help but wonder how those fingers would feel handling other...delicate items.

Her red lips met the rim of her glass and my imagination spun out of control. They looked soft and wet. Separating from the glass they left the imprint of her kiss.

She broke our gaze to respond to something her husband said. Still swallowing his mouthful of food he stood, kissed her, and left the restaurant.

Now it was just her and me. She returned her attention to me, crossing her arms and leaning forward to rest them on the table in front of her. Her large tits smushed together to bury her crystal in a deep valley of soft cleavage. Her legs were crossed and her red painted toes wiggled across the front of her heels.

I leaned back in my seat, not ashamed to enjoy the view. Even as my waitress set my sandwich down in front of me I didn't look away as I told her "thank you."

The woman in red to one last drink from her glass, finishing it in one gulp. Then she stood and stepped out from behind her table. Her curves were now on full display, and my hand involuntarily drifted to the front of my pants under the table. I caught myself and rested it on my knee instead.

The woman in red picked up her clutch, dropped a wad of cash on her table, and slowly walked straight toward me. The hem of her dress billowed, showing off the curve of her thighs as she glided across the room. She pulled out the chair Michelle had been using, sat down, and relaxed back into it with a mischievous grin.

She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply through her nostrils. I cocked an eyebrow, as curious as I was captivated by her.

She opened her eyes and said, "Smells like you and that lovely lady had a nice time this morning."

That was impressive. I thought we had cleaned up fairly well, but not well enough apparently.

"That obvious, huh?" I replied, not caring to deny it.

"Not to someone who doesn't know what to look for. But I do," she said with a smile. "The way you watched her leave left no doubt that you're looking forward to seconds."

I shrugged. "Can you blame me?"

"No," she leaned forward, daring me to stare at her ample chest. "But looking at me the way you do right in front of my husband, that's a bit more daring."

"I don't know. I think maybe it's more of a compliment to him. He has to know he's with the most stunning woman in the room."

Now it was her turn to cock a curious eyebrow. "Aren't you flattering..."

"Just making conversation. But, to your point, what would your husband think if he saw you sitting here with me?" I leaned forward to match her posture and waited for a response.

"You let me worry about that," she said with a chuckle.

"While we're on the subject," I queried, "What brings you over to my humble table?"

"A hunch."

"A hunch..." I repeated.

"Yes, a hunch. You see, I pride myself on being able to read people. Get a sense of what they're like just by observing them. And you," she said as she fingered the crystal hanging from her neck, "You intrigue me."

I had never thought of myself as intriguing. I was a good enough-looking guy, I kept myself in shape and so forth, and I was easy to get along with, but that was about it.

"Do you believe in auras?" she asked.

That took me off guard. "I...I've never really thought about it," I admitted. "Why do you ask?"

"I'm picking up something interesting about yours."

I wasn't sure I believed in this sort of thing, but I was enjoying the company so I had no qualms about talking about it.

"How so?"

"It's very...light. Good. But passionate as well."

"I assume that's a good thing?"

"It is," she confirmed. "But it's harnessed. You haven't let it loose. What's your sex life like?"

That was forward. I thought for a moment. "As good as anyone else's, I guess."

"Hmm..." she thought, narrowing her eyes. "May I venture a guess?"

"Go for it."

"You're consumed with lust."

"Huh?" I said incredulously. "No, no, I take respect for women very seriously..."

She held up her hand for me to stop. I did.

"That's not what I'm saying," she said. "Let me finish. You're consumed with lust, but you're also a good person. So you cage that lust, afraid that if you let it out you might hurt someone."

I thought about it. I did tend to hold back sometimes, especially with a new partner.

"That may be true," I admitted. "But not hurting people is kind of a big deal for me."

She smiled empathetically. "I understand. But here's a word of advice from a complete stranger. Lust can be destructive when it's focused solely on your own pleasure. But when you channel that lust into pleasing your partner...well, it does what it's supposed to do."

I wasn't sure if what she was saying made any sense, but I couldn't help but feel like she was on to something. I had felt somewhat...self-inhibited, I guess. Like I could be living life more fully. I had no idea it was connected to my sexuality, though.

"Can I give you an example?" she asked as she leaned back again.

I nodded.

She lowered her voice to just above a whisper. "When I caught you staring at me I felt a bit of lust, too. Which left me with three options. One, just ignore it and go on about my day. Two, take you into the bathroom and ride your face until I exploded all over you. Or three..."

Suddenly, I felt the wiggling of toes across the front of my pants. My eyes went wide and it took me a moment to process what was happening. I hadn't even seen her take her shoe off. I was immediately grateful for the tablecloth that hung low along the side of the table.

"Three," she continued, "I use that lust to satisfy you."

My cock sprang to life in my pants as her toes and the sole of her foot kneaded the underside of my erection. I planted my hands on the table in front of me as she rubbed back and forth, sending jolts of pleasure coursing through my body.

"You might think," she murmured as she massaged my cock under the table, "that you're getting more out of this than me. But I know...I know that lust is selfish unless it's fulfilling someone else's desire. But lust for another's pleasure...well, that is the right place for it. And it feels soooo good."

I struggled to control my breathing as her toes gripped the head of my cock. She wiggled them, first slowly and then faster. The slight jiggle of her chest as she did so sent me over the edge.

I inhaled sharply. Cum sprayed and drenched both the front of my pants and, through them, her toes. She continued to rub, gently coaxing the last of my seed.

I relaxed back into my seat, my mind in a whirl. What the fuck just happened?

She leaned forward and smiled. "How do you feel?" she asked.

I gulped, taking a few deep breaths. My voice a bit shaky, I answered, "Satisfied...confused..."

"You know how I feel?"

I shook my head.

"I feel powerful. I feel like I've done a good thing, and I'm more alive because of it. I feel like the universe is pleased with what I've given you."

I took a long drink from my glass of water. Setting it back down I looked at her and nodded. "I think...I think I'm starting to get it." The cold of the ice plus the cool dampness in my pants was bringing me back to the moment.

"I wonder if you'd try something for me," she said.

"What's that?"

"You're going to see that lovely woman again?"

I nodded. I was hoping to, at least.

"When you do," she instructed, "don't cage your lust. Channel it. Focus it on her pleasure, her desires."

She opened her clutch and pulled out a business card. Sliding it over to me, she said, "And let me know how it goes."

She slid her shoe back on and stood. "It was a pleasure meeting you..."


"Mark," she repeated. "I'll be waiting for your feedback."

With that, she turned and left the cafe.

I sat in a daze, staring down at the cold sandwich in front of me. It would take me a while to process what had just happened. For now, I settled into my orgasmic afterglow and was grateful I had a spare suit tucked away in my office.